Updates to PSP System Software, Media Go App

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Updates to PSP System Software, Media Go App

Hi everyone, a new PSP system software update, v6.38, will be released soon. System software stability during use of some features will be improved.

Also, there’s an update to Media Go slated for this week that adds supports for new Xperia mobile phones (PLAY, arc, neo) and WALKMAN devices, along with some installation, performance, and stability improvements.

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  • How about a freaking update for the PS3? We haven’t had a significant update in a long time that added useful features. I know that the Cloud Saving System just came out but that’s only available to Plus users like me but I don’t even use it. How about features that people actually want?

    1. Cross-game chat
    2. Bigger PSN Profiles with many information (now playing, more about me etc.)
    3. More avatars other than Capcom, how do we not have a single Metal Gear Solid avatar?
    4. Easier to view/compare trophies. People who have a ton of games have to scroll forever just to find a specific game.
    5. Updated web browser
    6. Faster in-game xmb, more fluent and more actions available during in-game XMB.

  • @Eric Lempel
    “System software stability during use of some features will be improved.”
    Could you please expound on this statement? Because i’s pretty much what you guys always say. I’ve never noticed any change to how my PSP runs whether on the XMB, in game, music, etc. :|

  • Getting my Play soon,this is perfect :D

  • We need Mac support! I can’t use media go because i only have Mac’s in my house. When will we see the day for Mac compatibly? Its a pain to first upload all my music and videos to my PS3 then to my PSP GO.

  • Is there any information on the Xperia PLay and Canada? I’m just wondering who the carrier is going to be, or whether it is locked/unlocked, and also when it releases.

  • Are you guys working on a Mac ver of Media Go? I hate having to boot to Win just to run Media Go.

  • Eric when are we getting a PS Store web site?

  • A Wishlist feature for the PSN store would be nice….

  • we need more update for the ps3 like *allowing ps2 games to be play in the ps3 slim* i refuse to buy another system when it should be play on the ps3!!!!!!!!

  • @ #2 That is just a way of saying that they patched an exploit in the system.

  • Still waiting on Lego star wars 3 the clone wars psn download for psp.
    Why was it removed from the update last week?

  • I love how this Blog post has gone from a PSP minor software update to a PS3 Update MAJOR SOFTWARE List… I don’t think that the person who made this post has very much to say on the PS3 side I think that you guys should talk to someone else : ) … (I Mean’t that in a nice way)

    Also question is this the same software update that allows Qriocity?

  • if the ps4 can’t play ps1, ps2, or ps3 games, that is the last straw.

  • @dmg117
    Yeah probably… :( I wonder if they’ll keep doing security updates for PSP even after PSP2 is out. C’mon Sony, end PSP on a nice round firmware number such as 7.00!

    According to wikipedia, 6.35 prepared for the music service. I don’t know if services can ‘unlock’ on the PSP like they do with the PSP so you may be on to something there.

  • MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC M…… ah screw it my PS3 works fine xD

  • Awesome. I love how Sony never responds to any requests for real features. Hell they don’t even explain the terrible updates they do provide.

    “improved stability of some features” basically is equal to saying “this is the most awesomest update evar because it is”

  • PSP? That thing is still around? :-p

    As some have said above, a nice PS3 update would be nice. We haven’t had one since early last year. Is the system not able to do anything more? Like bigger profile area, faster trophy sync etc?

    Not that I expect anyone to answer these, because you never do.

  • Don’t count on VPs answering our questions. Too busy counting the ca$h they’re making off of us.

    I agree– would love to see PS3 updates and even a Mac client of MediaGo.

  • ►►►►►►►►►►NONE PSP Related◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄
    Dear Sony Firmware Development Team,

    This is Skater_Ricky Firmware Wish List That I hope
    SONY can put these features into the ever so growing
    Powerful PS3.
    ? (Party System) Cross Game Voice Chat
    ? Voice Messaging (30 second – 60 second clip)
    ? Be able to hit the PS button to Answer a Message that a Friend has Sent
    ? Faster IN-GAME XMB.. take out useless options that can’t be used or Better Yet “REVAMP the whole In-game XMB” or just make a better In-game menu all together and deal without the XMB for in-game Menu.
    ? Option to Defragment Hard Drive in the Settings Selection
    ? Custom Avatars
    (Part 1)

  • ►►►►►►►►►►NONE PSP Related◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄
    ? Screenshoot Capture Built into the PS3 OS across all Games and Apps.
    ? Easier to Customize Folders for all MUSIC, GAME, PHOTO’s
    ? Direct Feed from PlayStation Blog in the What’s New Section like “RSS Feed: for PlayStation Blog.
    ? Music Player Visual (Bigger Album Art) while playing with a nice Music Player Visuals. And Differnt Visual’s within the Music Player.
    ? iPhone and iPod support to Upload Pictures and Listen to Music. (I’d like to at least upload my pictures from my iPhone to my PS3)
    ? Backward Compatibility with PS2 (Software/Firmware Update)
    (Part 2)

  • ►►►►►►►►►►NONE PSP Related◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄

    ►My Outtake on Cross Game Voice Chat◄
    I like to see us ALL get a Kick A$$ Party System “Cross Game Voice Chat”.

