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I know you are waiting for additional information on when PlayStation Network and Qriocity services will be online. Unfortunately, I don’t have an update or timeframe to share at this point in time.

As we previously noted, this is a time intensive process and we’re working to get them back online quickly. We’ll keep you updated with information as it becomes available. We once again thank you for your patience.

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  • Are you going to do a Drop this week? Also Can you do something so we can Have hulu+ while the PSN is done?

  • I ment down

  • Please .. take your time :)
    we want best service :p

  • @sid4peeps: The games are the same price. I had well over 200 hundred arcade games before I sold me 360. I have actually seen better deals on PSN than Live. There are more games getting permanent price drops too.

  • @azariaspice If someone hacked my laptop, I’d probably realize I need to update my security software, so actually it would, at least in part, be my fault.
    And PSN ISN’T free, in that you buy a PS3 with the understanding that you have access to online features. It’s right there on the box, therefore it’s included in the cost of the console – not to mention that it’s the only way to access many games which you’ve paid for and own.
    Not that I care much about PSN being down. I just love coming on here and looking at the carnage that Sony’s incompetence (and very possibly illegal removal of OtherOS) has brought forth!

  • The truth: They had a serious problem they could not fix. They did not rush because nobody pays you extra for crappy fast jobs. They did not work on sunday because they are normal people with normal schedules. They don’t care about your decision of getting an xbox because that just shows them how much you care about videogames and online play. They will not read your Facebook comment because there are thousands of them. So just relax people, play offline or something.

  • I’m not upset at the outage per say… I understand they want to redo things so this cannot happen again and I am glad for that. I am also glad that you can play for free if you do not want to buy a PS+ subscription, though I do have one. People seem to fail to realize that this is most likely costing Sony a ton of money. PSN transactions over the past five day, impulse buys, I have tons of PSN games and add-ons and a large percentage of them are impulse buys that I would probably not get if I were to rethink things, which I have had time to do on quite a few things. Not to mention PS+ resub is coming up, and this isn’t exactly going to help with renewals.

    What I am now a little bothered by is I have no idea if my information is safe. A day or two, ok, I can see not mentioning anything about it and letting people just assume that it is safe. Five days though? That is a bit of a stretch for any company. I have all of my banking information in the PSN and I have no idea if it is secure or not. Hell, I can’t even pull my banking information out of it because the service itself is down.

  • It is not unreasonable to ask for an update on whether our personal information is safe or not. At the very least, they should have sent something out saying that all financial records were removed from PSN, wince we cannot do this ourselves.

    Once again… I’m not trying to be negative. I love my PS3 and the PSN… I just want to know whats up with my financial information. I don’t think that is being unreasonable.

  • Disgruntled PSN Users:
    We Do Not Forgive,
    We Do Not Forget,
    We Are Legi… oh, wait…

  • Thanks for these updates.

  • My Sony Vaio laptop is running Microsoft’s Operating System…PLEASE do not remove this feature Sony…


  • people here are such haters, jeez.

    does this suck? yes
    should we get free stuff? no (except for people that pay for mmo fees etc, they should be reimbursed, ps plus not included)
    do we pay more for game through psn then xbla? no
    is it good to say something even if its nothing new in updates? yes
    are the people that complain small children at least mentally? yes

    back in my day there was this think called single player, you kids should try it sometime!

    now get of my lawn!!

  • Yeah, single player… it’s just as good.. People need to calm down.

  • A day or two? Sony lies? Not really surprised here. This is the SAME company that promised us Cross-Game voicechat like two-three years ago, people. DID you really expect them to come through with the one-two days thing? I didn’t I knew this would be a longer process than another.

    As for “when PSN comes back up, its gonna be greater and better” – all I have to say is – HA! Chances are the only thing they’re [Sony] really trying to do is put up a better security firewall that hackers will eventually get through. I hope they won’t, but hackers don’t stop, and ANOY definitely won’t stop till they get Sony, again. Unless Sony decides to take this to the court.

    Oh, and one last thing, THANK YOU, Sony for not lying again. I rather them give us NO timeframe what-so-ever then give us one, because chances are if they gave us a timeframe, it’ll be another lie. Which won’t really get through the community any better than right now.

