Resistance 3: The Dark Woods of Pennsylvania

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Resistance 3: The Dark Woods of Pennsylvania

As you know from our Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One blog post, we spent yesterday with a large group of North American and European press here in Los Angeles. They didn’t just see North Carolina’s new Ratchet & Clank game though – the Burbank-based Resistance 3 team was on hand to present a new single-player area, multiplayer map, and weapon.

Resistance 3 for PS3

Resistance 3 for PS3Resistance 3 for PS3

Our new single-player area finds hero Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov in the dark woods of Pennsylvania, hunted by Chimeran snipers and dropships. In this section of the game, players must sneak through the forest, avoiding the spotlights of the dropships while dispatching the sniper hybrids. They also run into Hybrids that are shielded by drones – requiring Capelli to destroy the drones first before attacking the Hybrids. A big emphasis in Resistance 3 is opening up the gameplay spaces, allowing players to not only choose which weapon to use for each situation via the weapon wheel, but also how to approach each situation while using the environment to their advantage.

After our Community Day in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago, many of you who couldn’t make it asked “when can I see the Boat level you showed?” Today is that day. Our journalist friends had the chance to go hands-on with the entire level, as it takes Capelli and Dr. Malikov through the flooded waters of the Mississippi as they approach St. Louis. We have released the first extensive footage of the level today, which you can watch above.

Resistance 3 for PS3

We also allowed the journalists in attendance to check out a new multiplayer map from our upcoming internal closed online beta test. The sun-soaked trainyard set in Bogota, Columbia represents another variation of the palette and weather in Resistance 3, and offers a lot of verticality with train cars and buildings to move in, around, and over. Media also familiarized themselves with the Chimeran Deadeye sniper rifle. The Deadeye packs a punch with its alt-fire, a skill shot that requires you to charge up and track the target for a second before delivering a devastating blast that can penetrate multiple enemies if performed correctly.

We hope you enjoyed this fresh look at Resistance 3. We are busy polishing the game ahead of its September 6th, 2011 release date. There is much more news to come in the coming months, so keep it tuned to the Insomniac Games Facebook and Twitter pages!

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  • Resistance 3 keeps looking better and better, I can’t wait to play!

  • That was jaw dropping! The atmosphere! The graphics! The music! I want Resistance 3 NOW!

  • Cool,how can we get into the beta?!

  • Wow, it looks great!

  • Damn the music is sounding great, gives a a real sense of emotion. Now how about unban me from Myresistance lolz =]

  • I want nathan hale back lol lookin good though

  • That was E3 press conference level stuff.

    Can’t imagine what Sony are going to show off there, if this is what they release to the public now.

  • Amazing, just amazing, looking forward to it

  • I just can’t wait for this :D.

  • Looks a bit more R:FoM-ish, however, it will still NEVER live up to R:FoM. Why?

    Because you guys sold out, and abandoned your roots.

    But hey… it can’t be as bad as R2 at least…

  • This looks friggin sick. I’m so tired of playing Killzone already. The terrain is too confusing. I always felt like Resistance was much more polished.

  • So this means I can FINALLY talk about my experience playing this phenomenal level!? Seriously, it’s been like two weeks and the experience still has stuck with me! As I’ve said before, you guys are definitely out doing yourselves with Resistance 3. Mr. Price’s words on “Resistance 3 will be the best title we’ve produced yet.” has A LOT of truth behind it. It’s amazing how far the franchise has come. Especially with how immersive this installments atmosphere is.

    The bar has definitely been set high with videos like the one posted above. However, you guys keep exceeding what you’ve set. I’m anticipating footage of the Pennsylvania level! Hopefully we’ll get to see more of that soon.

    Keep up the great work guys!


  • I would just like to say that I am not going on a media blackout from now until Septemeber 6th. I loved the Resistance series and I want to go into this one without any expectations so I can be blown away (well more blown away than I would have been had I known a few plotlines.

  • looking very very good , cant wait to play it !!!