    This Party System Can Add People From your Friend List or Have Open Party Invite to Add People In a Window were all Can Chat Cross Game or Invite Each in a Game to Play Online togeather.

    And In this Party System you have the Option to Call a Friend 1 on 1 and Chat Privately While Playing Other Games or be Playing the Same Game.
    (Part 3)

  • ►►►►►►►►►►NONE PSP Related◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄

    Or in a Group of 8 Friends or non Friends to Chat About Gaming Kinda Like Video Chat But with out the Function of Video.

    And In this System it would have Options to Send ANY GAME Invite to a PSN Friend to Play that game you Choose to Play Online.

    When they Accpet it will Send them to your Party and in the Party Box there PSN ICON will Show up
    ►(Like it does when you invite them in a Voice Chat)◄ and they have the Optoin to Chat Via Text or Voice Chat.
    (Part 4)

  • ►►►►►►►►►►NONE PSP Related◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄

    When Everyone is Ready they Will Have the Option to Launch the Game Once the Game is Loaded or Even While the Game is Loading They can Chat Via Text or Voice Even While Waiting for Games to Load up to Play.
    Once in the Game the Game will use the Party System to Use as a main Source of Playing Online Gaming.
    Make this happen SONY (Make.Belive)

    ►►We Really Need to Overhaul the In-Game XMB. I really like to see only the Functions and Features I can actually use while playing a game which is the following.
    1. Bluetooth Headset settings/USB Headset Settings
    2. Messages [Inbox],[Send][New Message]
    3. Friend list (Options to show only Online friends while in the In-game XMB)
    4. Easy Join and Send Game Invite System (Across the Entire PS3 dont force it on Developers to add these features make it Mandatory.)
    5. Screen-Shot feature
    6. Voice Messages
    Thanks for Reading Skater_Ricky,

  • Skater…that’s not happening man

  • @1
    Get over it, use your phone!

  • I agree with the Mac support for MediaGo. It would be nice to have more Mac support for Qriocity (syncing music more specifically). Please!! =)

  • I was wondering why my Media Go wasn’t working, just an update for those in the know, at least on my Media go the store isn’t working, it says that I need and update but there isn’t one up yet, meaning I can’t buy anything on the network or even browse! Hopefully this will be fixed up soon, just a heads up for those out there.

  • @Skater_Ricky
    I suggest learning Japanese and contacting SCE. The PS3 is a Japanese developed system. They do the programming. Plus then you’ll stop spamming the comments.

  • @24 yeah I’m really gonna give out my phone number to people who I don’t really know in real life. >_>

  • @D-Squad3
    Yet you have no problem speaking to complete strangers over the internet? I honestly don’t see the difference between those two things.

  • That wasn’t Spamming @Tomstockmail the same guy that posts PS3 firmware updates is Eric Lempel. Not everyone owns a PSP I myself own a PSP don’t play it as much as I use to because I enjoy playing my PS3 more. I’m standing up for my PS3 feedback in bringing what we need to see in our PS3 I see others post request as I have I summed up allot of what I could of posted but I narrowed down the most requests for PS3 firmware requests. So no need to say I was spamming when everyone else that’s a PlayStation owner will request the same and the most requested is Cross Game Voice Chat and as @X-Squad3 also stated a valued point I and himself don’t give out our Real phone numbers to kids and Strangers. And Sign me up for a Japanese Lesson because I’d love to let them know American requests.

  • Hi, everyone. A new PSP system software update, v6.37, will be released soon. This is a minor update that updates the firmware version number to v6.37.

  • how beeing able to put wmv. videos on my psp, i just got tron legacy and i cant bloody put the digital copy on it =[

  • “System software stability during use of some features will be improved. ”

    All it means is they patched a security hole.
    Doesn’t actually improve stability or anything.
    Why they don’t just say that the patched a hole is a mystery to me though..

  • @tomstockmail
    Eric Lempel is the guy to give all of our requests and wants and needs. Without giving out our Feedback the PS3 and PSP won’t get any better.

    ►For the Only Requested feature I love to see on my PSP is the Friend list to be able to see who is Online and Offline and to Message and Reply to my PSN Friends and maybe Play a PSP game using the PSP Friend list to Link up in a PSP Online Game. my Requested feature is not in a high demand because most of the PSP owners on average aren’t connected Online with the PSP due to the lack of Mobile Connectivity now when the NGP comes out that will change drastically.

    we dont give out a True Identity that is the major difference why we have our own PSN Names some maybe close to our real name and some may not. I honestly dont want allot of my gamer friends calling me because I would normally wont answer as Im normally working or playing a game to have time to answer the phone nor want to hold a phone to my head while playing a game.

  • @spartan5585
    They want everyone to buy the Digital Version off PlayStation Network thats why.

    I for one also Bought Tron: Legacy and love to put it on my PSP and HTC Inspire 4G but can’t due to the Digital Protection it has on the Digital Copy.

