PS3 Leads 3D in 2011

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PS3 Leads 3D in 2011

For fans of immersive entertainment, the PS3’s 2011 lineup of 3D content is looking particularly exciting. We wanted to share a handy graphic that highlights some notable 3D content coming in 2011, and also provide some interesting factoids as the 3D entertainment space accelerates. For example, in one week, there were more than 83,000 downloads of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011: The 3-D Experience Exclusive Sneak Peek. Apparently, we’re not the only ones ready for winter to be over.

If you’re a PS3 owner equipped with a 3D TV, you’ve already been introduced to the awesome 3D baseball experience with MLB 11 The Show. You’re probably also looking forward to the nearly 30 stereoscopic 3D titles that will be available on the PS3 by the end of 2011, including favorites such as UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, among many others.

The PS3’s deep 3D content isn’t limited to games — PlayStation Network gives you access to a wealth of downloadable 3D movies and original content. And, of course, PS3 is the only system that supports 3D Blu-ray movies. Mark your calendars: Tron Legacy releases on April 5.

PS3 continues to serve as the home for all things 3D entertainment. Are you interested in getting a 3D TV for gaming or videos? Do you already have a 3D TV? Let us know in the comments!

2011: The PS3 Owns 3D

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  • HMM what about the 3ds does that one not lead to?

  • I have a question that maybe some of you may answer. I own a 3D television and i was able to play in 3D . For some reason, now i can’t. I tought my 3D was broken but its not … i tried with a movie.

    Is it because 3D asks for some special HDMI cable or its just my ps3 systems that is old ( i have the 1st generation)?


    • Try this: Turn off your PS3, then turn it on by holding down the power ‘button’. Hold it down until it beeps twice, then you can let go.

      It’ll go through the HDMI settings procedure, and it should then ask you how big your 3D TV is. That’s when you know it’s detected your 3D TV. Compatible games should then give you the option to go 3D from then on.

  • I have been thinking of buying a 3D tv soon. Anyone that already has a 3D tv, what do you recommend? What do you like about pros/cons?

  • 3D has come a LONG way… I remember playing James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D back in December 2009… The 3D seems more polished now but I’d love for a TV that produced 3D effects without the glasses….

    Twitter: @Stinger_Inc

  • @1 uh, no. Doesnt count

  • I wish more than anything in the world I had a 3d tv but I’m waiting for glasses free 3d I know if I go buy a 3d tv now they will release em in a week

  • well i was gonna get a 3DTV but now that Motorstorm Apocalypse got delayed then i think i will better wait for the glassesless ones i think they are coming at the end of next year , Best Buy pre order system says that Motorstorm Apocalypse is coming out December 31 , 2011 , why not in the summer ?

  • 13# 3D will will always be better on big screens. + on ps3 you get great graphics not pne generation back graphics.(common 3ds have the same graphics as the psp)

  • Only Kevin Butler can tell me what to buy and the day I see Kevin Butler in 3D will be the day I buy one

  • @ 2

    I’m not aware of any 3D-specific HDMI cables… a standard one should do just fine (though all electronics suppliers will soon no doubt be packaging ‘premium 3D HDMI cables’ at £80 a pop).

    Check that you’re running the latest firmware (system update). The age of your PS3 bares no significance, just the firmware.

    Other that you’re on your own I’m afraid ! – refer to your TV documentation I suppose…

    Good luck

  • Can we please support a usb dongle that will allow us to use our PS3’s on 3D ready PC monitors so some of us can actually ENJOY all this 3D content. I can afford a computer monitor, not a 3DTV… I don’t even think they make 3DTVs in my size, let alone my price range!

  • Hey guys, I noticed that sometimes movie playing in 3D on my PS3 have a strange shimmer (not ghosting). When I play them on my standalone 3D BD player, the movie looks fine, and at random points, it looks fine on my PS3. Games all look great (in 3D), but movies have this shimmer from time to time. Not bringing it up to troll, but someone suggested I mention it, in case it’s an issue that is unknown since 3D movies are still new on PS3.

    Saw Uncharted 3 running in 3D. That was mind-blowing to put it mildly.

