Starhawk’s Multiplayer: Watch Capture the Flag in the Acid Sea

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Starhawk’s Multiplayer: Watch Capture the Flag in the Acid Sea

What’s up PS Blog and fellow Warheads? I’ve been working on Warhawk since 2007 and I represent the other half of the Santa Monica Studio/LightBox Interactive partnership. I’m sure you all know about the Santa Monica team from the God of War series. What you might not know is that we’ve been working with LightBox since the studio opened its doors, helping the team get started on this exciting new project. We’ve been contributing to the Starhawk development process creatively and on the biz side of things. It’s been a true collaboration — we’re thrilled to be working with the talented group at LightBox.

Lots of you are wondering how Build & Battle fits in with the Warhawk recipe of “frenetic epic firefights,” so today we wanted to give you a taste of what we will have playable at E3 next week! This is a video of an actual multiplayer tournament we had recently at the LightBox studio.

As you know Starhawk also has a cool single-player campaign that will immerse you in the story of our main character, Emmett Graves, but as you can see we have not forgotten about our multiplayer roots! We’ve designed Starhawk’s multiplayer to be just as much fun as Warhawk’s, but now with our new Build & Battle toy box, you shooter fans will have something you haven’t truly experienced before – the ability to change the battlefield on the fly. We’ll have more details on Starhawk’s multiplayer soon, but for now we invite you to come visit us at E3!

Starhawk for PS3Starhawk for PS3

Thanks a ton for the amazing reactions to Starhawk thus far. I can honestly say that we’ve only scratched the surface so look out for more info in the months ahead.

And if you want more Starhawk info, there are lots of ways to reach us. Register on, hop on the Starhawk official forums, and join in on the conversations. The PlayStation.Blog is also a great spot, of course. As you’ve seen, Dylan has spent a lot of time trying to answer your questions and he’ll continue to do so. He also has a Twitter account that you can follow, @dylanjobe, where you can find out about Starhawk and ask him questions…or just see what he had for dinner. We can’t answer all of your questions just yet but we pay close attention to what you, the fans, are talking about and what’s most important to you.

Please comment away and, again, thanks for your continued support.

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  • Looks awesome

  • Warhawk had tons of replay value. I hope this has the same.

    • Oh it has tons of replay value. Really. It sounds like a sales pitch but its true. We have logged so many hours on our maps and they are still very fresh and people are always finding new strats.

  • Thanks for this. Looks spectacular.


  • Sir, I love thy avatar. “Hey Boy, lookin’ mighty cute in them jeans. Why don’t you come on over and…”

    Wicked looking game BTW!!!

  • I will be gEtting this

  • Looks alright. Nuff with the space-marines already. Speaking for myself here, I warmed to the PS brand over my youth with the Final Fantasies and Wild Arms’. Not this AAA fodder. Between the slate of games SCEA seem to be promoting lately – AAA bromances – or not promoting (see: WKC2) and Sony’s utter ineptitude with regard to the PSN debacle, they’ve lost a 16 year consumer. No, I’m not switching to the nicklen’dime box (360) or the Gimp 2 (Wii 2, you KNOW the hardware will be far less than all the frothing fanboys have predicted), but back to the ol’ PC. Home of ROMs, fan-translations, Indie Games and actually decent MMOs – [DELETED] happened with FF XIV and DCUO? or the NCSoft deal?

    Peace out, and happy gaming to all.

  • Holy Shoot!!! So… When Am I Going To Sweden?

  • There are just too many questions to ask about this game… largely because there is just so much to this game. :P

    I cannot wait to see more at E3, and it is only harder to wait till 2012 to play it. :)

  • yes looks dope.. hopefully i don’t get too pwned LOL

  • Check that up as one I’m getting! Love the Preview!

  • Looks like a must have

  • Impressive, really! Looks like a lot of fun! Superb work on the vehicles! You are the best dev to handle the gameplay so greatly of a tps character AND of flying vehicles AND ground vehicles, they all controls great wich is really nice! : ) Playing Warhawk was a different feel from palying other games wich is great and refreshing and it’s seems StarHawk will have this quality too! : )


  • Why can’t you release this game already?!?! This looks ultra-awesome! I honestly can’t wait.. :P Keep up with your tremendous work guys, looks like a blockbuster release for 2010!

    • Ha! We can’t release it yet because it’s not done and not up to our standards. Working with Santa Monica Studio and the God of War team is great because they always push us to do better (as you know ’cause they have a wicked high quality bar).

  • By the look of it you have a really polished product. Hopefully Starhawk can be released sooner rather than later!

  • Who won? Artists or designers?

  • It looks fantastic!

  • Sorry I bought Warhawk and sold it after a week because I didn’t like very much. This looks more of the same.

