Twisted Metal at E3 2011: Iron Maiden, NYC Chaos and More

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Twisted Metal at E3 2011: Iron Maiden, NYC Chaos and More

Hey ya’ll- David Jaffe here, co-director/co-lead designer of the PS3 exclusive, Twisted Metal! Totally jazzed about the new gameplay we’ll be showing at this week’s E3! We’re giving the press their first ever detailed look at Iron Maiden, the biggest and most complicated boss we’ve ever had in a Twisted Metal game! She’s from the game’s campaign mode (single player and local/online co-op supported) and she’s a total blast to battle!

We’re also giving show goers some hands on with Twisted Metal‘s signature Nuke mode, our Twisted take on Capture The Flag. E3’s Nuke demo takes place in a brand new level: NEW YORK CITY DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON! The level is classic Twisted Metal, allowing players to bring destruction and chaos to a relatable location! This isn’t a fight on a space station or in some foreign war. This is hell in your own backyard! Destroy skyscrapers! Bring down The Statue of Liberty, then play soccer with her head! Battle inside toy stores! Race under the streets of the city, fighting and chasing on underground subway tracks as you try to avoid being smashed by the deadly trains! Plow into the history museum and smash giant dinosaur bones, dropping the massive statues down onto your enemies! Hell, you can even run smack dab into a dude dressed as Santa Clause and send him ho-ho-hoing over the hood of your car!

So…if that sounds like your cup o’ tea… please check it all out in the video above!

This second video is our new Twisted Metal trailer, REVENGE. REVENGE goes into a bit of Sweet Tooth’s back story and gives some details about Sweet’s Ice Cream Truck attacks! If you’ve not seen it yet, please give it a watch and let us know what you think in the comments!

Ok, that’s it for now. By the time you read this Scott Campbell (co-director/co-lead designer) and I will be knee deep in E3 press mode, talking up our baby to every and anyone who will stop to listen! We’re super proud of the team and the game and we’re doing all we can to get the word out!

Oh, and if you see myself or Scot at E3, stop by and say hey! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the show!


ps. Before you ask- and a lot of folks already have! :) – Twisted Metal has not become a mech game. It’s still 95% a vehicle/car combat game. Remember, you don’t have to fight IRON MAIDEN using Sweet Tooth. That’s just what we’re showing in the video. There are lots of other vehicles you can bring into battle. But just like past Twisted Metal games, every vehicle has pros and cons and the vehicle you take onto the battlefield will require unique strategies to emerge victorious!)

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  • How is the 360 even selling as much as it has been with its terrible lineup of games, lack of exclusives, no bluray, someone explain as i simply cannot understand this. MS e3 was a disaster. Most of the games were multiplat or on rails mini games for kinect, not 1 new exclusive or ip.

  • @50 Imbreeding. Massive amounts of imbreeding from their designers and customers. It’s the only thing I can think of besides something in teh water.

  • The style of this one isn’t as dark as Black, at least not from what we’ve seen. I hope there are some darker/more twisted atmospheres and story segments in the game like from Black. :)

  • @50 becuase they get modern warfare exclusive content and gear of war, haloo. Those titles bring in enough money to keep x box afloat. Also fable and live subs . But xbox is spending to muchmoney with activision and mw games to have any live exclusives games for thier fan base..

    Also they just sold kinect with the console for 199. No one was going to buy it. Forced it on the consumer and say we have success. Its a bunch of bs!!.. Sony ps move has actually moved units, 5 million units sold with out a console connected to it.

    Only reason kinect has sold 8 mill is becuase they sell with the console for 199$. Which almost like a forced sale on the consumer. The ps3 console didnt do it that way, they did have bundle for 399 which moved 4 million unoits to date that not counting the 5 million ps move sold with out a console. but if it was 199 like xbox it would soild 10-20 mill units , becuase it aready has sold 4-5 million with a console unit.

    vp-psn legionaree group.

  • Let’s rock E3 this year, Sony!

