BioShock Infinite to Support Move, PS Vita Game In the Works

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BioShock Infinite to Support Move, PS Vita Game In the Works

Let me dish out some home truths here. The BioShock universe hasn’t always treated the PlayStation community super well. The first game came out on PS3 over a year after launch on other platforms. To Sony fans, that probably read as, “Hey, what are we? Chopped liver?”


Irrational Games came to the press conference to say Sony fans are not chopped liver. How’s them for bold words? They’re fans who have embraced innovation. Who champion cool, weird stuff like Flower and LittleBigPlanet. Who seek out content from all over the globe.

But I’m also here to back our commitment up with action. Like Move integration. Like a new game set in the BioShock universe on PS Vita. Like a free copy of BioShock 1 with each copy of BioShock Infinite on PS3 to ensure that everyone in the PlayStation world gets a chance to see how the whole BioShock magilla began.


I know I didn’t give a ton of details today about the Move stuff and the new game on PS Vita. That’s because we’re still very much in Santa’s elves mode on them. But we wanted to make sure we got out there today and showed a new commitment to PlayStation fans.

It’s about time.

Read more about PlayStation at E3!

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  • AT&T Sucks!

  • This game looks like it’s gonna be a smash hit for PS3.

  • 3rd and I agree with 1 and 2

  • only 3 comments, cmon!

  • oh yeah, great idea for the new bioshock game btw. :))
    thanks for not treating us like chopped liver!

  • Oh yeah PS Move Support. Thumbs Up!!! for the PS Move.

  • Does PS Move Support come with Sharpshooter Support? MAG doesn’t even support Sharpshooter

  • Hey thanks for dropping by man.
    I love the bioshock universe and I can’t wait to see what direction Infinite takes.
    You going to the Sony stage meant a lot

  • this game looks amazingly fun.

  • I am so excited to play Bioshock Infinite, and though it might be a while before we get our hands on the Bioshock game for PS Vita, I will definitely be looking forward to that as well. Thanks, Ken. Irrational Games is quickly becoming one of my favorite developers.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Bioshock Vita :D

    When (and where) does it take place? Pretty stoked about this title being announced. I would rather actually have this as a bundle than Bioshock 1 since I already got that.

  • Can’t wait for infinite! Loved the other games.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Ken, any connectivity between Bioshock Vita and Bioshock Infinite?

  • Ok so now I’m switching my purchase for Bioshock Infinite to Sony instead of MS. Can’t wait to see PSVita + Bioshock gameplay!

  • Definately gonna have it on PS3 and Vita..

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    This was the highlight of the conference for me.

  • Ken i am glad to see the awesomeness coming out of the Bioshock universe! It really is an amazing unique world that is a riot to play, and a spectacle to behold. I can’t wait to get my hands on Infinite, and especially try it with Move! I really hope development is going well, great showing today!

  • Great news! Looking forward to what you guys can do.

  • Nice to see an innovative AND TRIPLE A+++ game using the move. Need more games like this to support the move…. Thanks to Ken Levine for being open minded about the move (even though you needed a phone call lol) but really it’s all about imagination / creativity.. there’s no reason the MOVE can’t be used well in games, it just takes a smart developer to make it work. And if it works, it makes the game SO much more IMMERSIVE.. which makes the game THAT much better. Will only help the game.. not that it needed any help. This game looks BEAUTIFUL. This is the only game I keep looking at and saying “HOW IS THAT NOT CG?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • I’m smitten with Elizabeth’s new look..

  • The lack of comments in here is pretty alarming :(

    It’s just awesome to have Infinite on PS3. Game looks *amazing*…I keep watching the trailer that was released on Xbox Live ages ago.

    You really need to get that trailer up on PSN Ken, nod, nod, wink, wink…

  • I haven’t checked out the Move yet, but if Ken Levine says it’s worth their time then ill try it sometime.

  • Bioshock on the PSVita. what else do you need to convice you to get one! Well, besides uncharted, killzone, and resistance… :3

  • This games looks stunning, and im extremly glad to c ur support of the ps brand, thx

  • Loved Bioshock 1 and Bioshock Infinite looks amazing… can’t wait to see what you guys have in store.