    • Sorry to hear that! Keep watching the game progress and maybe you can play the demo and/or Beta when we release them in the future.

      Stay skeptical and make us earn your purchase!

  • Hot damn this looks like fun, I enjoyed warhawk a lot and am eager to try this newest iteration from you guys. My poor ps3, its gonna be working overtime the next few months with all these upcoming titles. Sooo glad I bought a nice big hard drive to replace the 60g one in my phatboy.

  • I’m looking forward to this. I’m going to assume that there is going to be an awesome beta like with Warhawk? Please say yes!

  • Never heard of this game…

  • EPIC! This is going to be SO much fun!

  • Must be my computer but all of Sony’s videos on this blog are absolutely horrible. Got to see maybe 5 sec of this one before it pixelated to hell and back, but what I saw it looks fun.

  • @BloodiedWraith Might get a beta if the store will be up in running by then.

  • oh man, cannot wait!!! :)

  • Looks awesome!

  • That looks freaking Awesome!

  • put that shotgun down

    • No way man! The Shotgun is a great new weapon in Starhawk. Still needs some balance though — its been brutal in our last few playtests!!!

  • Really psyched about this game, to bad I won’t have really any time next year to play it since I’m going back to school for my masters in Digital Interactive Entertainment.

    Good to hear Santa Monica is lending their wisdom, they’ve really become a force to contend with. However are we going to hear from them and San Diego at E3 this year?

  • It seems to me, the designers won? I mean, I assume Dylan was on the designers team and he was very happy at the end of the video…he wouldn’t show us this video if he had lost :P

  • Pretty awesome gameplay!

  • Go Designers! And the game definitely looks better than its predecessor, though the whole thing is coming off with a serious Unreal Tournament 3 vibe. Serious points for the originality of the gameplay concept- creators of the very first RTS-TPS. I just hope your release date isn’t too far off, ’cause you know the whole copycat mill doesn’t wait. Here’s to hoping for an epic single-player campaign. =)

    But, y’know… Sooner or later, I’d really like to see a game where the flag doesn’t just magically appear on the players’ backs. Little things like that seem like they’d be huge steps after how long they’ve been around.

  • any pre-order bonuses and freebies?!

  • Split screen of course is a must. For both the sinlge player campaign, and the online.

    3D would be a welcomed addition.

    Move support??? I have a sharpshooter just collecting dust you know.

    Also why dont shooters use the headtracking abilities of the PSEYE? It works really well in GT5, so it should work the same from the cockpit of a Starhawk should it not?

    Imagine, you playin in 3D, with the sharpshooter, and the game is tracking your head movements for taking cover, dodging attacks, peering out side windows, or checking your side view mirrors.(of course Starhawks have side view mirrors!! LOL)

    Just basically asking if you guys are working with any of the tech brought forth in the last year or so on PS3.

    One other thing to think about is this. If you have split screen you can have 3D.
    If you have 3D you can have dual view!!!!! This lets two players play on one screen and each person gets the full screen!!!
    This allows me to play a game against someone on my couch, and they cant see my screen to know when I’m about to destroy them!!!!

    Cheers, hey any beta news for this game???? As in how can I be the first to sign up???


  • Looks good!

  • Please dont give an unfair advantage to those who preorder, this is such a shame these days with people basically buying cheats.

    Give people SP campaign crap, but leave the online stuff to character/weapon skins.

    I dont get involved with the games that do this, and so far I plan to get this game, dont let me down.

    • My personal opinion is that, for example, weapons that are unlocked via pre-order, are a violation of the player’s bill of rights.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of pre-order stuff for retailers (brick or click) but you gotta preserve a sense of balance.

  • Sorry but one last thing, the best feature of Warhawk IMVHO is the sixaxis driving for all vehicles.

    Please, please, please keep this in Starhawk.

    That is all.

  • I never played warhawk but heard it was great. Looking forward to starhawk, looks amazing.

  • Never played StarHawk but i’ll try this..

  • WarHawk i mean lol

  • Starhawk is looking Outstanding!

    I used to loved Warhawk; I shall make it to Starhawk.

  • @ 33/34

    Just pre-order it if you’re so concerned. Can you name one online item that has actually provided a measured advantage in online play? I can’t and I pre-order and play just about everything. The last item for online play I got was a shotgun for MP in Homefront. All it’s good for is getting killed constantly from 15+ feet away offering almost no advantage.

  • I want so bad……..this and Uncahrted 3 multiplayer will get me hooked…They need a Starhawk beta haha :D

  • we need double XP days in Warhawk to bring back the community!

  • CTF was easily my most played game mode in Warhawk, can’t wait to play this game!!!

  • I want 2 play @ E3

  • i’m so gonna buy this game

  • 2 thumbs up!!!!

    who won????

  • Peter Griffin: “Here is a blank check, write any number you see fit on it”

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