Sony Offering Free ‘AllClear ID Plus’ Identity Theft Protection in the United States through Debix, Inc.

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Sony Offering Free ‘AllClear ID Plus’ Identity Theft Protection in the United States through Debix, Inc.

Last weekend, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that we will provide complimentary enrollment in an identity theft protection program. Here are the details of this program for PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders in the United States only. We are working to make similar programs available in other countries/territories where applicable. Information will be posted on local websites/blogs when available.

Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment International have made arrangements with Debix, Inc., one of the industry’s most reputable identity protection firms, to offer AllClear ID Plus at no cost to PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders for 12 months from the time an account holder registers for the program.

Please note that we will start sending out activation emails for this program over the next few days, and you will have until June 18th to sign-up and redeem your code. You will need to sign up directly through AllClearID, not on Sony’s websites, and details, including step-by-step instructions for the program, will be emailed to United States PSN and Qriocity Account holders soon.

The details of the program include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyber monitoring and surveillance of the Internet to detect exposure of an AllClear ID Plus customer’s personal information, including monitoring of criminal web sites and data recovered by law enforcement. If his/her personal information is found, the customer will be alerted by phone and/or email and will be provided advice and support regarding protective steps to take. The customer will also receive monthly identity status reports. Debix works with an alliance of cyber-crime experts from the government, academia and industry to provide these services.
  • Priority access to licensed private investigators and identity restoration specialists. If an AllClear ID Plus customer receives an alert, or otherwise suspects that he/she may be the victim of identity theft, the customer can speak directly, on a priority basis, with an on-staff licensed private investigator, who will conduct a comprehensive inquiry. In the case of an identity theft, the customer can work with an identity restoration specialist to contact creditors and others, and take necessary steps to restore the customer’s identity.
  • A $1 million identity theft insurance policy per user to provide additional protection in the event that an AllClear ID Plus customer becomes a victim of identity theft. This insurance would provide financial relief of up to $1 million for covered identity restoration costs, legal defense expenses, and lost wages that occur within 12 months after the stolen identity event.

More information will be available on the enrollment page, a link which will be included in the email you will receive.

We continue to work around the clock to have some PlayStation Network services and Qriocity services restored, and will be providing you specific details shortly.

Thank you.

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  • this is going above and beyond!
    i love sony! also, thanks for the
    free extra large t-shirt for the rewards
    program. i can fit 2 of me in the t-shirt!

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Waiting to hear what you’ll be doing for Canadians.

  • PhantomOfPanton

    I’m extremely happy with everything you are doing!

    Sony is a victim just like us, they actually have it worse than us; yet they are handling it better. There not like “BLARG F U WE WANT ONLINE”
    Anyway, thanks Sony!

    PS: Why no game news? It’s kinda a bad idea to NOT have any game news. News on games would get everyone less annoyed and get us to chill out.

  • So when will get get these emails for this?

  • I am Canadian, and so are many of my friends. We all use the network, and we all had to suffer no online gaming, no CoD for them, For me I couldn’t Play WKC online. I have paid for about 600 dollars for my online content. and probably about 800 for my 2 ps3’s. I love sony and playstation, I have bought 3 psp’s now, and still have my PS2 and still buy games for it.

    This network problem didn’t and won’t stop me from buying Sony Products. But I find it unfair that Canadians and other Regions get nothing. I don’t want to sue, I don’t want a free credit, I am not even asking for insurance. I wouldn’t be opposed to it or PSN plus. But something to show that if Sony messed up somewhere other then the states, which it obviously did, that we would also see compensation. That is all. If we are and I am just reading it in the wrong place, please inform me. or if there is somewhere I can apply to get something, super.

  • has anyone gotten the e-mail about this yet? Because I haven’t.

  • I have never received any e-mail from the beginning of this. Should I have ?

  • What about Canada? Canadians get what???

  • I haven’t received any e-mails at all about this. I was wondering about it as well.

  • Nice job getting the PSN back online but our privacy concern must be address even if we aren’t in the USA! What about Canada? Will we have an identity theft protection too? Cyber monitoring, the insurance policy and acces to private investigator? Can you send e-mail to those who add their identity, credit card number and password stolen on your network to inform them?

  • Ok. so when are we going to get the e-mails about this? When can we do this?

  • So, what is the Canadian option?

