PS3 Leads 3D in 2011

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PS3 Leads 3D in 2011

For fans of immersive entertainment, the PS3’s 2011 lineup of 3D content is looking particularly exciting. We wanted to share a handy graphic that highlights some notable 3D content coming in 2011, and also provide some interesting factoids as the 3D entertainment space accelerates. For example, in one week, there were more than 83,000 downloads of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011: The 3-D Experience Exclusive Sneak Peek. Apparently, we’re not the only ones ready for winter to be over.

If you’re a PS3 owner equipped with a 3D TV, you’ve already been introduced to the awesome 3D baseball experience with MLB 11 The Show. You’re probably also looking forward to the nearly 30 stereoscopic 3D titles that will be available on the PS3 by the end of 2011, including favorites such as UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, among many others.

The PS3’s deep 3D content isn’t limited to games — PlayStation Network gives you access to a wealth of downloadable 3D movies and original content. And, of course, PS3 is the only system that supports 3D Blu-ray movies. Mark your calendars: Tron Legacy releases on April 5.

PS3 continues to serve as the home for all things 3D entertainment. Are you interested in getting a 3D TV for gaming or videos? Do you already have a 3D TV? Let us know in the comments!

2011: The PS3 Owns 3D

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  • I have few 3D movies that I really enjoyed:
    Alice in Wonderland – next to AVATAR best 3D I have seen so far
    A Christmas Carol – pretty cool also
    Bolt – cool but nothing amazing

    Games in 3D:
    Motorstorm 3D – just amazing, that game rocks can’t wait to get my hands on Motorstorm: Apocalypse
    Stardust HD – probably best 3D I have seen so far
    Killzone 3D – fun game but because of 3D the beauty of the game looses some value (to render 3D output drops to 480p for each eye)

    Waiting for Socom 4 3D Beta and can’t wait for Uncharted 3 in 3D.

    3D glasses free TVs are 2-3 years away because price and quality will take some time to improve, sure you can get a 20 or even 40 inch glasses free TV by years end but it will cost $4000 and as soon as you move effect will wear off.

  • I have a question, I dont have a 3D TV but my local movie theater has a 3D projector now, would I be able to hook my PS3 up to the projector and have it work that way or do I need special cables or something else to make it work?

  • @50

    You might want to look into 3D projectors. It does work, but there’s a sensor and specific pair of glasses you have to buy to hook up to it. Yes though, 3D projectors will work :p

  • i think i have a 46 or 50 something bravia…but its not 3d…..i even tryed to win it from subway and other contests….i guess i will get one when prices come down or when i can afford it.

  • I have played games for a long time and I really could care less about 3-D. So lead ON. PS3D:)

  • One thing: the selection of 3D movies on both the PSN Store and Vudu (which you don’t control, but for argument’s sake) is really pathetic. Get more 3D movies out there for rent and I’ll start watching more.
    Games are obviously awesome in 3D, but there’s plenty more 3D movies than games right now.

  • Killzone 3 looks amazing and is a blast to play in 3D. High Velocity Bowling and MLB 11 the Show are so nice in 3D, and so far the Under the Sea Imax movie in 3D w/ Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet narrating is superb beyond belief. I am lucky to have the HX800 46′ model, and enjoy it any chance I get.

  • 55″ Sony Bravia 3D TV

    Games I own in 3D:

    Swords & Soldiers
    Prince of Persia Trilogy
    Motorstorm 3D Rift
    Top Darts
    Wipeout HD Fury
    High Velocity Bowling
    Auditorium HD
    Super Stardust HD
    Hustle Kings
    COD: Black Ops
    Gran Turismo 5

    Movies I own in 3D:

    Resident Evil Afterlife
    Alice In Wonderland
    Clash of the Titans
    My Bloody Valentine

    Keep the 3D content coming, it’s now a huge selling point for me. Looking forward to Mortal Kombat and Uncharted 3.

  • Been enjoying my Samsung LN46C750 for some time now. Its an excellent, cheap alternative to the pricey flagship models out there. If you have around $1000 lying around for a new one, or around $900 for a used/refurbed one, I would really recommend getting it. If you’re worried about the glasses for the tv, don’t be so worried about that either. You can find pairs of rechargeable glasses for the tv as cheap as $80 or $90 and they’re fairly comfortable. Anyway, as for the games, KZ3, GT5, and the Mortal Kombat demo as well as the smaller arcade games like Wipeout HD and Super Stardust are all great in 3D and The one Blu Ray 3D I did buy looks great on the PS3. If you’re interested in 3D like I am, I hope that you find the same deals I’ve found. 3D DOESN’T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE!

