Starhawk’s Multiplayer: Watch Capture the Flag in the Acid Sea

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Starhawk’s Multiplayer: Watch Capture the Flag in the Acid Sea

What’s up PS Blog and fellow Warheads? I’ve been working on Warhawk since 2007 and I represent the other half of the Santa Monica Studio/LightBox Interactive partnership. I’m sure you all know about the Santa Monica team from the God of War series. What you might not know is that we’ve been working with LightBox since the studio opened its doors, helping the team get started on this exciting new project. We’ve been contributing to the Starhawk development process creatively and on the biz side of things. It’s been a true collaboration — we’re thrilled to be working with the talented group at LightBox.

Lots of you are wondering how Build & Battle fits in with the Warhawk recipe of “frenetic epic firefights,” so today we wanted to give you a taste of what we will have playable at E3 next week! This is a video of an actual multiplayer tournament we had recently at the LightBox studio.

As you know Starhawk also has a cool single-player campaign that will immerse you in the story of our main character, Emmett Graves, but as you can see we have not forgotten about our multiplayer roots! We’ve designed Starhawk’s multiplayer to be just as much fun as Warhawk’s, but now with our new Build & Battle toy box, you shooter fans will have something you haven’t truly experienced before – the ability to change the battlefield on the fly. We’ll have more details on Starhawk’s multiplayer soon, but for now we invite you to come visit us at E3!

Starhawk for PS3Starhawk for PS3

Thanks a ton for the amazing reactions to Starhawk thus far. I can honestly say that we’ve only scratched the surface so look out for more info in the months ahead.

And if you want more Starhawk info, there are lots of ways to reach us. Register on, hop on the Starhawk official forums, and join in on the conversations. The PlayStation.Blog is also a great spot, of course. As you’ve seen, Dylan has spent a lot of time trying to answer your questions and he’ll continue to do so. He also has a Twitter account that you can follow, @dylanjobe, where you can find out about Starhawk and ask him questions…or just see what he had for dinner. We can’t answer all of your questions just yet but we pay close attention to what you, the fans, are talking about and what’s most important to you.

Please comment away and, again, thanks for your continued support.

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  • 1. Crashing and flaming hawks….. Excellent!!!
    2. Hawks transforming mid-air ….. Excellent!!!
    3. Bubble shield deployment ….. Excellent !!!

    Mid – term report……. Could do better …….. kidding !!!

    Loved how fast paced the action was in that vid. Really have high hopes for the game.

    One question is can structured be “recalled” by the person placing them or be “build over” if required? (ie – replace a sniper tower with a wall for example?

    • Good Question!

      Yes, you will ultimately be able to however there are a couple of different ways we can support it and we haven’t decided on which way is best.

      Currently we’re thinking that it would be an option from the Control Panel on the Build & Battle structure. Demo’ing the structure might then return you some fraction of the Rift Energy you spent to construct it.

      But there are a number of other options and we haven’t picked the final solution yet.

  • Looking too good

  • The game looks amazing!!

  • Looks really good. Makes me want to play Warhawk again, lol.

  • this is for acquired taste of pure D awesomeness! lol i love this game and can’t wait for it we need avatars of emmett graves like now!!!

  • So who won artist or designers?

  • Thanks to everyone for their kind words. Lightbox has been working hard to make sure the game is as great as it can be. This video is just a quick snapshot. We’ll be at E3 and you are all welcome to come give it a try.

  • Looks awesome but i just hope that you can turn ALL the bad language off…..cuz i have little siblings that always want to watch me play my games (which is why i have no games with cussing)

  • and yet still have to wait almost a YEAR!!!!

  • Yeah now you have to also watch out from farther above. It brings new meaning “Death From Above” when a bunker lands on you during a fire-fight. It looks like the build and fight will be used by those who only care to get to the top bracket in the leader boards as fast as they can to pound chests.

  • i want you guys to take my money please!!! do it now!!!!!

  • just make sure not to include online trophies that are so difficult, like: be the top scorer 5 times in a row. PLEASE!!!

    • We expect to make the ranking system and trophies a bit easier overall but we’ll make sure to include plenty of challenge for the very hardcore fans.

  • warhawk with a new name from the same guys who screwed it up in the first place. yawn

    • sorry to hear that you feel that way. We’re pretty happy with Starhawk so far and I invite you to try out the game at E3…or at least see what other players have to say. We can’t please everyone and we welcome all opinions.

  • Can you send beta invites to winners of the recent Warhawk tournaments?

    • We are looking at a variety of ways to get Warhawk players into our Beta – but nothing is decided. The Warhawk diehards are really important to us and we are taking steps to ensure that they are taken care of on many fronts

  • Looks great, does it have single player? or a good tutorial?

  • i hope there 2 modes ln death match
    mode1. have build and battle
    mode2. no build and battle
    i would like to choose which mode to play on

    • we are still looking at all our modes but currently “Build & Battle” is integral and deeply tied to the game. To remove it may be…unwise. However, as we go forward we’re always looking at new adjustments. Thanks for the note

  • I am so excited for this.

  • Never got a chance to play Warhawk. Gonna pick it up since everyone says its good. Is the online community still strong?

    Cant wait for Starhawk tho it looks incredible!

  • Dylan is there a way you can post a longer video of the match? It would be awesome to see the battle ensue between the arists and designers (with some engineers mixed in!)

    • I can’t because SONY does all the videos but we’re actually doing a BBQ playtest today testing the E3 build so maybe I will post some pics on my Twitter account!

      But there will be *PLENTY* more video in the future!