    • I also saw Uncharted 3 in 3D at GDC earlier this month and you’re absolutely right…it was truly mind-blowing. :)

  • I enjoy 3D very much, I’ll look for a 3D TV soon well I was waiting for the new Bravia 3D to release. I’ll be getting Tron in 3D even if I dont have the TV yet, one thing suck tho about Tron it was suppose to be THE 3D movie but it’s not even all in 3D some things were cool tho but it’s not THE movie for 3D in my opinion, i preferred Resident Evil Afterlife.

    As for content, can you please for the 2351423 times add things to the Quebec video store or at least give us access to the Canadian video store, we don’t even have Resident evil afterlife 3D or not and it’s a Sony movie…

    Lastly, I want to play Uncharted 3 in 3D its gonna be awesome i think!

  • I have the 60 inch 60Lx900 3dtv from sony, and I LOVE it!

    The games looks great in both 2d and 3d. I really recommend it.

  • A HDMI cable with a spec of 1.4 is the recommended cable to use as it will fully utilise the 3d data being transfered from PS3 to tv

  • @Sindred i saw it too! it was truly a thing of beauty. i officially put myself in the market to get one, it appears best buy has the best “package” deals when you get a 3D TV. The timing of the purchase has to be right. For sure im a firm believer of 3D after looking at Uncharted 3 and playing Socom 4 in 3D

  • @2 Have you tried unplugging the tv and resetting it? something similar happened to mine once and that did the trick…I doubt it’s the hdmi cable especially if it’s worked in the past for you.

  • @9 thx ill check that out :)

  • Interesting stuff to say the least. However, I refuse to purchase a 3-D tv until the technology advances to the point of a glasses free experience. I currently wear glasses everyday, and wearing glasses on top of glasses is not a comfortable experience. Therefore, I guess I will be waiting for the technology to change.

  • @2 Theviolator666

    You need a high speed hdmi cable… 1.4 if i remember right.

    @6 Ramanutd5

    Bestbuy cant confirm a date for now they write this because they dont know when will be the official release date…
    As for Glassesless TV, they are not for now, even if they are coming at the end of next year which i doubt you will not want to buy one because of the price at start so why not enjoy it right now..

  • @Remanutd5 its been delayed due to the quakes in Japan. Something to do with the storage facilities for worldwide shipment being on the east coast

  • Still waiting for the price to come a bit lower.

  • 3D is really taking off. I’m already set, bought a 46″ 3D BRAVIA and I LOVE it. As long as the content increases so will the adoption rate, just like when HDTV’s were announced. After seeing Killzone 3 and the 3D UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception announcement, I’m more than sold.

  • @2 & 9 you do need a 3d hdmi cable, look on amazon for 1.4v hdmi cable, a standard cable will not do. Standard being 1.3v. 3D being 1.4v

  • I am glad i can still play those AMAZING PS3 Only games without a ‘3D:TV’ still tho :D
    [i am not really a fan of ‘3D’ or ‘MOVE’ to really]

  • My two cents.. I have a 60 inch 3D TV. So far Racing games are great for it, like gt5 and the motorstorm demo. I was anxious about killzone 3. Single player for killzone 3 looks really nice, but I am a online headshot type guy and I find it to be disrupting to play online in 3d mode. Soooo 3d is off for online play. I however look forward to the future of all of this and the future when the glasses are not needed.

  • I’m sure people were downloading the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit thing because it was in 3D….

  • Your HDMI cables should be 10ghz 1.4spec.

  • @ 18 because i get headaches pretty fast when im playing games or watching movies in 3D with glasses , anyways i wanted to buy the TV just to play Motorstorm Apocalypse in 3D , im not in a hurry , not gonna do the same mistake that i did when i buy my first HD TV , i will patiently wait for glassesless 3D TV , no problem at all

  • 3D makes me puke all over my dual shock three. Some would say putting 3D in games is killing me.

