Clarifying a Few PSN Points

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Clarifying a Few PSN Points

I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify a point and answer one of the most frequently asked questions today.

There’s a difference in timing between when we identified there was an intrusion and when we learned of consumers’ data being compromised. We learned there was an intrusion April 19th and subsequently shut the services down. We then brought in outside experts to help us learn how the intrusion occurred and to conduct an investigation to determine the nature and scope of the incident. It was necessary to conduct several days of forensic analysis, and it took our experts until yesterday to understand the scope of the breach. We then shared that information with our consumers and announced it publicly this afternoon.

For those who were looking there’s also an FAQ with some more frequently asked questions

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

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  • I think you should have sent an E-mail to everyone saying there has been a problem with the PSN that you are investigating. Then tell them to check the PlayStation Blog for updates and provide the link. Not everyone knows to check game sites or something for the news.

  • @+ xxnike629xx doesnt mean nothing to you anyway YOUR DONE . or have you forgotten already ??? there isnt anything sony can do that would shut that yap of yours . so just move on to the 360 like you said you were going to … but anyway way thanks for the clarification sony . let’s move forward so we can go back to talking about games here .

  • @ 81

    Because they didn’t know the extent of the attack that early. Remember when we were informed it would be 1-2 days?

    Please people, get with the program.

  • I laugh at the people who think Sony’s servers should be so air-tight that no hacker should get through. Have these people realized that companies more important than Sony and even the government have been hacked into in the past?

  • Things we’ve learned while PSN was down:

    1. There are alot of inpatient, whiny, i want it now and for free, people on here. For their sake, I hope they are under 16. And since they better be; grow up and get a clue. While you’re at it, smack your parent(s)/guardian, they failed everyone.
    2. Everyone loves a good theory. Unfortunately, some mistake theory and hypothetical for fact and truth. Indeed, they are NOT the same. And more cuts to come in education, man I love priorities. We’re doomed. Just sayin’
    3. I babble alot when I’m bored and really need more local adult friends to hang out with. LOL (vast majority have moved away…pfft) Plus aside from my 8 year old, and online PSN, there is no one to talk to about video games. Sooooooo…..anyhoooo.
    4. Sony will never have enough information to please everyone, and the majority feels that Sony has handled this communication of this event, poorly.
    5. Some are just diehard Sony fans and are blinded by loyalty and won’t be swayed no matter how valid the argument is against them.

    Feel free to add. Running out of characters. heh

  • @Akimitsu:

    Been there said that, and a few others here too have brough that up too. Most don’t seem to either want to face that fact or do, not believe it’s happened. That or they honestly live under a rock (so, to speak.) Kudo’s to you for trying to bring it up too though.

  • @93 Of course not!
    All they know what to do is the following:
    -Turn on PS3
    -Select Shooter game (COD,KZ,SCM,BTLFLD etc)
    -Sign In
    -Enter said shooter game
    -Run,Aim(L1), Shoot(R1), Duck(O), repeat

    :D lol

  • Akimitsu782 You are so right, I know exactly what you are talking about. heck fb alone was hacked for 10% of the user base last year, noone made much fuss for more than a week. thats 30 million user accounts. most comments here i would presume that they come from children. goodnight blog.

    sony call me.

  • what about the money I had on my wallet and that I lost during last intrusion???

    I told you Sony, that they may be planning a massive attack, but you didnt hear, and worse, you still havent answer me yet!

    On the other hand, please keep the updates

  • If you want to blame somebody for this then it is the HACKER that needed to be blamed we are all victims in this. they didn’t get the important numbers to steal your idenity that would be your social secrety number.THIS IS TO THE HACKER IF YOU HAVE MY ADDRESS COME VISIT ME IN PERSON SO I CAN SHOW YOU WHAT I THINK OF THEIFS AND HOW WE DEAL WITH PEOPLE LIKE !!

