Update on PSN Service Outages

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Update on PSN Service Outages

We’re aware certain functions of PlayStation Network are down. We will report back here as soon as we can with more information.

Thank you for your patience.

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  • Thanks for the update….mines been on and off for a few weeks

  • Anon attacks? Still? They said they’d stop…

  • again one of the many reasons why i haven’t signed up for PSN+. If there were guarantees this would not happen, then i’d be happy to pay.

  • Hope it these matters get solved soon. I’d like to link my PSN account to Steam tonight and see if I can buy anything they have for the low low.

  • Thanks Patrick. Ive noticed the service has been really dodgy ever since the Anonymous attacks which is a shame because the PSN has never, ever been a problem at any time for me as far as reliability since Ive owned my ps3 (5 years). The past few weeks have been tough with connectivity issues but I have faith in you guys.

  • I’m not experiencing any issues. Out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ATT crappy ADSL.

  • @forzanerazzurri
    They’ll do something about it, probably leading to arrests. Then once some of them get arrested again for DDoS attacks they’ll start again. Vicious cycle of idiocy.

  • i don’t like the way you guys are hiding this situation from us….for example @askplaystation doesn’t answer anything that goes out of their automatic responses…and all the access to psn via pc has been down for the past 24h and it’s until now that you guys are able to give us an official update to this matter?

  • Vaguest update ever. Most of us already know anonymous, a group of bratty childish hackers (the bad kind of hackers), is succeeding at hacking Sony’s servers and websites; there’s no real need to hide information from your biggest supporters… Just let us know the detail of what sony is planning in order to combat these people so that the people who are being effected are at least knowledgeable about why they aren’t being offered the services they are entitled to because of their agreement to the psn terms of use.

  • Glad to see that this is finally being noticed and worked on, I’ve been having issues for some time. I do wonder what caused this one though…

  • Well, everything I need to do I can. I can sign in and play games online, such as LittleBigPlanet 2, CoD, GT 5, and KZ 3. I just downloaded something off the store too. Im happy, thanks Sony for this free and reliable service! (to clarify, im serious, and im not being sarcastic)

  • Haven’t had any problems on my end. Hope you guys get things up and running for others. Thanks for taking the time to be considerate to your customers. It means a lot on the business end of things.

  • @9
    “Just let us know the detail of what sony is planning in order to combat these people”

    If they did that, the hackers could use that info. to prevent what Sony will try to do. I would like to know what is down, however, because as I said in my preceding comment, i’m fine.

  • Yeah. Not vague at all.

  • I’ve been having connection issues as well.

  • @Lord_Orpheo is that a button? of all the avatars they give us, they give us a button???

  • this is complete bs. I mean I cant even connect properly. Guess I gotta live with it as its “free”

  • I have had some minor connection issues since the attacks a few weeks back, but nothing major and I could connect most of the time. Hopefully PSN can be fixed for the people that are having trouble and hopefully even increase stability. What makes me angry is that because of the attacks, Sony is focused on stopping them instead of giving us firmware updates with new features. Hackers need a life and need to stop trying to sabotage other people.

  • @zekececil14 every access related to psn through your pc is currently down…the reason why we are able to post in this blog or the forums is because we were logged before they went down….check store.playstation or qriocity…don’t try to log out of the blog because you won’t be able to get back in

  • Please fix ASAP. When you start up the PS3 with auto sign in, it does not auto sign in, and fix the order of friend list to the the way it was , alphabetical, and not by capital alphabetical first to smaller case. Thanks

  • *ahem* this comment is a statement on that I’m going to make a comment at some undetermined time in the future. I appreciate your patience while the comment is being written – I’m simply giving you an update on the comment’s status as way of an explanation for the lack of content in it.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • I guess finally admitting there is a problem is the first step…

  • Well thanks for the update. Is it maintenance? There’s no DDOS attacks…

  • “We will report back here as soon as we can with more information.”

    Must be a REALLY big hassle to go so far out of your way to post some actual info for your userbase now and then…

  • The only problem I’ve had is that whenever I turn on my PS3, the Auto Sign-in feature fails so I have to manually sign in. No big deal though.

  • I haven’t really had problems lately other than that one really bad day that everyone had . I guess it’s not network wide as the majority of my friends list has been fine also .

  • @jazzy(3)
    PS+ is for CONTENT…not SERVICE. Clear distinction so not sure why you’re complaining here.

    On topic:
    I haven’t even noticed any issues, but thanks for the heads up

  • I kinda figured it had to do with some security and server changes to better handle any future mass DOS attacks.

    If that’s what it is, it’d be great to hear it.

  • @Ramage you are wrong…PS+ was meant to focus on both things, to improve the playstation online experience…sadly they have been focusing more in content

  • I have had nothing but hassles since last Thursday – I’ve been able to log into PSN sometimes, but usually it’s down. Every time it’s down, I’ve discovered that I can’t visit us.playstation.com, or blog.us.playstation.com either. I’m almost certain the problem is that legit traffic is being filtered by Prolexic, the company that Sony has hired to combat the DDoS attacks. I’ve had NO problem getting to community.us.playstation.com, a server that isn’t protected by Prolexic (try a traceroute to those servers and you’ll see they end at a prolexic.com server).