  • Guys. I wear glasses too and I have never found 3D glasses to be a problem. They fit completely over your own glasses (and don’t press or even touch your own). Another thing to consider is this. Say you’re playing Killzone in a somewhat dark room (which I have). You’re playing it in 3D, and your dog is sitting near the TV playing with a toy. You see the action on the screen as helghan bullets scream out at you, but your peripheral vision still sees the movement of your dog to your right. It’s distracting. And this was also the case with the 3DS I tried at Best Buy (despite being a cool little system). When you wear the glasses, they cover your peripheral vision, by the nature of their design. If you were driving on the highway, this would suck.

  • But when you are looking for that immersion and you are looking at a TV screen, the less you see beyond the TV, the better for you. The Media, as well as people’s rants, have made this upcoming glassless 3D to be the ultimate holy grail to 3D gaming, but the limitations I have seen on the 3DS (like the very limited sweet spot), coupled with the lost immersion when you see beyond the edges of the TV screen, has convinced me that glasses in 3D are not a bad thing, and some folks are just making these comments without any real experience playing games in 3D. The less you see around your TV, the better, and the more effective the 3D, and said immersion, become.

  • Reqirements for 3D is a 3D enabled TV a HDMI 1.4 Ethernet Enabled cable and the Latest PS3 firmware and of coarse Active Shutter Glasses and 3D enabled Video Game or Movie or even 3D picture taken from a 3D enabled camera.

    More questions Twitter @Skater_Ricky

    I don’t own a 3D TV yet but I am ready for a 3D I have a 3D ready Surround Sound a PS3 and 3D content just can’t afford a 3D TV yet. I love to have the Glasses less TV due to I already wear glasses myself.

  • Sony Makes 3-D HDMI cables they are built a ton better than regular ones. As far as a TV goes I have the 50″ Samsung Plasma 3-D TV and love it, along with the Samsung 3-D Blu-Ray Player its an awesome TV and only paid about 2000$ for it!

  • @ 31
    You don’t need a HDMI 1.4 cable to produce a 3D image. Some HDMI 1.3 cables absolutely support it. In actuality HDMI 1.4 just ads another wire for communication between devices, usually this communication consists of on and of switches and signals.

    Also, I totally have a 3D tv. Bought one on the pre Black Friday sales on Amazon. I got a Panasonic Viera GT25 series, 42″ plasma. I love it. Choose this one because it was only $800 and was a low power consuming Plasma with a high Hz for less ghosting effects. For anyone considering buying a 3D tv, no they don’t cost this ridiculous sum everyone makes it out to be. Go on amazon and look them up. Also, always go for the rechargeable 3D glasses. They make a HUGE difference in shape and the lack of battery worry. Can’t wait to try out Crysis 2 in 3D though :D

  • I wish I can get a 3D TV. I love 3D. I don’t understand why a lot of people hate it so much.

    • I think once people start to some of this 3D content (i.e. Sports Illustrated, Uncharted 3) in person…they will be amazed! :)

  • @ 30, I got a view of the 3DS at best buy yesterday. I can honestly say the tech is up to par * with the 3DS’s screen size of course * with glasses. The only concern I have is the VERY limited space you have to move left and right before you loose the image’s effect. There IS a defined sweet spot. If you move less than an inch away from it the effect is gone. But, god, I was impressed. I just wish the device itself wasn’t soo low end tech.

  • @ Sindred

    Interesting point. I hadn’t considered that in the slightest, but I suppose that all makes sense and I’m betting “Glasses-less 3DTVs” won’t function quite the same with current 3D images which are being made with the glasses in mind. Perhaps this technology isn’t to be bested quite so soon after all. Honestly, nothing will have changed until we’re no longer staring at a box.

    Nevertheless, it’ll be YEARS before I have a 3DTV of any sort. My family JUST got into HD and while the jump was… ‘nice,’ honestly I don’t even think that jump was ‘necessary.’ (Like I said, still staring at a box.) Until I read that the game experience is undeniably improved from 2D and the prices are way lower, I feel no push. Mind you other than a brief glance at a local Costco, the last time I saw 3D was a game called 3D Dinosaurs on the PC way back in the early 90s.

