Limited Edition PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle Coming Soon

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Limited Edition PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle Coming Soon

PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle

With all of the gaming and entertainment features the PlayStation 3 offers – from 3D gaming to a built-in Blu-ray player – there are plenty of things to entice those looking for the best entertainment experience on the market. Today we’re giving you one more reason to join the PlayStation family. On May 31, we will be releasing the Limited Edition PlayStation 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle. Not only will you get a 160 GB PS3 system and a copy of Activision Publishing Inc. and Treyarch’s critically acclaimed Call of Duty: Black Ops, you’ll also be treated to the First Strike Content Pack – for free. This DLC features five diverse globe-spanning multiplayer maps, one of which is a new Zombie experience.

Packed with exceptional value, the Limited Edition PlayStation 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle will be available at retailers nationwide for $299.99.

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  • @16 OleGunner

    Spot on!

    Clearly they made the bundle after extensive consideration. And it’s not our place to tell others what to do with their money. Further, this doesn’t affect most PS3 users in any way.

    The issue here is that of principle; why award a company that treats PS3 users as people of secondary importance? I am NOT talking about the 30-day exclusivity with Microsoft since this is business and it’s how it works, I’m talking about how ported activision games riddled with glitches, and seem to be more like leftovers than actual porting?

    And yes what about PS exclusives? Those are quite brilliant. A bundle would sell like hot pie.

  • imtheawesomenes

    u should put in like infamous 2 or EVEN BETTER!!!!! MODERN WARFARE 3(when it comes out

  • Weird, bought a MW2 xbox 360 the day MW2 was released. It came with a 250 gb hdd which was bigger than the elite at that time, two controllers, and the game. And a free case of monster energy drink. Should never have opened a can. Anyways, this pack is a little late to the show. I mean Escalation will be out next month (providing the store opens) why not include that with it. Lame Sony, Lame.

  • is this a joke?



  • @kivi 95 Infamous 2 bundle has already been announce and it has a dual shock 3 controller and a game bundle as well plus people should not buy this game buy the assassins creed brother hood bundle you get 160 extra gb as well

  • man Motorstorm Apocalypse or inFAMOUS 2 would have been better

  • looks great but isent black ops kinda old and i also dont like blackops to much it kinda down graded from W@W and MW2

  • you are practically getting a free game …. nice!
    Awesome bundle i’m gonna tell my friends so we can all have ps3 and life happily ever after!
    Awesome bundle sony! keep up the good work.

  • Still no match for my MGS4 Gunmetal Gray limited edition PS3.

    Wish you released something like this one !!!

  • they should have at least make a custom paint/skin on those ps3. its just a normal ps3. blahhhh

  • true they should

  • Sounds interesting given the game is going to be $60 for years to come. But sadly, the disrespect towards PS3 gamers from the start of Black OPS means I’m not going to pick up this game even if bundled with a PS3. I’ll just wait until E3 2011 to see if they cut the price or just purchase a standard PS3 box.

  • Ok to everybody who is bashing this bundle there are two things. First activision has an exclusivity deal with Microsoft so that’s why Sony did not do this earlier. Second infamous 2 is a huge first party game which is about to come out. Sony is not gonna give it to you for free when they know it’s gona sell super well.

  • It’s ‘EASY!’ :D If SONY wants the PlayStation brand to reclaim the USA then bring out a $199.99 PS3 ASAP! ! ! :P

    Come on SONY it’s been about?/over? 4 years now the PS3 has been out so it should be $199 by now? Don’t wait any longer(the ‘Wii 2’ might be big next year & you would have lost your chance because of the price of the PS3) :-/


    @33 treyarch and activision are working on mw3 not just activision and activision isnt doing the online gameplay a company called raven or something like that

  • Only a 160g? I still have more than that on my year old 250g. But why not advertise PS3 with the most overrated game ever made? I’m sure all the 10 year olds that play will be begging their mommy’s to buy it for em. Great marketing strategy…

  • Meh…You’d better announce a special MW3 bundle at E3 or something…isn’t this kinda pointless now?

  • This is a sweet set up. Now that exclusivity of the BLACK OPS BUNDLE is over, I believe this this will sell units.

  • I’m not usually one to post just to [DELETED], but this seems like a blatant cash-grab.

    We all know Black Ops is garbage on PS3, as Treyarch employees no one who understands the PS3 architecture, and how to optimize code for it. Hence the terrible framerate, shoddy server connectivity and plethora of general glitchiness.

    Also, for $299 it really should come with vouchers for both First Strike and Escalation DLC packs.

    I know these kinds of bundles are used to entice gamers who haven’t bought into the current-gen systems yet, but everyone who wanted to play Black Ops has already played it.

    Give me an inFamous 2 or Battlefield 3 bundle, then we’ll talk.

  • Looks like a polished [DELETED]. It hard for me to back a game that’s only advertisements are Xbox360 commercials. Nothing against Xbox360 but everything against Call of Duty. I love ps3 but I think its time to cut the cord and make Call of Duty take time off and make a game. You want to break sales records then wait 2 years and really make a game. Don’t make the same game ever other game. Nazi zombies and then spec ops then oh wait zombies. Wait to be original. I love shooters but COD is giving shooters a bad name. Just my opinion.

  • @28 dont call them battlefield fans not everyone like cod it sucks weather a play bbc2 or not it like really mw3 were going on cod8 you got to admit it getting ridiculous now 8!!!!!

