Update on PSN Service Outages

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Update on PSN Service Outages

We’re aware certain functions of PlayStation Network are down. We will report back here as soon as we can with more information.

Thank you for your patience.

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  • I cant sign on. I havent been on in awhile and it just wont let me play. This is beyond annoying. I dont think i will be renewing plus. Im all together disgusted at this point with the issues

  • Attacking PSN users doesn’t help your cause. I just signed out and can’t sign back in. There isn’t anything wrong with my internet, I’m using it right now. I have charter internet in the Midwest.

  • I had no problems whatsoever signing in to my account, it’s just that pesky YLOD I got today that’s got me bummed out.

  • Can’t connect E80710A06

  • I had been on for a while with occasional disconnects… but a few minutes ago I tried to access PSN store, and it said something about failure in the attempt to add funds automatically… then I was like OMFG! never had I activated that before! whats going on! so i tried to access my account with no success either, got to a blank page with return icon and finally the log out. Since then, I havent been able to re-connect, always getting the 80710A06 error code, and now here I am… posting my frustration.

    Im a psn+ member, and Im very happy for that. I dont blame sony at all for this technical issue like many do… Technical problems will always exist, especially in times when hack attacks are so common! ;)

  • Hopefully it gets fixed soon, I’ve also been having some issues with it automatically signing in (aka not signing in).

    Stop complaining about it, they’re working to fix it. Go and finish that Red Dead Redemption campaign, or Bioshock 2 single player, or something else you haven’t touched in a long time. Invite some friends over for co-op. PSN ain’t your life. Unless it is. If so, ignore this statement :)

    After these issues are fixed, if anyone wants to play some Dungeon Hunter Alliance, add me!

  • I can’t sign in at all which is a bummer. Hopefully this gets resolved soon!

    To people bickering back and forth over PS+, it’s really just a discount service so if you don’t want it, no big deal.

  • Here in the Midwest Springfield, MO using Comcast Cable Internet.

    Internet works fine on PS3 Browser.

    I didn’t have any issues tell I went from using PlayStation Home to wanting to play Socom 4 Online. Was going to play some CO-OP game play with new Socom friends and now I can’t login to PSN now.

    ERROR Message: An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network. (80710A06)

    Hope this gets fixed soon first night I can’t sign-in. :(

  • thanks for the heads up guys

    got me worried for a second there

  • its down according to kotaku

  • I am in the same boat here, I can’t login and tried to reset my modem and all that thinking it was the problem, balls to us that can’t access the network tonight

  • PSN seems to be off. Why is that??

  • *Sighs* I Got Signed Out, Now I Cant Sign In…I Gonna Slumber

  • HA!!!
    I was playing Free Realms when I tried to access the PS store to buy something when I notice nothing was loading and I tried to go back and play but that window NEVER goes away (can someone fix that) so I quit.

    So here I am LOL

  • error code 80710A06 , is hilarious .. seriously , it has got to be the most general , cryptic , vague error code ever . according to error code look up 80710A06 means (drum roll please ) THE SYSTEM HAS ENCOUNTERED AN ISSUE …….. WELLL YEAH … iknew that before hand !!!! LOL

  • Man, PSN is becoming more and more unreliable…

  • BAH. Playing Portal 2. First it doesn’t give me some coop trophies (though online friend gets them), then the voice chat just suddenly dies and it doesn’t connect to steam. Then I reset and it doesn’t sign on to PSN at all.

    I’m mostly concerned about the trophies…I hope those are retroactive when I sign back on…since I should have the later stages unlocked already…

  • Same here PSP. Error code 80551021. Then it doesn’t even attempt to connect at all. Does it have anything to do with 6.38?

  • 2 hours later and still can’t sign-in.

    Well got to 64% on the Campaign on Socom 4 :) guess I did something productive during my down time. Guess its time for bed.

    Anyone enjoying the Campaign on Socom 4?

    Thank You Zipper for making Trophies that we can all achieve at rather the the previous Socom: Confrontation game we most people have 0% Trophies because it was way to hard to even earn a Bronze Trophy.

    Let’s hope this is resolved by the time I get home tomorrow from work at 7pm CST.

  • It’s not even December 21. 2012 yet

  • @JHS200 I believe you mean 12/12/2012 not 21 or maybe your right eaither way doesn’t relate to the PSN sign-in issue.

  • @Skater_Ricky It’s sarcastic humor :-)

  • @JHS200 this issue is related directly to PlayStation Network so it could be Websites, PS3’s, and even PSP’s that are unable to connect to the PSN network all together.

  • FTR: sony plus is totally worth it. the loads of free classics as well as free minis. yeah some of them arent great. but consider it free unlimited testing. plus the games dont expire so your collection can only grow.

    what do you get for paying for xbox? 80 credits to a dollar and teamspeak? i get free online and plus membership games.


  • Way to go Sony for the constant support and uptime for PSN along with realizing what users want and making them happen! +1

  • So…. any idea on when will the PSN back on? This take too long already! Maybe next time you down, you should refund me every seconds I paid for the PSN+!

  • these hackers are ruining our lives, blame them

  • so thats why I cant log in since 3 days ago omg

  • Hey! At least it’s free!

  • Is it down because of the new bloody Home release?

  • People, please calm down and relax. We have been through this before – here or on any other site. As most of us have experienced this before, let us reassure new users that things will get better.

    Come on, people. Most of us are not new here on the PSN. Instead of spreading words of disappointment and panic, let the newcomers to the PSN and the Blog) that everything will be up and running shortly.
    And maybe, perhaps, reassure each other.

    Everything will be okay.

  • I’d be mad if we had to pay for the service, but I guess I can’t complain tooo much since we don’t. (Although, I do pay for Plus, and can’t access it, so…)

  • I wanna sign in NOOOOOOOOOOOW omg omg my life how dare these hackers:( i want to put a gun behing there head and see how they like it… Sm1 tell me there locations and i seriosly would go taking them out 1 by 1XD Sony please upgrade your godness by using ur awsomeness to resolve the situation…

  • FIX THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve had trouble logging in for over a week. Whatever, I’ll just play a single-player game until the problem’s resolved. Some of the reactions around here are ridiculous, like Sony just took your oxygen away.

  • stop hacking psn fight cancer instead, you losers

  • I’m bored…

  • @jqtaxpayer I can’t register 40 or so games I purchased because of a new psp system. I’m turning blue.

  • Not much of an update more than a declaration of what’s happening…
    I haven’t been out of it, but it takes a little longer to log-in than usual…

  • is this the reason why we din’t pay tax theses last 2 weeks? XD

  • I haven’t tried on my PS3, but on the PSP, I keep getting a timed out error. It’s been like that for almost a week now.


    I checked on GameFAQs and people have also posted about it.

  • I can’t believe this is happening.. So, Sony? What are we going to get for free due to this MAJOR, MAJOR problem? How about, oh I don’t know.. a free 3 months of PS Plus? You know, due to the fact that your entire system imploded…

    (I still love you! ^^)

  • I’m not going to publicize who I think are responsible, but I have a feeling this is not Sony’s fault. And if my suspicion is correct, I’m actually really angry.

  • I’ve been experiencing problems on & off all week now I can’t sign in at all. It really sucks when you want to play DC Universe & you are paying for a subscription you can’t use. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

  • the hacker must have stolen the Star Wars 3 Legos for psp download…. dang hacker….

  • @TheStza
    XD lol

  • I want to play Socom 4 online !!!!

  • this sucks!!!

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