    I’m ticked, not because I’ve been unable to get online, and to the websites, but because of the time I’ve spent trying to fix the issue on my end. I nearly went out and bought a new router because I thought that was the problem.

  • I just played Killzone 3 online for 4 hours straight. Nothing happened!
    => To people who don’t want to pay for PS+, don’t make excuses because you are just cheap. SUCK IT UP and keep being a cheap person. Don’t blame PSN

  • I have PS+ and its pretty hit mostly miss on connecting online……I havent been able to load Netflix many a night as of late……Luckily I have a number of single player games that have been occupying my time

  • To those that have been having issues connecting to PSN – have you noticed problems with the blog and PS website as well, or just PSN?

  • @31
    You should still be able to use netflix even if the PSN is not up. It may take a few failed login attempts for hte software to get the hint, but it does work.

  • I can’t sign in to my account on the first go or sign on to game servers (MAG and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit) on the first go but after trying a few times I can sign in then I don’t have anymore problems until i sign back out.

  • I have had to sign on a few times into the store and then sign in to Qriocity. Strangely when I use my mobile hotspot on my cell, it works slower but more reliable. I hope it gets better.

  • I’m taking it this is why I get a blank error message when trying to access my account information, and PSN complaining about lack of funds in my wallet when trying to open the store?

  • I have to sign in manually, which isn’t a big deal at all. I just tried to download the Heavy Rain move demo, and when I pressed download, a screen popped up that said “Automatic funding to wallet failed” or something like that. The message came right back up every time I pressed back. I ended up getting back to the Store’s main menu by pressing back continually.

  • I have to manually sign on after the auto sign doesnt work on my ps3.
    P.S. its a pain to sign in on a psp.

  • I can’t log in to the forums or the playstation site (ie to sync trophies) and these psn log in problems have been going on like this for about a week now.

    Can’t auto log in, when doing so manually it takes multiple attempts.

    Can’t get into online games like free realms without spamming the log in screen because even after I eventually get online the ps3 still claims I don’t have an internet connection. So I have to log out and fight to log back in just to be able to play online and yet I could be in a chat previously or even in another online game and it’ll tell me I’m not connected.

    This is really frustrating and annoying, and the fact that it’s taken about a week to acknowledge the problem doesn’t help much either.

    Please just fix this so we can get back to enjoying our games.

  • I too have to sign in manually after it tries automatically signing me in. It works after that. I have to sign in like that every time though, so hopefully Sony can fix it soon!

  • ahhh this must be why i can’t get to the store … and jazzy … nothing online can be guaranteed … i mean your own electric company cannot even guarantee uninterrupted service .

    sorry vix but alot of that does sound like your connection . PSN pretty much been trouble free all week for me .

  • thanks for the update. me and my friend are having psn troubles too.

  • i was fine until now… now i cant even sign in… sony send your ninjas after theses hackers

  • I haven’t been able to log into the MAG forums or reliably sign into the PSN since last week.

    And by “reliably” I mean within 10 log-in attempts. Ever since that DOS attack from Anonymous over the George Hotz lawsuit.

    Before that? Totally fine. I’d get the occasional disconnect from individual games, but nothing that ruffled my feathers. My only complaints up until last month were that the PlayStation 3’s menu software loads icons and stuff entirely too slow and I want to get rid of certain things on the system entirely (like What’s New and pretty much everything in the Network tab).

    This month, though, junk’s jacked up and mad janky.

  • I was having sign out problems through the week and my auto sign in was never working like before. Now I tried to sign in for the 1st time today and all I get is a message saying there has been an error and I have been signed out of Playstation Network. Please fix this soon Sony.

  • Glad to know it’s not just me. Was hoping to see something about this when I came here, and there it was. First post. So, thanks for keping us updated, Sony team.

    I was particularly bothered when I did manage to sign on (the one time this evening) and when I clicked on the Store, I immediately got a message saying “Attempt to automaically add funds has failed.” That is a scary message! (Although, I suppose if some random adding of funds had succeeded, that’d be even scarier!)

  • Yo ninjas slow down I will speak tech here so ninjas of PlayStation Nation will fire some Taekwondo (personaly have black belt) 5 minutes ago got error Code: 80710A06 Sing out of PlayStation Network (usually refers in RTFM as PSN completely down )

  • Seriously, we can’t even sign in with our PS3’s now. I really wanted to continue playing the inFAMOUS 2 beta, and I can’t even do that. grrrrr! Let’s get it fixed, eh?

  • lol @ certain functions. Try the whole system, and you can’t even say that to us. Can’t sign in right now in fact, which is why I’m here instead of playing online with my friends as I should be at this time of night. :D

    Oh. and not even close to the first time this has happened over the last two weeks.

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