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I know you are waiting for additional information on when PlayStation Network and Qriocity services will be online. Unfortunately, I don’t have an update or timeframe to share at this point in time.

As we previously noted, this is a time intensive process and we’re working to get them back online quickly. We’ll keep you updated with information as it becomes available. We once again thank you for your patience.

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  • There is absolutely not reason you can’t give us more info. Stop doing the shady crappy pr and just tell us already.

  • So you’re giving me these days back on my PSN+ and MMO subscriptions, right?

  • What a load of Horse spit!! One of my friends said it best, “I have seen a car with no doors have better security than Sony”. They owe us Plus members, and all those who bought a PS3 for their free online services some answers. Not just stall tactics. They appreciate our patience but its wearing thin after 5 days and a long weekend with no online game play. Gamestop is offering $50.00 trade in credit till the 27th on systems, here is to hoping they get it back up before then. I have an xbox but bought Socom 4 for the PS3 since there is no good games on the xbox except Call of Booty Lag Oops. I still cant believe all we are getting is, “we are working on it” instead of “here is the problem and we will be back up ___”. If they cant give us any info along those lines, why would I want to use there services again or any of their products as well as provide any credit card info to their company when they cant even handle their own business or even secure their business. Just bad business all together!

    Say what you want to about Micro$oft, but at least they are still up and running and dont have these type of issues or work practices.

  • It’s alright I play single player games mostly anyway.

  • PSN isn’t “down,” it’s dead. Kaput. Kapow. Kabuff. Kafizzle… you get the idea.

    What will return in its place is PSN 2.0. It will look and function the same. But unbeknown to us is that it will be stronger. Its power level will be surpressed to us normal folks, but to those in the know: they’ll soon find out just how much its training in the afterlife paid off.

  • Thanks for the update, in this time I have managed to platinum the first God of War!!!

  • Thanks for the update, best wishes to the Sony PSN team to get things back to operational. I hate this kind of hacker group nonsense.

  • As long as the PSN becomes stronger and more secure, my information is safe and secure, and prevents hackers & pirates from taking advantage in an unfair fashion, I can stay patient. Thank you for the updates and all of the hard work you’re doing, Sony.

    Also, KUDOS to pitythefool852, Chuckbait, and the other mature commentators here who are taking the high road.

  • @megamixer: love your update this week. Maybe next week will be better. lol

  • @megamixer “they’ll soon find out just how much its training in the afterlife paid off”

    LOL, I hope you’re right, Mr Mixer ^^

    So people, what single player games have you been playing since PSN went on vacation?

    I’m on ModNation Racers, and really starting to enjoy the creation tools. I never really touched them whilst I was playing Uncharted 2 MP and Fifa 11 every night, but now that I’m offline I’m happy to be spending time learning about MNR design.

    How about you guys?

  • How did we go from “A day or two,” to “No clue?”

  • take your time, we need a more secure network. and while you are at it…add in voice chat cross game to make it up to us :)

  • WOW…you have said NOTHING…AGAIN…

    it is just as probable that someone INSIDE Sony did this and not an outside “hacker”…you all know of FOXCON right? maybe it was someone from there…

    well…to all who subscribe to various functions of the PSN, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…oh, wait, i do too…WTF SONY, get with the program…

    PSN is not free, when we buy a PS3/PSP, the cost is garnered with the purchase, PLUS we pay more for GAMES and CONTENT than XBOX LIVE USERS…a simple game on the PSN cost us $10, where it cost XBLA users $5…

    there has been no OFFICIAL STATEMENT as to CREDIT CARD INFO…if this “intrusion” was so devastating, what about peoples information ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


  • Agree– from a day or two to an entire holiday weekend, and now time intensive & quickly?? Gimme a break. Just tell us the truth!!

  • I’m fine if they are getting things squared away, but some information on what is the issue would be nice or what was affected. If they don’t know if PSN accounts were affected a progress report would be nice and a reassurance everything will be fine would be appreciated. Also an extension of the PSN promotion would be appreciated and if possible a gift of some sort doesn’t hurt.

  • @KINGof210 “Also, KUDOS to pitythefool852, Chuckbait, and the other mature commentators here who are taking the high road.”