  • @ 18, if you want to know more about the glasses less tech look it up. They had a 20″ screen release in Japan last year, but it costed a beastie price of $2000. The tech isn’t ready though, and when it is… you’re looking at buying a 60″ screen for optimal viewing angles.

  • Still not sold on 3D. People are now just adpoting HD, and now Hollywood/media wants us to shell out another premium for a technology that is still in its infancy during a recession.

  • As long as it doesn’t take away from the content, like shorter single player campaigns, and crappy multiplayer to squeeze in 3d, I’m fine with it.

  • @nino1911

    3DS can’t lead in 3D because it isn’t out everywhere and it hasn’t even been out long, plus it doesn’t help that there was reports from Japan that people are selling them back,

  • @nino1911

    I can’t honestly say the 3DS is a leader in anything at present. I tried the device at PAX East and the 3D is more like a popup book and really not as impressive as the PS3….. as far as 3D is concerned (not a big fan of the technology see little use for it). I felt it’s 3D effect was about on par with the Virtual boy without the headset and in color with better controls…. controls that apparently learned nothing from the last 15 years of gaming and are just as baffling as the PSP with it’s single analog stick. If you’re gonna move in a 3D world, then have 3D controls.

    Right now the PS3 has games that really can show off what 3D can do for a game. So far Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 3 have been two of the best examples I’ve played thus far for showing 3D’s worth. I’ve played a few 3D games thus far (on a friends TV, tends to be the highlight every time I come by after work).

    3DS games (that I played at PAX), really didn’t take real advantage of the technology in a way that was meaningful. I’m sure that will change in time, but at present the only system leading the charge is PlayStation since many of the games have been tailored to the experience and aren’t quick and dirty ports.

  • I just hate to wear those darn glasses, ill wait for 3D tv’s that require no glasses. If that means waiting 5 or 10 years so be it. The good part about waiting is that by then there should be plenty of 3D games & movies :)

  • I still can’t help but see 3DTV in its current form as an ill-timed fad that won’t be able to broaden its reach beyond being a niche market. The technology itself is prohibitively expensive, particularly for those consumers who have only recently invested in HDTV. Also, the construction of the glasses themselves isn’t robust enough for them to be handled by children without supervision, and this should be an important factor when it comes to recreating the 3D experience in the home.

    3D gaming is a great idea from an immersive point of view, but again is going to be a limited market unless consumers get behind the technology in numbers. Sony is one of the biggest proponents of 3DTV at the moment, so it stands to reason that they are pushing it as the next big thing. I just wonder if we will see as many PS3 games being produced for 3D in a year from now. I have a feeling the answer will be no. That’s not to say that 3DTV is dead as a concept, I just don’t believe that the market is ready to embrace it wholeheartedly yet. I think it’s going to take the next generation of 3D displays – presumably direct-view without the need for glasses – to really launch 3D as a tangible home format.

  • If Sony included 4 pairs of the glasses with their 3D TVs for families so everyone could watch a 3D Blu-ray or play a 3D PS3 game I might consider it. But as of right now the price for a 3D TV (no matter who the manufacturer is) is pretty steep plus you usually only get 1 (or 2 max) pairs of glasses included :(

  • Just putting this out there…but glassesless Depth-3D….Not even worth it, so much better to have things at you, not simply add depth

  • I hate 3D. I will never own a 3D TV.

  • @43 You definitely have the choice to Not use 3D…but eventually, I’m willing to bet Most of the televisions on the market will be capable of doing 3D, just going to be if you turn it on or not

  • I have a Sony 55 inch XBT TV. My PS3 works great with it, I got the Alice in Wonderland KIT that comes with 2 sets of glasses and special 1.4 HDMI cable. Also if you have a Home Theater System remember if it does not support 3D it means you must connect your cable direclty from PS3 to your 3D TV, or it won’t work.

    If you are seeing 3D but your setup does not follow my instructions then you are seeing build in 3D effect generated by your TV (it is nice but it is so far removed from actual 3D that it is not worth using)

    Following types of HDMI cables will allow you to watch 3D movies and play those awesome games:
    and any cable above 1.4 (currently 1.4 and 1.4a)

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