New Resident Evil revealed in PlayStation: The Official Magazine

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New Resident Evil revealed in PlayStation: The Official Magazine

Who needs to wait for E3? It’s a month of massive reveals in the May issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine.

PTOM May Issue

We start with our cover story, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. First, a quick note about what Raccoon City is not. Raccoon City is not a survival horror game. Go on—let that sink in for a second. Yes, the granddaddy of survival horror breaks from the very thing that’s defined it for over 15 years, instead delivering a wholly unique squad-based shooter experience, with the talented folks at Slant Six now handling the development duties. We saw the game in action and survived to tell a tale of shambling zombies, elite operatives, and a mission to “kill Leon.” Indeed, nothing is sacred here, including the long-standing heroes of the Resident Evil franchise. We’ve got more stunning details about the game, but you’ll have to read them in our pages when the issue hits newsstands April 12.

Our other big feature: Prey 2. (Don’t worry if you don’t remember the first game: it was an exclusive on that, uh, other system.) Bethesda’s adventure shooter impressed us with its creative gameplay and gorgeous Blade Runner-esque world, enough so that we jumped at the opportunity to give it a lavish six-page expose. Find out why we’re so excited about this game when you pick up the May issue.

Rounding out the issue: a huge reviews section, including our surprising verdicts on two major shooters. Plus, previews on the heavy hitters, including UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, Battlefield 3, The Last Guardian and Batman: Arkham City. And then there’s my personal fave in the issue: my interview with Supremacy MMA’s beautiful brawler Felice Herrig. E3 might be right around the corner, but we’ve got you more than covered until then—only in the pages of PlayStation: The Official Magazine.

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  • @ 6, who cares? WKC sucked, although I was disappointed about Dark Souls going to the junkbox.

    However, this game looks promising. At least it has zombies this time, although Im not sure how the whole squad based deal will work.

  • I’m on the same page as moneymike on this one. The story is what counts – and the original 3 were gripping to say the least. If its going to turn into an FPS then it’s going to lose what made it so iconic. If you’ve ever read the books you’ll know that there is a good story there to be told. I’ve done a review of the first book (Zero Hour) at I’ll review the other ones too and the game when it comes out.

  • I have played every Resident Evil for PS consoles and I think they should stop putting partners or any kind of squad thing… Remember how crappy it felt being surrounded by other annoying characters on the first RE: Outbreak? Well, I think the key for a successful horror game is to give the player the sense of being alone with little weapons to defend themselves from horrific enemies… I’m really hoping to see a new Resident Evil with old fashioned zombies and slow paced gameplay. I loved “Lost In Nightmares”!!

  • Back to playing SIREN: Blood curse I suppose…

  • Why do they torture long time Resident Evil fans with crap like this. I have been waiting for years now for them to make an actual resident evil game. not some thriller or multiplayer game. I miss the creepy camera angles. The epic boss fights. The low amount of ammo. And most of all ACTUAL zombies. no mutants. ZOMBIES! This game might bee fun but i would really like to see something good come out of the rest of this series. R.I.P Resident Evil

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