    Aw – thanks King

    Thank goodness I didn’t write “fake and g@y” or “epic fa!l, lolz” like I originally planned to ^^

    For me, I hope PSN comes back soon. PSN is fun for me, but it’s not my life. Sure, it’s not cool that it’s been taken down, but I blame the hackers more than anything.

    I just hope that everything becomes more secure now. SNE is expanding big-time this year, with Qriocity coming to more regions and devices, and new hardware like the Xperia Play (and other PlayStation Certified devices), the NGP and [unannounced Sony tablet] all joining the PSN infrastructure later this year. With that amount of expansion, it’s a good idea for Sony to get everything secure and hacker-tight sooner rather than later.

  • Really pathetic Sony!

  • Is this a joke!!!??? You got to be kidding me!!! Honestly this is strike 2 for Sony! How long does it take to bring on-line back? Last year there was another problem like this, and now this year this. If Sony can’t get their [DELETED] together soon, it’s bye-bye Sony, I’m sorry there is another system out there that has a working on-line system!

  • Epic Fail

  • I predominantly play single-player Japanese action and RP games. This does not affect me at all. Does no one play single-player content anymore? Wouldn’t hurt for 1/2 the people here to go outside or do something else instead of fixating on something that is beyond their power to control.

  • Just a reminder: except for those who payed for PSN Plus and those who bought Capcom games and can’t play them thanks to their DRM fiasco, Sony owes you NOTHING. Why should I feel entitled to receive compensation for something that’s been given to me for free?

  • At least this I have a ton of homework to do this week or else I would be slightly more angry right now.

  • wow SONY…SERIOUSLY?!?! so many updates to this PSN issue and NOT EVEN ONCE have you guys APOLOGIZED…in NONE of your updates have you said the words “sorry” or “apologize”….only the word “regret” to try and avoid an apology….your arrogance will be your demise like it’s currently leading to.

  • Well this def sucks, but I guess it can’t be helped, you guys gotta do what you gotta do. Just sucks I can’t hop online for lbp2 or a bit of Uncharted 2 MP. I really hope its up by around the 12th of May, my cousins are coming over and we like to play some Black Ops split screen online. Good luck and get it fixed soon plz!

  • oh Dear God How much time we need to wait !!!!??

  • The situation is this…

    This would not be happening at all, BUT, Sony had to remove a feature called “Other O/S”. Then, some GENIUS, gives it back to the people that want it. Instead of talking to this guy, Sony SUES him, TAADAAA, we are now here with the PSN down.

    no information, what about credit card info?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

    what about personal information ?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

    what about the fact that Anonymous has stated that once PSN is up, they will attack Sony ASAP…

    Sony, can you not see that when you UPSET people, YOUR CUSTOMERS, that BAD things happen to you?!?!?

    oh…and….EPIC FAIL…

  • there goes my long weekend…

  • I want to know with PSN updating on Tuesday will that not happen? Because I wanted to buy a PSN game that was on sale but if it updates & I don’t get a chance to buy it for the sale price I will pass on the game. So if new games are added at least have the past weeks PSN game sales before another week.

  • Sigh! at least they tell us that they want to keep is confused as to when and why.


    We pay up to TWICE the price for the same game on the PSN than the XBLA…
    Also, the cost is included with the HARDWARE purchase…

  • There are way too many hateful comments. Games do have a single player component to them you know. I’m all for Sony taking their time and all I expect in return is this not happening again. For all those asking for free stuff when it comes back up, why would they do that? Every minute they are down they are losing money.

  • Well… I would really like some sort of an update on my personal and/or credit card information and security…

  • One more thing… I was less concerned about the information before, however, now that it has been FIVE DAYS and there is no word at all about security of personal and billing information, I am worried to say the least… I don’t need you guys to hold my hand, but I do need a comment on if my credit card information is safe or not.

  • thanks for update

  • It’s time for answers, Sony. No more of these empty “updates” that tell us nothing.

  • Pleasantly surprised by the overwhelmingly positive comments after this many days of no service. Hopefully the PSN is back online shortly; I am quickly running out of SOCOM 4 offline trophies to chase.

  • >dodgy updates
    >no apology
    >blaming anonymous

    SONY is showing their arrogance once again….hope this negatively impacts them hard until they finally learn to stop being a holes and start treating their customers with RESPECT!

