Experience E3 Live from Your PS3 + PlayStation Home Weekly Update

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Experience E3 Live from Your PS3 + PlayStation Home Weekly Update

So you couldn’t make it out to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 2011 E3 Expo? No worries; we have you covered. Simply log into PlayStation Home today to get your fix in our virtual E3 booth, where you can check out the newest PlayStation games, watch live footage from the show floor, and get your hands on a ton of collectible content – all for free and all from the comfort of your PS3!

Start your journey by getting an up-close look at the PS Vita and then proceed throughout the space to view trailers and collect rewards from some of the top PlayStation titles, including Twisted Metal, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, Papo + Yo, Resistance 3, and more! Collect all rewards to gain access to the special VIP area play the first level of Scribble Shooter – an upcoming top-down, shoot ‘em up game exclusive to PlayStation Home. As an added bonus, our friends over at Heavy Water have created a package for all VIPs that includes an array of limited edition virtual items.

In our special E3 Theater, you’ll find streaming video of live game demonstrations courtesy of the PlayStation.Blog team – so even if you couldn’t make it to the show you can still get a front row seat to all the action.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss another moment of the game industry’s biggest event – log into PlayStation Home now and join us in the virtual E3 booth!

…and now for your weekly PlayStation Home update:

This Thursday, June 9th, Konami stocks the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall with items from some of their classic titles – including Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Blades of Steel, and Sunset Riders!


Lockwood Publishing’s mischievous Stitchkins seem to have escaped the knitting basket to roam about in PlayStation Home! Pick up a value pack this Thursday from the Sodium store in the PlayStation Home Mall to create a woolly wonderland in your apartment (Note: all Stitchkin tops are available in male and female variations).

Paramount releases a batch of Days of Thunder clothing items – including Rowdy Burns, Cole Trickle, and Russ Wheeler costumes. And speaking of costumes, we are packing the shelves of the PlayStation Home with more costumes based upon some of your favorite game genres – from Action/Adventure to Sci Fi – as well as the latest additions to our diverse line of animated furniture items.

GlassWalls’ Community Theater is proud to announce the latest video series made exclusively for the PlayStation Home Community – PlatinumD! This hilarious short format series is full of drama, comedy, and even a little dramedy and focuses on the love of PlayStation games and the trials and tribulations for one player that is just trying to up his Trophy count. PlatinumD marks the Community Theater’s entry into a whole new world of 100% original video entertainment. So be sure to head to the Community Theater this Thursday to watch the world premier of PlatinumD. Watch one episode and we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Also airing this week in the Community Theater: HomeCast Rewind returns with a special episode previewing Sodium2: Project Velocity, the very soon-to-be released futuristic racing game from Lockwood Publishing. Next up, Gamer Indepth’s ShoutOuts returns with Narde, SoAmped, ChronosViper, Meesh and special guest host DeviousHeart. They talk about the revival of HomeStyle Magazine and how YOU can get involved.


Finally, we want to remind everyone to visit the kiosk in Central Plaza to pick up your ‘Welcome Back’ Program – an enormous package to all players as a way of saying “thank you” for your ongoing support. This package includes 100 free items, two personal spaces (Dragon’s Lair and the Mansion Garage), and an exclusive game (Ooblag’s Alien Casino – coming later this month). All content will available for download 100% free-of-charge for 30 days, so be sure to take advantage of this offer today!

See you in Home!

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  • Visited the space, it is just like last year, but better since you can view the PS Vita in 3D. Great job on the booth this year guys!

  • nice, first

  • LOL @ 2 XD

    I’ll check it out in a bit.

  • steupsssssss second then

  • Dice_for_Death_

    Looking forward to dropping by.

  • Add more home stuff there were no Major PS Home announcements (3rd)

  • The rewards are awsome. Love them. Thanks a bucnh. The resitance armor would be so much more awsome if I could wear it over my resistance hoody. You guys need to make a rathet back pack that can be worn over any t shirt or hoody. Id buy it in an instant.

  • aww actually 6th and 7th

  • Cool, I’ll be checking this out later tonight, as well as all day for following two days. Home seems a lot better since I last played. (I especially like the small 3GB install compared to the 4GB one originally)

  • Just wanted to know if this will be in the European Home as well. Thanks.

  • But please, fix issue with Home freezing when receiving an item after visiting Garage Mansion personal space…!!!
    I want to visit E3 on Home!!!

    • We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. In the meantime, you may find it better to log in with a secondary account, as this issue appears to affect users with a larger reward inventory. Please note that we will leave the E3 Booth up until this issue is fully resolved so that all players may have an opportunity to earn the rewards associated with the virtual E3 experience.

      Thank you for your patience and support.


  • Yeah, too bad everyone just freezes as soon as they win something here, WAY TO GO!

