Latest Update for PSN/Qriocity Services

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We sincerely regret that PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been suspended, and we are working around the clock to bring them both back online. Our efforts to resolve this matter involve re-building our system to further strengthen our network infrastructure. Though this task is time-consuming, we decided it was worth the time necessary to provide the system with additional security.

We thank you for your patience to date and ask for a little more while we move towards completion of this project. We will continue to give you updates as they become available.

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  • This has gone on long enough, its been 4 days, are you kidding me??? we dont care what the reason is for the psn to be down we just want it back up NOW!!! we better get a few dollars on our wallets when we log back in or a free game or something you have to make to this up to us some way

  • @Daze

    Well i assume we would get some insight with a little more detail. just saying “external intrusion” could mean just about anything. its left ambiguous and i think with how long this has been going on (people have been having problem for 2-3 weeks) i think the least they could do is communicate.

    When talking about Pay2use services i was mainly talking about Ps+, and DC Universe. i understand that things like Netflick, etc can be used outside of Ps3 so i assume people who do use those services that they are using them on another Media.

    As with the Ps+ case. i am mainly talking about if this issue is going to continue on for the next couple of weeks, or even months. things get deleted for us Ps+ users as the weeks come and go, and i dont want to have my money wasted because of this issue. i just hope it doesnt come down to losing say a couple of weeks or months wasted, but since Sony isnt stating otherwise we really cant say what will happen.

  • Thank you so much Patrick for the update keep up the good work. Remember take has much time has you need. I want the Network to be on and cracking when it gets truned back on.

  • k….enough political chit-chat….cuz I will get rolling and I usually don’t stop….soooo

    How about we name our top 5 favorite downloaded games from PSN (for nostalgia reasons, lol)
    (no order…have 32 titles total….had 0 at beginning of year…heh)

    -Dungeon Hunter: Alliance <—need more games like this
    -Superstars V8
    -Fat Princess
    -Battlefield 1943

  • @iTofu: I hear you on the weeks or month thing but I doubt Sony would let PSN stay down to long but who knows.

  • I have a friend on my Facebook that says its a community of friends of George Hotz aka “Geohot” which is a Hacking Group called “anonymous” that have been the root cause of this.

    I hope for a strong recovery from this out break of madness.

    I know PlayStation will do the right thing in the matter to restore and secure our PlayStation Network.

    Hope they give our network the best of all security there money can buy for us all and Thank every security network agent that is helping out to restore the network.

  • It’s over.

    PSN is finished.

    At least it had a decent run!

  • Was fun while it lasted

  • A couple of my favs are:

    Super Stardust HD
    Astro Tripper
    Crash Commandos
    Soldner-X 1 & 2
    Pixeljunk Shooter

  • This sucks, a compensation like a free psn game would be nice or heck even a mini, but I doubt Sony would give us anything but a “Sorry for the inconvenience” hopefully they strengthen psn to avoid any further hacks or anything like this from ever happening again. I seriously hope that our credit card info wasn’t compromised.

  • Any ballpark estimate? I know the DDOS morons will keep you shut down until the holiday weekend is over just so they can make their lame point, but here’s hoping rebuilding doesn’t take weeks.

  • @ Daze. you never know anything could happen.

    As for that other poster who asked about Psn titled

    in no order (hopefully i do this correctly)

    -X-Men Arcade
    -Plants Vs Zombies
    -Fat Princess
    -Pixel Junkie Shooter? (personally i dont know a last one, but this was the last game i played)

  • The end of PSN and the videogame division of Sony. We’re witnessing history!

  • I would have to hope that when PSN is back up and running. We are in better shape than we was prior to this extended outage. I know it takes time to order parts, build and secure the network. So by all means take the time to do it right ….

  • thank you PSN for working around the clock to ensure we have a safe and robust network on which to play. If i were network savvy, I would create a site in support of all the technicians or what have you who are giving up their weekends and time with family to make this happen.