  • @105 – is it good to say something even if its nothing new in updates? NO because then what would be the point of an UPDATE if nothing NEW is being displayed?


    lol @ old people with alzheimers seem to forget how arrogant SONY is and how this all started as soon as they started COMPROMISING YOUR SECURITY when they demanded information on people who simply VIEWED hacker pages in PS3…so you could be curious about what all the fuss is about and now you’re being monitored with no security thanks to SONY

    think about that while more kids play in your lawn because of the PSN being down because of SONY’s arrogance.

    I want to see an APOLOGY from them…they have a lot of explaining to do and it starts with respecting US, the consumer, as REAL customer

  • It would be great… if this was the PSN adapting to Android 3.0 and it was just having flaws ironed out… using a false flag to mask the downtime. I am reflecting upon Sony’s Xpheria release and the upcoming tablets and NGP.

  • Take your time guys… Patients is a virtue.

  • Maybe they can give us a real web browser while they are at it?

  • @108 where is your proof of this? some random website? provide a link to your following claim

    “@ old people with alzheimers seem to forget how arrogant SONY is and how this all started as soon as they started COMPROMISING YOUR SECURITY when they demanded information on people who simply VIEWED hacker pages in PS3…so you could be curious about what all the fuss is about and now you’re being monitored with no security thanks to SONY”

    Also an update does not have to have new information, would rather have them at least not ignoring us completely.

    you sir sound like you have rage issues, calm down, its only a video game, and hell you probably didn’t pay for any of this, if anyone should be mad its your parents who buy all your games anyways.

  • please hurry up i wanna play black ops!
    u let us down once
    get it right secure psn now so it does not happen again!

  • @ 105

    back in my day, we use to club women on the head and drag them back to the cave…

    today is today, we don’t do that, we also play ONLINE games, also, use our CONSOLES for more than just gaming…GUESS WHAT, IT’S BROKEN

    Again…this is happening because they decided to remove a feature called “OTHER O/S”…this ticked off people…then they SUED the guy who basically brought that feature back (also, proved that you could run PS2 games)…this ticked off more people…
    now, they took down their PSN, without warning…this ticked off more people…
    all these people that they are ticking off are their own paying CUSTOMERS…

    SONY, is our CREDIT CARD info SAFE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    bah, just upset ’cause they are so arrogant and uninformative…

    OH, and PSN games DO cost more then XBLA, plus XBLA have better discounts and more discounts each month, FACT…

  • Wow thanks for yet another splendid update! Let me guess the next one, “We are continuing to work and trying to resolve the problem. Thank you for waiting although we can’t estimate when we will be finished. Oh yeah, all your credit card information was comprimised.” I’m waiting for an update with some INFORMATION in it………

  • good thing i have a life

  • Just go play Heavy Rain for a while and then watch the final episode of David Tennet as Dr. Who. You’ll be too depressed to complain about the PSN. By the time you recover, it should be up and running!

    I do feel bad for the DCUO and Free Realms subscribers who are losing paid game time with this. I know they aren’t technically entitled to any compensation, but hopefully Sony will credit them a week or so since they are actually paying a sub to play the game. I play MMOs (RIFT) on the PC and I know i’d want a little credit if their servers went down for a week or more.

  • @jimmyhoffa82 –
    ht tp : / / www . wired . com / threat level / 2011/03 / geo hot-site -unmasking /

    h ttp : / / www . zeropaid . com / news / 92536 / s ony-demands-i p-addresses-of- youtube -ps3-hack-viewers/

    ht tp : / / actionberg . com /Sony-Gets-IP-Addresses-Of-Visitors-To-PS3-Hack-Site . h tml

    ht tp : / / ww w . escapistmagazine . com / forums / read /7.268922-Judge-Awards-Sony-With-Visitor-IDs-of-PS3-Hackers-Website

    http : / / ww w . geek o system . com / ps3-jailbreak-investigation /

    now stop trying to call me a kid and stoop down to the level of a 4th grader old man…starting to creep me out…and yes I do have PSN+ but it’s okay please keep acting ignorant…oh no script? that was real? lol enjoy

    p.s. seperated parts of the link so it doesn’t get filtered…so use your common sense and just put them together if that’s not too hard for your brain to understand…

  • “Doom does not like to be kept waiting!” lol Hackers beware! only willing to play by their rules! how selfish!? Sony is doing the right thing, I’m a Playstation fan all the way to the very end!

  • Sony you need to be specific about what is going on! Please give us a rough estimate on when it will back up.

  • @119

    Go play your Xbox then? GTFO

  • You know, you started this 1. April?!