    My Digital Copy got messed up during the Copy phase of copying to my Computer and wont let me Copy it to my PC again.

    And get this you HAVE TO CHOSE between coping it to either Windows Media Player or iTunes you cant even choose Both like myself I wont to put it on my iPhone and also put it on my HTC Inspire 4G even when I actually but the Full Copy of the Movie “4 Disc Set with 3D Baby!”

  • @29 because there is a difference using a mic versus a cell phone. And how is adding a feature like Cross-game chat gonna hurt people who don’t want it? If you don’t want it then don’t use it, but other people have been asking for it now for a while and Sony has yet to deliver.

  • Sony, have you ever heard of the amazing bizarre and outlandish thing called OSX ?

  • we need better web brwser

  • the Ps3 will never again be able to play ps2 games unless you have an old one like me(not bragging) they took that out so they can sell more playstation 2’s. if it didn’t sell so well they would have kept it but they want to milk it for all it’s worth.

  • how about the ps3 being able to play psp games. we can download them onto the ps3, why not play it too. come on sony, stop teases us with the cake and give us a slice already

  • can we do wpa2 wifi support? idk y psp is lacking this but cmon ppl

  • i am tired of these updates that will patch exploits etc, and label it system security and stability!!! i want only 1 feature from the psp, add the ability to create our own playlist for songs for music on the xmb or music menu, no import from media go etc, i want to create a list of songs i want to play from all my albums etc using my psp just like the ps1 ps2 and ps3 had! its not much to ask isnt it, considering all these pointless updates etc, btw 6.39 is already out on some games, can’t u simply release a 6.40???? come on man!

  • Instead of updating the PSP, they should update PS3. New functions would be great but an option to sort files by name in custom folders under the ”Game” section would be awesome. I’m tired of scrolling through my 70 titles to find the one I want to play.

    I would also appreciate to have an overall trophy percentage when you point the ”Trophy Collection” tab, like what is done when you point individual titles. They could also add infos (when you hit triangle) on what is the total number of trophies we can get from all the games in our trophy list.

    I hope someone will listen to my ideas for a soon-to-be update.

  • I have to agree with some of those above me. I’m tired of seeing the useless “System software stability during use of some features will be improved.” message. I want Sony to at least commit to adding at least 1 requested feature every time they patch a security hole. Here are some of the feature the PSP should have already had by now…

    – WPA 2 Security Support
    – The Select Button used to show the display in Photo,Music & Video
    – More Music Visualizations
    – The ability for us to access our friends list to see what they are playing and message friends on the PSN
    – The use of the Memory Stick Duo to somehow expand the RAM by allocating so much of your Memory Stick for use as RAM

    Now the first three shouldn’t be that hard and are definitely possible. Make it happen!!!!

    As for the PS3 make sure these few things get onto it before the PS4 comes out. Basically make me want to update my PS3, give me a good reason to update my systems

    – Add Playlist Support to the Video Section
    – Add Shuffle Support to the Video & Photo Section
    – Add Music more Visualizations
    – Improve the Web Browser
    – Improve Remote Play so it works with more Routers/Gateways (2wire)

    To be contin….

  • Finally here are some improvements that should be made to the PS+ Service

    – Make Automatic Downloads a feature for all to be able to use
    – Include the Premium Version for Qriocity
    – People who Purchase the 3 Month plan should have individual Qore episodes, those that purchase the 1 year plan should get the full benefits of Qore Subscribers
    – Permanent Discounts across the boards (i.e. 10%,20%,30%,40%,50% on items in the store your choice of course)
    – Allow us to keep some games that you put out for PS+ of our choice 3 PS1 games, 2 PSP Mini’s 1 PSP Games. So it is like we bought them. In other words if we decide not to resubscribe we still have access to them. (I doubt you’ll institute this request but hey it is worth a try)

    If you institute the First three you will have people subscribing for years. Heck I would go buy 5 years worth of Subscriptions. I would have absolutely no reason other than not having the money at the time (Which I do right now) to join PS+

  • Sony I’m showing you how you guys can make even more cash. People who own the systems will appreciate them that much more and use them more, also making them more likely to purchase future systems (i.e. NGP & PS4) People will basically come in droves to PS+ when it offers what I outlined above plus what you already have in there. To me right now when it comes to all these firmware updates and features when the PS3 & PSP came out it was great now it just seems your sitting on your laurals and don’t care anymore. If I don’t see some improvement I’m going to have to assume that you have given up. :-(

  • Sorry for the bad grammar. It’s late and I am a bit tired but I think it can be understood. Good Night All. Hopefully Next time we see an update from Sony there will be a worthwhile reason to update our systems.

  • Thanks but no thanks, Sony. I am not impressed nor do I buy your stupid software updates.

  • If you think you’ve got such great ideas for Sony to make a better product / more money / whatever, send them your resume and stop spamming the PS Blog. It’s obnoxious to come in here and see ten comments in a row by someone who doesn’t think we get enough free stuff, or, God help me, pushing the cross-game chat thing. Sony knows you want cross-game chat and if they intend on implementing it, they will, so [DELETED] already.

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