PSP System Software Update – 6.39

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PSP System Software Update – 6.39

Hi everyone. A new PSP system software update, v6.39, will be released soon. With this update, users who need to change their PlayStation Network password will be guided through the process. Also, system software stability during use of some features will be improved.

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  • Hopefully we will see the Playstation Store up and running this week.

  • frontaldarius05

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa IN YO MUTHA FREAKING FACES FAT BOX 360

  • it says PSP update dude… not ps3…


  • Hmm… normally PSP firmware updates are an indication of a PS3 firmware update within a couple of days. But in this case I think this is just the PSP equivalent of the ‘mandatory password change’ update that the PS3 got right before PSN came back online.

    However, this DOES portend the Playstation Store being back up very soon (i.e. tomorrow like everyone has been hinting at)

  • Way cool

  • hope we get our free games tomorrow as promised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • I sure hope the store is up tomorrow. Thanks for the update Sony.

  • awsomeee, il update my PS3 to that right now.

  • @7

    no one at sony promised you anything tomorrow.

  • yes it would definatly be nice to see whats going on with this customer appreciation program i’ve been reading about been wanting to get a year membership to playstation plus, but can’t do that till the store is back up

  • Store will be up when?

  • I SAY SO

  • @ 9 that is a psp update not ps3

  • and i say 2 weeks

  • How do they know what to call the update, like 6.39?
    Also, has the McAfee Tested Daily tag always been at the bottom left corner of the sign-in page?

  • I wonder how we get the stuff? we just go to the playstation store on the ps3 tomorrow and download the 2 games we want??? And it does say PSP NOT PS3!!! IDK SO CONFUSED???

  • oh and when psn store comes back they need to bring legend of dragoon comes out for download

  • YES FINALLY THIS Means store reinstatement probally

  • killer :)

  • Why dont playstation people ever answer important question? :( i just baught my first psn card and i wanna use it on the store already :( it took me along time too get my parents to get me a card .. im sad.. but yay i prestiged in 1 weekend :) props for treyarchs… did u here u could pre order for modernwarfare 3 it comes out november 28 this year looks sweet

  • @ 18 the software update is for your psp… u can download your free stuff when the store is back up

  • @ 23 thanks i was worried no one would answer im tired of this crap

  • @22 who hoo what do u want a cookie

  • @ 24 Why did you say tits?

  • @ 27 Oh that was me….

  • no one cares about an ancient 6 year old system that no one buys anymore (how’s the PSPGo doing?), fix the PSN store!

  • ….weird

  • @ weirdude 10 thats a good saying, u couldnt be more right u normally dont get any answers on hear only rumors.


  • @ jimmy cummings speak for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!

    to youself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    know body cares what u have 2 say

  • according to a blog on gametrailers your tring to have the store up by tommarrow!!! is that true???

  • I hope PS Home stop freezing

  • whatz with all the negativity the people who are talk’n smack to those who want the ps store to be back up are [DELETED]……..remeber we are playstation owners not X-BOX owners be more mature

  • upss my mistake!!

  • @32 youll get your codes soon , i already have mine. I got them with the ps3 update

  • @26 no i want info on the playstion store and when itll be up smart one

  • We want to thank the men ,women, and children working around the clock in japan to bring the store back online. Thanks again ,,Sony customer FOREVER. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • well so far yes that is for the PSP not PS3 but my wife got that update a week ago and they just now announced it!!! Anyway as far as PS3 Store and the firmware update some sites says tomorrow others say the 26th – 31st and Sony hasn’t comfirmed anything on any of that exect they did say they expect it to be all up and running by the end of the month it one of the previous updates they released!!

  • I am kind of wondering like will this “Welcome Back” package just be available to open and select the two games you want or will you have to like search the games individually. . .can someone explain how they think it’ll work? Thanks!

  • @ 38 thank you kimosabe, the store will be up this year

  • thanks for the info this helps for people who dont have a ps3 thanks sony !!!

  • i wanna know when your gonna release new software update for the ps3 cause this 3.61 isn’t working with my black ops!!!

  • satisfied as of…………………………………….wait……………………………….ok now, it would be great if u get the store and the update going tomorrow so i can get my ff7 please

  • That is nice, but can we have more remote ps3 content?

  • Thanks Sony, hopefully this is a sign that the Store is returning soon. I really wanna try Red Johnson’s Chronicles!

  • When will Anonymous be caught for what they did.

  • @ 41 rumor has it . it will be avail— for you if you qualify..

    2 games for ps3 and 2 for psp customers .. not sure if you will have 2 search for them or if it will be in your message, etc. hope this helps AUsommness

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