  • Nice Bundle!! IhMO hehe! Guess the store will be up on May 31st~

  • Too funny. COD fanboys vs. Battlefield fanboys. Overall, stupid idea for a bundle…

  • NIce bundle. I will buy for my birthday.

  • Boring! Why couldnt this have been a Call Of Duty branded PS3? I mean there really isnt much here that you cant but separately. Ive said it before and ill say it again, we need more limited edition consoles and controllers! You guys did well with the Jungle and The Show Dualshocks but we need more. We need something thats gonna make the consumer say “I gotta get that before it sells out”! The last great attempt was the Metal Gear Solid Gunmetal PS3 and Dualshock, if I didnt already own a PS3 it would have definitely been mine in a flash!


    This looks like a joke. But i guess you can put call of duty on anything and it will sell. roll a piece of cr@p in tin foil and say its a cod dlc pack. it will sell millions!

  • I feel bad for anyone that buys this. BlOps runs like garbage on the PS3. MW/MW2 runs a lot smoother.

  • What’s call of duty? It looks kinda cool.

  • Goddamn it Sony, BRING US THE WHITE PS3!!!

  • If you ask me, this is a jab at Microsoft. Recently they announced 360s are getting bundled with College PCs for free… so why not bundle one of the 360’s biggest titles with a blu-ray system (something people are wanting more and more of), to boost sales?

  • Definitely should have done it with Infamous 2 instead, after all, the cycle of COD after COD turning irrelevant will continue once, MW3 comes out Black Ops will be forgotten, just like when Black Ops 2 comes out, MW3 will be forgotten. But whatever, not like it effects me in any way.

  • actually sony is smart by doing this because theyre bringing new customers to the ps3.whoever doesnt have a call of duty game probably doesnt have a call of duty game so here you.yes i know its a bold statement but in most cases it true.inb4battlefiedfanboys.

  • Call Of Dumba55 is for idiots. I’ve never met a single truly intelligent person that plays those games. They’re even stupid enough to think that Modern WarFAIL Threediots is going to be better than Battlefield 3, the idiots neglect to realise that even Battlefield 1 blows away every Call Of Dumba55 ever made. Stupid people don’t deserve to play video games, because then the whole industry gets ruined because everyone wants to cash in on the fact that over 3 million pure idiots just jumped on the bandwagon for idiot games.

    I’d rather have my Pisshole mutilated with a rusty drill press than waste money on what any gamer with real brains will tell you is a crappy bundle with a terrible game that only got so far because there are so many idiots out there who are too stupid to know what a good game/movie/band is.

  • This is really awsome I love Black ops and what better way to get a gamer started who is new to the ps3 then a black ops bundle. Thank you Sony We love you.

  • Not worth getting. Please focus on new features thats what we need. We have the Blog Share for a reason.

  • @65


    Treyarch sucks!


  • people are still buying ps3s

  • The most broken online multiplayer ever ? no thanks !!

  • nygiantsfan1675

    any possible way of talking about call of duty black ops call of the dead or even previews? because i heard the new map is really good and better than asscention.

  • SMH..this and OLD DLC is not worthy of having a ps3 bundle..INFAMOUS 2…now thats a game thats worth the bundle..also im a little disappointed that Sucker Punch didt try to implement the MOVE controls with INFAMOUS 2…it would be cool to use with an electric wip or something more creative..Sony has all these awesome tools but just dont know how to use them sometimes.I guess its a JAPAN thing..thats why MS is above the game industry. They abuse Halo and Gears..and add a simple feature -cross chat (which i really dont find impressive because i would not like to chat with someone who is playing a different game while im ENJOYING my game). Anywho..i think we would be better of getting news on when the NEW MAP PACK is going to be released or better yet when the PS STORE will be back up. This is what your LOYAL FANS DESERVE!

  • @89
    Sony can’t offer that because Treyarch hasn’t even announced the release date for PS3 yet.


    I thought PS3 was for hardcore gamers…let me guess.. this is an EB Games exclusive?

  • *..this OLD GAME – sorry i forgot to add this ..

  • A little late in the game considering MW3 is coming this fall. I think this is a good idea and a good value, just a little late.

  • cada vez mais a sony está mudando……

  • This bundle isn’t for the hardcore gamers you all don’t get it. This package is intended for the casual gamer who are interested in purchasing a console. Whether you hate or love this game this is the perfect game to bundle it with to attract casual gamers. Most of us on the blog have a ps3 so it doesn’t matter for us. Sony is trying to get a quick ps3 sale by bundling a game that keeps selling and by far the most popular shooter on the market. I’m not a huge fan of the COD series but you all have to look at from Sony’s perspective. Are casual people going to recognize inFamous or Call of Duty?

  • @43 The only reason MW3 might possibly beat BF3 is because of the usual COD hype. Activision will pour millions into an ad campaign and make it seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread. But, once again, it looks like another rehash with the same engine, it looks EXACTLY like MW2, that people will fall for all the hype and go and buy it. BF3 on the other hand, is running on a completely new engine, and looks like something new being brought to the FPS table for once. Also, you can’t make assumptions on the campaign of BF3 when they haven’t shown anything besides that extended trailer, it doesn’t give anything away, troll.

  • BAD SONY! You forgot to include a headset!

  • This is all well and good, I suppose. But until E3, or the store comes up, this blog is going to be a snorefest.

  • I getting that sounds good

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