BioShock Infinite to Support Move, PS Vita Game In the Works

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BioShock Infinite to Support Move, PS Vita Game In the Works

Let me dish out some home truths here. The BioShock universe hasn’t always treated the PlayStation community super well. The first game came out on PS3 over a year after launch on other platforms. To Sony fans, that probably read as, “Hey, what are we? Chopped liver?”


Irrational Games came to the press conference to say Sony fans are not chopped liver. How’s them for bold words? They’re fans who have embraced innovation. Who champion cool, weird stuff like Flower and LittleBigPlanet. Who seek out content from all over the globe.

But I’m also here to back our commitment up with action. Like Move integration. Like a new game set in the BioShock universe on PS Vita. Like a free copy of BioShock 1 with each copy of BioShock Infinite on PS3 to ensure that everyone in the PlayStation world gets a chance to see how the whole BioShock magilla began.


I know I didn’t give a ton of details today about the Move stuff and the new game on PS Vita. That’s because we’re still very much in Santa’s elves mode on them. But we wanted to make sure we got out there today and showed a new commitment to PlayStation fans.

It’s about time.

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  • Very nice ! I liked playing Killzone 3 with move and sharpshooter and i dont want to play FPS with gamepad anymore. I m not a big fan of FPS, but motion control gives me much fun from it :) So i was very dissapointed with ignoring this controller by other developers. Bioshock is on my list from now ;)

  • Ken, the trailer was great. I’ve not played any Bioshock (I’m claustrophobic so that under water thing spooked me). But a city in the clouds? Awesome, like the old Star Trek episode. I’ve been lukewarm on motion control after deciding the Wii was fun…for a minute…and I appreciate what you said about taking care of those of us who love traditional controllers. But after watching all of Sony’s E3 streaming, I’m going whole hog–motion, 3D, the Vita, so I think you made the right business & gaming decision. I hope you continue to post here. You must know that to us, you premier developers are like rock stars.

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