  • …forgot about Tumble too…if you have a move and 3D, that game is amazing

  • This cable myth does my head in, you do NOT need a special HDMI cable to use the 3D, I have a 5 quid one from my PS3 to the Tv and it works like a dream. The only thing that is different is the hardware i.e. at the device end, 1.4 adds an audio return channel so your TV can send the sound back to the input device which is useful for home cinema etc.

    1.3 high speed HDMI (which they all are lol) is absolutely fine, there is no degradation of signal, its digital not analogue, dont let the con men in stores tell you ptherwise its the biggest con in recent AV history.

    RANT over :)

    On topic, the PS3 works a treat with my first generation 3D TV, its a Samsung LE40c750 and you can pick them up for 800 quid in the UK (i paid much more anoying!) so much much less in the US no doubt. Yes the new generation are better and more refined but I have no complaints. The differences come in the media you are playing more than the hardware you are playing it on.

    Best experience yet and still remains super stardust HD in 3D is immense!! Have yet to try any of the new releases in 3D

  • @Janouchi, you have same TV as me just a bit bigger :P

    oh and forgot, played GT5 in 3D actually, its a bit mental! Good mental of course :)


    Who was asking about MS Apocolypse, its about in 9 days not the end of the year! Having watched above trailer tho can understand why it was going to be delayed

  • 3d gaming has blown my socks off since day one. Some games are better than others in 3d, but they all deliver a different experience for me. But be careful 3d is addicting because going back to 2d gaming just feels flat. Now a days I won’t purchase a game unless 3d compatible, believe that!!

  • Will Infamous 2 be in 3d? And more importantly will it have Move support? That is one of the top must-have games for me, and most important PS3 exclusive I HAVE to get, just behind Uncharted 3. Thanks!

  • I have a Panasonic Viera 50″ plasma 3DTV, and its awesome. Comcast is getting more and more 3D content each month, and PS3 looks awesome on it. 3D is definitely a selling point for me as well on games (and movies).

  • Why is there a swimsuit SI but not a regular one? hmmmm…….. Anyway, I think I need a 3d tv for uncharted 3 and motorstorm…..

  • I have a Samsung PN50C680 3DTV and 3D games look absolutely amazing… The best thing is that this 3DTV was only about $1,200 at BestBuy!

  • Not for me untill 3D without glasses AND without eye problems.. (I really dislike to watch a long movie in 3D… well, at first it’s really cool but after 2h or more it gets harder for the eyes, I’m pretty sure it’s not that good for our eyes… till we get more infos on this or more quality 3D without glasses, I’ll pass).

  • Quite a suprise to see All 4 One on that list! Should definately aid depth perception when I blast ahead of the other players but the camera shimmies behind. I haven’t invested in a 3DTV yet (waitin’ for the price to drop), but it’s great to see that games I’m buying come with 3D as an option so that, when I do get that 3DTV, it won’t be a case of buying a disco ball but no-one to boogie with.

    Also, a question. Do 3D Blu-Rays feature ONLY 3D, or can I watch it on a normal HDTV and not get problems?

  • with so many upcoming games in 3D, i definitely to get 3D TV now!

  • 3D sucks and its overrated. Give me old school 2D anyday!

  • Saldy, I never had a chance to check out the PS3’s capabilities in the 3D department. There are no stores in my area that feature it.

  • 2 out of 5 people cannot play or watch 3d and i’m one of them nore am i going to buy 3d tv’s I just got hd tv and not upgrading for 5 to 6 years.

  • I played a game in 3d in a game center and i must say it was a mindblowing experience.

  • I have tried every 3D game released up to date and personally I think Crysis 2 and Killzone 3 looks spectacular!

    The Uncharted 3 trailer must be one of the best implementations of 3D I have ever seen in a video game though. Expecially the scene when Nathan jumps in to a window. Cant freakin wait =)

  • @51

    “Killzone 3D – fun game but because of 3D the beauty of the game looses some value (to render 3D output drops to 480p for each eye)”

    no that’s not true it does not divide the resolution of the screen only the refresh rate.

  • When I get older I’m gonna get a glasses-less 3D TV :D

  • Only if they would make 32″ 3DTVs….Looking at a 42″ TV in 3D from my bed…. thats insane for a small room. I ain’t buying any 3D TV before they make normal sized 3D TVs.

