Resistance 3: The Dark Woods of Pennsylvania

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Resistance 3: The Dark Woods of Pennsylvania

As you know from our Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One blog post, we spent yesterday with a large group of North American and European press here in Los Angeles. They didn’t just see North Carolina’s new Ratchet & Clank game though – the Burbank-based Resistance 3 team was on hand to present a new single-player area, multiplayer map, and weapon.

Resistance 3 for PS3

Resistance 3 for PS3Resistance 3 for PS3

Our new single-player area finds hero Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov in the dark woods of Pennsylvania, hunted by Chimeran snipers and dropships. In this section of the game, players must sneak through the forest, avoiding the spotlights of the dropships while dispatching the sniper hybrids. They also run into Hybrids that are shielded by drones – requiring Capelli to destroy the drones first before attacking the Hybrids. A big emphasis in Resistance 3 is opening up the gameplay spaces, allowing players to not only choose which weapon to use for each situation via the weapon wheel, but also how to approach each situation while using the environment to their advantage.

After our Community Day in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago, many of you who couldn’t make it asked “when can I see the Boat level you showed?” Today is that day. Our journalist friends had the chance to go hands-on with the entire level, as it takes Capelli and Dr. Malikov through the flooded waters of the Mississippi as they approach St. Louis. We have released the first extensive footage of the level today, which you can watch above.

Resistance 3 for PS3

We also allowed the journalists in attendance to check out a new multiplayer map from our upcoming internal closed online beta test. The sun-soaked trainyard set in Bogota, Columbia represents another variation of the palette and weather in Resistance 3, and offers a lot of verticality with train cars and buildings to move in, around, and over. Media also familiarized themselves with the Chimeran Deadeye sniper rifle. The Deadeye packs a punch with its alt-fire, a skill shot that requires you to charge up and track the target for a second before delivering a devastating blast that can penetrate multiple enemies if performed correctly.

We hope you enjoyed this fresh look at Resistance 3. We are busy polishing the game ahead of its September 6th, 2011 release date. There is much more news to come in the coming months, so keep it tuned to the Insomniac Games Facebook and Twitter pages!

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  • Will there be a collectors edition? I have the R2 collectors edition, and that came with an awesome art book and DC figure!

    I would love for R3 to also come with another art book and a new DC figure :)
    Perhaps some dogtags too? Like legit metal looking dog tags, or chimera teeth necklace?

    Anyway, game looks gorgeous!

  • I wanna play it!

  • The multiplayer keeps giving me second thought about this game. Sad really.

  • Is there a name for the person who plays demos for the purpose of showing off the game or for recording into trailers? The person who is both the camera man and the main character? This video felt strange. At first I thought it was because the doctor seemed to be narrating the sequences, ie. we’d see a drop ship and then he’d say, “Drop ships!” I thought maybe the weird feeling came from having a mute main character in this video.

    But then I realized that maybe it was that the camera man wasn’t behaving in a way that was selling the immersion of being in that situation, looking to points of interest before they were being pointed out by the doctor, that made the video feel weird. Anyone else get that?

  • Looks amazing! Can’t wait for September!

  • I really had my doubts at first, but you’ve really kept your promise of making this Insominiac. It really does seem like you’re trying to survive on the overrun planet, and even more impressive is that all of the Resistance’s have different play styles to them but still remain a Resistance game.
    Add in co-op- at least similar to Resistance’s 2’s or story co-op and the pre-order is yours.

    Also just a hint, you’re probably including it anyway but split-screen online would be tons of fun.

  • Lookin good.

  • looks pretty sweet! Definately day 1 for me!! Although I woulda like to have seen a little more action :D

    How come the magnum’s recoil has been dumbed down so much?! Seems kinda weak now…

  • man, that looked pretty, I love the shotgun & the revolver, can’t wait for September with this, & Rage

  • Do you guy’s have LAN support in the pipeline, or is it a possibility for a future patch?

  • Looks good but could be better. Please re-record the Russian guys dialogue. It’s kind of weak and flat and detracts from the experience. Needs more drama, tension, emotion. He sounds like he is reading from a sales report. Also when the weapon wheel comes up make the screen transparent, not black and get rid of the red arrows. They look cheap. I’ve said it before but you should get some outside people to sign an NDA and play through the game now and get some feedback while you have the chance. Give them a free copy for their efforts.

