Asura’s Wrath Points To A 2012 Release

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Asura’s Wrath Points To A 2012 Release

After seeing this trailer at Captivate, the hotel was rattling with chat of ‘God Finger’, ‘Heavenly Point’ and ‘Space Cuticle’. The game was actually Asura’s Wrath and, with so many of the games on show such as Dragon’s Dogma suggesting a shift towards more Western influences with new Capcom games, it had a distinctly Japanese feel along similar lines to the likes of God Hand.

However, while there’s nothing new about an action game featuring gigantic Gods, there’s one series that PlayStation fans are particularly familiar with, so I asked director Seiji Shimoda how far the similarities run…

Asura's Wrath for PS3

First of all I’m honored for Asura’s Wrath to be mentioned in the same breath as God of War – I have played it and it’s an incredible game. Superficially, there are some resemblances but we’re hoping that, as you see more of Asura’s Wrath, you’re going feel that it’s something completely different; that it doesn’t really compare with anything else in action gaming.

This fight shown today occurs at the beginning of the game and he is actually one of the weaker bosses. The boss fights aren’t all going to be on this scale… well, the scale may be grander but that’s not to say the bosses have to be bigger, if that makes sense; some will be quicker or simply better fighters. We’re striving to use bosses to heighten the drama of the story, not just use them as an action set-piece at the end of a level.

Asura's Wrath for PS3Asura's Wrath for PS3

It’s not your typical action game where you start out with a small sword and work up to a huge weapon; it doesn’t have that style of progression. However there are various stages where Asura can power up – you have already seen here that he started out with two arms and then he has six, and there will be quite a few transformations along those lines. The character you see here is not all there is.

Asura's Wrath for PS3

We’ve tried to make the camera feel part of the game, not just a lens to view it though, so that the action and the drama feel grander, if you will. So to take today’s example, we’ve placed the camera in a position that makes the boss seem huge. In the fighting sequences, you want the camera really close up so that each punch is at its most visceral. We keep going through this internal self-critique over camera placement and you’re going to see that it’s not there for the sake of being there, but it almost feels like another character.

That’s just about all we know about Asura’s Wrath right now, other than that it satisfies a common request from modern games fans – the option to choose between Japanese and English voiceover. It’s coming to PlayStation 3 in 2012.

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  • looks like fun

  • eyesofreality03

    i’m lookin forward to how this story opens up through the gameplay. love the art style and the overall size of the characters and environments, and this is just the beginning!

  • Looks like a renter. Unless more details come out that set this game apart from any other action game.

  • Hey, if it changes up the fighting genre with the boss AI, that’s cool. I think that the art style looks cool as well.


  • The fist at the end should have been giving him ‘the finger’ back. lol

  • Had my eye on this ever since it was announced. Definitely getting this one next year.

  • This looks interesting

  • @4 Less off topic posts and more talk about Asura’s Wrath… no one’s gonna reply to your PSN store posts here.

    And this game’s concept looks cool anyway. I’m not a big fan of gameplay less trailers but at least everything else looks good. The music reminds me of Enslaved… I think. Not that I played it but only heard the title music basically so that may or may not be too accurate :P Still, looking forward to more news on this one.

  • Maybe

  • @VofEscaflowne
    This is nothing like Enslaved. I’m preordering this as soon as i get a release date. I don’t typically enjoy action games Until I played Bayonetta and enslaved.

  • Next year huh? It looks like it could be better than god of war.

  • Dark Ryu / Naruto storm 3 that what i see

  • not a bad combo

  • I’m amazed at how capcom keeps making new IPs and not failing at that, i think it’s one of the only japanese devs who understood what gamers want. Looking forward to this game, looks crazy!

  • A game worth the wait!

  • I was trying to log in here on the Playstation web site It saying its back under maintenance again is this temporary…….

  • Meh…looks like a good movie! But a game? need to see gameplay action…

  • looks good and playstation store ! pls


  • Again with a horrible Asian-themed game?


  • Keep the japanase audio and I’ll get it first day!!!!

  • Looks good hope their’s a demo

  • ok game

  • That looks awesome! Loving the Asian art style theme.


  • Game looks HOT! Have my eye on this title and looking forward to seeing more.

  • nygiantsfan1675

    not to change the topic but is there anyway possible to talk bout and see previews on call of duty black ops on the new map pack of call of the dead

  • When the store going to be up
    Or have you decided not to support psp go users anymore

  • God Hand + Devil May Cry + ???

    Sign me up! I’m ready for this game!

  • Giant Finger vs Six Armed Man + DBZ Power Up Scream = Awesome!

  • lol, first it was more game talk, less psn outage. now they want more psn updates and less game talk. babies!!! i want my ps store! whens the store gonna be up?! give me this!! i dont want that! lol.

  • @comment #23

    I AGREE just give us subtitles!

  • is play station down again?.,,,,,

  • @comment 33

    At least there isn’t anymore “bring back multiplayer and etc” people

  • The trailer looks nice, it’s a while out but I would like to request an audio option to keep the original voices with subtitles. Again this is a long way out so………….

    Off topic

    I was wondering if we could get some info on Alice: Madness Returns. I never played the first one but I saw a couple gameplay videos yesterday and it seems to have alot of potential. Maybe we could get the first game included…..probably not but a closed mouth doesn’t get fed, so I thought I’d ask. I did see a sound track is available if ordered through amazon. I put it on my wish list.

    Back on topic
    Anyways thanks Capcom for bring new IPs to the table. It’s nice to have sequels but always nice to see what other ideas devs have…..I promise to keep an eye on this

  • that trailer was INTENSE! It definitely had an epic vibe to it.
    I’ve felt burnt in the past by capcom before, but i’m always willing to support developers who work hard for my system of choice. Lets see some more soon :D

    anyway, off topic:
    All you damn PSN users complaining about a lack of store NEED TO GROW UP!
    Geez, have some respect for the developers who are coming on here who have to work and support themeselves and their families. The PSN store will be up by May 31st. This has been said over and over again. Grow up already.
    I mean, look here———————————————————————————————————————–>>>

    It cleary says, “OPEN TO EVERYONE, BUT DON’T BE A JERK”
    If your a kid posting stuff like that than you need a pimp slap to the face
    If your an adult posting that immature filth than your just a sad bag of human flesh

  • Looks good!

  • I believe it is down again without any noticed need to keep us more inform trying to sign in here on the Web site.

  • Agreed with Airwalkinman17

  • looks beast… might rent it first….

  • im signed in to psn. no probs here in ny.

  • Nuts! I’ve been waiting for this for a while now. This looks like it’s going to be insane, so I’ll be patient.

  • BiezulbubBill69

    Sony was hacked AGAIN TODAY!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!

    :( :(

  • Trailer is definately awe inspiring, i agree with the subtitles suggestion, also to quote YUMYUMYUCKY “Giant Finger vs Six Armed Man + DBZ Power Up Scream = Awesome!” lol, once gameplay vids pop up i’ll be for sure if this is a buy or not, but definately very interested, and seems as if though it will/can have a great story, i hope so anyways…

  • what is this game look kool

  • Any game about “god” is awesome. Look at God of War.

  • We’ll see how it stacks up against God of War.

  • I usually don’t like these kind of games, but this one looks promising!

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