Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Hits PSN Today With PlayStation Move Support

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Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Hits PSN Today With PlayStation Move Support

Hard to believe it’s almost been a year since we unveiled Dungeon Hunter: Alliance at E3, but the wait is finally over. Today, the game is available for download on the PlayStation Network!

In all honesty, we might have been able to release it sooner, but we really wanted to make sure this was a polished game, not just a run-of-the-mill hack ‘n slash. While the storyline is based on the original Dungeon Hunter, we wanted to re-imagine everything else for Alliance. So we rebuilt our game systems, graphics and engine from the ground up for the PlayStation 3.

Balance of Power

Just getting the classes balanced to the point we felt every player will be happy filling in a unique role for their party required extensive playtesting. To this end, we included some great abilities to unlock as your character progresses. Each class has a total of seven ability tiers and players unlock a new tier every few levels, so there’s always something to look forward to just around the corner.

You’re going to need all those powers, as monsters in co-op are noticeably beefed up (and drop better loot), so teamwork is important. This creates opportunities for players to complement each other, becoming a party that’s far more powerful than the sum of its heroes. We also have a system that allows players to reset their skills and explore different roles and customization paths.

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance for PS3 (PSN)

On the Move

Though originally we only planned on players using the standard DualShock controllers, we started working on PlayStation Move motion controls in the spring of 2010. Even with a designer working full time on this for nearly half a year, we had to go through many iterations before finding exactly what we wanted: a new and refined experience with the peripheral – not some tacked-on feature.

The PlayStation Move motion controller allows players to experience Dungeon Hunter: Alliance in a somewhat more relaxed and casual manner, which is exactly what we had in mind for it. Even players inexperienced with the classic controller can easily pick up and play using the PlayStation Move. Personally, I love the fact that it allows you to play with a single hand – leaving the other hand free to grab chips or a cold one – but if you prefer, you can always use a DualShock controller instead.

Play United…Or Not

Still, the hardest part of the process has been making a fun, stable and engaging multiplayer mode that lets you switch seamlessly between single player, local multiplayer and online multiplayer, without having to switch your character. After all, the multiplayer experience really is the focus of this game, but we don’t want players to feel like they have to start back at level one when they feel like playing solo. If you feel like having friends over but don’t want to start a new character, the option is there. If you want to play with four players but can only get two real life allies, you can take your game online and invite a distant friend or a random player to join the party. How you play is up to you.

Naturally, we couldn’t include every single feature that came to mind, and player versus player is one such feature. It was tempting to do, but we opted to focus our effort on making the best possible cooperative experience and had no wish to throw in more game modes simply to make the features list longer.

We are very proud to offer PlayStation Network users the type of experience that has been lacking in this current generation of consoles. We hope they have as much fun playing Dungeon Hunter: Alliance as we had making the game.

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  • Cant wait to play this with my son. Even if it is just a basic hack, slash, magic mess it will be worth it. I thought I remembered a while back saying this was going to be around $10 or under for PS+ members, but I would be willing to get it for $14.99. any more than that and I will just wait for one of the full disc based games of this genre coming in the next few months.

    @13 yazter: Why would you limit what games you play only if they have a platinum trophy? I never got trophies on my nintendo, 64, et al…. You should play to have fun not just get trophies… I wonder if a publisher released a game on PSN for $15 that just included trophies (meaning you play game it gives you trophies and nothing else) how many people would get said game…. I bet a lot which is just crazy to me!

    @19 colstripcapn: Yes thier are some downloadable PSN titles that have platinum. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is “Dead Nation”

  • It shall be added to my collection. I’ll be looking for people to play after download. :) Let’s rock it!

    And hopefully the trophy collection will be nice. :)

  • What time this game will be available?

  • That has to be one of the funniest videos everrrrrr!

  • Hey guys any idea what time this comes out? Is it at 2 pacific time? I have been waiting all day for this.

  • Maybe this blog needs a big FAQ page exclaiming updates are never done before 5Pm Eastern and nothing is put on PSN separately from the update. Seriously, every single blog post has somebody asking for stuff all day every Tuesday. Enough already.

    OK, ’nuff moaning at the customers. now for the writers – never mention a game the day it comes out without mentioning price and demo. If there isn’t a demo, well ok, but it has to have a price, right?