  • Freezing happens after visiting Garage Mansion personal space, it seems some item from that space caused error

  • thanks for the rewards there cool.

  • never froze on me. good job sony

  • What about a link on this website?

  • I can’t watch any trailors on the E3 booth on home, what gives, couldn’t watch E3 live yesterday in the theater as promised, all i got was kratos mortal kombat videos. FAIL!! Does anything you guys offer anymore WORK!!

  • I really dislike Home.
    I used to play it when it released to open beta, but after a while I got frustrated at how much it wastes my time. Since then I re-install Home on a monthly basis, just to see if it’s worth it. I keep deleting it.

    When true social integration will be implemented in Home (to Facebook, for example) – I’ll return.

  • speaking of Facebook, the ps3 browser can’t even handle that

  • All i got from E3 space was the dreaded reward item glitch. So now I cant get any more free items like the ones mentioned in the post. Almost a 2 month old problem home down for 3 weeks and no fix to it. nice job! guess everyone was on vacation. No wonder homes still a beta after how many years?

  • Sony has failed at everything they have tried to do, since they brought psn back “fully”

  • I bought my ps3 back in feb, it has been one disappointment after another, and i already have to send my ps3 in for warranty repair…i have had not one problem with my 360 and its 4 years old

  • I almost regret even buying it

  • Ops_soldier5590

    Sony I hav a problem signing in 2 psn network, is it closed or something because i can’t sign in, plz help…..

  • arrestedpuppy99

    it wont let me go on playstation home its says lost connection

  • Is this available in Europe as well?

  • I have had all playsation systems, except psp, so i thought i was for sure making the right buy….I am a frustrated consumer…but yet keep giving sony more chances

  • @AbruptedWotas Good for you… I’m the complete opposite.. I had to return my xbox four times in two years. I got the PS3, and over the course of 14 months, no problems yet.

  • Hello Locust_Star Every time I log into PS Home I receive a new Reward and It Freezes My PS3 can you please help ?

  • + a7x_RoCk3r

    Just frustrated is all.

  • Well i guess i better get started on following the instructions to send my ps3 in for repair, like reformatting and canceling my psn accounts and stuff. Just got the box from Sony today.

  • Please do something about the new Ratchet! I chose Ratchet as my second game from the welcome back package, and I’m from Sweden but the problem is that the game is at Swedish! When I grew up I played Ratchet at English which means that I can’t playbit at Swedish, but there is no way to change the language!! Can you fix that or is there some way to get that fixed? Great thanks, love playstation!!

  • experience E3 in Home? yea rite, we can’t do anything in Home with this freeze bug keepin us out & u freeze basically whenever u watch a trailer so no u can’t experience E3 in home. I’d love to enjoy E3 just as much as i did last year but the Home Team has to actually WORK & fix the freeze bug

  • where do i go to watch trailers??

  • Oh yeah, great rewards LS. How many people can’t get them because of the stupid reward freeze bug that you guys haven’t fixed?? Real great. The Home team needs to stop adding new purchasable content and start fixing all the problems.

  • But please, fix issue with Home freezing when receiving an item after visiting Garage Mansion personal space…!!! I want to visit E3 on Home!!!
    Freezing happens after visiting Garage Mansion personal space, it seems some item from that space causes error

  • “Experience E3 Live NOW from Your PS3 in Home”

    Just like last night, right guys?

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

  • Yeah too bad I could watch it last night, you know when it actually happened? And you promised I could watch it in Home. What happened about that? I couldn’t log into the damn thing.

  • How long are these rewards going to be available? Are they only for today, or for this week?

  • Was just there very intersting but since I had already see the trailers from the live stream on the blog it was as exciting though I did like the scrible shooter game can’t wait for the actully releaseof it and the rewards for the trailers were realy cool.

  • I can’t log on… I get errors, and it won’t even let me in PlayStation Home…

  • @ icydogs, I don’t think it matters cuz I bet they won’t fix the bug till a few months after E3 is taken down

  • Any extras or rewards for watching? Just curious…

  • Sharingan_itachi


  • Why didn’t it stream Live…. like you guys implied it would… yesterday

  • https://blog.playstation.com/2011/05/31/experience-e3-live-from-your-ps3-with-streaming-keynote-virtual-playstation-booth/

    “+ Locust_Star on May 31st, 2011 at 5:25 pm said:

    We’ve tested it extensively and it’s been performing very well. You should see a dramatic increase in performance this year.”


    I think we need a third season of the tester. The Tester 3: Test Harder.

  • drizzy_da_dude95


  • Home sucks. I tried to stream the conference in Home as promised, it didn’t even show up by the time it was over. The one time I try to use it for something that could have been good, and it fails.

    Deleted. I will NEVER install it again.

    I wish I could delete the whole stupid icon from my XMB.

  • You people complain too much.

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