Under Siege: Now Available on PSN

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Under Siege: Now Available on PSN

Our little big game is now on sale on the PlayStation Store! Under Siege is an action and strategy game in real time, where a small group of heroes fight against a huge invading army. We developed Under Siege to be played with the DualShock 3 controller and it also supports the PlayStation Move motion controller. We also boost lots of cool features like video recording, custom music, and video chat. The game even runs in full 1080p in Dolby Digital 5.1.

Under Siege is now available for $19.99 ($10.00 for PlayStation Plus users) and suppers six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. It includes a full campaign, two-player multiplayer online and local play, and the same Editor used by us to create the game itself.

The Editor is one of the most important features we put in Under Siege. We started production on it before making the game so we that made sure our level designers created everything directly on a PS3 with a DualShock 3. This way, it was possible to keep on upgrading and improving the features and usability while the game was being made.

Currently the Editor has many tools that enable varied things such as:

  • Sculpting and painting the terrain
  • Adding water to create rivers and lakes
  • Changing lighting intensity, colour, position and other effects
  • Placing and rotating props like trees, houses, walls and more
  • Placing units and determine their AI, line of sight, colour and team
  • Creating cutscenes with your own lines of text and many different characters
  • Above all, creating your own logic with a simple trigger system that allows for the creation of new types of levels, modes and even totally different gameplay.

We also included a Manual that is accessible at all times. To make it easier for everyone to use we are making it available as a PDF. You can download it or print it in PDF form, either the pretty version or a printer-friendly version.

The team is also putting together some video tutorials that will help out in creating content.
Talk to us in our forums, and get more information at the official website. Check out the free comic book while you’re at it!

See you online!

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  • ok this has nothing to do with this but can somebody tell somebody to lower the price on tekken 6 psp its been like almost 4 years lower the prices D:

  • This game is a lot of fun. I use the Move to control the game, by the way. There’s a trailer on the developer website that shows in-game footage.

    @14, I don’t even know what all that audio terminology means!

  • @37 Ironically that is what COD has become.


  • Also any update about the PlayStation Store glitch

  • @KillerForFood CoD isn’t fun..It’s repetitive and stale. Also, most CoD players are tryhards anyway..I’ve given up on CoD and will never, ever buy anything from them again. Well, treyarch anyway..Treyarch, along with JD_2020 is a joke. JD_2020 banned quick sniping — or quick scoping as the kids call it — because it was cheap, yet he didn’t remove noob tubes. Way to go genius.

  • It’s a pretty good game, the single-player is decent so far, the editor seems robust, though I have not played any MP.

    However one issue I have is that the split-screen implementation is terrible. For some reason it’s organized like there’s four players, in that there’s 4 squares and you’re only using 2 of them. It makes it incredibly difficult to see the game, that is already small, unless maybe if you’re playing on a gigantic TV (I’m on a 42′).

  • EU Store too?

  • … so no discount in Europe. Meh!

  • Looks intriguing I might get. The editor video is all kinds of crazy cool.

  • look cool :)

  • Discount with PLUS is on all Stores.
    You have $10.00 – 8.99€ – 7.14£ with discount.

  • I need to see some actual gameplay first before I decide whether or not to purchase this game.

  • Hero_Pietro_9000

    Real Nice, do this have a demo?

  • Hey are you guys going to fix the ps store it says error whenever I want to buy something =( I was really looking foward to buying ps home stuff. Please fix this. Thank you.

  • Filipe, can you see about getting your posts highlighted in red, so people know there is no demo planned and the discount price is also available in Europe?

  • @60 Wish I could do that but I am not at the office where I have the login with user and pass.
    I am using my PS3 account just to keep people aware.

    @58 No demo available sorry.

  • The game’s great fun. I’ve just started (obviously) but here’s something way too early to mention: I read somewhere the development team has some ideas for DLC down the road. Dare I ask what type it might be? Could it be mentioned in the near future, or is it not that far along?

  • This looks like the most immersive 10 dollar game ever made. Awesome!!! Anyone strategy fan who passes on this is a gnob. Question: Are the any non-human playable characters/factions? I love being non-human.

  • I need this game.

  • @62 We will keep on supporting the game LBP style, we built it so we could do it very easily.
    @63 Yes we have lots of non-human units. Check our official website in the units section.
    @64 Yes you do :)

  • Will there be any videos of some actual gameplay soon?

  • Been on the fence about this game but after watching the videos and with the price tag of $10.00 I dont think i can pass it up.