  • Can you explain a little bit about differnet flight modes? Will there still be pro flight and normal flight choices?

    Warhawk was the best and im sure starhawk will revive the community

    Remember when warhawk had no wrenches? XD

  • Looks cool. Only question is that when would this hit our PS3s? And on another note, can you put in a different looking shot gun with the exact same stats as the real one for the pre order? So all you get it a cooler looking one. :D That way no one can say it’s unfair. Woo.

    • We are looking at all sorts of pre-order options. We’d love to hear more about the sort of things you would all like to see.

  • ded_in_the_water

    The more I see of this, the more I want this game. I enjoyed the first game, but it didn’t leave that much of an impression on me. This game, however, looks to be much better, and it’s right up my alley, so to speak.

    And good god, how I love those mechs!

  • This game looks incredible!!!!! I’m still hoping that it doesn’t take up a lot of space on my system though, I’m really running out of room. Is there some flight controlled elements to this one?

  • WoW!!! In my opinion Starhawk looks like it has surpass Warhawk in many ways. Starhawk looks amazing so far, good job. I cannot wait to play this game I see myself putting in hours in this game. Alot of hours. You guys need to come out with a Collector’s Edition because i want it and i will buy it. :) It would be soooooo COOOOOLLL if the Special Edition game came with a figure of a new Starhawk aswell. :)

  • Heh heh, I was right on my POST #29…Designers won :P

  • Hey Harvard, how did you get your job as a producer? What kind of college credentials do you need?

    • heh, always a popular question. There are plenty of degrees that help but certainly having a business background can give you a leg up. Computer Science or some engineering degree is also helpful

  • Also if you don’t mind me asking, do you get to choose your projects?

    And are producers involved with scouting for independent developers that might want to be published by SCEA? If not, whose job is that? (Is that a job at all?)

  • Down the road we’ll have our Starhawk specific forums. In the meantime you can visit this blog or you can go to the official Starhawk page on Facebook. I spend a lot of time answering questions there as well.

  • lovin all these previews!
    Please make them available for download when the PS Store comes back on. I love storing gaming videos on my HDD <3

  • very nice :) hope about the sniper? can u no scope like in warhawk? i really want to know because i want to make more youtube montages thanks :)

  • Is there a new health system? At 2:05 the player picked up those green orbs so I’m wondering if that means other players in the area can pick them up as well.

  • Will there be any collectibles made? I’ve always wanted a Warhawk to place on my shelves. A Transfrorming Starhawk would be awesome. I’d have to buy two so I have one to display in mech form and one in Hawk form.

  • 1 questions I have about this game:

    Will Kevin Butler be advertising this game

    Also a question off topic,
    How close is Sony to making a controller that you can control with your thoughts

  • supersizebigmac1

    Looks absolutely awesome. I’ll definetely get this. =)

  • looks good might get it

  • im getting it .

  • This looks awesome can’t wait to see more at E3 next week :) It looks like a Halo competitor So is this 3rd person shooter or FPS?

  • I’m wondering how the Build & Battle system will work and be balanced in multiplayer. In all the videos I’ve seen for singleplayer it just seems like you can spawn anything out of the blue which is fine probably but how will it work in multiplayer? Is it like you need a certain amount of points which you get from kills, assists, etc to build a certain item? Looking forward to a beta/demo and hope to see more at E3 (will be watching the live stream from PS Blog).

    • We have multiplayer at E3. While its not perfect yet I think you will all find it pretty far along. There’s so much that goes into balancing multi-player I can’t even begin. Lets just say its on our minds 24-7 and the Beta will show you a lot

  • video not available ?!?!?!?!?1

  • Awesome Dylan, just awesome!!! 8)

  • definatly looks sweet count me in… is this a multiplatform game or Play Station exclusive?

  • I hope you take a few maps(Eucadia, Badlands, Vaporfield Glacier) from Warhawk, re-tool them and have them in this game if not at launch as a future DLC.

  • Dylan,

    You guys GET it. Your mulitplayer game design philosophies and game balance ideas are so awesome in this world of 2 hits with perks/boosters/cheats-from-old-games. Definately will be picking this up; Warhawk is amazing to this day.

    Oh yeah, do you still have the 3d volumetric clouds? Those were amazing! Need to get those back in Starhawk!

    Also: phone over to Naughty Dog, and tell them about real multiplayer game design and balance.. haha

  • I never played Warhawk nor wached any videos on it. I saw this game being show cased on EP Daily and that’s how I found out about it. As I watched I grew more intrested in it and when I saw the video here showing multiplayer, I started to love all the action going on and vehicle combat =D So im intrested in this game for sure =)

  • Looks awesome but I’m curious about a couple of things. People that have Mod controllers and backwards lock-on. You can only imagine how angry I got as well as others who have played WARHAWK since day one. Will there be a way to catch the cheaters who do this and will one weapon like LG be made superior to the others? I swear, I hope all weapons are balanced and one not superior to the other.

  • i want to play that sooo bad!!!!!!

  • ive seen all the vids on this so far i love it cant wait but come on i cant wait into
    2012 plz mak it by the end of the year

  • I cannot freakin’ wait for this!

  • Are you guys bringing back all the vehicles (Including the DLC ones) , or are there new ones you guys are working on to take their place?

    • We have new vehicles that are on the way. Some have similar roles as Warhawk’s but we think you’ll find them improved. Others are completely new. We’ll let loose the details down the road.

  • ClassicSpyroFan

    HOLY SHOOT!!!!!!!! This game keeps on looking better and better, day one buy for me!!! I really like warhawk, but I’m going to LOVE this!!!!!

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