  • 10 days after this post, and who’s getting a message about this? While I don’t think they handled this debacle quite the way they should have, I don’t know of any other company of this size that wouldn’t try the same. Still, I’ve had my finances forced on hold due to suspicious activity for a bit over 2 weeks, trying to get a new card and account, and bills/notices tend to pile up quickly. Just saying, it’d be nice to actually receive what they’re providing.

    That being said, once my identity is cleared, I look forward to continuing to use Sony’s products and services.

  • How can i know that i got the e-mail? Ive been checking my account, as well as searching for Playstation Network on my email and nothing pops out with identity theft or news related to this incident. What if the message was sent to the junk mail and deleted automatically on its own? Do we have access to a database that can resend the e-mail? Is it possible to resend the e-mail?

  • yea. if it look like junk mail it could have been lost i never check or open junk mail. =/

  • Im glad they are giving us security now and playstation store is comming back now :)

  • So, as far as I understand, Sony has also announced they would seek to do similar deals for non-US PSN users, with whatever resources they may identify in the users’ region/country.
    I would imagine they may be researching the options before they make an announcement. I as one that lives in the States, have also been somewhat dissapointed with the lack of communication on the issue and the way the whole situation has been handled with respect to the customers.

  • So happy that the network is finally up and running :D. I wanted to know & ask about the offer of the AllClear ID Plus’ Identity Theft Protection… Great your giving that to the states, but what are going to be doing for people in Canada, Europe & various other countries who have the PlayStation Network and Qriocity accounts? Don’t think its overly fair that you give it to just one country and not others. everyone else is just as much affected by the security of your system as the states are.

  • Have any U.S. consumers received their activation email for complimentary enrollment in the Debix identity theft protection program? I haven’t received my activation email and I’ve been getting nothing but circle talk from Sony Support. Just curious if any other U.S. consumers are having this problem, or have received their activation email?

  • I haven’t received an Email regarding the Debix identity theft protection program, either.

  • Any Update on went will activation emails for this program AllClearID will be sent out via eMAIL , you will have until June 18th TO SIGN FOR. AS PER MAY 5, 2010 SONY BLOG

  • “Over the next few days Sony will be emailing activation codes to register for AllClear ID PLUS. Once you have an activation code you will have until June 28th to sign-up and redeem your activation code. ”


  • @Patrick – Regarding this, what of my wife and kids, who all have PSN sub-accounts under mine? Do they get the ID theft coverage as well? Obviously their names, addresses, email addresses, and passwords were also compromised in the attack, so it makes sense they would qualify. But I’m curious as to how Sony and Debix are handling that. I’m sure I’m not the only customer with multiple PS3’s and PSN accounts in the same household.

    Also, what if my home/auto/life insurance company offers a similar ID theft protection service? Is it possible to use their service (which, incidentally, is cheaper than Debix) since I already have a relationship with them? Or am I required to use the Debix offering?


  • Sounds great to bad it for US only what are you offering for Canada you know that big hunk of land above you lol.

  • Still havent received the email for AllClear ID Plus….

  • Glad to have the network back, but what about the emails for the security? Anybody know any more info?

  • finally back on good job you guys still need the store so i can idownload movies and such!!!

  • In the FAQ regarding service restoration, it says that details on the ID protection will “follow” so I don’t think anyone’s received the activation email yet. I understand there were a lot of moving pieces here, Sony, but this post said a “few days” from the 5th and you did a bad job setting expectations.

  • “”Please note that we will start sending out activation emails for this program over the next few days, and you will have until June 18th to sign-up and redeem your code. You will need to sign up directly through AllClearID, not on Sony’s websites, and details, including step-by-step instructions for the program, will be emailed to United States PSN and Qriocity Account holders soon. “”

    So WHERE is my e-mail. This post is well over a week old and you are only giving members now a month to register.

  • I have yet to receive my email for the ID Protection service. Is there an address I can send an email to requesting it be re-sent?
    I would have posted here before, but my PSN network passwork needed to be reset first.

  • If you have a PSN acct. then you automatically have a Qriocity account correct? I haven’t seen an email either.

  • I have yet to see an email either. Rather irksome since we’re supposed to be enrolled by tomorrow! Grrrr.

  • Doh. I guess I actually should have re-read that. Don’t know why I thought this was June already! Whew. But still, I’d really like to know if I missed getting this email.