  • PSN is shut down due to the hacker “GeoHot” “jailbreaking” the PS3. Sony was afraid that this would enable pirated games to be played on PS3s. Not only does Sony have to rebuild the network, there’s also a lawsuit between them and GeoHot about this issue. It’s hard to give an estimated time on something that happened unexpected. Hopefully soon though.

    I don’t think PSN is totally down because I can download some game updates I was late on, and finish downloading the games I bought from the PS Store before this happened.

    Qriocity is down also and that’s what’s preventing gamers to log in.

  • lol people this is not an end of PSN everything what’s digital can be and will be brought back

  • well it confirms my suspicions about maintenance Thursdays. Nothing was really being done except putting junk on to buy. Tightening the system was never the goal.

  • Man, we better get something free out of this. I remember when XBL was down for a few days a while ago and everyone got a free game.

    I want to play some Portal 2 co-op dammit!

  • Booooooooooooooooooooooo! I just died in DH:A and there is no one there to revive me!!!!!

    SONY IS TO BLAME!! buahahahah >:) lol :D

    See, I’m entertaining enough to pass the time while we await the return of PSN….whenever that may be!!!

  • I personally think we all deserve ATLEAST 20 dollars added to our funds in our playstation network store for waiting this long. You guys are millionaires, you got attacked by lowlifes, we waited patiently with no lives because of the ps3 being down for so [DELETED] long. This kind of stuff is unacceptable. Now things like this do happen, I do understand the online playing is free, but in all reality you guys should have had a plan B to prevent things like this. You are a BIG corporation. I just honestly think we all deserve alittle gift when everything is up and running for being so patient, sony.

    No warranty is given about the quality, functionality, availability or performance of Sony Online Services, or any content or service offered on or through Sony Online Services. All services and content are provided “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” with all faults. SCEA does not warrant that the service and content will be uninterrupted, error-free or without delays. In addition to the limitations of liability in Sections 1, 2, 11 and 13 of this Agreement, SCEA expressly disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability, warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and warranty of non-infringement. SCEA assumes no liability for any inability to purchase, access, download or use any content, data or service


    They do not NEED to compensate, however they SHOULD compensate (at least PS+ user – I’m not one).

    For me, all I want is it back and safe. So since we already lost 3 days, 1 day more or less dun matter, take your time and make it work the best.

  • Compensation? Really people? SONY just got screwed and lost a lot of money, and all you’re worried about is compensation? It’s a weekend without PSN, get over it. It’s not like you just lost a few million dollars over the weekend. PS+ members aren’t losing anything either. We get the same service as everyone else, except for free game downloads and cloud saves. I expect no compensation, and certainly don’t need any. Good luck to all the hard workers trying to get this situation under control.

  • @Pimbly – I was about to say the same thing. Why are people so stupid??? the only way anyone would even deserve anything is if Sony was like taking on down over and over again like every week or something just to do stuff, but even so, it’s free, you don’t pay fro the online and PSN being down is not their fault. these kids around here are so pathetic.

  • of course we need COMPENSATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @iTofuMan
    Those are all PS3 games. What about PSP-only users? I haven’t been able to get my portable online gaming fix because of this fiasco… :(

  • Surrounded by level 38 goblins in legend mode take fingers quicker than mine at 2:12am EST. :D At least I beat a boss before I went down again.

    And only 2 people answered? :( Maybe cuz I got stuck at #150. Okay….here’s what I hope to pick up on sale (assume DLC too) someday…soon…hopefully. :D Say a wishlist to Sony for a sale. :)

    -Costume Quest
    -PJ Monsters
    -PJ Shooter (dunno which one..the one on sale perhaps, heh)
    -3v3 NHL Arcade
    -Journey (hopefully day 1 release sale)
    -Fancy Pants
    -Dragons Lair – game use to ‘steal’ my quarters!
    -either one of the Pinball games -Zen or Marvel

  • This is what Hackers should goto hell for.

