Lost Persona Chapter Persona 2: Innocent Sin Coming to PSP

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Lost Persona Chapter Persona 2: Innocent Sin Coming to PSP

We’re willing to guess that until someone finally dares to make The Adventures of Methuselah Jones, it’ll be hard to find a game that’s been anticipated by fans for over a decade.

That’s right, back in 1999—in between all those exciting millennium parties, of course—a new chapter in the acclaimed Persona series of roleplaying games came out in Japan and was ultimately never published in North America. This “lost” chapter, long anticipated by fans of Atlus, the series, and RPGs in general, is extremely overdue. Apart from one other game coming out this year that has teased and tortured its fanbase for a similarly agonizing stretch of time (you know, the one that wants bubble gum but is out of it), there really isn’t much else out there that fans have been waiting as long for.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin for PSPPersona 2: Innocent Sin for PSP

…Which is why we’re so excited to announce that the wait is nearly over. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin, or rather, an enhanced version of it for PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, is finally coming to North America!

Innocent Sin stands for more than just its deliciously dark, twisted narrative about a world in which rumors are becoming reality. While the original Persona still had a lot of foundational ties to the core SMT games, Innocent Sin marked the moment in which the Persona sub-series came into its own. Carrying over franchise traditions like demon negotiation and party-building, Innocent Sin was ultimately defined by its far greater emphasis on character and story over surviving long dungeons, discarding things like first-person dungeon crawling in favor of a third-person view of the ever-escalating insanity.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin for PSPPersona 2: Innocent Sin for PSP

But we’re not just going to give fans the same game that came out in Japan in 1999. Oh no, the PSP version of Innocent Sin is loaded with improvements and additions, including but not limited to:

  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Remastered Visuals and Audio
  • Remixed Musical Score (with option to toggle between that and original)
  • Streamlined User Interface
  • New Quests
  • New Intro Animation
  • And more!

Persona 2: Innocent Sin for PSP

For years, you discussed it, Atlus fans. You debated. You requested. At last, it’s coming, and it’s loaded with enhancements.

Look for SMT: Persona 2: Innocent Sin for PSP system to finally make its North American debut this Fall, in stores and via PlayStation Network.

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8 Author Replies

  • Kind of wishing I had a PSP. =/

  • why is it that every where i look people are giving L.A. Noire a 5 out of 5 i have the game and i give it a 3 out of 5 at most think its a conspiracy… payed 58 for it and i think i payed to much what do you guys say.

  • Heil Hitler! :))

  • hell yeah!! DAY 1 baby! Only SMT game I don’t own (for the english released ones that is)

  • sony how much will escalation cost just wondering

  • Twister, this isn’t atlus’ jurisdiction =p

    But you’re in the right frame of mind to ask.

  • Man that totally sucks that I am still stuck with the first gen PSP. Atlus, why can’t you also make these games playable on PS3? for idiots like me? who can’t bother to buy a brand new PSp?…lol

  • yo do sombody knows when playstattion store will come back ??

  • @49 Get one. They’re cheap now.


    Phase 1: Buy Innocent Sin.
    Phase 2: ?
    Phase 3: Persona 4 Portable

    Comment Aram? :D

  • Boo, I have always been interested in this series but never played a game, I have a PSP but it’s really hard for me to enjoy Handheld games. I can’t help but ask, “Why aren’t you on my big screen tv!?”

    Hopefully the NGP can change that with its big screen for a handheld. That makes me think, has it been announced that the NGP will be compatible with PSP games?

  • yay i left a comment

  • i wish someone from sony would answer me….i love the games and the products and i stand with sony through this attack, but now i feel cheated not only by these hackers but now by sony. you would think this would make sony crack down on hacking. but to this DAY people on socom combined assault can code to their hearts content and even walk in a room and freeze 32 peoples systems. and if no one cares about ps2 products, tell me why on uncharted 2 i had a guy say “i run this server” and freeze my whole team?

    sony if you are not managing the ps2 servers, then you need to clamp down on the developers to STOP these hackers. automatic rpg’s and freeze codes? are you joking?

    i own a ps2, ps3, and about 40 games and dlc. i WANT a psp and the games listed here, but i am SICK of cheaters and coders getting away with murder.

    so ill ask again sony, WHY have you not even looked into this? ps2 online games and ps3’s uncharted 2 are still played a lot, are you relly content letting your consumers be cheated?

    i am a loyal customer….but this is frustrating.

