PlayStation Home Update: Heavy Ink, inFAMOUS 2, Conspiracy, SOCAST and more

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PlayStation Home Update: Heavy Ink, inFAMOUS 2, Conspiracy, SOCAST and more

You want your PlayStation Home weekly content update? You got it!

New Heavy Ink tattoos are now on the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall. Choose from seven different tribal designs (for both male and female avatars). All of the tattoos cover the back, chest arms and legs for maximum inkage! Three of the tattoos have striking designs with glowing accents: Demon’s Rage, Hell Hound and Hydra’s Hex.

Heavy Water in PlayStation Home

Jet Set Games has just released new Conspiracy items – including the vintage 2-way wrist radio (which allows you to receive secret messages through the animated talking face), the hilarious “I Have No…” t-shirt line, the saucy Pixelated Identity Protection items, and the Dastardly Disguise pack. Check ‘em out!

PlayStation Home: Dastardly
PlayStation Home: Vintage Communicator

PlayStation Home: I have NOPlayStation Home: Pixelated

Those of you who are gearing up for the release of inFAMOUS 2 next week can pick up special inFAMOUS 2 clothing and furniture items today. And speaking of pulse-pounding action and adventure, be sure to pick up our new line of male and female Solider, Armed Vigilante, Blackhawk, and Rhino costumes (and while you are at it, be sure to stock up on gasmasks and bulletproof vests, also available this week in the PlayStation Home Mall). Of course, don’t forget to swing by the Sodium store to pick up the new Lockwood furniture items. Afterwards, head to the Threads and Furniture stores to stock up on the new Dragon’s Lair clothing and furniture items – just in time for the release of Dragon’s Lair II on PSN!

When you are strolling through PlayStation Home this week, be sure to keep an eye out for the Sprint posters. Find all three and you can get cool gear for your avatar. Just text the poster codes to 99158 and walk away with sweet Sprint sneakers.

Home billboard

Today marks the release of the first episode from the newest addition to the PlayStation Home Community Theater – SOCAST Live!

Who is SOCAST Live and what do they do? The SOCAST Live team states that they are “dedicated to supporting the world of SOCOM and its community. We take pride in providing the cutting edge content focused on the SOCOM franchise. You can learn more about us at, and interact with our team and our community in our forums.” So all you SOCOM fans know what you have to do – log in to PlayStation Home today to check out the premiere episode of SOCAST Live, only in the PlayStation Home Community Theater.

Just a friendly reminder: Mark your calendars for Monday, June 6th at 5:00pm PT (8:00pm ET) and join us in our special E3 Theater to watch a live stream of the 2011 SCEA Press Conference. And don’t forget to head to our virtual E3 Booth come Tuesday, June 7th at 12:00pm PT (3:00pm ET) to check out the newest games and collect special rewards.

And, of course, we know you guys are anxiously awaiting the PlayStation Home Welcome Back package. We will have this ready for you very, very soon – stay tuned for more details!

See you in Home!

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5 Author Replies

  • Where’s the modesty?

  • is the mech suit from lockwood part of the ps home welcome back pack?

  • when do we get the 100 free home items and new stuff.. also map packs for black ops

  • Any idea when the new item freeze bug will be fixed??? Not to be a pest, but I’ve PM’ed you about this in the forums before you locked us out of it, and numerous threads were created then later merged about this specific problem, with more being inflicted with this problem daily. Your “let’s ignore the problem and it’ll go away” attitude isn’t getting the job done. What would be the point of having a welcome back package for HOME, when soon nobody will even be able to get in there?

  • WooT!!! WooT!!! Now this really feels like HOME! :P

  • Ms_HelloKittyNYC

    @53 Exactly….I guess when Everyone affected with this bug and no one can get on HOME and its a total ghost town they’ll fix it. Its getting ridiculous I cant even enjoy HOME anymore. FIX IT!!!!!

  • Ms_HelloKittyNYC


  • Nice. I dig the Sprint kicks.

  • I have one question. not that hard to answer..WIll the rerun of the e3 live stream be aviavle to all aots that do streaming of videos. like masion . hollywood apt. yacht.. It would be great thing to do… If possible .

