New Resident Evil revealed in PlayStation: The Official Magazine

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New Resident Evil revealed in PlayStation: The Official Magazine

Who needs to wait for E3? It’s a month of massive reveals in the May issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine.

PTOM May Issue

We start with our cover story, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. First, a quick note about what Raccoon City is not. Raccoon City is not a survival horror game. Go on—let that sink in for a second. Yes, the granddaddy of survival horror breaks from the very thing that’s defined it for over 15 years, instead delivering a wholly unique squad-based shooter experience, with the talented folks at Slant Six now handling the development duties. We saw the game in action and survived to tell a tale of shambling zombies, elite operatives, and a mission to “kill Leon.” Indeed, nothing is sacred here, including the long-standing heroes of the Resident Evil franchise. We’ve got more stunning details about the game, but you’ll have to read them in our pages when the issue hits newsstands April 12.

Our other big feature: Prey 2. (Don’t worry if you don’t remember the first game: it was an exclusive on that, uh, other system.) Bethesda’s adventure shooter impressed us with its creative gameplay and gorgeous Blade Runner-esque world, enough so that we jumped at the opportunity to give it a lavish six-page expose. Find out why we’re so excited about this game when you pick up the May issue.

Rounding out the issue: a huge reviews section, including our surprising verdicts on two major shooters. Plus, previews on the heavy hitters, including UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, Battlefield 3, The Last Guardian and Batman: Arkham City. And then there’s my personal fave in the issue: my interview with Supremacy MMA’s beautiful brawler Felice Herrig. E3 might be right around the corner, but we’ve got you more than covered until then—only in the pages of PlayStation: The Official Magazine.

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  • Well Resident Evil 5 was hardly “horror” either (except for the antiquated controls). Wow, another MP squad based shooter? How original! Just pop the first-person mode and cross-hairs on and we have a winner. Throw in a space-marine and we have GoTY material.

    WKC 2 info please. I’d rather support the Japanese gaming industry with games like that.

  • I LOVE OPM!!!!

  • Cool looking cover. That’s about it.

  • RE5 was a horror game?

  • Sweetness! Thesis going be one badass issue.


    WKC 2 just confirmed via IGN. Sony dropped the ball on this one, they’re not even publishing it. Way to support your exclusives (see: Demon’s Souls, now multi-platform).

  • (the sequel, Dark Souls, that is – case it wasn’t clear)

  • RE keeps getting worse, huh?

    Who came up with the idea of making the RE series a squad based shooter?

    I wish we could get a REAL RE game on our ps3’s. Oh well.

  • Prey was on PC too. It was a great game! It used Portals before Portal. Some say they took Portals idea but hey, who’s paying attention?! :P!!

    Can’t wait for Uncharted 3!!!!

    Resident Evil, I’m just happy the games far exceed the movies in terms of quality!

    Batman: Arkham City is going to be GOTY contender yet again!

  • @7 the forthcoming Code Veronica HD might float your boat – it was easily one of my favorite Dreamcast games. Sure would be awesome if they re-did 1-3 the same way (even though I have the psone classics versions of 1 & 2).

  • No thanks, Slant Six. I know all about what kind of games you guys make.

  • Did Capcom just go crazy??? DMC down. Now RE too? Time to cash out for Capcom.

  • Dear OPM:

    Please bring your magazine to the iOS/Android marketplaces with a subscription model. I would love to read your mag on my iPad 2, but its just not an option. If if happens I would subscribe in a heartbeat.

    Love, me.

  • Just picked up this issue and so far it’s pretty good. I’m not that far in, but I already enjoyed learning more about Dead Island, The Upcoming Toys, & The MMA Interview you mentioned.

  • Just saying, I can’t think of a single good game that Slant Six has released…I lost all faith in them when they released Socom: Confrontation. Sorry but this game is not going to be added to my collection.

  • will never buy another slant six game again

  • SOCOM Confrontation meets Resident Evil. As long as they’re using the MT Framework engine it’ll look much better than SOCOM. They should’ve just stuck to the Resident Evil: Outbreak setup: 4 survivors each with their own unique ability trying to get to various safe zones in 3rd-Person/classic Resident Evil camera design. Zombie games are a blast, but why dance around the fact that playstation gamers are practically dying for their own Left 4 Dead game on PS3?