  • @123

    and…this will be the reason why the Sony will be attacked as SOON as the PSN comes back online…
    they already said it was going to happen…

    @123 *thumbs up*

  • @125

    go play your atari jaguar


  • I’d rather have an empty update than complete silence. Thank you for the news Patrick. BTW: Portal 2 is awesome and I’m just having fun playing single player. Gives us an opportunity to take our time with the game and really savor it. I’ll be looking forward to giving it a shot in online co-op. :)


    Sony is telling developers that the PSN will be up and running on or before TUESDAY…

  • @Patrick Seybold

    Thank you for the continued updates, it is much appreciated. However if this lasts any longer than a week you guys at SNEA may want to consider providing us with a 15% discount off our next PSN purchases for a month or a free game of our choice off PSN.

    If this was just 2, 3, maybe 4 days at the most it wouldn’t be a big deal. However by Thursday it’ll be a week and some gaming clans will start to not only get compromised, but may even consider a much more stable platform.

    In the future a Read-Only network solution should probably be added while the primary system is in place (no friend list updates, no new accounts, no PS Store purchases, etc. Just the ability to play our games and send invites).

  • Sony, keep working hard and make network we use safer. I hope this gets resolved within next few days. There are games I can play off line and such. But I want to start working on inFamous 2 missions and download some cool demos and such.

    Keep us informed and let us know if we are getting closer or further away.

  • Come on I’ve already spent all this time practicing in Mortal Kombat it’s time to do this [DELETED].

  • I’ve got both systems but why the hell do we have to take so many L’s? XBox 360 always gets the time-exclusives, XBox Live has a better interface and is more user friendly than PSN. Sony needs to wise up and charge all users to play online just like what Microsoft has been doing.

    Yes, Xbox Live was down for about 2 weeks a few years ago, but at least there was some functionality. Xbox Live users weren’t able to play multi-player games such as Halo 3 and CoD, but at least they were able to play other games and communicate with other users. After everything was said and done, Microsoft gave everyone a free game for all of their troubles. Are PS Plus Users and MMO subscribers going to get reimbursed from Sony? Hell no.

    PSN gets shutdown during the week Portal 2, SOCOM 4, and Mortal Kombat are released = EPIC FAIL.

    Yes I’m using PSN for free but Godammit if my personal information is at risk their at least tell us if our personal/credit card information is at risk or not?

  • that’s right hey you guys got back to let you know it was the holiday season are you guys I’m working hard to make sure that will be better thanks

  • @Shadowcrazy good looks on providing links to back up your claims, thats proper research son. Also i’m not ingnorant nor probably that much old that you, i use a think called sarcasim, its super fun you should try it sometime. trying to add a bit of humor to this, where people are getting so angry over this. I apologize to you if you felt slighted, just trying to state that people get waaaay too worked up about this, when its f’ing 4 days of people’s lives they cant play online. now just chill out, and go play your new fandagled gizmo and get off my lawn!!

    @sid4peeps firstly i still club my women on the head, always have and always will, its cheaper then roofies. second if you “think” that XBLA games are cheaper, why not go play there? and third, all the services that you talk about netflix, nhl gamecenter, hulu plus, etc… can all be accessed on this thing you are using right now, a computer, so i’m sure sony is sorry that you cant access those services on your ps3 for 4 days, but its not something to freakout about.

    haters gonna hate

  • Maybe this is a sign that too many people are too reliant on, online games. Maybe some nice same system co-op games will come out, or games with actual dept will come out. Longer campaigns would be nice to start to see. Heaven forbid a game comes out that doesn’t need to be patched online *gasp*, or doesn’t require additional DLC to buy online.

    All jokes aside (cause that stuff isn’t ever gonna happen) I’m glad that we are being updated on progress, I’m used to vague updates, but would really like to know that our personal date is completely safe. The next update should feature it.

  • I hope they fix it by tomorrow, it is their weekly update to PSN o.o

  • Want to know why Sony are being coy and uninformative with these updates? Kotaku have an article titled ‘Sony Doesn’t Know Yet Whether Your Credit Card Information Was Stolen’
    Well…how reassuring.

    Will attempt to link to article here. Just remove the spaces:
    http:// /#!5795349/ sony-doesnt-know-yet-if-your-credit-card-number-was-stolen

  • Sony doesn’t owe you anything, including information.