  • Sony, is not acting fast enough on the ID theft issue.
    My family has already been victimized by this problem.
    In fact my wife’s Credit Card was tied to my son’s account so that he could get signed on to the network as he did not have a Credit Card at the time, and her Credit Card was fraudently used in England for $325.00.
    While my bank has returned the funds to us, this does nothing to protect us from the same persons from taking a Loans out in her name.
    Since I have my info on an account to use on Netflix from the PS3 I am in the same risk.
    I need the ID protection NOW, Sony’s in a few days have come and gone and nothing.
    Sony has yet to personally notify us of anything, only thru this blog and news announcements and third parties have we found out anything at all.
    This is quite relevant since many of the parents whom supplied their CC info for their children to play, provided the relevant address info which makes the parents just as vulnerable as all 93 million of us.
    While I appreciate the offer, it is only an offer until it made real.

  • And if we haven’t received the email? It’s been over two weeks since Sony was going to start sending out the emails with a link to the enrollment page…??!

  • So here we are almost two weeks later and still no activation email. Meanwhile, I am footing a bill for $12.95/month to protect me from Sony’s incompetence.

    Get your crap together. Rolling this out should be a cinch, so wha’s with the delay?

  • I just sent an email to Sony Customer service asking about the I.D. protection plan information. I wasn’t sure if I missed the email or they just hadn’t sent them out yet. I sure hope they get things straightened out because this whole situation makes me very nervous.

  • Nice! Along with having my Sony Wallet filled up this is awesome!

  • Still waiting on the email about this program… Given that it took Sony so long to disclose just how bad their system got infiltrated (and how boned we all are), I guess this would still count as “a few days” for them. Seriously, I lose more and more respect for this company every day. Not willing to eat the loss of all my equipment and games to get away from PS3 yet… but it’s definitely getting there.

  • WHERE IS MY EMAIL?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • The blog post created by Senior Director of Communications and Media, Patrick Seybold, on 05/05/2011 stated that “we will be sending out activation emails for this program over the next few days.” What is Mr. Seybold’s definition for a “few days?” Fifteen days have now passed since the blog was posted and I have yet to receive my activation email.

    I have received my credit reports from the three credit reporting agencies. I have initiated a fraud alert on my credit reports through these credit reporting agencies. I have disputed the fraudulent charge made to my compromised credit card and cancelled my compromised credit card. So, I have done everything SCEA has advised all psn users to do. Now it is time for SCEA to do what it said it was going to do in order to protect it’s customers.

    I could care less about the “Welcome Back offer,” all I want is some peace of mind.

  • Fanboys Crack me up! Do any of you READ anything other than the propaganda SOE feeds you? This whole ordeal was CREATED BY SONY, FOR SONY! I have all systems, I am MY FANBOY! Sony accessed my Card 4 times in the previous 6 months WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION. NOT A HACKER, SONY! My card was just accessed on 5/11/11 (Supposedly in Sony’s FULL CONTROL)for $6,900.00. 19 transactions in less than a minute by whom? SONY!!! Sony’s increased Security is going to cost you a monthly fee just like XBox Live and this is the way they get you to go “AWWWWW! Sure Sony I Understand, I’ll Pay!!!”

  • Sony you really need to come clean on all of this! Where’s my extensions on the subscription services I have PAID IN ADVANCE FOR? What about my DC U. and Playstation Plus, MLB the Show? When do I get compensated for the services you have accepted payment for, but failed to provide? We have a term for that here in ILLINOIS; IT’S CALLED FRAUD! And Internet Theft!

  • I just called Sony and they gave me the same runaround that the rest of you are reporting…that they are doing this as fast as they can… What exactly is Sony waiting for here to get us all setup on Credit Fraud Prevention Services.

    Seems like this should have been the first response right after they noticed that personal information was compromised.

    Stop with all the promises to your customers and get this done already.

  • Is there someone we should contact if we haven’t received a link or code via email?

  • Dear Sony,

    Please send us an update regarding timing of this e-mail. I understand if things are taking longer than originally expected, however you must manage our expectations regarding timing.


  • I did not get an email for this.

  • evilresidentalex

    I havent recieved any email on the identity theft service sony is offering!!

  • No email here either – what’s up?

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