PlayStation Home Update: Heavy Ink, inFAMOUS 2, Conspiracy, SOCAST and more

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PlayStation Home Update: Heavy Ink, inFAMOUS 2, Conspiracy, SOCAST and more

You want your PlayStation Home weekly content update? You got it!

New Heavy Ink tattoos are now on the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall. Choose from seven different tribal designs (for both male and female avatars). All of the tattoos cover the back, chest arms and legs for maximum inkage! Three of the tattoos have striking designs with glowing accents: Demon’s Rage, Hell Hound and Hydra’s Hex.

Heavy Water in PlayStation Home

Jet Set Games has just released new Conspiracy items – including the vintage 2-way wrist radio (which allows you to receive secret messages through the animated talking face), the hilarious “I Have No…” t-shirt line, the saucy Pixelated Identity Protection items, and the Dastardly Disguise pack. Check ‘em out!

PlayStation Home: Dastardly
PlayStation Home: Vintage Communicator

PlayStation Home: I have NOPlayStation Home: Pixelated

Those of you who are gearing up for the release of inFAMOUS 2 next week can pick up special inFAMOUS 2 clothing and furniture items today. And speaking of pulse-pounding action and adventure, be sure to pick up our new line of male and female Solider, Armed Vigilante, Blackhawk, and Rhino costumes (and while you are at it, be sure to stock up on gasmasks and bulletproof vests, also available this week in the PlayStation Home Mall). Of course, don’t forget to swing by the Sodium store to pick up the new Lockwood furniture items. Afterwards, head to the Threads and Furniture stores to stock up on the new Dragon’s Lair clothing and furniture items – just in time for the release of Dragon’s Lair II on PSN!

When you are strolling through PlayStation Home this week, be sure to keep an eye out for the Sprint posters. Find all three and you can get cool gear for your avatar. Just text the poster codes to 99158 and walk away with sweet Sprint sneakers.

Home billboard

Today marks the release of the first episode from the newest addition to the PlayStation Home Community Theater – SOCAST Live!

Who is SOCAST Live and what do they do? The SOCAST Live team states that they are “dedicated to supporting the world of SOCOM and its community. We take pride in providing the cutting edge content focused on the SOCOM franchise. You can learn more about us at, and interact with our team and our community in our forums.” So all you SOCOM fans know what you have to do – log in to PlayStation Home today to check out the premiere episode of SOCAST Live, only in the PlayStation Home Community Theater.

Just a friendly reminder: Mark your calendars for Monday, June 6th at 5:00pm PT (8:00pm ET) and join us in our special E3 Theater to watch a live stream of the 2011 SCEA Press Conference. And don’t forget to head to our virtual E3 Booth come Tuesday, June 7th at 12:00pm PT (3:00pm ET) to check out the newest games and collect special rewards.

And, of course, we know you guys are anxiously awaiting the PlayStation Home Welcome Back package. We will have this ready for you very, very soon – stay tuned for more details!

See you in Home!

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  • SOCAST!!!! Go Canadian!!!!!

  • Awsome Update , Hey any new developements on the Sodium 2 Space? I am really looking foward to new details?

    Also, will there be any Duke Nukem Items?

    • Additional Sodium 2 news is coming very shortly, including release date.

      There are no Duke Nukem items currently scheduled to be released in Home. But if that changes you can rest assured that we’ll let you know here in the blog.

  • is it just me, or no one can sign on to their account on their computer on ?

  • If only I used Playstaton Home more often.

    • Today is a new day ;) Are you going to watch the live stream in Home next week or visit the virtual E3 booth?

  • Can you tell the that The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character wont transfer to my PSP even though it works fine on my PS3. (I could not even download it on my psp. but now I can)

  • See, everyone just might get the welcome back package today or so, so calm down

  • Same old Home updates every time…

  • someone add me so we can track down those posters together, I want those shoes.

  • um when will this b actually available? -_- Home is STILL down

  • cool!!!!!

  • @proskatercam How can you say this is the same old Home update? SOCAST is on Home now baby!

    It’s great to be a part of the PlayStation Home Community Theater :)

  • nice music in that vid !!

  • ok now im mad, the pixalated identity protected was out a LONG time ago named as something else and it was taken away from us due to it being “not kid friendly” now its coming back as this? i want my old one BACK!

    • I’m not quite sure what incident you are referencing. We’ve never released these items until now.

  • finally – a new update for Home!!!

  • and heads up there seems to be some technical difficulties in the ps store, primarily not letting you download and buy stuff off the store

  • lol why dont you just let everyone run around naked, thats what most want anyways…

  • awesome!!!!


