Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Coming April 12, Free for Plus Members!

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Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Coming April 12, Free for Plus Members!

Back in February we revealed that we were working on a brand-new DLC Pack for Killzone 3 called Steel Rain. Today, we are proud to announce that the pack is finished and slated for a PlayStation Store release on Tuesday, April 12!

Steel Rain consists of two explosive new multiplayer maps inspired by locations from the single player campaign. Junkyard is a Guerrilla Warfare map which sees Jetpacks and Exoskeletons clashing in a rain-drenched junk processing facility.

Stahl Arms is a uniquely styled Warzone map set on the factory floor of one of Helghan’s largest weapons manufacturing plants.

The map pack will be available from the PlayStation Store April 12 for $4.99. PlayStation Plus members get a special treat: they can download the Steel Rain pack for free from April 12 through May 10!

Check out the footage from both maps and prepare to take the fight to two new fronts.

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  • wish i had killzone 3…

  • Will the map rotation glitch be fixed by April 12th?

    Will this map pack have the same problems?

    When will the matchmaking and team balancing issues be fixed?

    The game has been out for 45 days now while the DLC glitch and matchmaking are still broken. Killzone 3 was rushed and it shows. The lack of features in KZ3 is such a disappointment compared to Killzone 2.

    Glad to hear it is free, because I wasn’t going to buy it…sorry.

  • Is there anyone out there that is not a PLUS member? Shame on you… =P

  • Now you are making me happy once again to be a Plus member Sony. More of this would be greatly appreciated.

  • great to be a playsation plus member , thanks again sony

  • Hell yeah man, PS Plus proves its worth once again. Can’t wait to get my hands on these.

  • Sigh, another map pack… I don’t buy multiplayer map packs. Lame, but thanks anyway.

  • This is why I love PlayStation Plus!

  • Finally! I mean finally something. Good job Sony. Keep it coming.

  • great jobs guys keep it up!

  • Thanks for once again screwing me over as a PS Plus subscriber Sony. Now I have to hope that GameStop or Amazon has the DLC on sale for $4.99 so I can buy it and actually “own” it. It’s very frustrating that you simply can’t just have an option where we can get it for free as long as we have Plus or get it at a discount and keep it for good. Is that too much I’m asking?

  • As someone who very rarely plays GW it seems like a bit of a waste and I doubt I’ll spend the money just for one Warzone map, especially as there is still the map rotation bug that sees Salamun get played over and over. It seems a poorly thought out idea. Maybe think about offering the maps separately? Don’t know what happened but almost everyone I know who loved KZ2’s MP and played it for months has given up on KZ3 due to such counter intuitive decisions by GG. : (

  • This is why I’m happy with my PS+ subscription. Keep it up, Sony!

  • Love you guys.. thank you :D

  • Another happy PSN + member.

    thank-you !

  • For those of you asking about trophies YES they do have them, after update 1.07 if you guys check under the trophy tab for KZ3 at the en you’ll see the trophies for this maps, BTW thanks Sony and Guerrilla Games for this treat for being Plus members, for those of you that are not members yet, heres another good reason for it.

  • Holy crap, it’s free? Nice!

  • Im glad to see not everyone who does map packs dont try to rip you off. Im looking at you cod. 5 bucks is a fine price for these maps that I will be getting day 1.

  • That’s all well and good but are we going to ever get new avatars and themes for Killzone 3? Europe has it, why not us?

  • That’s amazing, PS+ is getting better and better. I’m glad I subscribed when it first launched. Thank you.

  • Why not make maps for all the modes? That’s kinda disappointing, if a map can do warzone it can do the other modes pretty easily…

    Can’t argue with free though :) I’ll be on to check them out and get the trophy count back to 100% when it comes out

  • Awesome. This is the kind of stuff Plus members should be getting ;)

    Now I have a reason to play KZ3 again :D

  • This is great. Looking for forward to this and whatever else you bring along for KZ3. Hopefully some more operations maps?

  • Loved Killzone 3, but not paying for new maps out of principle. It fragments the community. I understand people want to get paid for their work, but things that fragment the playerbase between haves and havenots is never good. Maps should be free for download, which encourages players to keep playing and provides more value and incentive for those who’ve been holding off on purchasing the game. This way you keep your playerbase unified and growing.

    Given this, I’ll put Killzone 3 up on eBay instead. Already finished singleplayer and played the excellent multiplayer to death. Going to put the cash toward Portal 2 which looks fantastic. Apparently if you purchase the PS3 version, you get the Mac and PC versions for free as a Steam download.

  • A free map pack DLC is a great gift so thanks for that.
    Now if we could get more than 3 maps for operations.

  • So I have PS+ so does that mean I cnap lay the KZ3 maps and then have them dissappeaer a week before May ends?

    @50 I think they do since for GOW3 I had to redownload the Armor when my PS+ expired

  • Killzone 3 like Killzone 3 is the big hype and even bigger let down. Yes graphics are pretty good but what has changed really from Killzone 2. Yes the bundle is awesome with the move support but same disappointing game. Just my opinion.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    To those asking, yes indeed it does have trophies (check the killzone 3 trophy list and then press Square to separate the core game trophies from the DLC)

  • Loving these maps and being a plus member is Awesome. Keep up the good work Sony.

  • Awesome! Love that I am PS+, free stuff is always good!

  • thanks to not having ps plus i can safely download for 5 bucks and keep forever instead of losing it when i would not pay the 50 per year if i had been a member

  • Where’s the supposed “Beefy” ps plus post we were supposed to get this week?Still waiting on it .

  • Busca-Cabezas oh hummm my PS+ expired and you say me shame on you lol is a joke when I put the new internet tomorrow i going to be the king again in KZ3

  • @Busca-Cabezas oh hummm my PS+ expired and you say me shame on you lol is a joke when I put the new internet tomorrow i going to be the king again in KZ3

  • GUERRILLA PLS SOMEONE ANSWER ME! is it just me or everyone its getting stuck on salamun market everytime we play warzone??? everytime i land on one of the retro maps it never give us the option to skip it! WTH!!????

  • XD Killzone 3 is awesome thank you for the free maps glad i am a Plus member =)

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