Resistance Dual Pack Deploying This July

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Resistance Dual Pack Deploying This July

Missed out on the first two Resistance games? Don’t worry, I’m not mad. I’m just here to tell you that soon there will be a way for you to catch up on the war with the Chimera before the epic third chapter, Resistance 3, comes out on September 6th. All the cool kids are doing it. Plus, you’ll get some pretty sweet exclusive bonuses.

Resistance 3: Dual Pack

Introducing the Resistance Dual Pack! Releasing in the North America this July 5th, you’ll be able to purchase Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 together in one convenient package – at one convenient price. For only $39.99 (MSRP) you can experience the thrilling journey of Nathan Hale as he fights back the invading alien force known as the Chimera. And it comes just in time for you to be ready for Resistance 3. How could it get any better?

I’ll tell you how it can get better! Bonus content, that’s how! Alongside the first two games you will also receive:

  • The Resistance 2 Aftermath Multiplayer Map Pack
  • Resistance 2 Skin Bundle
  • Resistance 2 Wraith Skin multiplayer weapon

That’s $10 worth of content for free. Or, as I like to think of it: Being able to buy a really big sandwich at lunch – for free!

But settle down, folks. That’s not even the best part. Also included in this bundle is an exclusive multiplayer skin for the upcoming Resistance 3. Take a look for yourself.

Resistance Dual Pack for PS3: Capelli

Yes, the beanie is back! Exclusive only to this dual pack is a voucher code for the Capelli SRPA skin. So, if you want to dominate your foes in Resistance 3 multiplayer as the gruffer and buffer version of Capelli from the Resistance 2 days, you need to pick up this Dual Pack.

When I said I wasn’t mad at you if you haven’t played the first two Resistance games, I was telling the truth. In fact, I’m ecstatic that you now have the opportunity to play both of these critically acclaimed titles at a great price with great bonus content. Heck, even if you have played the label off of the first two, you could buy it for your friend and get them addicted (You can keep the Capelli Skin for yourself – I won’t tell). So, if you are new to the Resistance universe or want to relive the thrill all over again, you can’t go wrong when you pick up the Resistance Dual Pack. After all, September 6th is right around the corner…

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  • Of course of course, trophies for R:FoM are what the fans want, why would you be interested. That is more of a good developer thing, not for a group of sellouts.

  • Thats a totally great price i might just have to buy it!

  • @James

    Is there any chance at all that you guys could add trophies to R1 after you are done with R3? After all, November 17th 2011 will mark the 5th anniversary of Resistance Fall of Man and the franchise. PRETTY PLEASE!

    • James Stevenson
      James Stevenson

      Not planned for us – the folks rolling off Resistance 3 will be headed right back into their next project :-)

  • nice for the one who hasnt played the first 2 resistance yet

  • The Elders Scrolls IV: Oblivion Anniversary Edition is coming out next month, and this Resistance Double Pack is coming out in July! I’m gonna be busy this summer.

  • Can i say day one buy!!!

  • Looks like im getting

  • meh sorry but its over priced for me 2 games for 40 and because i don’t play games online the free dlc wouldn’t do me any good but i hope that people that haven’t played the games and like online buy it

  • Does this mean FOM is getting a trophy patch?

  • can you explain why r3 won’t have as many players online as r2 bradon??

    • James Stevenson
      James Stevenson

      When we were in pre-production and prototyping new map ideas, we kept coming back to the maps we loved from R:FOM and R2 for smaller groups, Busyard, Bayou, Subway, Rooftops, San Francisco. We wanted to see how far we could take the smaller fights, and it made sense themeatically as R3 isn’t a military shooter, it’s much more about survival and guerilla warfare

  • this is awsome

  • i sadly lost my resistence fall of man and 2, i love those games and im regretting it. i will for sure pick this up thanks isomniac

  • I’m am by all means no expert, but my understanding was that insomniac was some sort of 2nd party developer, where you guys made awesome exclusives for Playstation, and hade a close relationship with SONY in return. Now just looking at the demand for R:FoM trophies, can’t SONY outsource it to a smaller developer to trophy patch and re-release resistance fall of man? If I recall, when asked about the possibility of a R&C HD collection, you guys said something like you weren’t planning on it, but weren’t opposed to another company doing it. Why can’t some one else do it in this case?