  • Roaring_Twenties

    Hope E3 will be fun to watch. When are those spaces going to be opened up? I need more virtual items :)

  • I wonder if we will get LightSquared Sneakers later on…….. if the deal goes through lol XD

  • Does anybody know where to find the inFamous 2 stuff??? I’ve been looking for the past 30 minutes with no success.


    Anybody know when black ops: escalation map pack will be available?

  • on tuesday is it going 2 be hell trying 2 stay connected 2 go 2 the e3 event. or will we just keep getting kicked. and it states the infamous 2 clothes and furniture is out 2day i cant find them any were……………

  • @JSBPR you needto relax, everything is coming back lil by lil so if its acting up make sure its not you because we all are working fine!!

    Sup L_S im glad all is up and getting over the bumps of starting a massive network back up from complete shut-down!! I certainly missed home… Time to start enjoying Home again and the release of v1.50 which many must have forgot about that foundation but things will improve in home with this newer version!! OK time to go in Home Now! Sup Pat, Jeff Sid and Rey im stoked to be back! You guys have no clue how people refer to me in my neighborhood for playstation news lol Im the Patrick Seybold of Manhattan i felt like! anyway cool to be back and hope the Blog makes it to nyc again for more games music drinks and hot brownies!!

  • Ahh, I see… now my voicing a complaint is a problem… However, I don’t think I’ll be going away anytime soon, so it may behoove you, Glasswalls and Locust_Star, to provide your community with an answer to my question.

  • When will we be able to download the E3 Theater?

    (Shouldn’t it be before Monday, so not everyone downloads it at once?)

  • @Chuckbait You can download it now. I just did.

  • Yeahh, I’m loving those new tattoos!
    Why does the Male avatar for the pixalated outfit have his chest censored??? LOL
    Great update guys, so amped for E3!! =D

  • Alright, don’t goof on me for not knowing this guys name, but I want a costume of the character with the wolf tattoo on his left forearm from Black Ops. I have the game, but really haven’t been able to enjoy it much with my crazy college schedule so I’m not entirely familiar with the names of the characters yet. That guys a B.A. Any possibilities of getting that? I had seen it on the UK server, did I miss out on it on the US server?

  • I cant find the inFAMOUS 2 posters or clothing :(

  • The SOCAST seems interesting.
    It reminds me of a Killzone podcast I know of called Killzone Unit. If you guys would be interested, I’m sure they’d do a Home show. They love Home.

  • I’m having a problem everytime I try to log into ps home my system keeps freezing once the “you have recieved a reward” pops up. This first started when I went into the mansion grage when I recieved an item then it froze. Can anyone help? It seams that every time I try to get the mansion grage reward items it freezes my system.

  • Where can i get inFAMOUS 2 clothing

  • Immodesty is all I see… Lol.

  • i dont see any infamous 2 gear

  • can’t seem to find any InFAMOUS 2 costumes or posters for that matter mind giving us a hint at where their at? i checked the thread store that the latest update thing said to no avail

  • Paranguaricutiri

    Where are the Sprint posters you guys posted up because I looked at all the posters put up in Central Plaza, The Mall & The Bowling Alley as well….. I really want those Sprint Sneakers for my avatar :(

  • damn sony u tell us ne infamous stuff and theres none any were or the posters good job on this bog . LMAO

  • “Those of you who are gearing up for the release of inFAMOUS 2 next week can pick up special inFAMOUS 2 clothing and furniture items today”- that said the items were available last week ,they were not XD,i understand yu guys at sony are very busy and working hard yu probably made a mistake and its ok but could yu plz tell us when the items will be released thank yu for yur time

  • i found all 3 poster and texted the codes in and i do not get a reply. did it end already? or how should i text the codes in? please HELP ME!


    I didn’t see the Infamous2 gear, I would love to have a Cole Tshirt or costume :) man Home is really burning a whole in my pocket, lol meh I got money to burn and Ezio costumes to buy,is Sony still going to keep using real money on home?


    Yeah I agree with these guys above me, I texted the codes last week and I didn’t get my sprint shoes the text I got back said error or something


    Lol the Sony devs boasted onehundred different virtual items on Home, uh what lol? I think most were just free minigames or whatever for your virtual space which I don’t care about at all. Only personal space I have is my default harbor studio personal spaces seem like a waste of money.

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