Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Coming April 12, Free for Plus Members!

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Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Coming April 12, Free for Plus Members!

Back in February we revealed that we were working on a brand-new DLC Pack for Killzone 3 called Steel Rain. Today, we are proud to announce that the pack is finished and slated for a PlayStation Store release on Tuesday, April 12!

Steel Rain consists of two explosive new multiplayer maps inspired by locations from the single player campaign. Junkyard is a Guerrilla Warfare map which sees Jetpacks and Exoskeletons clashing in a rain-drenched junk processing facility.

Stahl Arms is a uniquely styled Warzone map set on the factory floor of one of Helghan’s largest weapons manufacturing plants.

The map pack will be available from the PlayStation Store April 12 for $4.99. PlayStation Plus members get a special treat: they can download the Steel Rain pack for free from April 12 through May 10!

Check out the footage from both maps and prepare to take the fight to two new fronts.

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  • Plus = free! Awesome!!

  • 4.99 for two maps? :D FREE for Plus members? :D !!!!

    I love you Guerilla. lol@Call of Duty. xD

  • Great news! :) I saw this on the KZ blog a few days ago. Still cant wait to try out the new maps. And for free (for PS+ members like me)! :D


  • awesome!

  • PlayStation Plus just keeps getting better and better.

  • Great news!

  • Will it have trophies?

  • Now THAT’S why I have PS+! Good job fellas!

  • The Retro pack did, I’m sure this one will too.

  • The Junkyard map looks wicked. Too bad it’s Guerrilla Warfare only. I only play Warzone or Operations so I’m not really sure I’ll be getting this.

  • Nicely done, SCEA/Guerilla.

  • I love the free part.

  • I was just about to trade this game in because all my friends hate it, but now I have a reason to throw it in their faces. Thanks Sony for fueling my revenge.

  • Well played Sony. Well played.

  • Awesome! Free DLC like this is a great reason for people to subscribe.

    Even though there’s been somewhat slow months I can’t say that I’m dissatisfied with the plethora of content I’ve gotten with my $50.

  • im keeping PS Plus but if someone decides to cancel there subscription do they keep that DLC Map Pack?


  • haha yes plus

  • Yes!!! Thank you!!! PS+ = Major Win!!!!!!

  • Have the jetpacks been nerfed yet?

  • add operations maps!

  • “I was just about to trade this game in because all my friends hate it, but now I have a reason to throw it in their faces. Thanks Sony for fueling my revenge.”

    How does releasing a pack to a game they hate going to give you revenge? In the end their still going to hate it, they’re still not going to envy you for owning it.

    Thanks for the free map pack!

  • where’s operations? I swear KZ3 is the most half baked game ever. No online coop, cant sign on with multiple profiles in co op and now there’s a whole MP game mode being ignored. Thanks devs. You guys rule

  • Will this DLC add trophies?

  • Pays to be a Plus member :)

  • Verry Niice I like the look of the new maps, should be real fun!

  • Sweet, I just bought the Helghast Edition for $80 on amazon. Thanks for the free maps GG.

    Killzone 3 > Crysis 2

  • woot i can sign it

    OT: since its free for PS+ members does this mean once the subscription ends will the be gone too?

  • Free for Plus members… YESSSSSSSS!!!! the biggest advantage so far for PS+ !

  • opps i meant i can sign in* not sign it :P
    sorry for the double post

  • The Stahl Arms map looks fantastic! I can see that one easily becoming one of my favorites. Junkyard looks a bit busy and all over the place, but that may not be bad for a strictly Guerrilla Warfare map.

  • …. I love the KILLZONE series, but the fact that the multiplayer to KILLZONE3 is so, “limited” really hurts. I think giving this to PLUS members is a horrible idea, especially free. Discount? Sure. Free? No, not really. Then again what do I care?

    To people not in the know though. Both of those maps are limited to one game mode each, and neither of which are towards operations. So, at most you may actually be getting “one” map. Since warzone is the only real way to make points anymore.

  • Nice pricepoint!

  • @15XMBEANER You was going to trade your game in because your friends hate it. “PATHETIC”

  • Not getting this game until they tighten up the aiming.

  • PS+ FTW!!! 8)

  • PS Plus Rocks ASS!

  • Nice! It’s about time Sony started giving Plus subscribers free add-ons as was originally promised.

    A Move patch for High Velocity Bowling and a re-purposed pre-order bonus for UFC 2010 doesn’t cut it.

  • Another awesome promotion for PS+ members :)

  • Speaking of free things for PS+, I don’t think I ever got that red Faction Battlegrounds e-mail. And while a small dog WAS put on my keyboard with on my e-mail, it’d’ve taken a lot more to delete it from my inbox AND my trash with how short of a scramble time it had.

  • Sweet i get this for free and i was just about to get a psn card thanks and guerilla could you add more operations maps and try to make it where the helghast team has to actually move alot more instead of standing right next to the objective it would be great to see more skilled and tactical gameplay

  • Great to see some more KZ3 content, I’m loving playing it, especially with the Move, but I’d really like more Operations maps, as that mode only has 3 maps, which feels severely lacking. I feel like it was a really popular game mode initially but people got bored of the repetition and kinda gave up on it, moving to Warzone… hopefully some more maps would breathe new life into the mode and keep it interesting.

    Thanks for the free PS+ content for now thought!

  • PS Plus just keeps bringing home the bacon :)

  • Free for me!! Thank you very much.

  • Maps look amazing. The Lighting and detail are great

  • Sweet! thanks sony!!

  • …why did SCEA PSN use had to wait 1 week, to get this Map pack? SCEE had this last week…. that’s not cool when game dev dont treat as one. This only proves, we really need a united PSN.

  • TheShiftyDrifter

    So if you download the maps and then you don’t renew your plus account in 3 months do the maps disappear like all the plus games?

  • @46 I think DLC doesn’t expire from PS+.

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