  • I think this game sounds awesome! I never played a Slant Six game before and its Resident Evil with freaking ZOMBIES and you play as UMBRELLA! Yeps great combination for a great actiony game.

    Now Capcom needs to do something about DMC. It looks crappy and americanized. The original 4 had a distinct style that was very Japanese feeling to them.

  • I’m personally very excited for this Resident Evil side-story. I never expect RE1-3 for a side game, that’s not how this works. Unnumbered titles usually give the developers more freedom to try new things, and I think we need more of that. So stop crying, it’ll be fun and we all know it.

    DmC is actually Europeanized (is that even a real word?). The ‘Punk’-style they’re going for seems heavily inspired by that “punk-flu” that stormed through England and I’m not one to count that out.

    I have trust in Capcom in how they handle their products.

    @OPM: I agree with what another guy said here, I want to read Playstation: The Official Magazine on my iPad. :(

    • I know I’ve said this before, so my apologies for those who’ve heard it already, but… I promise, we’re looking at all kinds of “media extensions” for PTOM. The thing is, we need to do it right, and that does take time.

      First up, though: Podcast. Coming soon. I just need to convince the blog crew to join for a few gabfests. You hear that, Jeff, Sid, and Rey? You will all be on our podcast. Or else.

  • Nice. I was getting bored of RE 4 and 5’s controls.

  • The PSP RPG article is awesome, too. I love me some PSP RPGs…

  • “nothing is sacred”
    Pretty much sums up many of Capcoms moves this generation.

    Only internal Capcom developers are allowed to use MT Framework. Ergo, as was the case with Dead Rising 2 and will be the case with DmC, this game will not use that.

    PSP rpg article? Now that interests me. There’d better be a lot of XSeed/Falcom love!

  • Did they use the word “talented” in the same sentence as “Slant Sux”?


  • A podcast with the PS Blog crew would be beyond awesome!

  • I think PTOM got the scores on Homefront and Crysis2 backwards, but hey, that’s just my opinion. Then there’s PTOM’s.

    • I agree with our scores (duh). But I know we stand a little against the common wisdom on these games. But we justify it in our text.

      My personal ranking on the latest batch of shooters, based purely on “fun factor”:
      1. Killzone 3
      2. Homefront
      3. Bullestorm
      4. Crysis 2

  • I know operation racoon city is squad based, but is it a full FPS or is it 3rd person like all the other resident evil games?

  • Not really sure why comment #6 wasn’t posted, but here’s what it said:

    “WKC 2 just confirmed via IGN. Sony dropped the ball on this one, they’re not even publishing it. Way to support your exclusives (see: Demon’s Souls > Dark Souls,now multi-platform).”

    D3 is putting it out. At least a few companies still care about decent Japanese games. This Resident Evil L4D wannabe is going to be atrocious, I can already tell.

  • my subscription will only start sadly on june since you guys print your name labels in advance :/

  • Personally, this sounds pretty good. They needed to try something new with the RE series, the first 4 games were good, and I enjoyed RE5, I don’t see why everyone is hating on this so much, if they did make a new RE game like the first four you would all just complain how it isn’t as good as the older ones.


  • @FinalMacstorm

    Yeah, that was a good article. I love JRPGs.

  • lostinplainsight

    just what the world needs another resident evil made by one of the worst developers on the ps3 and on top of that it’s a squad based shooter! like we don’t have enough of those knocking about.

  • I think Resi has turned noddy for mass audience. I guess if I was Capcom I would do the same, but it is not a challenge at all now.

  • wow, another squad based shooter. How do they come up with these unique ideas? I am so glad we can finally shoot some zombies as part of a squad. It’s about time someone came up with this fresh concept.

  • Operation Raccoon City might be a win for 3 person shooters but it’ll fail as a RE game. RE 4 and 5 almost didn’t make the cut.

