Sony Offering Free ‘AllClear ID Plus’ Identity Theft Protection in the United States through Debix, Inc.

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Sony Offering Free ‘AllClear ID Plus’ Identity Theft Protection in the United States through Debix, Inc.

Last weekend, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that we will provide complimentary enrollment in an identity theft protection program. Here are the details of this program for PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders in the United States only. We are working to make similar programs available in other countries/territories where applicable. Information will be posted on local websites/blogs when available.

Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment International have made arrangements with Debix, Inc., one of the industry’s most reputable identity protection firms, to offer AllClear ID Plus at no cost to PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders for 12 months from the time an account holder registers for the program.

Please note that we will start sending out activation emails for this program over the next few days, and you will have until June 18th to sign-up and redeem your code. You will need to sign up directly through AllClearID, not on Sony’s websites, and details, including step-by-step instructions for the program, will be emailed to United States PSN and Qriocity Account holders soon.

The details of the program include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyber monitoring and surveillance of the Internet to detect exposure of an AllClear ID Plus customer’s personal information, including monitoring of criminal web sites and data recovered by law enforcement. If his/her personal information is found, the customer will be alerted by phone and/or email and will be provided advice and support regarding protective steps to take. The customer will also receive monthly identity status reports. Debix works with an alliance of cyber-crime experts from the government, academia and industry to provide these services.
  • Priority access to licensed private investigators and identity restoration specialists. If an AllClear ID Plus customer receives an alert, or otherwise suspects that he/she may be the victim of identity theft, the customer can speak directly, on a priority basis, with an on-staff licensed private investigator, who will conduct a comprehensive inquiry. In the case of an identity theft, the customer can work with an identity restoration specialist to contact creditors and others, and take necessary steps to restore the customer’s identity.
  • A $1 million identity theft insurance policy per user to provide additional protection in the event that an AllClear ID Plus customer becomes a victim of identity theft. This insurance would provide financial relief of up to $1 million for covered identity restoration costs, legal defense expenses, and lost wages that occur within 12 months after the stolen identity event.

More information will be available on the enrollment page, a link which will be included in the email you will receive.

We continue to work around the clock to have some PlayStation Network services and Qriocity services restored, and will be providing you specific details shortly.

Thank you.

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  • I had a good chuckle when this thread was first started, all the people posting, “Thank you so much Sony; can I polish that apple for you?” Seriously, gushing with thanks for the least Sony could have done? Weeks later they have in fact done nothing other than put their money-making machine back on line, and I don’t know if anyone has noticed but this credit monitoring announcement is quickly being buried by a flurry of blog posts designed to make it sound as if we are back to business as usual. They need to get this credit monitoring gig underway. I am nearly 50-years old, I have worked my whole life to build sound credit, and I will be more than willing to join a class-action-suit if I fell Sony hasn’t performed due diligence: just to be a bur in their side.

  • I’ve been hearing that when the Playstation Store opens up everything is going to be free. N e one else here that?

  • How can u get them to resend the e-mail?

  • Resend the email? I still haven’t even received one.
    I too will jump on the law suit band wagon. I’d much rather receive this email and identity protection. But we’ll have to wait and see. All this waiting sucks. Sony has and “compromised” my info, they shouldn’t even need me to sign up, they can do it for me.

  • It’s only offered to people that are SOE members. I received the email today. That’s not right. It should be offer to all network members not just SOE members. Here is the email I received.

    Customer Service Notification
    Password Reset

    Should you require game software, visit Additionally, many games are offering a variety of items and special events to welcome players back. Get the Welcome Back Program details. SOE is committed to helping its customers protect their personal data and will provide a complimentary identity theft protection program. For Station Account holders in the United States, we have made arrangements with Debix, Inc., one of the industry’s most reputable identity protection firms, to offer a 12-month complimentary enrollment in the AllClear ID PLUS identity theft protection program.

  • So…free games and free credit monitoring…has ANYONE received ANY Sony email making this statement? They seem pretty incompetent at getting things done so far…I don’t know why I expect anything more than that now.

  • Wen playStation store is goin 2 B back up N runin?

  • Well Sony twenty days later still no email.This should have been first priority over anything else.Another epic fail.LAME LAME LAME :(

  • My account was lost and now I need to make a new one because playstation network won’t let me it sat wrong e-mail md plasswork and I’m typing it right Please playstation helP me with this

  • So what do you do if you never received the email link with the registration code???

