Updates to PSP System Software, Media Go App

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Updates to PSP System Software, Media Go App

Hi everyone, a new PSP system software update, v6.38, will be released soon. System software stability during use of some features will be improved.

Also, there’s an update to Media Go slated for this week that adds supports for new Xperia mobile phones (PLAY, arc, neo) and WALKMAN devices, along with some installation, performance, and stability improvements.

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  • for god sakes people if you dont like the updates, then shut the hell up and go buy a 360

  • Meh, good to know you still care about the PSP. ^_^

  • @49 What does this have to do with a 360? Just because people disagree with a software update or want/expect more means they should go with a 360? Please.

  • @jqtaxpayer grow up kid, this blog is for everyone and if YOU dont like something that someone posted, then dont read it. simple as that. I think that guys ideas are pretty darn good and would be nice to see, at least He took the time to write it all out. Unlike alot of people just complaining about his wants for the psp and ps3. I have never seen you post any good ideas ever, just complaining and that IMO makes you worse than what You think of Him.

    PSP update, what does it do? Ps3 update with chrome or FF4 browser would be nice as my psp browser is still faster than the ps3’s. THAT IS A CRYING SHAME!!!

  • oh and there are constant updates for the 360 which only add security fixes. thats it. they do not have any of the cool things we have so Tiger why don’t YOU go back to YOUR xbox, stupid fantroll.

  • Same here, not able to access the Media Go PSN store. Says theres an update but you click the link and it takes you to the download link to the current version. HMMMMMM! PSP 6.38 downloaded through Media Go just fine though.

  • i cant wait to know more about NGP , release it already come on , oh and does somebody know how can i overdive on The Third Birthday ?

  • It’d be really nice if we could get a PSP backup/data management util in a PS3 XMB update. I mean, it’s a little bit silly that the only way to backup and manage my PSP is by using a PC, when the PS3 could easily do the same job.

  • all of everyones complain thinks it can happen with a snap of a finger, if you want something, do something about it instead of hiding behind your computers

  • We need Linux support! For Media Go!

  • dear playstation…..WHEN ARE WE GETTING THE DLC FOR DISSIDIA 012!!! not the free one, the one that cost money, thank you for your time

  • Man. These posts are proof positive the PSP is dead in NA. Even so-called gamers ignore it and hijack topics about the system in favor of the PS3. A big SMH to all off-topic posters here.

  • How about the use of the PSP camera during Skype.

  • Updated for Mac support? Nope? Can someone please explain to me why this hasn’t been addressed already?

  • So, support for Cloud Saving our PSP files? :D

  • Instead of going around updating the systems just to make the hackers work 2 minutes more to crack it again. Make good updates with better features for the PS3/PSP. I know this update is just an excuse. We have been waiting a lot for nice PS3 updates. 2.40 was the last good update….

  • We want Media Go for Mac. What the heck is a Xperia mobile phone?

  • PS3: plzzzzz faster in-game XMB, blackops im looking at you, once you get a message or invite the XMB takes for ever to load sometimes

  • Need update for the PS3 software & hardware & ect. How about features that people actually want not what you want but what the people want. We all are your buyers not you okay :), doing half theses things will make your buyers more happy & keep buying from you later on & ect.

    1. System software & hardware stability during use of some features will be improved, (fix limiting power to USB port on PS3 system which has it).
    2. Better PSN-ID Profile look with better style & to add more information about me and ect.
    3. Design your own Avatars with your own looks like use the PS3 Eye to photo shot you into anime character(face only & design the rest of it).
    4. Cross-game chat in all games which go’s online.
    5. New themes with sounds combine for the XMB look with effects on background.
    6. Speed up the load time on the XMB faster to upload & fix the freezing up problem with online games & non-online games, fix WiFi, and slow downs on the PS3.
    7. And all backward compatibility with PS2 games that work on both fat & slim PS3 systems.
    8. Please make half this possible for your dying Sony fans who love you with big heart & respects you still.

    Peace Out :)

  • WPA2 support for PSP! Come on, it can’t be that hard.

    At the moment, I can’t take my PSP Go online and that’s losing you (even more) PSP PSN software sales.

  • @71 Go into your router and change to WPA/WPA2 encryption. It’s not that hard! =b

  • *sighs* another useless PSP update. At least we got qriocity now, but I’ve been waiting for newer features on the PSP in forever.. no comic reader, sensme update in a year… ever since this GeoHot crap, I’m starting to lose interest in both the PS3 and PSP…make something worthwhile, Sony.. It’s great and all giving security updates and all…but we need more.

  • What will the psp update have?

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