  • just picked up a 3D TV 3 days ago, and i can confirm my gaming experience is forever changed. i had my first real hands on experience @SXSW event that was held in Austin, Tx i played Socom 4, saw Uncharted 3, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and MLB The Show 11. there was a wealth of content playable in 3D and at that point it was my very first gaming 3D experience and I was completely sold. i already have a sizeable amount of gaming content playable in 3D so it made the decision much easier

    here are a list of games i have in 3D and really enjoyed, i even downloaded a 3D PSN movie to test it out as well.

    Mortal Kombat Demo
    Killzone 3
    Crysis 2
    MotorStorm : Apocalypse and 3D Rift
    Wipeout HD
    Super Stardust HD
    Socom 4
    Enslaved(must buy DLC for 3D)
    NBA 2k11 (3D in offline mode only)
    COD:Black Ops
    Gran Turismo 5

    Despecable Me 3D Movie

    i literally have every game that had or have a 3D patch already, but some wasn’t named.
    top 3 best looking 3D games is easily Crysis 2 Killzone 3 and Mortal Kombat. Of course everyone’s opinion could vary on what you are personally looking at.

  • ill even go as far to say, I think Crysis 2 was built to only look good on 3D for the ps3, it’s nowhere near as appealing in 2D HD as it is in 3D HD

  • 3D Gamer right here :-) I bought the Samsung 43 inch 490 series 3D plasma for 800 and after glasses and HDMI and warranty it was around 1100. Crysis 2 is sweet in 3D so is Mortal Kombat and Motorstorm Apocalypse. Between Killzone 3 and Motorstorm those would have to be best 3D games out. Wipeout HD is mind boggling in 3D as well. The only game I haven’t played or seen in 3D was TRON, but I got the 3D Blu Ray movie. TRON is not meant for 2D at all even in Blu ray 2D. It’s 3D or miss the full experience

  • @PHead4

    I have a 55″ Sony Bravia 3D TV. I think the picture is great. LOVE playing 3D games on it.

    The two negatives about the Sony TV are:

    1. You have to keep your head very level or you lose the 3D effect. This is not a problem just with Sony, as far as I know all LCD 3D TVs suffer from this. It’s actually not that big of a deal, but I’d prefer that it had more range. Plasma TVs do not have the same problem.

    2. The Sony TV picks up the 3D signal fine for PS3 games, but when watching 3D that is broadcast using any sort of spatial compression, like side-by-side or top-over-bottom, it’s a real pain to configure the TV to recognize the proper format and convert the signal. I am the only one in my house that actually knows how to configure the TV for 3D. As far as I know VIZIO is the only manufacturer that uses SENSIO to automatically detect and configure the TV properly without having to fiddle with TV menu screens. If I was buying a 3D today I would seriously consider VIZIO over Sony. But I still love my Sony TV!

  • I have played almost all available 3D games on my PS3.

    The first major release was Black Ops, and quite frankly I was very disappointed in it. Killzone 3 was much better, especially in the single player mode, but I still found it too distracting to play multi-player in 3D.

    Crysis 2 has been very enjoyable to play in 3D. It is more of a depth illusion vs. “in your face”, which I think makes it much more comfortable to watch, but I would like to see more stuff popping out of the TV. I found playing multiplayer in 3D was no problem. The cut scenes are REALLY GOOD. This is the first major release where the 3D effect are as good as or better than the effects in Super Stardust.

    I just downloaded the Socom beta. Only had a couple minutes to play it but thought that it looked really good. I can’t wait to try it out more.

  • Also, I wanted to echo one of the previous posts that I almost exclusively only buy games that are 3D now. 2D just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

  • I’m having a problem with the 3d on my TV and ps3. I know its not the TV, because on demand in 3d works fine and the xbox360 version of black ops works fine. The games are playing in 3d but when i go to quit the game. I turn off my glasses 1st then turn off 3d mode in the options, then turn off the 3d mode on my TV. every things fine till i quit the game. When i quit the game the ps3 display is all messed up, like its zoomed in really far. It use to do it sometimes, now it seems to do it every time I play. Its most games also not killzone 3.

    Demos also do it.

    To fix it, I have to turn off the ps3 & TV, then everything is fine.

    As far as the cables, I guess the ps3 is 1.4 because it plays 3d. But my cable box and 360. I’m pretty sure are not 1.4, but still play 3d. But they could be. Anyone that could help that would be great.

  • Forgot to mention, I have a 47″ LG LED 3d TV, 240hz.

  • Owe yea its also just games, 3d bluray movies work fine.

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