  • Great stuff Ken!! I wasn’t sold on Move either, but Killzone 3 convinced me it’s an incredible control scheme for shooters. In fact, I much prefer using Move + Nav while playing KZ3, instead of a DualShock. I don’t use the “Sharpshooter” plastic gun either, just Nav in one hand, Move in the other, hunched over with elbows on the knees; it’s really like a 3D mouse. Super fast target acquisition!

    Also, no need for any gimmicky “motion sections” in the game, just get with Guerrilla and put their well-tuned Move controls in the game. Remember, allow for a tiny bounding box for fast rotation!

    And glad to hear you’ll be bringing the Bioshock universe to the PSV! Look forward to that as well!

  • Thanks for the words Ken! Have fun @ E3!

  • To be completely honest, I’ll probably never bother to pick up the Move. It just seems superfluous, and there has yet to be a single title utilizing it in a way that wasn’t done better by others companies. Bioshock Infinite is going to be a fantastic game, but shoehorning Move support into it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

  • Move is great for shooters, thanks for adding it. Infinite and the Last Guardian are my most anticipated 2012 titles.

  • This is by far my favorite announcement of E3. Day one purchase for sure.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    So hyped for this game you have no idea Kev, love the interaction between you and Elizabeth both emotional and gameplay perspective! Kev 1 question: PS3 version on par with all other platforms?

  • YAY

  • another game thats on my list

  • Yeah, I’ll be getting the Vita for Uncharted: GA, Sound Shapes and whatever Ken Levines wants to sell to me I will buy!

  • I love that Irrational is giving us PS users some goodies! Maybe between this and VALVE’s Steam capability on PS3, developers will stop treating us PS users like we’re somehow less hardcore gamers than those on PC, and XBOX.

  • I loved Bioshock, and I can’t wait for Infinite. Very cool of you guys to release the original Bioshock with Infinite. It’s going to be a day one purchase for me (and I don’t purchase many games day one anymore).

  • Still loving how great the Vita’s screen looks

  • Awesome!!!!!!!! I can’t believe this, I was actually day dreaming one day thinking about how the original Bioshock would be with MOVE. This is out of control, plus the original game for free, WOW! I’ve been bouncing from closing Blockbuster to closing Blockbuster to find a copy, even local EBs don’t have it, so this is just great. Why not totally kill it and announce MOVE support on the original as well?

    Sony, please more move support for 1st and 3rd person games! and more RTS, I’m loving Under Siege!

  • Wow, another Bioshock title!! I love the other 2 games and sounds super cool to have a copy of the first one since I played it on 360. Sweet!!!

  • Honestly, I didnt like Bioshock 1 as much as people seemed to liked it. Some things were fun like the atmosphere but it felt very repetitive. But this one looks awesome, I cant wait to play it it looks very unique.

  • Amazing ! A new Bioshock game ! I cannot wait to play Infinite. Bioshock and Bioshock 2 are my favorite games; love the characters, the artistic and philosophic content on the game. Thank you Irrational to give us the chance to play those masterpieces ! I think this new game will explore the civil war in Rapture…

  • Ken seeing you do the “waggle shuffle” was priceless, its cool to have Move as an option, in all honesty I played through Killzone 3 a second time using Move (1st was Dual Shock). I think Guerrilla really nailed the FPS controls with Move, I cannot wait to see how you adapt it for use with powers.

    You were the highlight of the conference!

  • Before: Motion controls are rubbish.
    After: Motion controls rock!

    Q: How can you sleep with yourself at night?
    A: I sleep great with a ton of hats made of money! :D

  • I played bioshock 1-2 they were great . so I think bioshock infinite gonna be EPIC. can’t wait 2 play this game.

  • Someone know if Garry Schyman will stay as the compositor ? The soundtrack of Bioshock series is a important part of the whole piece.

  • will BioShock 1 be patched to include graphical improvements from Infinite and/or BioShock 2? will the audio assets be upgraded from MP3 to max-bitrate AAC?

    excited for Move support!

  • this is a definite buy.i’m loving all the support move is getting

  • i wanna own the bioshock 1 , and it seems we can get it at the same time with bioshock infinite ! great

  • I can’t tell you how stoked I am for this. The ONLY reason I bought move was for FPS support. I haven’t yet gotten around to playing Bioshock 2 (I just keep thinking about Bioshock 1). But this game is looking absolutely amazing. Move support cements my day 1 purchase. Oh and not to be completely nerdy, but lead chick his hoooooooot.

  • Please release detail on the ps Vita Bioshock as soon as possible!!! :3

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