Asura’s Wrath Points To A 2012 Release

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Asura’s Wrath Points To A 2012 Release

After seeing this trailer at Captivate, the hotel was rattling with chat of ‘God Finger’, ‘Heavenly Point’ and ‘Space Cuticle’. The game was actually Asura’s Wrath and, with so many of the games on show such as Dragon’s Dogma suggesting a shift towards more Western influences with new Capcom games, it had a distinctly Japanese feel along similar lines to the likes of God Hand.

However, while there’s nothing new about an action game featuring gigantic Gods, there’s one series that PlayStation fans are particularly familiar with, so I asked director Seiji Shimoda how far the similarities run…

Asura's Wrath for PS3

First of all I’m honored for Asura’s Wrath to be mentioned in the same breath as God of War – I have played it and it’s an incredible game. Superficially, there are some resemblances but we’re hoping that, as you see more of Asura’s Wrath, you’re going feel that it’s something completely different; that it doesn’t really compare with anything else in action gaming.

This fight shown today occurs at the beginning of the game and he is actually one of the weaker bosses. The boss fights aren’t all going to be on this scale… well, the scale may be grander but that’s not to say the bosses have to be bigger, if that makes sense; some will be quicker or simply better fighters. We’re striving to use bosses to heighten the drama of the story, not just use them as an action set-piece at the end of a level.

Asura's Wrath for PS3Asura's Wrath for PS3

It’s not your typical action game where you start out with a small sword and work up to a huge weapon; it doesn’t have that style of progression. However there are various stages where Asura can power up – you have already seen here that he started out with two arms and then he has six, and there will be quite a few transformations along those lines. The character you see here is not all there is.

Asura's Wrath for PS3

We’ve tried to make the camera feel part of the game, not just a lens to view it though, so that the action and the drama feel grander, if you will. So to take today’s example, we’ve placed the camera in a position that makes the boss seem huge. In the fighting sequences, you want the camera really close up so that each punch is at its most visceral. We keep going through this internal self-critique over camera placement and you’re going to see that it’s not there for the sake of being there, but it almost feels like another character.

That’s just about all we know about Asura’s Wrath right now, other than that it satisfies a common request from modern games fans – the option to choose between Japanese and English voiceover. It’s coming to PlayStation 3 in 2012.

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  • hmmm interesting game

  • it would be funny to see the name changed to the shin akuma saga as i think the players toon looks like akuma on crack after an arm transplant

  • It looks awesome. But I’m pretty skeptical. Keep the news coming!

  • @5 Couldn’t agree with you more. Get the store back up and quit talking about games we can’t purchase yet.

  • I LOVED Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.. so I might pick up this one too when it comes out =D

  • Awesum

  • This game looks amazing!

  • I wil buy it. I like that it has the Street Fighter art style. Bonus. It might be an emo cooler God of War type game and that sounds refreshing.

  • lol, the whole finger crushing scene made me think of how it must be like for an ant. I was pretty sure yesterday I felt some little fists punching me as I squished one……….

  • @23 and 34, There will be English and Japanese voiceovers. The last paragraph in the post states this.

    Quoted from above: “That’s just about all we know about Asura’s Wrath right now, other than that it satisfies a common request from modern games fans – the option to choose between Japanese and English voiceover.”

  • Looks good.

    Just hoping it isn’t going to be a QTE button mash.

  • why it say p”reviusly on asura wrath! is there any other games with this title

  • video looks great! but i have to say that kind of Japanese drama it’s so…. well you know toooooo exaggerated something beyond fiction!!

  • that video is old.

  • you can play the demo at E3.

  • The game has my attention. I like the art.

  • 2012 release is smart. This game would get flattened during the latter half of 2011. Will be a great start to beginning of 2012.

  • Heavenly Cuticle looks awesome!! We appear to have reached that “golden age” in the console’s lifespan where developers are using the hardware to its full potential.

  • hmmm..don’t know about this one. i am interested though!

  • Loving these new Capcom IPs!

    Really looking forward to this and Dragon’s Dogma.

  • yeah nice all these games comming out but no psn store to do anything about these codes i cant use now and or buy nothing

  • i swear i can`t wait
    i want this game right noooooooow

  • looks creepy as hell but could be a lot of fun!

  • nobody find this scary?

    i ‘ll be havin nightmares after watching this trailer.

  • Capcom do produce some great games. I’m a big fan of their zombie franchises.

  • @LadyORecks

    He said the music reminds him of Enslaved. He didn’t say it’s like Enslaved.

  • Sony has stated that there was a secondary security bug. As I’ve said in previous posts it might be a good idea to change your passwords anyways, just to be safe. Banks usually give you a replacement card if you ask, so go for it. If you need another view simply google for “PSN security” and I’m sure the latest security issue will be one of the top news stories.

  • animations look SICK!!! Just Like Naruto UNS!!!

  • BTW its awesome that you are adding JP voice overs. English voice overs for a Japanese game is just terrible.

  • whoa!!! awsome

  • looks interesting

  • I see that people have strong preferences for certain voice or voice over, and subtitle. In this modern age of gaming, I would expect such an epic title to allow the user to choose which setup they would like to use themselves. Voice your opinion and it will be heard, that’s what they say.

  • I could see this being a sleeper hit in 2012 if it delivers.

  • I hate feeding trolls, but its REALLY starting to get SUPER old. try whining to your parents as mush as you do on the PSN. And, if you are an adult, like Airwalkman17 said, you’re a sad, PATHETIC excuse for a bag of flesh.

  • The characters, artwork and scenery looks great. I’m hoping the story and voice acting is as good as the visuals.

    Looking forward to it.

  • anyways!
    this game looks like the story will be top notch. I love hack and slashers! but I also appreciate a beautiful story.

  • Capcom.

    Here’s my money. Take it.

  • GODHAND OF WAR, im buying

  • some1 know the release date??

  • xaxaxa didnt see that its 2012 … :)

  • Wait, if that’s one of the weaker bosses, then what’s the strongest boss going to be like? If this one can crush the Earth by poking it, the only other thing I can think of for a stronger boss is destroying the Earth just by looking at it.

  • This game looks amazing! Can’t wait to see more of it.

  • storeplz

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