  • If it wasn’t already clear from the three previous information-devoid ‘updates’ from Mr. Seybold, it should now be crystal clear to everyone that Sony has NO IDEA how to fix this, IF they can fix this, and how long it might take. It could be back online tomorrow or it could be three weeks from now, or it -might- never come back (in any semblance of its current form)

    Prepare for some possible big changes if and when PSN’s corpse is reanimated. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony announces that, due to ‘security concerns’ PSN will be a pay-only service: $50/year with valid credit card billing info to verify every user’s identify.

    I’m sure some evil bean counter at Sony has already formulated a business plan to capitalize on this outage as an excuse to convert to a pay-only model like XBL. “In order to preserve the security and integrity of PSN, Sony has decided to do away with free access to the service….this is really for your own good,,,blah blah blah”

    Just a theory, but…..

  • It’s not just about games, other PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS cannot be used as well…

    NHL GAMECENTER LIVE, cannot be used, and it’s the PLAYOFFS !!!!!!!!
    Certain CAPCOM games cannot be played at ALL !!!!!!!
    DCUO is a monthly subscription !!!!!
    HULU, NETFLIX (it works, somewhat, kicked me out yesterday actually)
    FreeRealms (again, monthly subscription)


    IF it does come back, it will be the same PSN…there is not going to be anything fancy about it…they might have a new firewall people, thats about it…

    ohhh…EPIC FAIL

  • This is the politest way anyone has ever told me to ‘Go outside, read a book, get a life!’ that I’ve ever experienced. :)

  • no problem :) I am thankful that Sony offers free online usage unlike Xbox live.

  • This update sucks

  • hmmm a nice update! :facepalm:

  • @DazeOfWar
    Here’s hoping! I’d hate to have to flunk them two weeks in a row :p

    Single player games eh? In my case their terminology is simply “games” since 90% of them don’t even have an online mode :D

    Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (must. complete. all. quests.)
    Valkyria Chronicles (fourth playthrough)
    Mega Man ZX Advent (the voices, ooo the horribly dubbed voices!)
    New Super Mario Brothers Wii (still have a number of levels to unlock & complete)

    Those are the main ones as of late. I’ve got a huge backlog to keep me occupied alongside real life duties (which aren’t fun).

  • HELLO…it is NOT free…

    PSN users pay MORE for a game than XBLA users…

  • @Swat: I was a 360 from day one until a year ago when I got tired of replacing my 360, 6 of them crapped out on me, and went PS3 only. Live has had many problems before. I was down for a week or 2 before. It also would sign out periodically for no reason. This was something I had to pay for and it didn’t work any better. I’ve actually had no problems with PSN out of the 3 years I have used it until now. It’s only going on the 5th day and it hasn’t been that bad.

    People nowadays have no patience and want to give up right away. Everybody that keeps talking about selling your PS3 can go ahead. I don’t think anybody will miss you. You can go play on the 360 and pay $60 a year to play games, watch netflix(which you already pay for), and all the other misc. items you get for free on PSN.

    It’s funny how a lot of people forgot what it’s like to not have online features on a console. A lot may be to young to even know. Just have some patience people and PSN will be back and stronger than ever.

  • THANK YOU Patrick for the update. Please do take your time in completing necessary task to enable the PSN. Keep up the good work.

  • The Bad News: PSN is irreparably broken and the spider webs and magic used to hold the thing together have finally collapsed under the weight of all those inane ‘cross-game chat’ requests.

    The Good News: Grace Chen gets a paid holiday for at least the next four weeks. :)

  • When will people just be satisfied with the fact that it’s being worked on? Nobody here could fix it. It’s gonna take time, and we all need to just be patient! It’s not Sony’s fault, if someone hacked your computer and screwed up everything it wouldn’t be YOUR fault, would it? Stop bashing Sony, they could just stop PSN from existing if they really wanted to. It’s a free service, so deal with it. It hasn’t even been a week yet.

  • @92

    oh, how people forget what it was like with NO SHOES EITHER…yup, we didn’t have shoes, we walked around barefoot…ate poop and ants…


    This console has ONLINE abilities, it also does MORE than just games…MOST of which, are NON functional ATM…THIS is what was PURCHASED…not a COLECOVISION…

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