  • this is bull… i’ve supported u sony for too long w/o a complain but how tf u gonna just turn off psn after store is ^ sounds to me like ya’ll lying

  • And now the store is down again wtf.

  • I know, I know. Its not about the store, but the store is having serious issues. Account Management too.

  • Wtf? I’m now seeing people saying that the PSN store is DOWN?! It better not be, because I’m downloading inFamous 2 as we speak and it better not turn off against me after my 9 long hours of waiting!!!!!!

  • @21 Its not down, i think its overloaded

  • This is 6 weeks worth of Home content? Or is it 1 week with Home getting multiple updates a week ala the PS Stores to catch up?

    • Home will be resuming our regular publishing schedule (every Thursday) effective now. The content that has been developed over the course of the last 6 weeks will not be released all at once but rather it will be staggered out over the weeks to come. We realize that this week’s publish appears to skew towards virtual items, but please note that this publish also includes the virtual E3 Booth (which will be opened on Tues at 12pm PT) and the E3 Theater, so the amount of content made available this week is actually relatively large.

  • Are we going to be able to watch E3 live in like our homes, like the Mansion, and the Yacht, and the Hollywood Hills House?

  • Seems to me that sony is rushing to satisfy their customers, which they’re failing at. I think they should take their time to fully accomplish it.

  • My account can log in fine but on my nephew’s account it will say undergoin maintenance
    and asks me to change my password.

  • now the servers keep droping on home! -_- ty sony for nothing

  • again with that messege Playstation Network is undergoing maintenance …… hope is just for some hours…

  • sounds better and better every time :)

  • Why don’t you guys make some Assassins Creed Brothehood costumes? I’d die for that :D or the black version of Ezio’s outfit in Assassins Creed 2
    (which you guys had out before but I was too late)

  • nevermind i just tryed it and it worked ,,,,,

  • nice…

  • Its fine now

  • Its just heavy traffic and the problems that come with it. ive done my fair share of bit@ching but come on. they are doing what they can.

  • mephistopholes73

    If you’re getting booted out of Home it’s not Sony’s fault! There are waaaay too many people trying to log in and are flooding the servers. Those of you who are crossing servers and going to other regions where you don’t belong in like Euros getting on USA’s server stay the EFF in your own region until this is worked out. Your just gonna make it take longer.

  • it just got up today going to be heavy traffic and the problems. THX SONY

  • mephistopholes73

    I know I don’t have the best grammatical skills in the world but could some of us at least try to keep up the quality control of the English language. I don’t really need to be told, “it gonn’ this” or “it gonn’ that”! Tooo many street corner philosophers!!!

  • you guys bitc..h 2 much

  • like the sound of very, very, very soon i hope that means more store content also
    i hope there is something good for existing psplus users

  • where exactly is the InFAMOUS 2 stuff? i’v been looking everywhere for it in Home

  • i look forward to e3 i will be there for sure in home form and i’ll bring some friends

  • Hello Locust_Star Can we get a “I survived the PSN Downtime” PS Home Shirt :) ?

  • Why bother?

    Home as it is now, should be overhauled or scraped all together.

    When I log in and select a space I feel like I’m back in the 90s, early 00s selecting a chat room. Not to mention the boxed in feeling of any given space. Anybody ever have to take a shoe box and make a 3D mural as an art project in their early childhood. Seriously, that’s what Home is, a series of decorated shoe boxes with the same you can look but not touch guidelines. Except for those great mini games that you play a few times and forget about an hour latter. (Not including Sodium) I don’t feel that there is a community anymore just your diehards and newbies who don’t know any better, yet. You know what would be truly ground breaking in Home? A new space without a commerce point!

    It is as they say though you get what you paid for.

    I would gladly pay a subscription of $5 to $10 dollars for Home if it was overhauled with better spaces to EXPLORE, (not run around in circles) some sort of game based theme/storyline, better web integration and premium video services for everyone not just for people who buy a personal space. Dynamic interactive AI would be amazing!

  • + DIGGY305 on June 2nd, 2011 at 10:43 am said:

    Hello Locust_Star Can we get a “I survived the PSN Downtime” PS Home Shirt :) ?

    yes that would be awesome!!

  • Apparently the only place in the world where Tribal tattoos are still cool is in virtual reality.

  • Good News LS!!

  • thanks guys for all ur hard work. everything works but my need for speed code to play online dont work?? :-( y??

  • so psn store is back online? idk because my ps3 YLOD on me, and am out of warranty so am buying the new 1 black ops edition

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