  • @ 60 Its not really that serious…

  • تممام حلووه العبه

    yes is good games ^_^

  • @61

    sure it isnt, im guessing you dont play socom combined assault and get froze 12 times a night by some [DELETED] with codes when he says “haha go reset” and hits a button combo to freeze your system. same thing even happened on uncharted 2 once.

    all i am saying is with this recent attack, its time to clean house and rid real gamers who play fair of these coders/hackers. it makes sony look bad, like they only care about their most recent system/servers security. when the ps4 comes out, i wonder if they will allow these people to run all over the ps3 too.

    coders/hackers are a disease to the online community and need to be stopped from cheating people who play fair….period.

  • Excellent news, guys. I’ve heard good things about Persona 2 and until now had no real expectation of ever getting to try it out. If this talk I’m hearing of playing your PSP on a TV is true, this will be quite epic. Dissidia012 on a plasma screen, anybody?

    @50: Yeah, L.A. Noire got repetitive very quickly. Still, I think paying $60 for -any- new game is a rip-off.

  • When will the store be back online?

  • poisonedsodapop

    When does this come out? I think you got a day one buy from me. My PSP needs some loving anyways.

  • Holy Cow this is so awesome. Between this and Xenogears and Parasite Eve, I almost have everything I want in the world.
    My last want is Earthbound (Mother 2) but hey, that’s a long shot anyway and it was Super Nintendo.

    Now if the store could open so I could get Xenogears and Parasite Eve which I was slow on the uptake and didn’t realize they had come out until the store was closed!!!

  • Dude is this persona gonna have a time limit like the others because if so i may just rent it instead of buying it. but i LOVE the shin megami series sooooo much especially nocturne and devil survivor. keep up the good work guys. Peace

  • Aram, your posts are always welcome and filled with ample doses of fan-service, glazed doughnuts, and sparkles!

    Persona 2: Innocent Sin…I never did finish the import I picked up. I got stuck pretty hard in this area that just kept popping up with seemingly unending adversaries, so I’m happy the localization will finally allow me to make my way through.

    Now…how about you start talking with your team about some PSP Remaster collection…eh? Eh?

  • Wow. Who legs did you break to bring this over. I swear you guys at atlus are not be out done lol. you know nis was here yesterday .LOL. I like both companies equally..:). Tjis is good for rpg fans around the world onthe console

    All i gotta say WOw. Im very impressed.. Keep up the great work. but i do have challenge for you guys at atlus port some of these fantastic rpg title to the ps3 console. Making it so it can play on the psp and ps3.


    vp-psn legionairre group

  • I got to say i want this game, games like these are what gets me into playing video games. Game are my own friend who gives me idea’s to make my own video game someday the best in the whole world. I got master piece story but it keeps getting better anyway without games like these i would never became video game designer and writer.

    Peace Out :)

  • Never heard of this. Got a shiny new psp that needs food so will have to give it a go.

  • testing

  • storeplz

  • Man, I would love it if Atlus would start providing these for PS3, too. Arrrrghhh.

  • I have a quetion, when its available on PSN does that mean it will be downloadable once the store is up? And if so, does that mean I will be able to play it on the PS3? Kinda like how PS1 games are downloadable to either the PS3 or PSP? If not then thats a darn shame :/ I dont even own a PSP.

  • Can’t wait.

  • I was 19 in 1999, and this game is so old I almost forgot it even existed. lol Well I guess better late than never, having loved Eternal Punishment, this is a welcomed predition? To that game, and heres to hoping they re-release Eternal Punishment afterwards.

  • Izanagi-no-Okami

    While I have already played it, you can be sure that I will be getting this game the first day it hit the stores. Heck, I might even buy two copies to show my thanks.

  • Very excited for this. Thanks for the info. :)

    On a side note, why is Catherine not including the Japanese voice-overs. I won’t be getting Catherine if there’s no Japanese audio track included. There’s no excuse for this.

