Lost Persona Chapter Persona 2: Innocent Sin Coming to PSP

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Lost Persona Chapter Persona 2: Innocent Sin Coming to PSP

We’re willing to guess that until someone finally dares to make The Adventures of Methuselah Jones, it’ll be hard to find a game that’s been anticipated by fans for over a decade.

That’s right, back in 1999—in between all those exciting millennium parties, of course—a new chapter in the acclaimed Persona series of roleplaying games came out in Japan and was ultimately never published in North America. This “lost” chapter, long anticipated by fans of Atlus, the series, and RPGs in general, is extremely overdue. Apart from one other game coming out this year that has teased and tortured its fanbase for a similarly agonizing stretch of time (you know, the one that wants bubble gum but is out of it), there really isn’t much else out there that fans have been waiting as long for.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin for PSPPersona 2: Innocent Sin for PSP

…Which is why we’re so excited to announce that the wait is nearly over. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin, or rather, an enhanced version of it for PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, is finally coming to North America!

Innocent Sin stands for more than just its deliciously dark, twisted narrative about a world in which rumors are becoming reality. While the original Persona still had a lot of foundational ties to the core SMT games, Innocent Sin marked the moment in which the Persona sub-series came into its own. Carrying over franchise traditions like demon negotiation and party-building, Innocent Sin was ultimately defined by its far greater emphasis on character and story over surviving long dungeons, discarding things like first-person dungeon crawling in favor of a third-person view of the ever-escalating insanity.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin for PSPPersona 2: Innocent Sin for PSP

But we’re not just going to give fans the same game that came out in Japan in 1999. Oh no, the PSP version of Innocent Sin is loaded with improvements and additions, including but not limited to:

  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Remastered Visuals and Audio
  • Remixed Musical Score (with option to toggle between that and original)
  • Streamlined User Interface
  • New Quests
  • New Intro Animation
  • And more!

Persona 2: Innocent Sin for PSP

For years, you discussed it, Atlus fans. You debated. You requested. At last, it’s coming, and it’s loaded with enhancements.

Look for SMT: Persona 2: Innocent Sin for PSP system to finally make its North American debut this Fall, in stores and via PlayStation Network.

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  • PSP Finally gets some respect. That is what I am talking about.

  • @smooth423 if u mean anime games 4 psp theres a bunch of bleach games in english avalible on amizon.com

  • Oh man. I WANT THIS.

  • @2 you’ve never played one of these games, have you?

  • Thank you! i’ve been waiting for years for a localization of this.

  • @4 i don’t think he realizes exactly what this is so he posted a comment that is irrelevant

  • @2 persona is not just an anime game. don’t defile the persona series by comparing it to a wanna be shonin jump anime series like bleach in English. Bleach is only good in its original Japanese version before shonin jump translated it. The Persona series of games has to be the best sleeper titles of the last decade. I hope to see more from Atlus, like maybe a full ps3 Persona title. That would be awesome! Thanks Atlus I will definitely be getting this one.

  • Damn… this sounds awesome, too bad it’s too late for me to buy a PSP now.

  • You guys (at Atlus) seem to have lost the plot a bit lately – Cursed Crusade? Dragon Knight Saga? Last Templar? Just a reminder that its the Japanophiles and JRPG addicts that made you guys who you are. Maybe its on account of the merger, but the shift in direction isn’t welcome. Anyway, this is a step on the right path.

  • READ: We don’t care about Western RPGs under your label, especially mediocre ones. Bioware and Bethesda hold the crown there. Keep the JRPGs and niche titles (though NISA really has you beat there too) coming!

  • oh, it’s one of those games…..


    Thank you Atlus USA! n.n

  • Last year I picked up a copy of the Original Persona 2: Eternal Punishment and fell in love with it.
    Thank you Atlus for bringing this excellent title to fans and newcomers alike!

  • @11 What do you mean one of those games? JRPG’s have a lot more depth to them than regular RPG’s. So until you try it don’t knock it.

  • Getting this i have the Original one i had to buy it from Japan i could not find it here in the US this great i cant wait!!!!!

  • If someone baked me an apple pie, this would be a pretty epic day.

  • I might just skip Resistance 3 for this i was hoping that they would do a remake of sorts. Is this game TBA in the Fall or are you going to tell us at E3 if you cant answer those is there new anything besides whats up on the Blog that you can tell us????

  • What the hell is this anyway?!

  • oh man im loving this. my first persona game was persona 3 portable….and man do i regret not getting in to this series earlier. I appreciate the love we psp users get from u guys at atlus(unlike square enix), i buy all my psp games digital because i hate carrying so many games that i have to carry my back pack all over the place.

  • Between this and Catherine Atlus has made me really happy this year :)

  • might be worth going after the persona series finally

  • @Aram…nice HAL 9000 pic lol

  • Cant wait i love these games woot woot woot!!!!