  • Really nice, graphics are good, the atmosphere and chaos of the devastated world with a lot of et creatures is really well renderer, superb atmospheric music, I’m impressed. The game was not really on my radar because there is a lot of good games coming but…I’ll probably buy this some months after release, maybe on reduced price…or way before if COOP is included and well implemented for LOCAL AND ONLINE coop modes!

  • Looks really good. I have to agree Insomniac knows how, to really make a good game. I remember when the PS3 first came out, and putting in Resistance: Fall of Man. Those were the days. Anyone else remember the “Wal-Mart” servers? (lol) As long they continue to give me great character customization, and solid gameplay. I’m all good.

  • no 60 player saddens me :( Well hopefully dethmatch is like rfom and not like r2…it felt to different. if it’s like r2…then I hope skirmish is in r3 which was my preferred multiplayer mode in r2

  • I can not wait for this game I have been waiting a while 1 question is there going to be a collectors edition for this game I have my copy paid for already just wanted to know also my friend does also just to let you know how die hard fans we are of the Resistance we paid it off 2months ago. Please have a collectors edition.

  • awesome atmosphere, polish, and presentation!
    Can’t wait. Its lookin awesome. I only watched a bit of it cause I don’t wanna spoil any of it.
    Anyway, can’t wait! My most anticipated game this year!!!

  • Looks outstanding! Can’t wait to get my hands on this game September 6th!

  • Helghast vs Chimera…….A dream of epic proportion

  • Very cool. Are the two videos supposed to be the same?

  • What stood out for me the most is the dreary atmosphere and color pallet really brings out the the end of the world theme of the game :)

  • It’s Colombia, not Columbia. :P

  • Looks great, but why is there 2 post of the same video?

  • Now this is more like it, great stuff.


  • Damn, this is why i always loved Resistance. It’s freakin’ crazy how big that Goliath is and all the stuff that’s happening on screen.

  • those images are stunning to look at, should be nice to play, can’t wait!

  • Resistance 3 is getting better and better. Just like old red wine. Love it!!!

  • Collector’s Edition here I come!!! 8D

  • When is the beta coming out?

  • Must have collectors edition getting socom 4 just for the beta to resistance 3

  • Can’t wait to use the sharp shooter to kill chimera

  • I refuse to buy this because they change the main character. I will not play as Joseph d-bag capelli.

  • Graphics are stunning… but he water still reacts a little oddly, and the floaty feel seems to have improved, although still not as good as Killzone 3, needs a bit more head bobbing…or atleast an option for it.

    Also this level will frustrate people, as its HIGHLY SCRIPTED, i know many peopl who like to replay mission, especially if there are trophies involved, and slow scripted events are annoying the 2nd time around. Insomniac has fallen into doing this a lot last time around in R2 and were heavily criticised for it, looks like its going to happen again.

  • Looks great like classic RFOM. Weapon wheel is awesome as is gameplay choice! However, Malikov’s constant voice pointing out the obvious just sounds too weird. Let Capelli talk to Malikov to get a realistic exposition of the events occuring. Please try that, but still looks great.

  • $60 says the final boss of Resistance 3 will be Nathan Hale.

    I’ve played through the first 2 games enough to know how cliche the story is.

  • Will the campaign be longer than R2 and have more dynamic sequences that awe us during the Single Player campaign?

  • why is it that this game is reminding me more and more of half-life every tine i see it? maybe it’s the atmosphere

  • I agree with #37, I sure hope Capelli interjects occasionally during gameplay. It’s a little weird playing a mute hero.

  • Loving the Half-Life 2/L4D atmosphere it is presenting. Some of those particle effects in the smoke look amazing!

  • Twisted Metal and Resistance 3 are coming out the same day?

  • pretty cool, i live in Pennsylvania too

  • Looks amazing.

  • Is there anything that you “can’t announce at this time” about online co-op?

  • R3 will hit on September 6, Twisted Metal on October 4 (in North America at least).

  • Game looks intense!. Good to see my favorite, Resistance mech return in this!.

  • Question: Can Capelli fight Chimerans underwater?


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