  • I bought this as soon as the store came up the other day because I’ve been looking forward to it for months. But I have one major issue that’s keeping me from really enjoying the game. The text is so small on my tv that I literally can’t read anything. Is this something that can be patched or is it stuck like this forever?

  • and since I’m sure this makes all the difference yes I’m stuck with a regular old standard def tv.

  • I just bought the game today and I gotta say it’s good.
    Even though I’m not that good at RTS games, I know a quality game and they put a lot of effort in this game.
    I just need to get use to the controls and learn the best way to use them.
    Thanks for this game. It was worth the wait.

  • @68 We tried to keep the main dialogues font as big as possible and only use graphics rather than words in the HUD design but ultimately the options menu and specially the Editor are not very good to be seen in an old PAL or NTSCTV. We tried our best.
    @ 69 Thanks for the kind words.

  • Yeah, I was about to get this too when i saw it for $10, but this is one of those iffy thing…RTS on console…that you really want to put a demo out for just so people can go hands-on and see what it’s all about before putting down their money. Granted if any of my friends buy it, I’ll probably hop on board and get it too!

  • Well thanks for the quick response probably overstated it a little hoping to get your attention I can read most things but yea in the editor and MP nothing. I wouldn’t have produced anything worthwhile anyway. This is one of the better games I’ve bought off psn and I’ve bought a lot. (46 to be precise) I do have one other question there doesn’t seem to be any way to look for levels to download is this still being worked on or are we supposed to get them from friends like Trials HD and Joe Danger?

  • @ 71 I can understand your concerns dude. Keep in mind we are big fans of PC RTS like Warcraft3 and Company of Heroes, Rise of Legends, we know exactly what your concerns are :)

    @ 72 Right now you can create maps and when you play online your friends download them automatically.
    The browser for sharing is done and was in the game, we removed it at the last minute due to some problems. We will put it back in as soon as possible.

  • Oh ok thanks. Glad that’s in, its the only thing that’s annoyed me about some games with editors. It really makes the editor somewhat pointless in a game not to have a setup like LBP. (especially Trials HD)

  • THis looks pretty cool. I got this avatar and another one and many dynamic themes thanks to the welcome back package. Thank you Sony

  • Don’t know if any one has beaten me to this but

    War,Create,Share? Anyone?

  • That editor makes me yearn for the days of Populous II on my Genesis. I wish they would bring that back; in full HD of course.

  • I just want to say that while I’m enjoying the game, the font used for the English menus is awful and near unreadable. Not only is it ugly and jagged, but it’s too small and makes all the menus look amateurish at best.

    It’s a small complaint, but it really detracts from the game’s presentation and makes it feel like someone’s college project versus a full retail product.

  • Already bought it :)

  • @ 14 plaztiksyke There is a review with in game footage on youtube. The reviewer starts from the beginning and walks through the opening levels. After playing around with it, I must say it is a good game. I am sorry for all the individuals that are attempting to down this type of game on here, but if every game was like COD, I would quit playing games. I have nothing against COD, if that is your thing, I just like variety in my game collection.

    Well I hope everyone will give this game a chance and support the independent developers. For the record, I remember when Grand Theft Auto was a top down game on the PS1. I recall saying that if this has the possibility to be a special series, and then came Grand Theft Auto 3.

    Sorry for getting off topic. I just never understood why people that don’t like a particular genre, feel that they need to demean said game because it is not their cup of tea.

  • @79 because people are stupid and think everyone should just waste their money on COD,

  • @79 xzile – well said :) Your sir/mam are a real gamer.

  • There are vids of actual game play on youtube, just search for Under Siege on ps3 and you will find them. Doesn’t look like one that I would be interested in myself, but I’m sure there are some that will like it.

  • After spending most of the afternoon with the game, I must say it is truly amazing. By far one, if not THE, best RTS I’ve ever played on a console. Awesome job Seed, and hope the game does well.

  • Looks like a great game. I hope there is a demo.

  • Dear Sony,
    Remember when people were complaining about the Network being off? Those were great times

  • @ 85 sadly some of those people are still complaining. lol @ 81 hush404 thx and I am a guy.

  • It looks fantastic, good luck for the team!

  • I hate games like this

  • @88 so you wasted about 10 seconds to type this why?

  • Wish it was a remake of the Steven Segal movie

  • looks like a good game i will wait for the demo……

  • Hey everyone I need help. So I was on ps store getting my two free games and for some
    reason I lost the first game that I was going to download. All I did was put the first one in
    my cart and then when I went to put the second one in it was gone. Can someone plz help?

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