Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Hits PSN Today With PlayStation Move Support

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Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Hits PSN Today With PlayStation Move Support

Hard to believe it’s almost been a year since we unveiled Dungeon Hunter: Alliance at E3, but the wait is finally over. Today, the game is available for download on the PlayStation Network!

In all honesty, we might have been able to release it sooner, but we really wanted to make sure this was a polished game, not just a run-of-the-mill hack ‘n slash. While the storyline is based on the original Dungeon Hunter, we wanted to re-imagine everything else for Alliance. So we rebuilt our game systems, graphics and engine from the ground up for the PlayStation 3.

Balance of Power

Just getting the classes balanced to the point we felt every player will be happy filling in a unique role for their party required extensive playtesting. To this end, we included some great abilities to unlock as your character progresses. Each class has a total of seven ability tiers and players unlock a new tier every few levels, so there’s always something to look forward to just around the corner.

You’re going to need all those powers, as monsters in co-op are noticeably beefed up (and drop better loot), so teamwork is important. This creates opportunities for players to complement each other, becoming a party that’s far more powerful than the sum of its heroes. We also have a system that allows players to reset their skills and explore different roles and customization paths.

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance for PS3 (PSN)

On the Move

Though originally we only planned on players using the standard DualShock controllers, we started working on PlayStation Move motion controls in the spring of 2010. Even with a designer working full time on this for nearly half a year, we had to go through many iterations before finding exactly what we wanted: a new and refined experience with the peripheral – not some tacked-on feature.

The PlayStation Move motion controller allows players to experience Dungeon Hunter: Alliance in a somewhat more relaxed and casual manner, which is exactly what we had in mind for it. Even players inexperienced with the classic controller can easily pick up and play using the PlayStation Move. Personally, I love the fact that it allows you to play with a single hand – leaving the other hand free to grab chips or a cold one – but if you prefer, you can always use a DualShock controller instead.

Play United…Or Not

Still, the hardest part of the process has been making a fun, stable and engaging multiplayer mode that lets you switch seamlessly between single player, local multiplayer and online multiplayer, without having to switch your character. After all, the multiplayer experience really is the focus of this game, but we don’t want players to feel like they have to start back at level one when they feel like playing solo. If you feel like having friends over but don’t want to start a new character, the option is there. If you want to play with four players but can only get two real life allies, you can take your game online and invite a distant friend or a random player to join the party. How you play is up to you.

Naturally, we couldn’t include every single feature that came to mind, and player versus player is one such feature. It was tempting to do, but we opted to focus our effort on making the best possible cooperative experience and had no wish to throw in more game modes simply to make the features list longer.

We are very proud to offer PlayStation Network users the type of experience that has been lacking in this current generation of consoles. We hope they have as much fun playing Dungeon Hunter: Alliance as we had making the game.

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  • Getting a ‘Gauntlet’ vibe. Will be picking this up.

  • This game is gonna scratch an itch I’ve had since the start of this generation.

  • Been looking forward to this coming out. Only a few more hrs to go can’t wait.

  • Thanks for that video guys, got some great laughs out of it lol. “Whoa, check out that huge zombie”. Lol. On the other hand that Naomi chick is hot. And the game looks fun by the way.

  • Awesome can’t wait! that acting was painfully bad and wasn’t needed, all it needed was gameplay and at the end “Move support and online/offline 4 player coop”

  • So is there going to be a demo, and if not this week then in the coming weeks?

  • That was the most civil (and fake) online gaming session I’ve ever seen! LOL

    Played this a bit on my iPad; will definitely pick it up for the big screen.

  • I was wondering when the Move support was going to be announced. I saw it in the trailers for the past few months but there was no official word on it. I’ll be getting this for sure. :) Looks great!

  • How much???
    How does the battle system work with the skills???
    How many customized equipment types are there (armor subtypes, ring slots, ect. )
    How many subquests if any???
    Can we customize each heroe’s look, the video only shows class choices. gender, hair, etc.

  • really interested
    Will there be a demo??

  • Was already planning to buy this (thanks for the PS+ discount, too!), but this is pretty great news!

  • Will it include a platinum trophy? Otherwise, not interested =(

  • Diablo called, they just want to make sure their check is in the mail.

  • Looks awesome, and glad its not just a run-of-the-mill hack ‘n slash but then could you give us a brief explanation of what the story is about? Also how many quests does it have? and how many hours of gameplay does it offer? Thanks

  • How does one-handed play work, exactly? Like a mouse pointer? The trailer shows only two-handed gameplay, unless I missed it. I will watch again…

  • Will be grabbing this. Note to SCE WWS: hear the excitement and fervour of people willing to part with their money for RPGS?!!! How about a 1st party Western or Eastern RPG? People are getting weary of shooters and salivating for something else.

  • @6 Gueeds:

    Every single game since trophies were added to the PS3 is required to have them. Why do people still ask this several YEARS after this was known?

    @13 yazter:

    No PSN game contains platinum’s to my knowledge, only full retail games (some of which you can also download).

    On topic:

    In local co-op, can your friend’s characters be saved? Or are they just generics and any progress/loot they get is lost? Be interesting to play with my wife, but not if she dosen’t get to own her own character.

