inFAMOUS 2: The Beast is Coming

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inFAMOUS 2: The Beast is Coming

Here at Sucker Punch we’re tired. We’re whipped. Game development is a sprint. You run as hard as you can, then keep running. The problem is the goal line sometimes move mid-race. When you set out to make a game you sort of have an idea of what it’ll ultimately be… but that’s not what it ends up being. You only know what you’ve made once it’s done. Like you guys we experience the game, the real game, for the first time at the end of the road. And it’s exciting. It’s crazy to be playing the game and forget that you made it because you’re busy ducking an RPG rocket. You know that feeling you get when you actually dodge in your seat? Get that all the time. Cole and his friends have stopped being polygons and actors and have become real people. And it’s this reality that makes today’s post cool. Now that we’re so, so close to being done we can finally really talk about the “Big Bad” that pushes the whole story forward.

What’s the Beast, you ask? Like a meteor from outer space it’s a force of destruction too powerful for humanity to contain. At the end of inFamous, Cole MacGrath was given a vision that the Beast would arrive into the world and that he alone could stop it. The safety of our species was put on his shoulders. No pressure right? As you might imagine Cole would do anything in his power to get ready for the fight. He’s desperate to win, to save the lives of his friends and neighbors.

But at the start of inFamous 2 he fails. The Beast arrives and Cole isn’t strong enough. He’s forced to run south to New Marais and prepare for a second, final encounter while his home, Empire City, is swallowed in flames.

Have you ever failed at anything? Ever been dumped or fired or beat up? Ever tried your hardest and still lost? It’s sucks, right? Makes you feel hollowed out, weak. Like you don’t matter. Of course it’s exactly those moments that forge you into in a stronger person. I believe that we are defined by our failure more than our successes. Once you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and OVERCOME the thing that beat you, that’s when you really win. That’s when you’ve surpassed your past self. In inFAMOUS 2 you, help Cole get there. You guide him through New Marais; searching for new, stronger powers. Along the way you’ll meet potential allies who could help in your fight against the Beast. And you’ll need the help… the monster is moving down the coast, burning the landscape, getting stronger as it centers in on New Marais. Your back is against the wall, with only a few days to prepare for that second chance. Soon it’ll be time to overcome the things that have beaten you in the past. Are you up for it? After all, the Beast is Coming.

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  • number 1 this is awesome

  • Wow, that was really well-written. I can’t wait to play this game. The ending to the original was perfect.

  • I don’t have the patience to wait. :(

  • what a great JUMP from teh first one
    is like a whole new IP, just crazy how huge the leap from one to the other


  • It still amazes me the quality of graphics are this generation. Here we are on the cusp of hearing about the early start of the next run of consoles at e3 and I can still see a screenshot/video of a current gen game and go…”wow”

    Maybe I’m just easily impressed in my old age now ;)

  • I never got the first one but i’m about to and for FREE too. yay

  • i thought “The Beast” was future cole engulfed by his powers, no longer able to control them. :P

  • One of my favorite new IPs. Absolutely love what you’ve done with Cole and the comic feel of the game. Insta-buy! Thank you for all the hard work and effort, as a lover of great games, I appreciate it. Hero Edition is day-one.

  • Oh god , that looks so awesome.
    ” The problem is the goal line sometimes move mid-race.”
    Do I smell an early release?

  • looks awesome can’t wait till june 7 the beast is going down

  • graphics are better ..Cole actually has a weapon now …action is more intense…and there custom mission online. this game just keep getting better and better. not to mention the uncharted 3 beta code. GOD BLESS SONY…and its birth place …JAPAN

  • OMG inFamous 2 & uncharted 3 beta :D
    can’t wait <3

  • The uncharted 3 beta code just topped of this game to the extreme. The video was like PlayStation network updates short and sweet. Game looks amazing. I can not wait to zap some #@$ with Cole. This just made the top of my list. I could only ask for co-op online story mode to cap off this game. Xbox 360 will need to come out with a new console after sony’s E3.

  • Absouloutely amazing. Shame though as i noticed what the beasts heand will look like (hint: it looks like a human hand). Just one thing i think you need to show off. I would appreciate if you can post videos about the repear skin and 3 amp veriants you still havem’y showed off.

  • I was hoping for a appearance of the Beast…

  • I… CAN’T… WAIT!!!

  • So this beast… has it been an idea in development since the first infamous, as far as looks and powers go?

  • well written, Cant wait for that game!

  • One word: Awesomeness!!

  • I know this isn’t the right topic but will the hero edition have the old cole outfit? Like we are seeing him wear in this video? I really want the old outfit over the new one?

  • Who on earth is the beast is it a character from infamous or a brand new one altogether? I have my theories but IDK im doubting myself now.

  • it’s weird seeing him back in that jacket of his. Glad he starts out in it.

  • Can’t wait to play it. So, in the third installment will we ever get a hold of an operational Kessler’s outfit? I would love to get a hold of an outfit that charges me automatically. That would be so sweet.

    PS – I peed a little when I saw the UC3 beta mentioned.

  • OMG EPIC! Seriously guys, I cannot wait for this game!

  • Infamous 2 is looking awesome! Superb graphics!

  • Thanks you for showing of the oringinal Cole skin (oringinal cole jacket).

  • I notice Cole was given tattoos now. How come Cole don’t have a tattoo of Trish name?

    Something like R.I.P Trish or In memory of Trish.


  • Simply awesome.

  • xbox owns ps3


  • oh………………………..i skiped a line by mistake mybad sorry sony (i basicly said the same thing u said)

  • i’m buying it when its out i might by the hero edtion…

  • can we get a vodeo on the multiplayer of uncharted 3 thats promised with purchase of infamous 2

  • I’m still hoping to finally beat the first one, keep getting stuck in places. This one looks great! Any chance that it’s not going to be taking up a lot of hard drive space though, like Playstation Move Heroes did. I’m starting to run out on my 250gb system!!!!!! Anyways, game looks really good, but I don’t know if I should get this one, or Uncharted 3 or Ratchet And Clank All Four One…plus I heard about a new Eye Pet And Friends game!

  • This game looks light years ahead of the original which is great because the first game is great. I cannot wait to get my hands on this beautiful looking game. Good job everybody over at Sucker Punch, love the fact that you guys added the play create share mantra that Sony has made really big on home consoles this generation. Thanks again Sucker Punch keep up the good work.

  • I have Hero edition preorder and thanks to my amazon credit I’m only play $50 for it.

  • hmmmmmm nice!!

  • LOL @ 29

    The fro is bitter.

  • I am so anxious to get my mitts on this. This is a day 1 for sure. I got all the trophies for the first, and yet and still think I may go back and replay it just one more time so its nice and fresh.

  • The beast needs to be stopped!!!

  • CAN’T WAIT!!!!! HERO ED DAY 1 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • : O I.WANT.

  • first infamous is lookin more n more interesting. im gonna have to check it out. cool.

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  • Simply the BEAST

  • soo what are they going to do with infamous 2 beta? since the store is still down. and most people ethir only got the chance to play little of it or none at all. Anyways. This game is BEAST. (at least when its coming)

  • Spoilers :(

  • i’ll probably merk infamous 1 in less dan 3 weekz/2weekz, and den i’ll get infamous 2, maan, im feelin sooo badass, FANK YOU FOR BEING HAKKED SONY!

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