  • It is now May 23rd and to date NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has received an email with an actual code for ID theft protection, unless they are not letting any one else know about it. and since that is the case, it is just hollow promises.
    My wife’s CC was used by the jerks that either did the hack or those that got their hands on the list.
    Yes we killed the cards but since Sony to this day still says it was UNLIKELY that CC info was compromised we waited. After all when a responsible company has any thing close to this happen they let their customers know right away so they can protect themselves.
    As for carlos3887192 sorry dude, it is likely that your account password, address, and email have been changed by whoever has the list of account info. If I were you I would call Sony Support and see if you can get your account back, before too much damage is done in your name.

  • Still waiting on that email SONY!

  • yep still waiting… so if something happens before SONY decides to send out the emails, does that mean I have a really good lawsuit?

  • what an effing crock.. great job Sony, still making promises you can’t keep. Why are any of us still ok with them?

  • what was it that they hacked into? the network with all our info we put in over the playstation itself or the website i never knew about until i read Cry_Havok’s post? i went and made an account and found out the id protection is only offered to accounts made before may 2, 2011. whats up with that? the only card i used on the playstation store, that ive had and used for years, was used without me knowing during the time all this came about. the accounts been closed by the card company before i even knew it was used and i wont have to pay for any of the fraudulent charges. i cant say for sure it was stolen from the playstation network but even if it was i cant get my identity protected because i wasnt signed up at in time. wtf does the soe site have to do with the people who play and buy on the network?

  • Patrick I think you forgot to hit send button on all our emails for this Allclear ID Plus offer.

  • Why is it only now in a post from Cry_Havok that we know that it’s only available to SOE members and not part of the original post from Sony??? Seriously? I’ll be right along there with whoever gets the class action suit going. This is BS if they only offer the protection to yet another sub sect of the PSN.

  • No email here either. What’s up Sony? Deadline is June so we better start calling their Customer Service!

  • My card that was on my psn account was already used fraudulently, Watch your $$ people!!!

  • Sony Online Entertainment “SOE includes PSN and Qriocity accounts. In order to qualify, as I understand, one must have been enrolled PRIOR to the Hack, Breach, or unauthorized release of information from Sony operated networks.

    To fraudulently post the following info would in fact be considered by the court system as False Advertisement.

    This is copied from this blog posted by SONY as an authorized statement.
    “Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment International have made arrangements with Debix, Inc., one of the industry’s most reputable identity protection firms, to offer AllClear ID Plus at no cost to PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders for 12 months from the time an account holder registers for the program.”

    The issue here is the response time of Sony in putting this promise into effect is not in a timely manner to protect either itself or it’s clients from fraudulent financial harm, placing a further responsibility on Sony.

  • SONY, you monitor ALL of the blogs and since you started this one, Why don’t you respond.
    Provide your customers with at least a timely update and a reason why you have not moved forward with more than an unfulfilled promise of protection.
    Even the timeline that you gave Debix Inc. to inform us May 14th has long since past, we are an understanding people, and rational. Simply the truth as to why you are stalled in this progress would place the trust that you are loosing with those whom you profit from. We are being harmed and it is escalating soon it will move to the much more destructive form of ID theft and since those that wait for your actions can fall to greater harm of total ID theft.
    The denial of the source of the identity release will be no longer a defensible legal position. This will place a much further financial burden on your company.

  • Looks like Debix has been ready for a while.

    I emailed this link to Sony support last week, and they said…

    “Thank you for contacting Sony Computer Entertainment America, LLC (SCEA) with your questions concerning the AllClear ID Plus program. Very soon we will begin sending out activation emails to all PlayStation® Network and Qrocity account holders in the United States. The email will contain the step by step instructions (including the activation code) you will need to sign up for the program.

    Additional information about the AllClear ID Plus Program can be found on our blog at:

    Any updates or additional information on the program will also be posted on the blog as soon as the information becomes available:

    We appreciate the fact that you have been very patient with us throughout the entire outage and ask that you continue to be patient as we work to roll out this program.”

  • i just wan to get back to what i have come to accept as “my” online community. It has been a pretty big deal not being able to do the few things that this machine that does it all really does. I hate to grip but,
    C’mon Sony. this is too little too late. and i still dont have most services…..

  • @J-Loch Thanks!!!

  • what good does that link do if you cant put in your correct email address? it wont let you use the –
    at least i cant on 2 different pc’s. another thing for you to fix sony.

  • hey i never got this email. how can i get an the information for this?? =[

  • J-Loch beat me to it. Just found an article on that has the link.

  • @keykeyul just click that link that J-lock posted

  • that’s cool of u guys to do all that. Ty Sony!

  • thank you very much =]

  • Sony member since 1997, and i will never betray Sony for low-class low quality pieces of junk that’s Microsoft.Sony now, Sony forever.

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