  • What time does this game come out? Been waiting all day, its almost 2:00 on east coast and stil no game. The wait is killing me!!!

  • just two questions…1.IS THIS AN EXCLUSIVE? 2. HOW MUCH?

  • This is nothing like Diablo. I picked up the game last week from the UK store, not that impressed. Using the Move will leave your wrist hurting, much better with the DS3. The item management is almost non-existent. Hard to compare the items you pick up. It does have an auto-equip function, one that you will always use. There is only one choice of character, you will always play as a guy, you just choose one of 3 classes for him. I think there is a demo on the UK store as when I purchased the game it downloaded the demo and the full game key. Try before you buy, you might just save $10. I would rather the Champions of Norrath series be picked up again, man I miss that game.

    And for those people that insist on asking if games have trophies – no comment.

  • Looking good, guess will pick it up tonight

  • This game so reminds me of Gauntlet and definitely fill the void that has been missing for a good and nostalgic multiplayer fix. Been waiting all day for this to release.. I hope it before 5 pm when I get off work.

  • Was already planning to buy this) Great game)

  • wow that video was just cheesy. lol

  • I love this kind of game and glad to see it come to pass.

    I hope Plus members get a discount… please!!

  • “+ nYcFrEeWiLL82 on April 12th, 2011 at 10:40 am said:

    just two questions…1.IS THIS AN EXCLUSIVE? 2. HOW MUCH?”

    1) Is this relative to how you enjoy playing games. If the game looks fun or exciting it shouldn’t make a difference what system it is on. Play it :)

    2) Curious as well. Looks to be a $10 game in UK according to one posters opinions and remarks

  • I appreciate the co-op, especially if it doesn’t require “grinding” even at hardest difficulty. I *hate* grinding — it really took my enjoyment of Deathspank down a few notches. My husband and I absolutely loved playing Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance and X-Men Legends on original Xbox. This might be the first co-op dungeon crawler on PS3 we can enjoy.


    Given the low-quality textures and lack of lighting effects shown in the screenshots, why doesn’t this game play in 1080p natively?

    Does it at least have HD (24-bit and/or losslessly-compressed) audio?

  • @ nYcFrEeWiLL82 on April 12th, 2011 at 10:40 am said:

    just two questions…1.IS THIS AN EXCLUSIVE? 2. HOW MUCH?


    The price for this on the PS Store will be $12.99 USD.

  • I put $60 on PSN and this comes out when i only have $2 left… just my luck lol

  • Looks great.

    $9 for PS Plus Members.

  • So looking forward this. I think it’s like less than 10 bucks for Plus users.

  • I already own Torchlight.

  • discount for plus members, definitely getting this game.
    it looks great can’t wait to try it out

    what about custom soundtracks, I would love to kill lots of dungeon hordes while listening to some Iron Maiden?

  • lol Nice video! Way to use your “magic” Naomi. lol

  • In the trailer, everybody talks with no emotions what so ever

  • Looks nice but this trailer is so cheesy…


  • I’m sorry to say, but I don’t feel like the gaming community was properly represented in that video. Not once did someone shout the f word at the top of their lungs, or appear to scream it in their minds judging by the scowl of death plastered on their face.

  • “Hey guys how bout we go together and sign up for some acting classes!”

    – “OKIE!”

    Srsly, I agree with #38 & #37. Too cheesy of a trailer! lolol. But the game looks fun. =)

  • “I’m going to use my magic now.”
    If I had a mage in my group who said what they were going to do every time they did it, I’d scream. Great looking game, but that trailer really acted like we were all idiots. Just have a big flashy sign fly at us at Mach 4.0 speeds saying “Online Co-op Multiplayer” and “Voice Chat”. We can handle it.

  • I can confirm people that this is a great game with lvl up to 75. This game is well worth the money and my best buy i have ever done on psn. You really get what you pay for and MORE. Oh and move works AWESOME with the game.

  • Guys, yes the trailer is cheesy, but give the publisher a break! It’s GameLoft, not freaking Activision or EA. I’m sure their budget is in the tens of dollars, not billions… The gameplay is what matters, and it looks like a step up from some of their other games, even if the others are fun.

    In lieu of Torchlight or Diablo 3, and for $9.74-12.99, how can you go wrong here? It’s got co-op and everything… Maybe I’m just optimistic.

  • The trailer is awesome. They are just calm because they know they are whooping ( )( ) on a level far beyond our comprehension.

  • Jean you just sold me, I’m in!!! 8)

  • @39

    I could have sworn the blog announced the game for 12 bucks (9-something for Plus members).


    I’m pretty sure there was supposed to be a Playstation Plus update on April 12th…well, nothing has been said…did Sony just sweep this under the carpet?


    It’s Gameloft, i have a trophy glitched in the last game i picked up from them >:(

    Hope this plays better than the actors can act in that trailer/commercial…lol

  • @34 “already own Torchlight.”

    Have fun playing that on your own.

    JK, Torchlight is amazing, but honestly, it’s better playing these kind of games with friends.

  • looks fun, but will there be different separate coop accounts that you can log in with or just guest stuff. wish there was more info.

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