  • @ Frejim how do you know you lost any money? Able to login? Not likely, Soo go back to ur game or movie. dont be rude to them

  • You know the final report of this might of been yesterday. But there was a lot of information leading up to the conclusion of the report. And in my opinion if there is even a 1% chance that my personal information has been taken by an unauthorized party I’d like to know about it. This has been my point though out all of this. And I’ve done IT work in the past and I’d bet good money they had a good idea about the breach if not prior to calling in a 3rd party. And used the 3rd party to figure out how to stop it in the future and rebuild the network. Seriously do you really think it was yesterday that they figured out what happened and how they’re going to fix it?

    ~Just a thought

  • Sony should prepare their lawyers cause the crap is going to hit the fan. Totally awful support and the speed in which we were notified was terrible. I’ll tell you right now if anything and I mean anything belonging to me was compromised not only will I never touch another Sony product again, I’ll carry this to all people I am in contact with to see that none of us ever buy from Sony again. The scale of this “hack” is terrifying, enough to not only put my credit on the line but my very identity. Thanks Sony for all your hard work at keeping our information secure.

  • Yes, yes and Yay!… I got the Platinum Trophy of Socom 4 U.S. NAVY SEALs

  • Easily said but let’s face it : nobody believes you, Sony.

    About 5 days ago you announced that an external intrusion made you shut down servers for security. It was then that you should’ve said our credentials were potentially leaked. Then, best-case scenario, all you had to do was announce today that our infos were safe.

    You gambled despite not having the pot odds, ydi. Not only did you lose the bet but you lost most of us’ trust.

  • 83
    Let’s play it that way.

    Sony: An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. There is a possiblility that personal information could have be compromised

    PSN User: OMG! SONY THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! Now I have make sure they can’t use that information.

    SONY: It is now know that there was no personal information compromised.


    People will whine. If Sony would have told us that, it would cause panic, then if everything was fine, they would be mad that they had to do unnecessary things.

  • I hope Patrick remembered his training manual. I believe it was under the heading: Damage Control

  • @105: while its true you can’t please all of the people all of the time, I still believe they should have informed us if there was even a chance it could have happened instead of letting our personal data be in the hands of an unidentified third party for close to 10 days. :\

    This is all “what if” anyway. The truth of it is our data WAS compromised and that should have been thought of right away. Again, why else would someone want to hack into PSN?

  • People Im very happy because… I got the Platinum Trophy of Socom 4 U.S. NAVY SEALs

    Yes, yes and Yay! ^_^

  • @ SOOPERGOOMAN187. As I wrote, that happened some time before the previous intrusion, the first one. They were doing test, this was not massive.

    But now they knew they could do that, steal information, etc etc. They did it massive!!!!!

    PS: tell me where and how I was being rude?

  • FYI…just tried to log in. We’re still down.

    Now, to DH:A! (local single player….boooooooo, but still fun! )

    Multitask mode on: *ding* Bronze for multiple multitasking feats in a day. :p

  • I personally think it is your fault your CC information was stolen because you gave them that information. I think it says something in the privacy policy about them not being responsible. I can’t remember though, its a LONG policy.

  • I’d also like to point out that at this time it appears to be impossible for us to change our Login and Passwords.

  • PS3: It Only Does Class Action Lawsuits

  • thanks for the heads up sony. I hope you catch the b@$t@rd$!!

  • @103 Congratz I’ve been using this PSN down time to try and platinum some of my other games sadly I’m slow at getting the platinum trophy for anything. LOL

    Thanks for the updates Sony! It truly is sad that so many people can’t understand that Sony doesn’t fail just because it got hacked. Just about everything out there is capable of being hacked no matter how much security you put in to it.

  • @108 That’s cool!

    My all time favorite platinum trophy is Assassin’s Creed 2’s “Master Assassin” trophy.
    Of all 11 platinums I own, the most proudest I own is the Master Assassin platinum :D

    Hmm…So for all you guys….what your most faborite trophy you’ve EVER collected? Can be any bronze-platinum!

  • @116 I have to say that the trophy I am most proud of is my MW2 platinum… Mainly because it took me so long to get and I felt incredibly accomplished once I finished Special Ops! :P

  • @116 @ Rene_Led Now I have 3 Platinum Trophy, LittleBigPlanet 1, Killzone 3 and now Socom 4 U.S NAVY SEALs ^_^

  • just got my warning email from sony.

