Resistance 3 Box Art, Logos Revealed

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Resistance 3 Box Art, Logos Revealed

Today we’re proud to reveal the Resistance 3 box art that you can hold in your hands when the game hits store shelves on September 6th. You should recognize right away that this graphic version of the Chimeran Skull with the New York skyline depicted as its teeth, as well as the stylized version of the Resistance franchise logo, isn’t your typical “rendered hero” box art. To create this new look, we partnered with Olly Moss, a talented British artist, to create a bold vision of the Resistance 3 box art for both the North American and European territories.

Resistance 3 box art

The Resistance team worked closely with Olly to share our vision for the Chimera-occupied 1957, and Joesph Capelli’s journey across the destroyed USA to his destination, New York City. You’ll see this in the alternate version of the art below, which shows Capelli walking towards the NYC skyline.

Resistance 3: Capelli Version

We wanted Olly’s work to reflect that in Resistance 3, YOU are the Resistance. Resistance 3 isn’t a military shooter, as the United States Army and SRPA have been destroyed. Instead, Resistance 3 is about the remnants of humanity finding any way possible to survive in a brutal world.

Resistance 3: Skull and Guns

This work coincides with Olly’s first art show in Hollywood at the Gallery 1988 (which runs until May 20th, if you’re in the LA-area). We’re excited about the new look of the box art and expect to see additional Resistance 3 art by Olly throughout the campaign. You can find out more info about Olly, and see more of his fantastic art, by checking out

Resistance 3 Stamp Black

You may have also heard that we will be bringing exclusive early access to a nearly half-hour single-player demo straight to your PS3 on June 14th! The demo will be included on specially-marked Blu-Ray copies of the Sony Pictures sci-fi action thriller Battle: Los Angeles (which you may recall from the now memorable Resistance 3 billboard spotted on a Sony film set). The demo level is the entire boat ride sequence of the game, as Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov discover a flooded town infested with Chimera. We hope you’ll enjoy the small taste of atmosphere, environmental storytelling and exciting action sequences you’ll see in the final version of Resistance 3 on September 6th.

As we lead up to E3 and the game’s launch, there’s still more news to come, so keep it tuned to our Twitter feed, Facebook and sign up to Join the Resistance for all the latest updates on Resistance 3.

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  • looks Good could have been better tho I kno I could draw a better chimeran skull !!! Anyway getting off track here when is ps store gonna be available ? When can I get the welcome back package?? We need answers here people. !

  • I’m sorry but as a box art cover that is ugly….really ugly. Maybe someone there should take marketing 101. No joke that is the worst box art this gen. I can’t believe how bad it looks. This should be the place holder box art. Final word to sum it up ew.

  • I not like so much but it ok

  • I think the first one looked the best and the other two sucked I could do better than that especially if I was gettn paid !! Is the ps store working or is it just me ? WTF ?!??!!

  • Did you guys keep your receipt? Is it still possible to get a refund on this “art”?

  • thanks sony

  • I expected to see better….maybe you should have ask us like you did with part 2 box art.

  • forget what i said

  • I’m just happy it’s not another generic NA box art.

  • That is one hideous box art. You guys should really think about that one.

  • damn you sony, i just got my psn email, after having to resend every 24 hours i finally got it today and the site is down… by the time its back up it will expire again…. -.-


    um can i redeem the code i received when i purchased socom4? would like to play y’know.

  • I’m not gonna lie, when I first saw this on the blog homepage I thought it was the logo of the hackers that took the network down. I have to get used to the blog posting about games again =P

  • love insomniac games there the best around

  • box art is certainly different, but I don’t like it at all

  • Why is my Ken avatar not showing up?

  • x_IRON-MIKE_x303

    Why is the pns down again?

  • I need to get a 3d TV and the sharpshooter (already have move and nav controller)

    anyways this game looks awesome

  • What’s up with PSN sony???

  • Waddup


    I’m getting it ONLY because it’s Resistance :P

  • box art is ok the important thing is when will the PSN Store be up and running i got better things to do like being able to access online on games i waited along time for since i reserved them like mortal kombat

  • Can’t wait!!!

  • I don’t care I just want the playstation store up and running

  • Very stylish. I’m impressed!

  • not very impressive, i couldve down that and probably for alot cheaper….very basic cover, looks “ok” but wont jump out on store shelves as it looks like a advertisement rather then actual final boxart.

  • Well that is a logo, that’s for sure.

  • I’m liking the synergy with the 3’s and the first 3D games, just worked out nicely! haha


  • You guys have to include a 1/1 replica gun in some special edition!!!

  • why is the network down again sony really needs to let us know when they are going to do work on it i’ve been a loyal customer since i first reserved the original playstation hell all my electronics are sony must say my patience is wearing thin

  • Best box art for an FPS EVER.

  • Needs more orange…

  • i dont like it, maybe i can think in one better, maybe

  • I like it!!!!

  • Wow that’s actually pretty bad. I was thinking it should more like the first game’s box art. Heavy Rain had a way better box art than this and a lot of people criticized the crap out of it. What does this box art tell us? It has a New York level. From the box art I wouldn’t think it’d be a really serious possibly depressing game, but it’s supposed to be the end of days for mankind just fighting for survival against insurmountable odds. At least Heavy Rain had the four characters with dramatic looks on their face signifying the type of story, a guy with a gun signifying it has some action in it, a blood stained piece of origami hinting at story elements and a puddle and wet people coupled with the title means there’s rain is somehow important in the game. Even the one with just the origami and rain is supposed to just look mysterious representing the main theme the game has. This box art doesn’t tell you anything about the game besides aliens and NYC and definitely doesn’t do the game any justice.

  • Psn isn’t completely up and we get box art………intresting. how ’bout an update on the network or store?

  • Hmm, not really feeling the box art very much, very bland. I mean I know the atmosphere is bland and all but this doesn’t look too good. Aw well though, I still plan on picking up the game anyway if I can!

  • I like this cover

  • Would make a great template for cutting this years pumpkin for Halloween.

  • I’m SO waiting for this game!!!

  • Resistance never really felt “next gen”. its very stiff, and when something dies it’s just stuck to the ground like it was bolted there. just doesn’t feel right. the box art looks plain enough that i dont think it’ll stand out, but…. hey. here’s hoping they made a better quality game.

  • @Gpz1100 two different teams

    Posted by James Stevenson // Senior Community Manager, Insomniac Games

    Insomniac Games posted this

    non of the people that are working on the network post here anyways

  • Hey James, please listen to this suggestion.

    Can you please make all of the logos on the cover peel off stickers? Either that or some kind of cardboard or paper that we can just slip off after we’ve bought the game (for example the Taxi Driver blu-ray). I think people would really appreciate that. Also the alternate version of the art which shows Capelli walking towards the NYC skyline is pretty rad. Would it be possible to make it just an alternate cover for the regular edition rather than the collector’s edition that I’m assuming is coming. Thanks.

    • James Stevenson

      I wish we could, but it’s not something that can happen.

      Maybe we can do somnething with the reverse inlay being clean

  • That’s a horrible looking box art.

  • i think you should make a cover with pics from in the game, like the guy blasting the ememy or somthing hardcore with good graphics. that looks like something i can do with color pencils,just being honest and of the topic anything on the ps store yet ,or if they will consider a bigger game list for download,cuz ah i have played those games already.i need an update on that plz.,

  • hmm…it’s interesting lol!

  • Looks cool!

  • Nice sony play the first 2 can’t wait for this one keep up the good work sony.

  • Looks quite ungly! is this Orange box 2? . Insomniac should take some advice from Naughty dog’s artists

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