Limited Edition PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle Coming Soon

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Limited Edition PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle Coming Soon

PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle

With all of the gaming and entertainment features the PlayStation 3 offers – from 3D gaming to a built-in Blu-ray player – there are plenty of things to entice those looking for the best entertainment experience on the market. Today we’re giving you one more reason to join the PlayStation family. On May 31, we will be releasing the Limited Edition PlayStation 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle. Not only will you get a 160 GB PS3 system and a copy of Activision Publishing Inc. and Treyarch’s critically acclaimed Call of Duty: Black Ops, you’ll also be treated to the First Strike Content Pack – for free. This DLC features five diverse globe-spanning multiplayer maps, one of which is a new Zombie experience.

Packed with exceptional value, the Limited Edition PlayStation 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle will be available at retailers nationwide for $299.99.

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  • I have a few friends that I think I could convert to PS3 gamers with this bundle

  • But I have to make it clear. I hate the Call of Duty franchise and I think it is holding back the gaming industry.

  • @ ami sheth what happens if u already hav call of duty black ops does that mean the map pack is limitedly free as well

  • Wow, I agree with Cyris. This is a great bundle to invite more gamers to the network. Will this only be available in EU? Or will the U.S be seeing this one to?

  • WTF why cod? Why not support the new game that is coming…INFAMOUS 2!!!!!!!!

  • here come the Battlefield fanboys!!! anyway, awesome bundle!

  • to. infinatyward
    from. Brett Michael stevens

    i just want to ask but exactly when is mw3 coming out this year and can us call of duty fans get some screenshoots please

  • Will there be a price drop at E3?

  • the Battlefield fanboys are invading!!! anyway, nice bundle. pity Modern Warfare 3 is going to rape Battlefield 3 in sales.

  • to. all military/army game companys
    from. brett michael stevens

    all you military game companys should come together one of these days to make one giant awsome long game!!!! (an idea u should follow)

  • Why not have made it with MW3 instead? Really seems like a simple conclusion. New game > Old game

  • Sony that’s cool and all but why not have this out when the game first came out sometimes you all actions confuse me especially when MW3 is about to come out why not put out more relevant games like a infamous 2 bundle as stated earlier. Man you all better show up at e3 with some new and amazing features for the psn and ps3 community cause you all are losing the trust of the consumer with not listening to the consumer i’ll admit you all do it half heartily. smh I really hope you all are working on cross game chat or something even better.

  • just kinda dumb for this to come out now when there a new COD otw n why COD anyway why not a exclusive title

  • While the Xbox360 gets exclusive MW3 stuff, the PS3 ends up with a bundle of an old game. Sony is done.

  • call of duty sucks

  • Let me get this straight, Sony.

    Activision has an timed-exclusive deal with Microsoft for COD DLC that runs through 2012 AND the PS3 version is almost willfully inferior to it’s 360 counterpart and you decide to reward them with this?


    How about bundling one (or more) of your plethora of awesome, exclusive games from developers that care about the PS3 and your community?

    The wonders never cease with you people.

  • i hate battle feild but there company could be of use to the call of duty companys i think the battlefeild 1,2,3 companys, and all the call of duty companys should come together to make one giant awsome game!!!!!

  • good choice but i hope we get the ps store back by may 31st at the latest.

  • @Pyrokid16 – POST 7 – Here is all the info you need (excl. Multiplayer visuals)

  • to battlefield fanboys: you shouldnt be posting on this blog post if call of duty doesnt interest you.

  • This woulda been a great idea for launch. Not now. Also, with every MW3 trailer ends with a competitor ad.

    I think an Infamous 2 bundle would be better and wiser.

    Good luck with the bundle though.

  • why

  • @olegunnar
    a.k.a smartdude
    i agree with smartdude here (he knows bigger wors then me lol i am pritty smart but not in math…… not the point) sony should think bigger and better lol there tottally discombobulated

  • (ignor the wors i ment to say words im typeing to fast)

  • @OleGunnar i dont know where you get your info but the cod games are more suited for the ps3 as it was originally made for the ps3 console.sorry if you prefer playing cod on xbox but a lot of people rather play it on ps3 (like me).

  • Looks nice, too bad I am not a Call of Duty fan.

  • TO ALL BATTLEFIELD FANS: you shouldnt be posting on this blog post if call of duty doesnt interest you.we get enough of your kind on youtube so please go post somewhere else.

  • @NinjaNabs
    i think smartdude was trien to say that microsoft made some deals with the call of duty franchise and it could possibly ruin sony … posibly so sony did something to get back at them

  • Lol….now that all of your loyal fans have bought black ops…..

    Some mad men may even buy this for no reason………

  • How nice that they are releasing this when the announcement of the new game comes out =D Nothing like making money of this one while they can until Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 comes out.

  • black ops sucks !,,
    it will be just like the killzone edition (one regular box of the ps3, inside of a special box) ?

  • Orangeninja1092

    @Pyrokid16: infinity ward isn’t making MW3 its just ACTIVISION

  • Call of duty……………nahhhh

  • Weird bundle o_O
    I would love to buy a uncharted bundle :))

  • elitescorpion94

    Why have this as a bundle, I mean come on really. the game is already a year old and mw3 is coming out soon. Sony think about this New Game>Old Game. Also what I don’t like about Black Ops is I get random error messages saying I have been signed out of the Playstation Network. When I went to checked I wasn’t signed out. I had no problems with MW2, so I don’t get it. Treyarch needs to fix that [DELETED] and they haven’t yet. Be fair [DELETED] it!

  • well I do need to get a new ps3 but I hate cod games hell I HATE activision

  • BushyBiggPappa34

    Don’t be hating on COD. Its one of the best games ever made! The Story lines are amazing and controversial. I know I need a new PS3 and this is the bundle I’m going to be picking up. And MW3 wont be out till November 8th anyways. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  • This is an awesome deal! I might convert to the PlayStation soon!

  • Boring. Old news — whoop-dee-doo, Sony. Awful.

  • Bring Patapon 1 -3 to the PS3 via your new Remaster program. That’s right.

  • I don’t get it. What’s so limited about it?

  • Awesome bundle! Modern Warfare 3 is going to destroy battlefield 3! Battle field 3’s campaign looks boring as crap!

  • ultra super mega lame.

  • [DELETED]!!!!!!!!! THIS IS [DELETED]! i should had waited for this!! even comes with the map pack!!

  • Jerometheknight

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  • Yea keep hatin on COD its usually just a bunch of jerks that cant play lol

  • I for one would luv this bundle, keep it up PSN i luv ya!

  • xI2esistanc3x_0

    omg are you serious Lag Ops it’s old should have done this with a new release but w.e

  • Why is everyone talking about Battlefields fans? Were there some deleted comments? Anyway, Activision hasn’t seen a dollar from me in years, but why don’t these “limited” editions ever have any actual distinguishing accents? It’s just an everyday PS3 with a game bundled in. Custom artwork/design on the system would make too much sense.

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