Welcome Back to Killzone 3 with a Double XP Weekend!

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Welcome Back to Killzone 3 with a Double XP Weekend!

Killzone 3
To celebrate the return of the PlayStation Network and welcome you back to Killzone 3’s online battlefield, we’ve got a Double XP Weekend lined up! Starting this Friday, May 20 at 17:00 PM UK time, and lasting until Monday, May 23 at 10:00 AM UK time, all XP you earn in Killzone 3’s multiplayer matches will be doubled.

The upcoming Double XP Weekend isn’t the only Killzone-related goodie in the pipeline. As you may know, Sony has revealed that Killzone: Liberation is part of its Welcome Back Program for PSN members, meaning you’ll be able to download the critically acclaimed PlayStation Portable shooter absolutely free of charge. And there’s even more… But we’ll announce that at a later date.

So stay tuned to Killzone.com, and remember to brush up your Killzone 3 multiplayer skills. This weekend, you’ll have a chance to catch up on 3 weeks’ worth of rank progression!

P.S.: During the Double XP Weekend, the Score Screen will display the message “Fast Starter Bonus” instead of “Bonus Points” – this is a string error that will be fixed in future Bonus XP events.

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  • ill be there

  • Awesome!

  • i’ll be there! :D

  • Great for Killzone 3 players!

  • I’ll be playing Killzone this weekend instead of COD!

  • Ok. Tell me at what time does it start in the United States?

  • Sweet im on

  • Wow nice I may have to open this game now. I bought the special edition and keep forgetting I have the game. (Its in the helmet) Thanks for the points.

  • Death to the ISA!!! 8P 8)

  • This is one of the worst multiplayer i have play with crysis 2.

  • What about SOCOM 4??????

  • @victor hi victor am not sure if you could answer this question but just wondering if sony is going to have a pre e3 show to give out passes to go to the sony e3 conference?

  • The way this article is written may leave people not realizing that 1700 GMT (5:00PM UK time) means that it has been underway for over 2 hours now. The article is written in a way that makes it sound as if it is upcoming, not already in effect

    • You’re right, we wanted to post this earlier, but we included the exact date and time to be sure.

  • I love this game.
    Ill be there*hopefully*

  • Now I know a weekend of Double XP makes up for 25 days earning zero XP….

  • kooool

  • YeWest_is_da_man

    XAlianKx –

    Worst? No way, not even close. It needs better support though – it still has the flikering screen which they said they had addressed since the beta – WRONG. Also, the whole deal about the SMG having like the same stopping power as the LMG from twice as far away is totally off. And lastly, any time a person picks up the “battery” in the MAWLR level, they don’t die until AFTER the game registers that they have picked it up – so no matter how many times you light some guy up before they pick it up and deliver it to the core, they always deliver it first and THEN they die afterwards once it has been registered. It really ticks me off because if the battery is sitting their in your own base, and the ISA have to come and get it to deliver it, it should be impossible. But not how they have it set up…

  • wish i hav kz, but im really going to buy!

  • I’ll be there for sure with my Clan.

    See you guys in the battlefield.

  • Can’t wait to get online.

  • I still need to buy this game.

  • Awsme ,great job sony !

  • we should be able to get quad xp because of all that down time we had to go threw and when is the store gonna be back up and running i got a lot of money to spend

  • Awesome – can’t wait!

  • can u guys actually talk more about news on PS Store ive been wanting to play LBP for like a week waiting for the store to come up COME THE HELL ON

  • i need to buy this game asap

  • nmmmmm

  • I absolutlely loved this demo, but I don’t buy $60 games, I’ll see you at the price drop.

  • This will be awesome.

  • i hate killzone double ep socom4

  • been a month since I have been on KZ3. guess I’m pretty rusty very easy XP see you guys out there!

  • Fast Starter Bonus

  • Awesomesauce! :D

  • Yep, looking forward to racking up extra points all weekend.

  • Not to b stupid but does this go for killzone 2 also??!

  • TwiztidPsycho420

    1700 pm uk time today, to 1000am uk time monday…?????
    what time is that for the us’ eastern time?

    and at chanchanman69….STFU! itll be up when it gets up. stop pestering sony about something they are still working on. get the hell over your online gaming addiction and have some EFFING patience
    that is all


  • Wish I knew earlier…. I’ve already got plans for the entire weekend.

    • Aargh, Can you get a couple of hours in? We were a bit earlier (yesterday) with these messages on Killzone.com, facebook.com/killzonedotcom and twitter.com/killzonedotcom. Follow those if you want your Killzone information without delay! ;)

  • Wow that suck i just got this game but my ps3 isnt reading the disc -_-

  • You gotta be kidding me…of course this has to occur when I have plans this weekend and wont be around. And during the downtime, I had plenty of time to play.

    *sigh*…maybe next time…

  • Might have to sneak away from work and get a couple of rounds in.

  • Yo, will North America ever get the Killzone premium avatars that the EU region got months ago?

  • Why haven’t you delivered your weapon prototype to the military?! DOWN

  • When will the store be online? I wanna buy first strike

  • Oh snaps, now I have a legit reason to play Killzone 3 even though I’ve barely touched it. ;x Shame on me.

  • DatNastyBlackGuy

    i dont care about killzone or black ops i wat to know when playstation store coming on

  • Can we say “Hell to the mother Yeah!!!”

    I LOVE Killzone3!
    It has the BEST online Multiplayer this gen. Bar none. Not two matches are ever the same. Its tactical. Its gritty. Its raw! Its viscious! I’m about to jump online right now for some double xp. I won’t be able to play at all tomorrow until the evening time as well as for sunday, but I can’t wait to max out! I’m currently a level 36.

    Thank you Guerilla Games. Can’t wait to download Killzone: Liberation and see what the surprise is going to be. Maybe adding 2 player split-screen for the online portion? Hey, a man can dream right?

    Thanks again :D

  • @36 jester860 Try another disc, I had the same problem when I first got the game. The game wouldn’t read, and when it finally would it would freeze in the exact same spot. I took it back the next day and got a different disc, after that I’ve had no problems.

  • ISA Semper Fi !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to drop 2000 people this weekend hahahaha

  • Can we get the KZ3 avatars from EU?

  • Bonus xp should be staggered between titles.

    Black ops, socom, killzone 3.. I’m not going to be able to take advantage of all the titles.. i’m picking socom. But i’d jump on killzone 3 if i had the chance, which i don’t cause I’ll be playing socom. I dont play black ops but I would assume anyone with all three titles would be scratching their heads on what title to play.

    I was originally going to play killzone 3 this weekend, but now i hear that socom is doing it too so i’ll stick with that. sorry GG, i’m just more of a socom kind of player. But i was really looking forward to playing killzone 3 with the extra xp.

    This reminds me of how poorly sony chooses its release dates for titles all on the same day/week.

    black ops one weekend, killzone 3 one weekend, socom another etc.. everyone gets to play them all.

    Your fragmenting your playstation base. One would think sony’s first parties would communicate amongst each other to decide how to not step on each others toes.

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