Under Siege: Now Available on PSN

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Under Siege: Now Available on PSN

Our little big game is now on sale on the PlayStation Store! Under Siege is an action and strategy game in real time, where a small group of heroes fight against a huge invading army. We developed Under Siege to be played with the DualShock 3 controller and it also supports the PlayStation Move motion controller. We also boost lots of cool features like video recording, custom music, and video chat. The game even runs in full 1080p in Dolby Digital 5.1.

Under Siege is now available for $19.99 ($10.00 for PlayStation Plus users) and suppers six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. It includes a full campaign, two-player multiplayer online and local play, and the same Editor used by us to create the game itself.

The Editor is one of the most important features we put in Under Siege. We started production on it before making the game so we that made sure our level designers created everything directly on a PS3 with a DualShock 3. This way, it was possible to keep on upgrading and improving the features and usability while the game was being made.

Currently the Editor has many tools that enable varied things such as:

  • Sculpting and painting the terrain
  • Adding water to create rivers and lakes
  • Changing lighting intensity, colour, position and other effects
  • Placing and rotating props like trees, houses, walls and more
  • Placing units and determine their AI, line of sight, colour and team
  • Creating cutscenes with your own lines of text and many different characters
  • Above all, creating your own logic with a simple trigger system that allows for the creation of new types of levels, modes and even totally different gameplay.

We also included a Manual that is accessible at all times. To make it easier for everyone to use we are making it available as a PDF. You can download it or print it in PDF form, either the pretty version or a printer-friendly version.

The team is also putting together some video tutorials that will help out in creating content.
Talk to us in our forums, and get more information at the official website. Check out the free comic book while you’re at it!

See you online!

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  • Looks like a great game, thanks for the update! One question though, when will Outland be available? I’m guessing June 7th.

  • Got a demo?

  • 3rd and demo?

  • does it come with a nyan cat that poops rainbows?

  • Game looks awesome. I’m going to buy it.

  • All the best with this game! Coming out during a very busy time but I believe it deserves attention!


  • xX-StolenSoul-Xx

    I already bought this game the first day it came out and i must say guys, it’s a very good game that requires actually alot of strategy.

  • truekiler1234567

    can u give us a update for call of duty MAP PACK

  • My little brother was just looking at this not more than a couple hours ago and I was telling him, “Yeah, it looks pretty fun to me.” I seem to remember this being shown off at a convention at one point using the Move and I thought the same thing then too.

    I’m not sure but I think you’ve got a sale here. (The $10 discount *on top* of the the Move support makes it ESPECIALLY likely, so whether it’s sooner or later, if he doesn’t, I will.)

    Long story short, you guys rock. Thanks for doing something different. =)

  • Looks fun! but i want to play the demo first ^^

  • @trueliller1234567
    Call of Duty Map Pack: Escalation was already given date which is June 10, Friday. I have my sources on here and at http://callofduty.com/intel

    ’nuff said

  • @8, they already did. It’s coming on Tuesday.

    P.S. FPS’s suck.

  • Oh, my mistake @8, its June 10th. Guess you have to wait longer for your overpriced DLC that costs more than this game.


  • Oh, my mistake @8, its June 10th. Guess you have to wait longer for your overpriced DLC that costs more than this game.

    Sigh, posting links to other blog posts shouldn’t be moderated.

  • @Kirkpad not all FPS suck, just Call of Duty. LOL!

  • I have been super interested in this game, had it in my cart 4x now. Can’t seem to find any reviews… wish a demo was out. I read it has a platinum trophy. Gonna check out your website, maybe that’ll push me over the edge.

  • Dolby Digital? this isn’t an xbox! are the audio assets 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed? will they output at LPCM over HDMI to avoid an encode/decode cycle?

    are there any videos that include actual gameplay? I don’t see how the other commenters can say “it looks fun” when there’s only a CG trailer.

    definitely gonna wait for a demo..

  • yes escalation on the 10th

  • Check Under Siege at Metacritic for review scores.
    No demo planned guys.

  • Looks awesome.. I might buy it =]

  • Picked this up after seeing many threads of people raving about the game.

    It is absolutely gorgeous. The gameplay is easy to get into but very deep and challenging later on.

    Absolute steal for 10 dollars thanks to the awesome PS+ discount.

    And, lol, at the lamers crying about map packs for their kiddie Call of Doody fps game with Wii level graphics.

  • To #8 – truekiler1234567

    Escalation will be out on the PSN on the 10th of june.(this Friday)
    Hopefully, you are as excited as i am for it!!

  • @AddisonW LOL! You said “doody”.

  • people who hate on call of duty black ops are the people that have it, but get whooped by me online. :P

  • Thanks for the reply Mr.Pina. Checked out the reviews.

  • LOL!

    Did you just try brag about your ‘mad skillz’ in a kiddie fps game with massive auto aim so all the lamerz like you can actually hit stuff?

  • On another note, the U.S. will hit 1 000 000 000 kills in Dead Nation today. We were the first to hit 100 000 000 and now 1 000 000 000. The second highest is held by Germany at 212 000 000.

    Sadly we are second in the virus cycle to Japan who only has 13 000 000 kills. I wish I knew how the virus cycle is calculated.

    Get out there and kills some zombies. Your nation needs you. You can do this by buying Dead Nation; which is free with the welcome back package.

  • That looks awesome! Strategy isn’t really my favorite genre, but I might just give this a try.

  • To AddisonW
    You just proved my point.
    you probably quit playing black ops cause you hate me owning you, and switched to a game more suited to your audience such as littlebigplanet.

  • Awesome work guys! Time to dust off my move controllers.

  • So…anything you buy in PS plus, won’t be available once it’s PS plus expires..Thanks sony. I know you don’t have to give compensation, but giving out games no one will ever play, besides the fact that they are free is kind of rude..one free thing from the PS store would have been nice..

  • @KillerForFood LOL CoD is for children, and Lag Ops is the worst of the series.

  • @28

    If you purchase something (such as this) with a discount, it’s your to keep forever.

    If the items is labeled as “free” then it is NOT yours to keep.

  • Worst..and easiest.


    This look goof

  • Thanks Det-E.. I’ll keep that in mind.. ;)

  • Waited for this game for a long time. Instant buy for $10. Thanks Seed studios.

  • garbage

  • Been waiting for this game for a while. I hope the PSN being down doesn’t have a negative effect on this game’s sales. It’s the first thing I downloaded when the PSN came back on. Keep rocking, Seed Studios!

  • to a7x_RoCk3r
    Call of duty is for people who like to have fun.
    Your style of game must be the opposite.
    Pointless and redundant.

  • @DarkGulen shut up.

  • anybody knows if there is a demo for red dead redemption?

  • When will Outland be up?

  • you guys know that there’s a sizing issue with the video excerpt on the front page right?

  • @40
    the demo is.

  • Already bought the game and I’m just two chapters away from platinuming the game. :) I look forward to what you guys work on next. :)

    Easily the best RTS on the PS3 so far.

  • @ 13 fijski8 I wrestled with buying this because it peaked my interest. I found a nice video review on youtube. The guy plays it and reviews it. I liked what I saw and pulled the trigger on the purchase. Waiting on the game to finish downloading now. I will try to squeeze time in for this somehow. lol I guess it is better to have too many games to play, than have none at all.

  • @ 28. that is not true. If you buy it with PS plus it is yours to keep. If they give you a game free then it expires with your plus subscription.

  • happy for free game did nt no any else is not i am very happy free game psp playstation 3

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