  • @mega

    Ive been far too busy with FF4! its the only thing on my mind lol!

  • Wishlist sale:


    thats all i can think of right now for ps3 games

  • @mrpaulryan: An external intrusion means that this is not PSN being DDoSed. It’s a single breach into the entire network.

  • I’m currently playing some Nier, and beating Bioshock 2 on hard. And I tried out the Blue Toad Murder Files Episode 1, which was rather funny. Glad I got it before the outage. Keep at it guys, make it better!

    Also saw The Lincoln Lawyer, now that’s a good movie. Go watch it peoples, it’s a good use of your time!

  • PSN wishlist:

    Back to the Future
    Moon Diver
    Tales From Space
    Hard Corps
    Beat Sketcher

    That’s just a few. I also wouldn’t mind seeing these as PS+ free games are really good discounts.

  • why are there so many illiterates … first of all ..+ mrpaulryan . the PSN is shut off the folks that run the joint shut it down so ddosers would be wasting their time . also when did REBUILDING = NEVER COMING BACK . some of you could probably use a little less video game time and more learning time given your compleatly misinformed comment’s .

  • At least your letting us know. Thank you.

  • OK everyone looking at these guys Anonymous and there actions these guys are not original and what i mean by not original I mean they take a comic book character/movie of V for Vendetta and use it in an Internet perspective. These guys think there helping players but there not. watching there videos shows everything that was done in the movie “V for Vendetta” and also the comics. what there doing is basically not going to get what they want. but just causing problem not just on the internet but the Real World. basically there looking for attention. and in giving them the attention and going to there little gang they become more anonymous to the point of who is the master mind of it. so in not joining and not going into something that was done in the movies. back away from these guys and it will reduce to what your looking for. That’s basically my idea on these guys and its not much of a threat just people that wants attention.

  • @fuzzyclutter

    Don’t waste your time with the trolls. It’s just wishful thinking on their part.

  • Give us an ETA, at least…

  • @Gekidami
    there’s no reason for an ETA if you ran a business and someone rushed you to get something done and you give them a date but you notice it will take longer then you estimated your customer will be made for telling him false information. so to keep business at ease its best not to give an ETA on anything even in this situation.

  • Sounds good to me.

    Also, I really enjoy all of the complaining from users over a free service ;).

    These things happen.

  • whats an ETA?

  • @Jayson-b1

    ETA = Estimated Time Arrival

  • so whats all this controversy about these dudes complaining and wanting free stuff?

  • @ Jayson-b1

    In this situation yes people complaining wanting free stuff because they want to get back on PSN as I see it its fine i’m in no hurry. for others its like its there life in PSN. im a lvl14 on trophies and have like 3 to 4 games i want to complete but knowing college is my priority it doesnt faze me

  • ouch lol im only level 9 in trophies and psn is free anyway i would expect things like this to happen more often but it seems that some of these people dont care about sony…greed humph

  • PSN when it’s back up with a few extra dollars in your PS Store wallet? Should you get a free PSN game, PSone Classic or PlayStation Mini? Or should nothing be done at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • @Jayson-b1

    yea i agree all this because of a group of “Attackers” not “Hackers” called Anonymous are threatening Sony and the only way Sony can solve this is if they clear there servers of people to find the guys intruding but people dont care what there trying to do just care for playing online. but thats people for you and the funny part about it is once everything is back to normal people will still complain about something else. you can never make a person happy even if you give them what they want.

  • Sony, if you need any tech help just let me know, and I’ll load up Linux on my PS3.

    Oh, wait…

  • @ + Lance_Akirok i was thinking along those lines as well eccept i was thiniking anonymous was a group of computer nerds who after watching the entire matrix trilogy for the 200,000 th time now think they have to free everyone from the matrix .

    yes i do believe they are working around the clock … sorry but the psn is a cashcow . they have everything to gain by getting it back up ASAP .

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