  • Will this games have a Special Edition in europe?

  • Do you have a limited edition in mind? And how about that Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner coming to psn :)

    • Onvertic,

      Hey now, we’ve answered your second question before! No plans at this time, and if I recall correctly, I previously told you that it wasn’t one to hold one’s breath for. Sometimes it isn’t just as easy as throwing a game up for folks to snag digitally, I’m afraid.

      As for your first question, nothing has been decided yet regarding potential goodies for Persona 2: Innocent Sin, so please stay tuned!

  • Thanks

  • Yeah, I was just hoping something changed and it could happen. Thanks for the answer :)

  • Can someone tell me how’s the gameplay for Persona 2 like if you had the U.S version. Is it similar to the first Persona(didn’t like that one)? Or is it similar to Personas 3 and 4?(Love those still play them to this day even the P3P) Btw I love ATLUS and NISA they make the greatest JRPGs ever. Squar Enix can kick rocks.

  • i just got an psp update … a 6.39 firmwire. is that for the psn ?

  • *Fan girl scream*

  • I actually bought Eternal Punishment for PS1 blindly way back in the day, before I knew I loved the Persona series. I think I liked the box art ;)
    I still own that game, and now that I have a long-running relationship with the incredible Persona series, this will be a day-1 purchase.
    Thanks for being awesome, Atlus!

  • ATLUS = awesome

  • i hope the new psp is better then the other ones

  • Incredible game series (highly under rated in my opinion).First NIS and now Atlus announcing this a great day for lovers of Japanese localized games.

  • This is the second game or maybe third game that has made me regret selling my psp, years ago. I’d be nice if it came out for PS3 as well though I doubt it’ll happen.

  • Awesome! Simply awesome!! I can’t thank Atlus enough for finally bringing the “chapter” that was lacking in Persona’s history. I can hardly wait for this game!!

  • It’s great to see game updates but what we’re most waiting for is the return of the PSN Store. I do understand once Sony has more details of the PSN Store, they will make an announcement but any update is better than no update. I find it hard to believe Sony can’t come up with some form of details. In my line of work, I give a update status of a trouble situation-no matter how small or big. As long as my customers are happy and they don’t feel left in the dark wondering what is going on. Would be a practical practice for Sony to adapt.

    We all got hit by the hackers in one way or another so I would appreciate out of respect to give us some type of status since it has been awhile, instead waiting for the last day prior for the store coming back online. thank you

    Keep up the good work.

  • psp brigandine would be supremely awesome

  • @11

    Please stop speaking for all of us RPG fans. Not all of us are regionally challenged and like games no matter where they are developed.

    This is the only Persona game missing in my collection….i’m glad i’m finally getting the opportunity to play it.

  • Despite being lucky enough to have a physical copy of the second ‘part’ of Persona 2, I’m looking forward to picking up electronic copies of that and this when they hit PSN.

    Thanks Atlus! You guys rock!

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ravechaosknight

    Who’s an Atlus Faithful happy to hear about this. . . this guy! -> (o_o) <-
    Any new Atlus game is a benefit to the gaming community. Period.

    Namco on the other hand. . . why are you so lame with your JRPG's. Go live under a rock and sell(no scratch that give) all your franchises to a company that knows what their doing. (Atlus. . .duh!)

    As for a Persona or any Atlus game being just another anime game, no just no! They are so much more than those gilded cash cow fighting games based off an anime series.

    The funny thing is Atlus games come first, then there is a anime made about them. Which should give you an idea about their quality.

    Anyways can't wait to play me some more SMT goodness. I have played(and own) everything from Digital Devil Saga to Digital Devil Survivor to P3FES and P4.(and a few of the Disgaea's for good measure)


  • Persona 2 on psp im glad they did a localization for the psp, such a great rpg game that gives some fresh air of all that final fantasy.

  • this is great for those that are in to rpgs and to the persona series,specifically.now that we have this game coming to us courtesy of atlus…

    atlus could you please localize super taisen og saga for the ps3?i became a fan of the robot series recently when you guys brought the ds game and since the og sagas are less problematic with licenses and such so i hear anyway..:)

  • Strange… the second chapter of Persona was published in North America. I remember picking it up for the PS1. One of the longest games of my life due to that darn map collector. Jesus. Good to know though.

  • Nice, I haven’t played Persona 2, so this is perfect for me.

    So Aram, Will Atlus be at E3? With some news games to announce? :D

  • @bigmouthkid

    it’s more like Revelations – Persona 1.

    P3 changed the battle system to what you know of it now.

  • RoboticPenguin7

    I own persona 3 and 4 (ps2). can’t freakin’ wait for this to come out!!

    Any news on a Persona title for ps3??

  • Gag, I still need o finish P3P.

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