    • James Stevenson
      James Stevenson

      If Sony wanted to pay someone and outsource trophy additions to our older titles, I don’t think Insomniac would object

  • “You can keep the Capelli Skin for yourself – I won’t tell”

    what do you mean you won’t tell, the box says that its included :P

  • AWESOME! now…when do we get ps store?

  • I dont have those games maybe I’ll buy it

  • I can guarantee that if trophy support was brought into Resistance (the first) with this bundle – it would drive a lot more sales because of the sheer amount of trophy whores out there.

  • At PhadedWun,
    You know, you are absolutly right good sir, it’s amazing trophies matter that much to people but aw well.

    Instead of getting online demanding trophies for a five+ year old game, why don’t you people just buy another game to get your trophy fix? L.A. Noire is currently out and Infamous 2 is coming out soon to. :)

  • @NightRaven77
    Yeah, us early adopter for Resistance are getting royally screwed because IG want to appeal to the COD clowns. You saw it with Resistance 2 SINGLE PLAYER AND ONLINE MULTIPLAYER and the community wasn’t behind it. You are seeing it again with the multiplayer for Resistance 3.

    Thanks IG. Thanks a lot for forgetting about the people that support Resistance Fall of Man from day one. Because of US fans, you guys got the chance to make Resistance 2. And how did you repay us RFOM fans? By appealing to the Call of Duty clowns with Resistance 2 single and multiplayer and Resistance 3 multiplayer.

    Thanks for killing one of my favorite franchise. Well at least I have RFOM and Resistance for the PSP. Oh and the graphic novel.

  • 40 bucks for a bundled 2006 and 2008 game and you dont have the resources for a simple patch? Maybe invest in the game a little to ensure a positive return. Its just laughable, hope you enjoy very modest sales. Id advise Insomniac to refrain you from commenting on the blog anymore. All anyone is hearing from you is, “give us your money, kthnxbai!”. I shall, however, wait for a used copy with an appropriate price.

  • Can you explain the following?

    Why is there stupid perks in Resistance 3?
    Why no more weapon spawn?
    Why don’t human start out with the Carbine and Chimera Start out with the bulleye’s?
    Why not human/chimera specific ability without useless perks? You know, human having infinite sprint and radar while Chimera have rage mode?
    Why you guys trying so hard to screwed the FROM fans?
    Why you guys trying so hard to appeal to the Call of Duty clowns? << I know the answer for this one, teh salez


    end of January i paid about $18 for both games used on Ebay. I was hoping that sony would put digital versions of resistance and other early Greatest Hits games on PSN (its been asked for enough times here on the blog & blog share) but i gave up waiting.

    And the included extras in this 2-pack are garbage to players like me…. Why? because i play resistance for *gasp* The STORY!


    Seriously guys, try harder next time.

  • Trophies for R1 or keep the dual pack.

  • @ James

    Answer to #111

    I like this… I will now begin to harass Sony… still no statue, songs or victory feast for you.

  • OMG when will the store be on? I have been waiting forever.

  • Do you people read the ?’s people ask ? There will be no trophy support for F.O.M. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sony is unstoppable this year! Finally we can move on from the outage and get back to gaming!

  • i want it

  • i am a ……………………………….look down

    and down


  • Great I was going to buy Resistance 2 but the ps Store is down, now I can wait until September

  • @ Brandon & Insomniac higher-ups
    Re: questions & answers for RFoM Trophies

    If you cant you find the resources or time to do this re-release Properly, DON’T DO IT AT ALL.