    If your personal information is stolen or lost by a credit card company, insurance company, financial institution, or any other entity you are only notified once an investigation has been conducted and concluded. Releasing information prior to that may jeopardize the investigation, like with any criminal investigation. If there has been stolen personal information then Sony will notify you through the proper channels, not through a blog.

    This situation is frustrating and PSN being down is unfortunate. This occurring over a holiday weekend only compounded the problem. Have patience and rest assured Sony will have it working as soon as they possibly can. They may not be able to give a time frame if they do not have one. Don’t add fuel to the fire by being immature and uncivilized. It only makes things worse and puts undue pressure on the people who are working their hardest to get this fixed. Sony has supported its users through great products, services, updates, and continuing to improve the Playstation experience. Show them the same respect and support. Just show some patience.

  • “PS3: It Only Does Credit Card Fraud”

    And if Sony ‘owes me nothing’, including info on whether my credit card and personal information has been hacked from their servers, then clearly this is a mutual situation. Time to start pirating games, then. :D

  • from article on Kotaku>>>
    Sony has not yet determined if the personal information or credit card numbers of users on the still-offline Playstation Network have been stolen, according to a Sony spokesman. Sony Computer Entertainment is conducting “thorough investigation” into the outage, Satoshi Fukuoka, a spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment in Tokyo. Sony Computer Entertainment of America spokesman Patrick Seybold reiterated Fukuoka’s statement, confirming that Sony is still looking into whether credit card or other personal information were taken during the “external intrusion.”

    Both declined to provide more information about the intrusion that led the company to take the global Playstation Network down last week. The network remains down as of Monday morning.

    In an update this morning, Seybold said there is no update or timeframe for getting the network back up yet.
    “As we previously noted, this is a time intensive process and we’re working to get them back online quickly,” he wrote. “We’ll keep you updated with information as it becomes available. We once again thank you for your patience.” Seybold said over the weekend that officials were working around the clock to rebuild the network.

  • Latest update on main page:
    “PSN to come back online by 2012, just in time for Mayan apocalypse. To be re-branded as Playstation Not-Work.”

  • IMO, this’ll be sorted out on Thur or Fri at the latest. Crazy though. I sure missed playing online this past weekened as that’s when most of my gaming gets handled.

    Boo to the knuckleheads that did this. I wonder if they go to sleep proud of themselves for doing this. If so, I feel sorry for them if that’s what they determine as an accomplishment of some sort.

  • @DazeOfWar I have been on Xbox Live since 2002 on the black xbox and I never once remember xbox live being down for more than a day. Once back when the graw 2 dlc came out it crashed, but never down a week. Me and 15 of my buddies purchased ps3s to play socom, so I want miss it either if I sold my ps3 and dont care if anyone misses me. lol

    But I bet Sony would miss allot people if even a small portion traded in or didnt purchase any more sony products.

    I am 35 by the way and old enough to have patience and also common sense that a huge corporation like Sony should have better security in place, they have the money and resources.

    But patience is all they ask for, and all I ask for is answers, period.

  • @Xanthene – “Sony doesn’t owe you anything”

    I’ll just assume u dnt have PS+ & ignore that

    “Sony has supported its users”

    “We have built up a certain brand equity over time since the launch of PlayStation in 1995 and PS2 in 2000 that the first five million are going to buy it [the PS3], whatever it is, even if it didn’t have games.” David Reeves, CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

    their arrogance in the beginning of PS3, removing OtherOS because of homebrew being developed (ignore the lies and dnt defend it with “u didnt use it anyway”), removed PS2 compatibility to force ppl to buy a PS2 if they want to play PS2 games cuz it was outselling X360 at the time (it wasn’t to reduce cost of the slim, cuz if that were true they’d still keep making PS3 Phats), suing hackrs instead of trying to hire them like good companies do, trying to make an EXAMPLE out of hackers by making police raid their homes/arrest them, as i linked they also demand ur private information if u so much as GLANCED at a ps3 hacking site just out of curiousity, PSN being down and NO APOLOGY, PSN being down and no word on our credit card info being compromised.

    yup…..that’s the SONY SUPPORT you’re talking about?

  • First weekend with the GF away mixed with a week off work, of course the PSN has to go down… I really hope it’s up by mid-week. Waiting on some new PS3 goodies that should be here by then. Been spending my days finally finishing UT3 (playing with keyboard and mouse is soo much better). Good times! (although better times would be had with multiplayer) :P

    P.S. At least have some sort of back-up servers for us PS+ subscribers…

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