  • SONY WE LOVE U , THANKS FOR THE WELCOME BACK I STill REMEMBER UR FIRST PS CD :) We Love everything, My kids love Eye Pet :), Can’t wait to see What Sony has In store :D.. Resistance3 FTW baby!

  • david jaffee is the most epic game producer.respond to this comment if you agree!

  • Sony you got this E3 in your pocket show them what you offer show the world how good you are microsoft started off e3 with cod as every year cod does look good but your games just are best dont show too much ps move games show people what you are made of dont worry about the psn outage e3 belongs to you GO GO PS3!!! Good luck guys at sony

  • I’m just glad it’s looks so great. They could’ve done a million things wrong with it, but it looks like they didn’t. Way to go. Can’t wait to play as Sweet Tooth and Preacher. Hopefully we’ll see another great storyline like Black.

  • So, I assume Santa will be making a re-appearance? There better be a damn dog jay-walking!

  • Transformers?! Really Jaffe?! Corny bastard!

  • @Xx_Destruxtion are you implying cod games are microsoft’s games?thats completely false.cod games were originally made for playstation,the first cod games were on ps2 and then moved on to ps3.

  • @Rampge76 give the guy some respect for bringing back a legendary game to the platform!

  • @NinjaNabs Jafee has thick skin and can take the heat. He has my respect by me buying this game, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bust his balls for going Michael Bay with his game.

  • Cant wait for this been waitting for years for a new TM to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that there is some nice easter eggs in there????

  • OMFG!!!! Twisted Metal just keeps getting awesome with each new trailer!!! THANK U David 4 bringing back TWISTED METAL and making it BETTER!!!! :D

  • SONY CAN YOU PLEASE BRING BACK DIGIMON rumble arena to psn.(:

  • @59 Cod was pc game just like moh. It was on all console for manuy years nevr had a exclusive console based excpet for pc base. This is why it sells so much , that and ms machine behind it

  • Awesome.My first Twisted Metal game was the PSP one and I was addicted to it. I want this one nowwww

  • REALLY cool videos, thanks to be there Jaffe, your games are awesome, especially TM, I mean, I had so much fun with the first 2 back in the time! The end of your FIST paragraph got me to buy it day one already, campaign available for 2 players, local or online, WOW! : )

    I just can’t wait to see videos of the game in higher resolution because I’m amazed with all the destruction and stuff going on in there, the amount of places we can go in wich was for me always a starple of TM games but you seem to push it even more here…but I see the action, and I love it, but I’m not sure about the texture quality, but want to wait for a higher res video to make my mind.

    BTW, the animation of Sweet Tooth mech is superb, the weight and power (and “mightyess”, spell/exist? Sorry my first langage is french) in it, greatly done!

  • I LOVE TWISTED METAL!! And I love how Axel is the prize for preordering the game. He has always been the most worthless person to use. I was however real pumped up to see shadow in the one video. I don’t know if this TM game will be as good as the other ones, but I WILL be finding out.

  • For the ones complaining about the sweet tooth transformation, did you read the article?

    AND, are-you aware that was one of the msot impressive moment in the gameplay trialer of TWISTED METAL BLACK? Sweet Tooth could transform back then so…it’s not completely new and it was not making players play in this “form” for the whole game at all. I trust the devs to balance it. And for ONE of the boos in the campaign mode, you have to admit it’s one hell of a idea to put variation in the bosses fights! : )

  • Jaffe, you’re the, man dude. If I ever get to develop video games, there’s a lot of things I’d like to do just like you. I love your openness with gamers and your love of games. Wish I could be at E3 to play your game man, I’m sure it’ll spell Jaffe all over it. I hope Scott’s feelin good about it as he seems a tad nervous. (I understand. E3 is a stressful time) but you guys are doing excellent! I can’t wait for a demo! What game is the Beta going to come bundled with again?? Kidding. I’m actually holding out on my Pre-Order to see if you guys have a Special Collectors Edition Coming with a Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Truck. I’d like a Slurpee Cup too but, there’s no 7-11 around here. Keep up the good work, things work great and I love what you’re shooting for. Don’t forget Santa Monica Studios. They’re your Team. Goodluck! Enjoy E3 man.