    Need to know – can other accounts use their own characters? It kills me playing Castle Crashers with playername1 playername 2 playername3. Seriously, that game was out 2 years before on Xbox, they couldn’t let you use characters acorss acounts, they were too busy working on volleyball? All multiplayer games need across account access. That is MUCH more important to me than trophies.

  • @EHngle yeah I would love to see Champions come back as an episodic PSN game. Throw us some expansions every couple of months.

    I’m curious to see how the Move support compares between this and Sorcery.

  • Argh. Who hired these ‘actors’, who have probably never played a video game in their lives. Ouch.
    Please throw this trailer away and create one without these weird people.

    We will still be playing this. Thanks for supporting local and online multiplayer!

  • what time is it comming out?

  • Note to self – never comment without watching the video first, duh.

    2 paragraphs about the Move and not a single word about the Navigator. Lo and behold the 3 people in the video are using the Navigator, nobody is using the Move alone, which makes me think Move controls alone must suck. Also nobody is using the Dualshock3, all 3 people are using the Navigator, because everybody knows using the DS3 in 1 hand sucks. Sony sucks for selling a Move “bundle” which doesn’t include the Navigator. My 2 kids told me not to buy Move Heroes after trying the demo and 1 hr. trial b/c playing that without the Navigator was impossible for them (they got the EyePet Move bundle for Christmas).

    We’ll probably get this, my kids loved Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (their too young to know better), but 2 paragraphs of Move advertising w/o mentioning the Navigator is just as bad as Sony selling the bundle w/o it.

  • can i play with a friend local while playing with a friend online? If so, SOLD!

  • yes you can do 2 local and 2 online or 3 local 1 online you get the idea

  • Its 2pm pacific so the update should be anytime now right?

  • Rofl. I love the gameloft videos. The people in them are soooo cheesy. I laugh at the cheesiness. I guess that they are real devs as I’ve seen them in other videos. “Good work, guys.” ….lol

    Everything aside, I am sooo buying this game tonight.

  • This may be the first trailer to convince me not to purchase a game.

  • ahahahaha this video was cheesy but funny, no one talks like that while playin a game and if they did I would tell them to shut the hell up..lol But all in all I am getting this game once they decide to upate the PSN, whenever that is

  • Move works great! My pointer is a bit jumpy, maybe I gotta recalibrate, but it doesn’t really affect anything. Very Diablo, and very good, especially for the asking price. My wife is interested in playing it, too. Thanks!

  • Warrior needs food, badly
    Green Elf is about to die
    Valkyrie, your life force is running out

    The Wizard shot the food…..

    Warrior, Elf, Valkyrie ” KILL THE WIZARD!”

  • When are you guys to going to fix modern combat: domination and all the bugs/exploits in that game???

  • I bought it soon as I found out it was available. I had a blast with the single player game. Will try out the multiplayer game tomorrow. Thanks Gameloft.

  • Thanks for trying to sell me an ipad game that costs $4.99 for $12.99.

  • The vid was a bit corny but the game looks pretty fun. nice that someone had the idea to do couch co-op. Too many games only have online co-op these days. This should be fun and I have really enjoyed the Move controller so I may go with that scheme.

  • This is a great game =D I am loving it, hopefully some DLC later on =P, well its great and love the 25% off with PSN PLUS. A must buy for anyone that likes these types of games.

  • Is this game compatible with the navcon? I see the “actors” using them but I don’t see an option to use the navcon anywhere.

  • What a waste, I really looked forward to play this w/ people on my XMB – but due to some game malfunction you can’t unless you mash the X button into oblivion…. and then you have a marginal chance of getting into the friends game w/ their invite. I tried 7 times tonight – NADA . I did get in last night for three hours but nothing after that., which sucks.
    Never wanted a refund for anything I ever purchased from the PS Store, until now.
    Anybody else having this issue?

  • HEY~ guys
    I have a few questions, my friend bought Dungeon Hunter yesterday, he share it to me, there are some problems when we join multiplayer game:

    1) I can’t join my friend’ game when he is hosting the game. (System: You have been disconnected)
    2) I can’t join other people’s game when he is playing MP game. (System: You have been disconnected)

    Please help ><

  • RINGO_SECOND, don’t be surprised that game-sharing an online game causes issues. That’s likely by design. If you wanna play it, buy it.

    GameLoft: please fix the online invite system. Tried to join my friend last night, and it won’t let me. Disappointing, but still love the game in single-player. I don’t wanna try playing with strangers.

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