PSP System Software Update – 6.39

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PSP System Software Update – 6.39

Hi everyone. A new PSP system software update, v6.39, will be released soon. With this update, users who need to change their PlayStation Network password will be guided through the process. Also, system software stability during use of some features will be improved.

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  • Hooray! I still use my PSP so that’s good news for me. :-) BTW, I think I’m going to play some Motorstorm Arctic Edge right now… :-)

  • Thanks for the update!!!


  • The only news you can trust about PS store will come from this blog, don’t count on anyone else because they get their info from here. What they should have done is put up a blank Playstation storefront with the downloadable free games in the meanwhile – not just for the sake of gamers who want their free stuff, but for developers who already have lost sales and have a lot more to compete with when sales resume. I know I’m going to play Infamous and crazy zombie shooting game for 4 or 5 days before I reconsider buying that might and magic game I was going to buy when I discovered PSN was messed up a month ago in the first place. See they already lost money on me and it wasn’t even because I was mad at them or anything.

    I know one might say “why worry about the developers at all?”, but everybody should. More money for them to work with means more games for us to choose from, and better quality games overall. So wether for selfish reasons or because we wish good fortune of the people who make our favorite games, its in our best interest too.

  • Im sure Sony will leave detailed instructions on how to redeem your welcome back package

  • I think everone is missing the BIG picture here we were all supposed to die on the 21st and we all lived through it oh thank all mighty Playstation lol j/k

  • I already changed it on my PS3 so I think it’s no worry for me but what does “system software stability during use of some features will be improved.” exactly mean?

  • thaks for the update, hope psn come really soon

  • karate_chop_fuey

    whens store coming back

  • damn i can’t even use my ps3 now because it FREEZES!!!

  • People SHUT up, & read the Tittle correctly. It say’s PSP not PS3.

  • Trend-killer666

    Snoochie Boochies

  • Nice one step closer to the end of this crisis…

    Man, how I miss PS Store, I want to Redeem my PS3’s DLC Codes >.<

  • i dnt care about my psp (i use my psp for sharing vids w/my rl friends & showing pics ive aquired online) i want the ps store to go online so i can play borderland GotY, have the FO pip-boy outfit for BRINK, & play dead nation

  • @54 I’m sure you won’t have to redeem anything. It will just be a part of the store.

  • Maybe this means that PSN store is ready. After all thats the principal feature used on PSP

  • shadowbanana247

    so when the psn store comes back we will get to download anything we want like add ons

  • Yeah hope they do psn Store next

  • thebeast6798332

    who tinks psn store will be up tonight???

  • if i already changed my password on my PS3, do I have to change it again for my PSP? The system I activated my account on was the PSP!

  • thebeast6798332

    i think it might be anyone else

  • @56 It probably has to do with the ps3 remote function. I know it’s always been super laggy and sometimes my PSP will freeze, even though I have really fast internet. I’ll have to check when I get home from work tonight, and see how it performs.

  • what happens if we changed our passwords form a PS3?

  • Meanwhile I cant play online still. would like to redeem my online pass’s please. Over a month now. This is psp for all you kids not reading the statemeant properly.

  • Is it just me that has problem with the 3.6 update i can’t play any multi player games with my friends ex:(Mortal Kombat, Black Ops, Naruto Shippuden, or Little Big Planet) man this sucks!!!

  • *Any Suggestions

  • psp update and store package tomorrow? :)

  • AWESOME! Thank You For The UpDate! I Can Not WAIT To Get My FREE KILLZONE: LIBERATION, MOD RACERS, And FINALLY…FINALLY…FINALLY…. FINALLY Use The $50.00 PSN Card That I Bought Back On April 27th To Get My PATAPON 3!!!!! Oooh!!! PATA PATA PATA PON!!! PON PON PATA PON!!!!!

  • @TenchiFan88 i totaly agree legend of dragoon needs to be on the store it was just as good as any final fantasy game out at that time

  • I received a message on my ps3 that said..
    Copy and paste this message to get new map packs for C.O.D. including
    New zombie maps…… I was a dummy and sent it to my friends on my list.
    Don’t be a dummy like me……

  • If we’ve already changed our Password on our PS3, do we have to change it again on the PSP when we do this update? I really don’t feel like changing my password twice.

  • Ugh I have a psp fat 2001 silver edition my battery is busted so I haven’t been able to update it and log on the psn and then it sucks even more cause I wont be able to get some free games anyone have know a way around a battery used to just plug it in with out the battery but it doesn’t work now when I need it.

  • for all of u that r having trouble playing multiplayer games i had the same problem with the 3.6 update EA rep helped me out u must call ur internet provider and have them open ur port walls with the 3.6 they must b open or u will get booted every time trust me and u will b playing in no time……as for u sony when is the store coming back i cant play madden untill i redeem my codes its not my fault i baught a defected ps3 now i want what i am due you wiped out all my memory in my ps3 now i cant redeem till the sto spent alot of money in thast store i just want whats mine already

  • Free games ;)

  • @squirvel take the battery out plug in the psp to the charger and leave it in the psp and turn it on and it will work like that and do your sign in stuff

  • i didnt see that you had done tried that it should still work unless something else broke

  • I’m still feeling meh about the store not being here, if it comes tomorrow, then i can get my music packs for 012 tomorrow, if not, whenever. regardless, I will still feel meh.

  • XxUltimateGodzXx

    yo i have enough money for black ops escelation map pack and I’m gonna be waking up at like 5 in the morning and it takes about 6 hrs for me to download it so it should be done by 11:00 or later of the Saturday the week that psn comes back ya Call of the dead

  • whhhhoooohooooooo shut up and pack away xbox box f-ucking psn is back baby hell yeah

  • I didn’t even remember that my PSP is connected to my PSN, lol. Unlike my PS3 which is pretty much PSN centric. Hope the store is up soon.

  • @76 my idiot friends do that kinda crap all the time, except it says they will get store credit.

    I hit delete.

  • Sony I’m feeling really unappreciated right now first of all I own a psp,ps3,ps2,and a Sony vaio so I’m a loyal customer no updates on ps store you haven’t made good on any of your promises in a timely fashion I’m just sick of you guys honestly

  • thats cool but i changed ny pssword alredy

  • @88 you would prefer daily updates along the lines of
    “our programmers now have the store where it moves from one screen to the next every 2-4 mins”
    “the store now only crashes 37% of the times you open it or download something”

  • cant wait till store is back

  • oh my gosh Explodemon! and Fancy pants are only a couple days away!

  • I’d like to update my psp, I even just bought a bigger memory stick for it. However, for the life of me, nothing I do is enough to get it to connect to my wireless router. I’ve tried multiple times in multiple ways but can’t seem to get it online.

    Anyone know If i can patch it through my psp through the ps3, say with the mini usb cable or anything?

  • @93 did you turn the wlan switch on top on?

  • thanks for the update anything on the ps store yet just woundering

  • GGod0, yea man I was sure to check that. I’ve gone through it dozens of times, and always end up giving up. I bought this psp within the first couple days of launch, and never had a problem connecting to any wireless network for many years. Even at the airport a few times I was able to pop it right onto there wireless system they offer.

    I think it’s got something to do with this latest router we bought. It’s got this push button setup to connect new devices and for the life of me I cant get the psp through it. Tried with my network password on, and tried some more with an open signal, no security, and nothing. I dunno, I’m not looking for a fix at this point, more of a work around maybe.

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