    By-the-way, you’re right. I don’t believe you. I’d love to be there. To be in the room for the Press Conference and to talk to developers in the industry. Its an experience second to none and its too bad you have to be a video game celebrity. Ah well. have fun!

  • I have always liked Twisted Metal! I can’t wait to see the whole E3 Sony Conference!! …yeah, I’m wit ya Dave, although I cant go to E3 I do enjoy watching every little aspect of it on the web and tv… Micky Ds anyone? :P

  • Looks great so far, Dave! Good luck to you and the Eat Sleep Play team.

  • This is gonna be great, bonus is co-op……keep it going Sony…..

  • this looks sick



  • I’ve got 3 projects and an essay due tomorrow. I’m preventing myself from procrastinating and am working as hard as possible just so I can be done before your E3 conference so I can watch it in peace.
    Sony you got this. You owned the competition last year. I’m counting on you to do it again.

  • god it looks so badass!

  • wtf happened to the sweet tooth giveaway!

  • David, S…T….F….U and take my money. Collector edition please :)

  • the more videos i watch, the more i get hype for this game. Definitely getting it day 1!!!!

  • Mr Jaffe, …IRON F-ing MAIDEN!!!!!!

    If you didn’t know that you had earned my respect long ago with GOW, then let the rebirth of Twisted Metal be it. –Respect–

  • a must get. period.

  • Not what I was expecting! Not my game, sadly. :(

  • Metal, Crazy Clowns, Ice Cream Truck Transformer, whats not to like? Great Job Eat Sleep Play! Now what kind of vehicle would Kratos helm? A bad-ass demonic chariot! make it happen Jaffe!

  • I cant wait for this

  • OH. DAMN. SWEET!!!


  • Great looking game & pure classic gameplay! Thanks for the vids, David!

  • Ive been waiting for a new Twisted Metal since black was released.I can say from what little ive seen it looks AWESOME!!!!!!Good job guys im deinitly buying this one.Juns one request Id like to see some TM avatars on the psn please lol.

  • i think it will be awsome

    Get your Portable ID!

  • MaximusPrime919

    Twisted Metal <- look at that title! How could it not be a good game!? BTW, I've been playing the games since they debuted on the Playstation. I've played every single one. To anyone who has not played them I HIGHLY recommend Twisted Metal 2 and Black. I'm 100% sure any fan would agree.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    Heavy metal for life! Iron Maiden \m/

  • Not a fan of the transforming, glad it’s an option, and appears to only be happening in single player. Love ST’s initial transformation, just feel like him being able to fly is a little too much. Glad the Iron Maiden is only a boss (from what it looks like). Should be an awesome fight. Can’t wait, Jaffe! October needs to get here, now!

  • Heey Twistedfloyd,

    What if it was MP but 4 to 5 people in different parts of the mech with different mounted weapons. There could be a cool way to do that, I think. Giant mech fights could be fun if the right minds worked on it. Certainly not me, but someone could pull it off. Do it like 3 on 3 or something. Just thinkin’.

  • ZackNoctisCloud

    Can’t wait for this game. The only thing im not really liking so far is that Sweet Tooth looks OVER-POWERED compared to everyone else in the game. He transforms, flies, has a ton of attacks in his transformed state…like really, everyone else just has a special and a tweaked version of it. Other then that part with sweet tooth, it looks pretty good. X D Can’t wait to play with Death Warrent (Spelling?)

  • Wow, Jaffe!!! Nice work looks super awesome. I have not played Twisted Metal since the PS1. It would be cool if the cars handled like Burnout Paradise. Every time I played Burnout I wanted TM’s guns & rockets. Off to pre-order :)

  • is there going to be a demo anytime soon

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