  • i believe more of the long running franchises should branch out like this, we are already psyched for final fantasy versus, and now this. Also with Kratos joining the mortal kombat universe and the all for one ratchet and clank game, spin-offs are the new future for games. Dont get me wrong brand new games are the driving force but die hard fans love adding to a charecters story so thank you for this game and keep on telling us the good news

  • its wil be a coooooool game i love this story i will buy it but i wish they have digimon on ps3 or yu-gi-oh and we can play online its awsome .

  • Read about this. It looks promising.

  • opm= BEST MAGAZINE EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meh…. Capcom doing a squad based shooter? A Resident Evil one no less? Lame… These types of genres don’t mix well. Doom for the PC was decent. For shooters that are horror… I liked CLive Barker’s Undying (PC) quite a bit, and to a lesser degree, also though Clive Barker’s Undying was decent, even though it seems everyone else pretty much hated it.

    I’m really getting tired of squad based shooters overall… Can we be done with them? None of them are even close to original anymore. I got KZ3 and was really excited to get it, but now I am just kind of “whatever” about it. I think its sad that everyone is trying to make a version of Call Of Duty these days. I actually used to dislike those games, as I was much more of a fan of the “golden age” of tactical shooters on the PC (Rogue Spear, Rainbow Six, etc) but that genre is completely dead at this point, so it seems I have caved to just what is available to me.

    Also… I think it would be awesome if SOMEONE would make a game I actually stay interested enough in to actually finish… Seems I spend most of my time these days playing PSN games as they are cheap and fairly well made, all things considered.

  • P.S. I am a subscriber of this magazine, and have been for quite some time… I haven’t gotten this issue yet…

  • Correction for #41 I was trying to say “Clive Barkers Jericho” for the second game, which I own on PS3.

  • So sad to hear this news…Why ruin the RE series any worse than they did with 5.Whelp part 2 is on psn so that download will happen if I need my RE fix

  • I’m a little ticked that the movie never really did anything with Leon. He is by far the most bad ass character in my opinion. Why would i want to kill Leon. There needs to be another game dealing with Clair and Leon, Somewhat like the Degeneration movie. Go ahead and ruin the series. I didn’t think 5 was that bad, but 4 was still better. I don’t see a better one being made until Leon is reincorporated into the series as the main character.

  • PLEASE I BEG YOU QUIT KILLING GAMES … if anything , make R.E. an open world map with a GOOD story that adds to the ORIGINAL 3 and the ORIGINAL GAME PLAY ( fixed camera angles ) thats what made it so fun IT WAS A HORROR GAME that was actually SCARY….. and as for GTA cuz i just gotta add this in cuz Rockstar screwed that up, merge San Andreas with GTA 4 and throw in more weapons MORE VEHICLES give us back planes a bigger map and just all around MORE things to do ( basically take GTA 4 and San Andres throw in some Need For Speed Underground some tony hawk some BMX some SIMS and what ever other cool features from other game you think gamers would love to have and merge it into the greatest freaking game you can ) otherwise just stop making GTA and R.E you’re killing what use to be consider the two greatest game series ever made

  • yo GARY will you guys have a fan art section in PTOM, maybe in the near future, i have this great drawing involving 2 very unlike character…think off the odd couple only funnier, cant let game informer be the only one, and since im a die hard playstation fan since 95′ i want to keep up with every thing playstation with you guys awesome magazine on all things playstation….cheers!

  • If this issue is out, I will get it……than hopefully subscribe too…….How about some exclusive content for subscribers?

  • I will be framing this issue and hanging it on my wall along with the Resident Evil 5 Photo I got to Midnight release of Resident Evil 5. I can not wait for another Resident Evil. Love that it says even the zombies are scared. It is a must have. I hate to say it but I am buying a Nintendo 3DS just for the resident evil franchise. It is the reason I own a PlayStation. I will be waiting by the mailbox everyday. Hope the mail person doesn’t fold my magazine again.

  • After all these years of decent Resident Evil games, you try to change it up by making it a completely different game? Leave the squad based tactical games to Rainbow Six, you’re not qualified to make a decent squad game.

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