Welcome Back to Killzone 3 with a Double XP Weekend!

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Welcome Back to Killzone 3 with a Double XP Weekend!

Killzone 3
To celebrate the return of the PlayStation Network and welcome you back to Killzone 3’s online battlefield, we’ve got a Double XP Weekend lined up! Starting this Friday, May 20 at 17:00 PM UK time, and lasting until Monday, May 23 at 10:00 AM UK time, all XP you earn in Killzone 3’s multiplayer matches will be doubled.

The upcoming Double XP Weekend isn’t the only Killzone-related goodie in the pipeline. As you may know, Sony has revealed that Killzone: Liberation is part of its Welcome Back Program for PSN members, meaning you’ll be able to download the critically acclaimed PlayStation Portable shooter absolutely free of charge. And there’s even more… But we’ll announce that at a later date.

So stay tuned to Killzone.com, and remember to brush up your Killzone 3 multiplayer skills. This weekend, you’ll have a chance to catch up on 3 weeks’ worth of rank progression!

P.S.: During the Double XP Weekend, the Score Screen will display the message “Fast Starter Bonus” instead of “Bonus Points” – this is a string error that will be fixed in future Bonus XP events.

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  • KZ3 2 player split-screen Please!!! :)

  • Dang!

    I so badly want to snipe some Helghast, but a friend is coming over this weekend and we are going to be all over the Portal 2 Coop campaign, finally!

    Not to mention I’ve got to get him envious of my L.A. Noire. (you see, he can’t afford one until his next paycheck. It’s really been an expensive year for gamers! Which is phenomenal :D).

    Well, I’m sure he’ll want to play a few rounds in the old Killzone (by which I mean the new Killzone). Who could resist?

    See ya on the battlefield!!

  • hi i was wondering if a psn avatar pack for kill zone 3 was going to come out

  • And here i thought i was going to play Black Ops with some friends this weekend. Long Live Helghan!

  • Going to b smashing this feel free to add me for a game

  • i will be there all weekend See you guys there. (G*D)

  • Death to the ISA X 2!!

  • PSN is back. Killzone 3 DOUBLEXP weekend. What more can a ps3 fan boy get.


  • When does the KZ3 tournament start?

  • great, i will be there

  • I have been trying to play but I keep getting disconnected. It says I’ve been signed out but I’m still online. Every other game is fine so it’s not on my end. I want to take advantage of this double xp but it’s kinda hard when you keep get booted from games before they finish.

  • ChilliwacKAttacK

    same here… i keep getting disconnected. i’ve been trying to play for 2 hours. getting p!ssed.

  • why make us pick between cod and killzone, i hate you playstation!

  • ChilliwacKAttacK

    a connection

  • @62 Does it give different error numbers every time? For me it’s never the same one. I hope they get this issue resolved by tomorrow.

  • Wish this covered all day Monday since it is a holiday and I have a family wedding to go to so Saturday and Sunday are out :(

  • Having a blast with the KZ3 Double XP weekend. Thanks Guerrilla Games, and Sony for making this happen.

  • AWSOME you guess should do this more often….. To bad im going to the gym tomorrow and study sunday but i’ll squeeze in some time to good of an opertunity to miss out on.

  • Woohoo! I was a little bummed when it looked like black ops was the only game with double exp. I by far favor KZ so I’m really happy. Thanks guys, you made my day!!

  • mershaq_jenkins

    I don’t play killzone , so im on the same boat wondering as to when the store is going to be back up, im ready to get my psone classics on!

  • ChilliwacKAttacK

    @65 Yes pretty much a different code every time. I was able to get in and play about 15 min and then the network error appeared.

  • I’m there.

  • @71 Yeah it’s weird. If for some reason it starts working post here so I can see and try it out myself. I’ll do the same if it starts working on my end.

  • wish i had killzone 3 now

  • o ill be there

  • I saw this on like a dozen different sites before it appeared on the PS blog….wtf guys?!?!?!

    on a brighter note, this and COD:BO both have double xp and thats a win-win for me!

  • this and blackops same weekend…. I’m going to stay up 24/7 if I can just to fit killzone in

  • Awesome! I’ll be there!

  • ChilliwacKAttacK

    @73 i connected and talked to two other guys playing and asked if they had been having connection issue and they said no… then i shot a player and he didn’t die and then melee’d him.. and still didn’t die. that’s when i knew i was on my way out again.

  • @77 That is exactly what happens before I disconnect. I melee a guy he gets back up and than I disconnect. Last night I was playing a game with some friends and one enemy kept on getting back up until he disconnected. I think we must look like that to everyone else playing normally while we see everyone else glitch out until we disconnect. Again I hope they fix this issue soon. If it helps I’m in Canada so maybe it’s a regional thing?

  • ChilliwacKAttacK

    @78 not a regional thing unless it’s North America. I’m in the southern part of USA.

  • @Victor As you can see I along with some other people have been having some disconnecting issues. Are you aware of these issues and is the team planning to fix this?

  • so yeah uhhh is DXP only for UK??? does US get it?? sorry if i seem like an idiot

  • What about blackops?


  • I am getting on right now. Who is using the Move and the Sharp Shooter?

  • Sweet. I’ll take a few strolls through Helghan this weekend.

  • Anyone got any tips for a Killzone n00b?

    I’m finding the learning curve on this game to be pretty steep, and none of my Black Ops strategies are transferring over. I’m dieing a lot.

    What’s a good class to start out with?

    Should I run around and try to hunt people down, or is it better to *gasp* camp?

  • ChilliwacKAttacK

    @80 just played a full match… good luck.

  • Izanagi-no-Okami

    Well damn, I was planning on playing through the co-op mode in Portal 2 this weekend.

  • *GASP* Why haven’t I bought this! *runs to the store. . .*

  • ill be playin this weekend… its about time a real shooter comes out with double xp instead of crappy call of duty!!!!!

  • Aaarrgh!! Just got kicked out of a Double XP game and I was killing it!!!! Oh well… Bring it on!!! 2ble XP!! Woot Woot!!!

  • major fail; i love KZ3 and actually prefer it before CoD; but to make double XP weekend the same day, is just retarded

  • im going in to get my kz3 fix ya heard


  • I don’t mind CoD but it smells a little fishy. I’ll stick with Killzone any day. This is not a flame job, just my opinion.

  • Wow lucky, I just bought it yesterday.

  • I may have to jump in for a few matches, I haven’t played KZ3 for probably two and a half months Perhaps now the matchfailmaking has been upgraded, although it seems doubtful. I’m sure I’ll still end up being thrown into the same 4 matches over and over and over which only has 3 people in each one, or I will finally get into a full match only to realize my team is getting dominated due to the fail TSP system.

    Either way this double XP will be a good excuse for me to try out the DLC that I got for free with PS+. I just hope things have improved since the last time I played.

  • Sweet…gives me a reason to get back into this game…I do miss it.

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