inFAMOUS 2: The Beast is Coming

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inFAMOUS 2: The Beast is Coming

Here at Sucker Punch we’re tired. We’re whipped. Game development is a sprint. You run as hard as you can, then keep running. The problem is the goal line sometimes move mid-race. When you set out to make a game you sort of have an idea of what it’ll ultimately be… but that’s not what it ends up being. You only know what you’ve made once it’s done. Like you guys we experience the game, the real game, for the first time at the end of the road. And it’s exciting. It’s crazy to be playing the game and forget that you made it because you’re busy ducking an RPG rocket. You know that feeling you get when you actually dodge in your seat? Get that all the time. Cole and his friends have stopped being polygons and actors and have become real people. And it’s this reality that makes today’s post cool. Now that we’re so, so close to being done we can finally really talk about the “Big Bad” that pushes the whole story forward.

What’s the Beast, you ask? Like a meteor from outer space it’s a force of destruction too powerful for humanity to contain. At the end of inFamous, Cole MacGrath was given a vision that the Beast would arrive into the world and that he alone could stop it. The safety of our species was put on his shoulders. No pressure right? As you might imagine Cole would do anything in his power to get ready for the fight. He’s desperate to win, to save the lives of his friends and neighbors.

But at the start of inFamous 2 he fails. The Beast arrives and Cole isn’t strong enough. He’s forced to run south to New Marais and prepare for a second, final encounter while his home, Empire City, is swallowed in flames.

Have you ever failed at anything? Ever been dumped or fired or beat up? Ever tried your hardest and still lost? It’s sucks, right? Makes you feel hollowed out, weak. Like you don’t matter. Of course it’s exactly those moments that forge you into in a stronger person. I believe that we are defined by our failure more than our successes. Once you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and OVERCOME the thing that beat you, that’s when you really win. That’s when you’ve surpassed your past self. In inFAMOUS 2 you, help Cole get there. You guide him through New Marais; searching for new, stronger powers. Along the way you’ll meet potential allies who could help in your fight against the Beast. And you’ll need the help… the monster is moving down the coast, burning the landscape, getting stronger as it centers in on New Marais. Your back is against the wall, with only a few days to prepare for that second chance. Soon it’ll be time to overcome the things that have beaten you in the past. Are you up for it? After all, the Beast is Coming.

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  • Who gives a crap about inFamous 2 why don’t you get the store up!

  • Hiring me is the next step, The games coming out now are similar to ideas I had when I was 12 over 18 years ago.

  • What about the infamous 2 beta????

    I have a UGC code, I redeemed it and its sitting in my download list, which cant be accessed, LOL.

    When the game comes out will the beta end, will I get a chance to try it?

    I know Sucker Punch wanted to have users submit levels for the final game, will the beta be extended past the release date?

    I traded my Resistance 3 beta code for this UGC code and would love to have access to it if possible.

    I will be buying the full game, but I’m currently playing through part one to be fully into the story before I get part 2.


  • My favorite Trailer for the game

  • Damn I’m so excited to play this game. Open world games are usually so boring and badly paced to me. inFamous was the first open game that I felt had great pacing, great narrative, and so many epic “WOW!” moments! I’m so excited to have a great TPS action/adventure title to hold me over until Resistance 3 arrives.
    Awesome work Sucker Punch! This games really does look BEAST!!!

  • @31

    that was a joke right?

  • Looks amazing! Already got my Hero Edition pre-ordered! I want that sling pack! Oh, and inFAMOUS 2, of course! It’s only my single most anticipated game of 2011 (sorry Drake, you’re too far off for me to get pumped!).

    I loved the first inFAMOUS, and what you folks at Sucker Punch have done so far with the sequel has me squeeing like a school girl. My wife is just as pumped for it to show up in our mail box!

    No chance you’ll release the game early like inFAMOUS? *sigh* I can only hope…

    Ever since the Sly series, I’ve been a huge fan of Sucker Punch. I always expected great things from the company, but you guys have grown exponentially as game developers, and it’s always encouraging to see talent like you guys getting your due!

  • I still have to beat the bad side of inFAMOUS I’m almost towards Kessler..ill b done by the time 6-7-11 roll around

  • Absolutely can’t wait to play this game! June can’t start soon enough.

  • cant wait for infamous 2!!!

  • @53 well that was dumb to trade it..and the store is not just wait.

  • Have had the Hero Edition completely paid for since I first got the e-mail announcing it was being made. Can’t wait for this game to come out. I even took a couple days off from work the week it releases so I can devote a good 20-30 hours to it! The extras that come in the Hero Edition are totally worth an extra $40. June 7th, hurry up and get here!

  • im only buying this game to get acces to uncharted 3 beta…But i also never played infamous 1
    Good thing sony is giving it away free when ps store is up.I’ll get that and then start playing infamous 2

  • Buying games just for betas never made sense to me, the beta is just a nice bonus, the game is what we all want. Don’t get me wrong U3 looks great, but at this point Infamous 2 looks even better!