  • * if you cant find

  • I have played both but don’t own copies of these games so this is right up my alley ! Great addition to the collection. Love ya Insomniac !

  • @31

    Isn’t $20 each less than $25 each? Plus, There’s really no difference in buying them separately or together besides the bonuses, as there’d be no difference in the tax. I actually just researched the prices for them, and FOM is $19.99, resistance 2 being the same price… so you’re really getting, as Brandon Winfrey said, about $10 worth of free content~Sounds like a reasonable deal to me.
    Thanks for the bundle! Haven’t played the two games, but heard great reviews and am planning on buying Resistance 3~Kudos on the games.

  • Dear Sony,

    will you stop abusing my wallet? I might have to call the police…

  • And @116

    I’m curious now~What was it about the first that is so different from the second/third? I recall being told they destroyed the multi-player online or something?

  • any chance we can get the survivor bundle for R3 like our counterparts across the pond? I want to buy it, will the Uk version work on the US servers?

  • no trophies for re1= no buy, I mean it doesnt matter if it takes time, ur rereleasing a game with no additions, except for those re2 bonuses. just sad really caz I would have purchased this had re1 had trophies. The only reason I bought uncharted 1 was caz of this

  • this always happens to me i get a game and then i come home and im looking on the computer and find that i cant get both of them for a good price why do i have the worst luck o well ill just buy this and give the game i bought today to one of my friends.

  • @qwerty_beast
    Everything about the first game (FROM) is better than the Resistance 2 and by the looks of it, Resistance 3 as well. Resistance Fall of Man just felt different in many ways when compare to the other Resistance games. RFOM had better gameplay, a better single player, better presentation of the story (miss you Parker), better atmosphere, and was just simply a lot funner.
    Resistance Fall of Man had it own unique identity when compare to other FPS in the gaming industry. It wasn’t trying to copy other FPS, but was it own unique game. Resistance 2 on the other hand was incorporable too many features from Call of duty and other FPS. The online lobby (best online lobby ever) was replace with a generic lobby , the weapon wheel was replace with your Call of Duty standard 2 weapon system, useless perks was added, the weapon spawns was replace with weapon select, and don’t get me started on the custom games.

    For the single player, the atmosphere just wasn’t right, the narrative of the story from RFOM was replace with text documents, weapon wheel was no more, health pack was replace with regenerated health, and DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON THE ENDING!!!!!!!

  • As Insomniac has somewhat of an influence on ND, I think there will be a Uncharted Dual pack also

  • The pack looks kewl… and I might get it… had I not owned each Resistance game pretty much from their launch dates.

  • Resistance 3 will have a collector’s edition?

  • if i didn’t already have Resistance 1 and 2, i would use craigslist to get both for 10 bucks each thank you

  • I already own Resistance 2, getting Resistance: Fall of Man for my collection and the multiplayer skin may be worth it… hmmmm….

  • I’ll be getting R3, but I’ve already played R2 to death (I was even in the beta), without trophy support I will not be buying this re-release set. Especially since I can get R1 for $3 and R2 for $7. Your only real selling point for this set would be to patch trophies for R1.. and if you refuse to do so.. then we can also refuse to buy it.

  • Re-opening the project? Honestly? You could have one person monitor the list of already created achievements within R:FoM and simply select the ones that fit best with the trophy system and insert a series if() statements to activate the trophies… God forbid you do ONE THING for your fans after you’ve thoroughly infuriated them. Do you guys even acknowledge how many others have done it? Do you willingly accept ignoring your fans, resell a incomplete series as a bundle at above standard price, abandon your community and fans of the original after you betrayed them with a review focused sequel, then abandon your community as a MP focused group, then finally spit in the face of them by not accomplishing the one minor request they ask of you before you leave? Are you proud of this?

  • It would be nice if you guys added trophies to the first game.

  • Does the box have to be Greatest Hits? I’ve never been fond of the redness standing out in my game lineup ;p

  • Even though I already own these, this is a great deal for those that never played them

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