Twisted Metal at E3 2011: Iron Maiden, NYC Chaos and More

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Twisted Metal at E3 2011: Iron Maiden, NYC Chaos and More

Hey ya’ll- David Jaffe here, co-director/co-lead designer of the PS3 exclusive, Twisted Metal! Totally jazzed about the new gameplay we’ll be showing at this week’s E3! We’re giving the press their first ever detailed look at Iron Maiden, the biggest and most complicated boss we’ve ever had in a Twisted Metal game! She’s from the game’s campaign mode (single player and local/online co-op supported) and she’s a total blast to battle!

We’re also giving show goers some hands on with Twisted Metal‘s signature Nuke mode, our Twisted take on Capture The Flag. E3’s Nuke demo takes place in a brand new level: NEW YORK CITY DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON! The level is classic Twisted Metal, allowing players to bring destruction and chaos to a relatable location! This isn’t a fight on a space station or in some foreign war. This is hell in your own backyard! Destroy skyscrapers! Bring down The Statue of Liberty, then play soccer with her head! Battle inside toy stores! Race under the streets of the city, fighting and chasing on underground subway tracks as you try to avoid being smashed by the deadly trains! Plow into the history museum and smash giant dinosaur bones, dropping the massive statues down onto your enemies! Hell, you can even run smack dab into a dude dressed as Santa Clause and send him ho-ho-hoing over the hood of your car!

So…if that sounds like your cup o’ tea… please check it all out in the video above!

This second video is our new Twisted Metal trailer, REVENGE. REVENGE goes into a bit of Sweet Tooth’s back story and gives some details about Sweet’s Ice Cream Truck attacks! If you’ve not seen it yet, please give it a watch and let us know what you think in the comments!

Ok, that’s it for now. By the time you read this Scott Campbell (co-director/co-lead designer) and I will be knee deep in E3 press mode, talking up our baby to every and anyone who will stop to listen! We’re super proud of the team and the game and we’re doing all we can to get the word out!

Oh, and if you see myself or Scot at E3, stop by and say hey! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the show!


ps. Before you ask- and a lot of folks already have! :) – Twisted Metal has not become a mech game. It’s still 95% a vehicle/car combat game. Remember, you don’t have to fight IRON MAIDEN using Sweet Tooth. That’s just what we’re showing in the video. There are lots of other vehicles you can bring into battle. But just like past Twisted Metal games, every vehicle has pros and cons and the vehicle you take onto the battlefield will require unique strategies to emerge victorious!)

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  • Sony im waiting on you to kil e3..after watching microsofts FAILED

  • Cool.

  • Might try Twisted Metal for once. Kinda looks good and fun so who knows. I’ll require a demo though to make my decision.

    Hope Sony Kills at this year’s E3. I don’t think it’s possible to fail more than what we just saw…

  • hey when is e3 for me i live in pa

  • Will be buying this day 1 for me looks real cool.

  • Microsoft conference was HOLY CRAP…

  • 8pm in East coast time

  • Sony, you got this E3 in the bag.

  • What the???

    Ok, now I NEED to know how all this is going to work into the gameplay.

    damn you and your delicious ice cream!!

  • MS started OK oh no they showed the same stuff every year other COD this one and the rest coming i am going to skip. 1st of all graphic look so outdated. 2 On Move Support. 3 I AM SO TIERED OF BEING RIPPED OF ON THE PS3 VERION OF THE GAME F COD THEY WILL NOT GET MY MONEY SO THE XBOX VERSION WILL GET ALL THE FUNDS FOR THE NEXT 1 NAH I DONT THINK SO.

  • I just watched Microsoft’s Conference… SONY, YOU BETTER BRING IT!!!

  • Wicked!! But I thought the meant Iron Maiden like Run to the Hills. Run for your LIIIIIIIIIFFFFFE!!!!

  • @#11 MS conference was mostly Kinect releated; and most of those games are 3rd Party (also on PlayStation) I didn’t see anything megaton.

  • I am so ready for this game. The world needs more Twisted Metal.

  • I loved the music for New York in Twisted Metal 2.

    Is the music in this game similar to that or is it all Heavy-Metal-ish? Because the former was way better (AND original!)

  • Microsofts conference was a joke, cant wait for some real games to show up like this one.

  • @4 8:00 for PA

  • btw Jaffe. I’d literally kill for a Sweet Tooth mask. How about giving one away in a contest?