  • this is the kind of trailer that can reduce borderline obsessive fans into gibbering idiots until the game is released. i don’t think i can wait another 2 weeks….

  • My favorite series at this point. June 7th will be fun.

  • Because of the psn being down I think they shouldn’t release the game on June 7th. So more people can play the beta and say what needs to be fixed so that they can make a better game.

  • Every time they show something off it reminds me I don’t have the game yet.

  • @63: You do realize that the beta code in inFAMOUS 2 only gives you a week earlier access than the full public beta, right? As much as I think this game should be loved, are you really gonna spend $60+ just to get into the U3 beta a week earlier than a few others? PS+ members get in for free the same time as people with the code, and that’s only $18 for 3 months.
    I agree with korgon, buying a game for the included beta has never made sense to me. Buy the game for the game.

  • -_- Really? 10 seconds of cole? That wasnt a trailer at all.

  • Blakkternalx520

    this is something im going to get on day one….

  • Off topic but, can you put stuff up about the new red faction game?

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am so ready to play this game! I keep coming back to the blog to see if anything new comes about this game because I think I’m going through Infamous withdrawal!

  • im sooo glad psn got hacked so now i get infamous 1 free once i beat it then ill buy infamous 2

  • OMG this game is coming out on my birthday cant wait , im getting it as a gift :P


  • This is pretty much the reason i pre-ordered this Sucker! this game looks EPIC! and i got the Uncharted 3 beta to look forward to after i beat inFAMOUS 2 “D oh man life’s lookin’ good in the future!

  • This trailer was truly epic, and the blog was written very well, but I only have one question: Any news on the beta?

  • Already have my pre-order locked in can’t wait! : D

  • Uncharted beta YES To bad I wont buy ths game its hard(or I just suck at it either way).=(

  • I’m happy about Infamous 2. It will be fun to play again. Still, I don’t see how anyone can think that Uncharted is similar enough to the play style of Infamous that it is reasonable to bundle it that code. Infamous is nearly a free roam adventure game. Uncharted 2 is a run and gun platformer, with a side of online versus that is still just run and gun.

  • Epiccccccc……………..2 more weeks to go….

  • SONY!!! FIX MY PS3!!!!!!

  • God Of War 3 = Best PS3 Game (No Multiplayer)

    Infamous 2 = 2nd Best PS3 Game (No Multiplayer Vs)

    Uncharted 3 = (Best PS3 Game (With Multiplayer)

    INFAMOUS 2 IS ON THE GOD OF WAR STATUS!!!!! When Comes Down 2 Being Epic, I’m So Excited

    I Really Hope Sasha Makes A Return Cause If U Play As Evil Cole U & Her Join Forces

  • Really getting amped (no pun) for this game. Preordered the Hero edition about an hour before seeing/reading this, and am going to replay the first some more while I wait. Looking forward to another solid, outstanding game, Sucker Punch!

  • what are the origins of “the beast”?

  • The best video game trailer I’ve seen in… ever!
    Can’t wait for it!

  • Is it possible that those SEVEN blast shards I’m still missing will be destroyed too? Woo! Now only 343 remain! Which, I might add, is the exact number I have, so I guess shiny platinum! Woot!
    Racing to platinum the first before this comes out. SEVEN more blast shards. SEVEN.

  • SONY needs to get the PSN Store back up and running so we can download these trailers to our PS3s, and also to purchase new games, and download our old ones to new PS3s. This is really starting to push my buttons SONY. Just get the PSN Store back up and running! :( There is only so much one can take!

    BTW, inFamous was my favorite title this entire generation of gaming, and I know the second one will be incredible. But, how can I get the word out if I can’t get anything from the PS Store to show my friends?? :( What? tell them to just visit this blog and view it on some 20″ monitor on their PC, instead of on a 150″ Projector screen, or on a 3DTV?

    SONY, get with the program. I want my PSN Store back up and running! This is finally getting to me. Over a month now there has been no access to the PSN Store to retrieve my downloadable games to put on my new PS3 systems, (of which I own 5 of them!), and I would like a timeline of when that is going back up!

    The greatest game to come this year, and I can’t even download some awesome trailers to my PS3 system via the PSN Store. This is completely, absolutely, such a let down, that I can’t even express how I feel on this Blog with words….

  • Just cummed my pants again.

  • 89 to much information

  • @ 89



  • looks sick.

  • Awesome can’t wait i wanna get it soooooooooo bad =D

  • This is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!! Cant wait.

  • háaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa store no brasilllllll eu quero

  • The-Devils-Dance

    lost faith in Sony…. Still no news on the welcome back stuff….So i think ill just go to Microsoft…

  • Can’t wait for this! Gonna be there waiting to pick up my pre-order as soon as it releases!

  • I love what you guys at SP have done with this game! Reading or playing through an interesting story is always a treat for me, so it goes without saying that I’m definitely buying this game!

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