  • Looking good, but it seems like this boat level is going to wear out its welcome really fast. Anything I hate about a first person shooter is when I get stuck in an isolated space with limited movement options and cover. I think I’d rather take a never ending corridor over an on rails boat ride.

  • Shotguns that shoot fire. You guys do everything…haha. Got a nice Half Life 2 feel from that video. Good stuff, can’t wait to play.

  • Resistance 3 is going to be incredible, and probably suck all of my multiplayer time up until Twisted Metal and Uncharted 3 are released.

  • This game is looking absolutely INCREDIBLE

  • Please let the single player campaign be fantastic… That’s all I want.

  • “our upcoming internal closed online beta test”

    =O 8)

    Gonna be fun. =D

  • #61 brought up a VERY valid point.

    Everything in the game is incredible so far, but the Russian guy (I assume it is the Dr) is lacking emotion and it really does kill the experience.

    Hopefully he won’t sound so dull and like he doesn’t give a **** when the game is released, cus like #61 and I have said, it really kills the experience.

  • Insomniac Games doesn’t understand how SPECIAL their Resistance 2 Co-Op Mode was… They need to implement some type of Co-Op into Resistance 3 for it to be extra FUN. :/… Please? :)

  • Ya, that was awesome! I love the whole creepy/unknown atmosphere of it. However, the whole color scheme seems to be bland. Did the devs use that yellowish color scheme for dramatic effect or did something happened to the earth’s atmosphere in the story? Guess Ill have to play it to find out! lol.

  • I actually fast forwarded through parts
    not RE1 this game will be overshadowed by better games just like RE2 was

  • Can’t wait to finally play this game!! :D

  • Very cool…. please set Resistance 4 in the mountains and pine forests of Washington state! And a city battle at the Space Needle!

  • William Penn would be so disappointing in this interpretation.

  • getting excited

  • Full Disclosure: Jeigh= Insomniac Groupie

    You sirs and madames of Insomniac have seriously impressed me here today. Know why? Not the guns, not the enemies, not the stellar lighting, effects or any of that– it’s all good, but there’s something else… The foliage! Seriously, have you seen how plants look in most games? Almost like 2D cardboard cut-outs. The trees, grass and roots I saw throughout this trailer are amazingly detailed. There was actual care put into them. Not many take note of such things, which can really make an otherwise impressive game seem shoddy. Case and point: the Killzone 3 swamp-jungle level. Seriously, it was like walking through cardboard props. Keep it up, my favoritest of devs. =-)

  • Game looks great, Great Job Insomniac Games. I loved first Resitance 1 and 2 and I just can’t wait to play Resistance 3. Graphics look great, and I am expecting pure awesome.

  • this looks awesome!!!! i’m a big fan of the resistance franchise and i am eagerly anticipating this release. i cannot wait to use the sharp shooter attachment with the move controller to blast those chimera!!! oh yeah!!!!

  • Looks Pretty Cool i want this when it comes out only if my dad boughts it :) im gonna pay him ::D Play Burnout Paradise online with me sometimes


  • Some of the guns look weak from what I’ve seen in the video. Any plans on changing them or has the game been finalized.

  • This is the real resistance (non-regenerating health + weapon wheel)

  • I prefer the sound of the original Bullseye but I’m just nitpicking, looks great !

  • WOOOOOOOO!!! That was AWSOME! Consider it paid for! Looking really good Insomniac! I loved all the Resistance games so far and this looks 500 times better than R:FOM+R2+R:R! I CANT WAIT! I will get in the beta somehow, not the Socom 4 way but I will be in that beta!!

  • PS, though I would agree with some, Malikov did sound sort of laid back considering he had two fing Goliaths on both sides! If I was in that situation, I’d be probably be screaming like a scared little girl lol. But anyway other than that, it looks just as good as I envisioned when I first saw the teaser trailer!

  • This looks awesome! Can’t wait for the beta.

  • @21
    The Chimera would win hands down.
    Anyways the game looks superb, looking forward to getting this and Ratchet and Clank all 4 one, huge insomniac fan here.

  • Can’t wait for this. The game is just looking amazing.

  • Ahhh this looks so good. I always been inlove with the fight for the world against a unknown race-independence day-kind of game and Resistance always filled that void. :) Thanks Insomniac Games!

  • great job insomniac i been waiting for this, this is an awesome year, i have a big list of games that i must get and resistance is in that list hope a beta come out soon, in my opinion a public beta would be better because i cant pre-order the game (that is a long story) but i will get it for sure

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