    • FearMonkey,

      Not really related to this post, but happy to address your question.

      We explore the dual language option and, wherever possible, implement it. It is rarely one factor that determines its inclusion. It is clear that a number of our biggest fans would love for the feature to be included and, as you stress, would go so far as to not purchase a game lacking it. Regretfully though, it simply wasn’t possible in this instance.

      We don’t discuss the specific factors involved, but I will add that while many people love the idea of subtitles, very often the process of localizing a game (as opposed to simply translating) makes it so that the subtitles may no longer match what the voice track is saying. Sure, at this point, we’re satisfying the people who just want that aural experience, but ultimately we’d be delivering a disingenuous final product.

      Thanks for your understanding, and shucks that you’re not interested in Catherine anymore.

  • Eternal Punishment to come as the last PSP game, please. P1-3 on PSP, P4 on NGP. Do it Atlus.

  • Well I guess it’s good to be a Persona fan who has a PSP since we now have all 4 Persona games on the PSP.

  • I am both thrilled that this is coming to North America and frustrated. I really wish that they would release all the persona games on the PS3 as well as the PSP. Maybe they will release all the persona games in a collection on the PS4? One can dream.

  • This game is bought. Bought HARD. My only regret is that I have but one account to buy this game on.

  • I remember playing persona 2 eternal punishment back in college after playing Persona going “whaaaaat?” Then finding out Atlus had skipped a game for us English speakers. This announcement made me one very happy gamer. I may have squealed like a little kid when I read this article.

  • georgieGENOCIDE

    This will make the Persona Series finally complete in America :D. I need a new psp to replay 1 P3P and finish 4 and 5 lol.

    Now Persona 2 is the only one i have never played either Innocent Sins or the local Eternal Punishment. This is just a remake/import of Innocent Sins correct? Are there any plans to Remake Eternal Punishment or port over to PSP?

  • just remake persona 4 for the psp and bring out persona 5 and when i beat them all then i can die a happy man lol

  • “We’re willing to guess that until someone finally dares to make The Adventures of Methuselah Jones, it’ll be hard to find a game that’s been anticipated by fans for over a decade.”

    Duke Nuke’em Forever comes to mind! WOO HOO countin’ down the days!

  • Looks great… Now how about actually remembering Europe exists and start publishing games over here again? Is it *really* that hard to submit a PSP game to the EU PSN at the same time as the US? :P

  • This game I will own it. o_o

  • But what about Growlanser or the new version of Growlanser IV for the PSP? When will those be announced, Atlus?

  • The stupid Subbed vs Dubbed war rages on, I see.

    Get over it, people. Neither is inherently better than the other.

  • If you have a psp and you purchase any other game but this you have to be crazy.

    This is a 12 year old remake that will still embarrass almost every game released in the same time window. Just like the Persona(1) remake this will make a classic playable in so many ways.

    But 3 copies, one to play, one to gift, one to collect. 10 years from now this game will be money in the bank

    Ps: The plot is hands down the most SMT-esque of the series and definitely the most M-rated of them all (Hitler cameo anyone?)

  • cool let me go buy that for my psp go… oh wait, never mind. Worst time to own a psp go ever. Actually worst time to wait until the beginning of may to update my psp games and buy some more. damn you playstation store. Pure digital will never work. you always should have some sort of hard copy back up plan for selling games

  • Nice.

  • Hey playstation! Any news of a persona 4 remake for PSP and if there is going to be a new persona game for PS3? I am only 15 but I have played all the personas made so far, even the first one for playstation 1. I am just a huge fan and would love to see this series truely get what they deserve!

  • Shin Megami Tensei… <3

  • As a big fan of the Persona series, I’m very excited to own this (I have Person 1 remake, P3P/P3, and P4) so P2 the only one I’m missing to complete my collection of the entire series. I have a two questions Hal

    1: When are we going to have a Persona 2/3/4 PSN avatar, I want to have Minato (The Protagonist of Person 3) as my avatar already!

    2: Is Atlus going to announce Persona 5 exclusively for the PS3 at E3 2011? I know as a PR, you aren’t allowed to confirm unannounced titles, but tell me…does P5 exist? Just tell me that!

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