  • They warned us. What’s done is done..people need to shut up already and stop being jerks.

  • no one cares

  • All I know is you guys better get the FBI involved or whoever handles personal info theft and hacking of this scale.

  • Sony how long the PSN will be back it been 7 day with no PSN i dont wanna play xbox live i hate xbox 360 >.<

  • @111 lol are you for reals?

    for the record, I’ve already canceled my debit card, but this is still incompetence on their part. I really like Sony as much as (most) of you guys on here but they messed up here. I understand “no one is unhackable” but why wasn’t the data encrypted?

    haha i should really stop wasting my time here.

  • For those of you who planned to sell your PS3 and get a 360 what do you think that will solve? You have to put money in to it to play online (60 bucks right?) and therefore you could be compromised if Microsoft were to get hacked and then what would you do? You would go to the Xbox forums and post “OMG you let my info get compromised I’m selling my 360 and getting a PS3 again” Holy crap you are back where you started! Oh well not my place to judge the Xbox isn’t half bad as long as I have a group of friends to play it with… But I’d never pay for the online.

  • @117 I used to have MW2 but Special was B-word! Especially that one round with all the juggernauts and use eplosives and knives! :P
    @118 KZ3 was suprisingly easy to platinum! And I thought it im possible since I suk at shooters O_o!

  • Take as much time as you need, Sony. Hopefully this will never happen again, and thanks for all the information you have provided us with.

  • @Rene_Led Yea the Special Ops was annoying but both of the juggernaut missions in the end were easy with a partner… I think the hardest was the stupid Breach and Clear mission at the very end… I could barely beat that on Regular. :P

  • The online is free right now, perfect time to pull Sony’s fans.

  • Hey hey listen…. Shutup and take my order

  • When there is a breach like this it’s normal for the company provide a no cost credit monitoring service to those affected. We entrusted our CC info to Sony and part of that transaction to keep that info secure. I have used my free annual credit report this year, I don’t believe that I should have to wait 9 months to see if this breach of Sonly security will have hurt my credit. So far I think Sony is doing as much as they could to figure out how this came about and taking steps to prevent it in the future.

  • what we truly need is the psn up again and some free credit from the ps store. we rely on them to keep our private information secure. that has been compromise, so we deserve something for their big miss up. i know is not their fault that they got hack, but they should have upgrade their system long time ago after the first hacking attempt . now some jerk knew their system can easy get hack by amateurs and now some pro’s came in to really do some damage to psn and all the loyal customers . i’m a ps plus member so i will still be loyal customers the the ps ,but we deserve something for sure

  • @124
    yes, i am.
    Also, how do you know it was/wasn’t encrypted?
    They could have obtained the encryption key through the servers anyway, so it really doesn’t matter.

  • Sony better buy the rights to Left 4 Dead for this mishap

  • @130 you got it!
    *Gets pen and pad ready* …wait you want 50 MILLION DOLLARS? Who you think you kidnap? PSN’s users money? Alright alright 50million dollars no prob…..You want 20million in 50’s….20million in 20’s….and 10million in 10’s……You want any 5’s with that?

    *I’ll give virtual Cookie for who knows what movie I borrowed that line from :D

  • goodnight everyone, until tomorrow.


  • You guys should be glad that Sony is telling us when does the breach happened and try to keep us up to date (I do admit that Sony can do more). Similar thing happened to me before and the organization did not even tell me when did it happen, and no actual follow up either… I was just lucky that no bad things happen to me that time.

    Sony, keep us informed as best as you can.

    Oh, one more thing, keep the security system up to date after PSN is restored. You know, tech moves very fast.

  • @Rene_Led I know KZ3 Platinum Trophy was very easy… so my favorite Platinumtrophy was Socom 4. Well people bye Im tired i going to the bed bye. ^_^

  • Platinum Trophy Collection:
    [1] Uncharted 2 – Among Thieves
    [2] Darksiders
    [3] Call of Duty – World at War

    Near Platinum:
    [1] Resistance 2 – 9,000 Kills Needed
    [2] Bioshock 2 – Beat the Game on Hard

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