  • Come on Sony MS failed hard at E3. Just dont fill your conference with all Move games!

  • I’ve been getting more and more interested with each bit of information and video released. But these two videos are leading directly to my pre-ordering of this game. Awesome job on all fronts!

  • when you say “pre-order to unlock axel” do you mean unlock him early or is it a pre-order only thing, like batman in DCUO?

  • There is no other game that makes me want to scream “hell yes!!!” like watching this one does. And thank you ESP for making online modes that don’t require speaking to the overly-foul-mouthed community. I hate headsets!!! I get so sick of the racism fights and every other word being F this and F that like people have nothing more intelligent to say. I love the F-word as much as anyone but there are others. You just sound stupid. This younger crowd depresses me.

  • where can I watch Microsoft’s conference?

  • thats the thing about swear words marlyt. people either use them way too often or are afraid of them. to me theyre just words like any other, and i use them just as often as any other word. thats what everyone should do, theyre not bad words, theyre just words and should be treated and used as such.

  • O.o OMFG!!! SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! sorry, but, DUDE that looks AWESOME!!!!

  • Sony their is no way you can lose this E3, Microsoft basically handed the win to you. Lets see some magic happen.

  • i think its over zeke, but if its mw3 you want i found a vid on youtube make sure you only click on stuff from the last few hours if you dont want rick rolls or some s**t like that.

  • what?did i miss microsoft’s E3?where do i watch it?

  • Damn, I thought Iron Maiden was gonna be the band making a track for one of the games! Oh well Twisted metal boss is still good! :D

  • Cant wait for Twsited Metal!

    I wish you guys would put the same demo at E3 on the store tomorrow :) lol i can keep dreaming heh?

  • i know its over, but there are websites that recorded it. I just haven’t found one yet.

    It is a shame they got Minecraft though. I hate to say it, but Microsoft is always on the ball with what people are interested in. They are always bringing in new things. I would have killed for Minecraft on the PS3.


  • @ NinjaNabs you can watch that on ign or youtube but don’t bother, they only had like 2 games and the rest were multiplatform and kinect related and other multimedia you can access with the kinect. Nothing substantial at all. I hope Sony doesn’t waste another year promoting the move and sticks to the games or things that will enhance the PS3 experience.

  • unless sony just apologizes a lot and focuses too much on move and the new psp, its a free win just like last year.

  • xbox confrence failed mighty hard. lol. madden kenict . thats the best they can do?LOl LOl..

    ONlY nintendo fighting hard this year. They are rumored to show off the new wii2. So thats very huge.. I just hope sony has something for them. Blow they socks the people there sony..Talk about psn exclusive. psp exclusives. Also pleae plaeas dont screw up and lay offlike you did last yr and gave nintendo the win. .. destroy!! em all..

    Also please note nintendo goes last this yr because they won last yr by a slim margin.. So its going to be hellva war..

    vp-psn legionairre group

  • the wii 2? isnt that already out, its called move, lol

  • If anyone wants to watch it

  • Glad to see calypso returning, hopefully playable as well . You should bring back minion too with his big god mode tank from 2. Had so much fun just destroying anything and everything in my way.

  • I was watching the 360 press on G4 and damn did they fail lol All they really focused on was the Kinect and all they really showed was what looked like to me was Wii style crap lmao..Sony is gonna rock it tonight :)

  • Paranguaricutiri

    A must get game for me at launch :)
    The video was FREAKEN AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it

  • Can’t wait. Looks awsome. Just wondering, how many different people can you play as? And is there a lot of repeat characters or a lot of new ones?

  • M$ E3 conference sucked!. SONY plz show AAA titles and new IPs!!! GO SONY!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  • Sony would have to fail on purpose to out suck Microsoft it was freakin Dejavu of 2010’s

  • Keep up the good work supporting co-op in all its forms: split-screen, online, campaign, multiplayer. I think the ps3 needs more games like that. In particular with split-screen online support!

  • FALSE ADVERTISING! Was expecting great heavy metal music. You twisted individuals.

  • >ps. Before you ask- and a lot of folks already have! :) – Twisted Metal has not become a mech game. It’s still 95% a vehicle/car combat game.

    I wouldn’t mind if you made it into one :)

  • I want Infamous 2!!!!

    I know im off topic

  • I love Twisted Metal. I can’t wait for this. Thanks, David. :)

  • come on sony kill e3 today show them sony don,t play sony sony sony

  • I <3 Twisted Metal! This game is EPIC!!!

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