Get Your Groove On in SOCOM 4

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Get Your Groove On in SOCOM 4

The SOCOM franchise is no stranger to intense online competition, the sort of frantic rivalries that bring out plenty of gloating for the victors. Fans know that the series has catered to these sorts of moments with built-in victory dances, and the soldiers of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs sure do know their way around the dance floor.

Available in online competitive matches, SOCOM 4’s victory dances are triggered by pressing the Circle button while standing over a fallen enemy. There are more than a dozen dances in the game, including:

The Crane
Exactly like Daniel-san’s finishing move from The Karate Kid, the soldier raises both hands into the air, lifts one knee up slowly and then quickly high kicks with the other leg.

The Chicken
Sure to be a hit with fans of Arrested Development, your soldier makes chicken wings with his arms and waves them up and down, bobs his head forward and backward and digs at the dirt with his foot.

The Robot
Essentially an over-exaggerated version of what it looks like every time C3PO talks.

With our beta underway beginning March 22nd for PlayStation Plus members — March 29th for Killzone 3 voucher users and April 5th for all PSN users — which victory dances will you find?

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  • This makes me want to get the game now!!! I need more money!

  • + Robbie_G_lrish on March 16th, 2011 at 1:46 pm said:
    Do you guys have the “Elaine dance” in there? That would be hilarious.

    LMAO, I just watched that episode yesterday….that would be the greatest dance of all time in SOCOM!

  • boy fights! when i started playing online years ago it was with socom and counter strike. i would gloat with the dance on socom and a bullet to the victims head from my pistol or knife the body and tag in cs. thats why i’ve always thought [DELETED] was lame.

  • HAHAHA!!! Love it. Forgot about the dancing kills in the game. I’m suprised more game don’t have this.

    Side Note- Will there be voice commant in the single player.

  • lol funny cant wait to try the beta

  • I’m in the private beta and loving it great job guys but their are some problems like we have been posting on the socom forums hope to see you guys fix them :) .

  • We have thousands of arcade-style shooters, featuring real-world art styles, but are designed upon arcade game design (CoD, MoH, BF just to name a few). I just don’t see the point in following the pack, when you could be doing something different in offering a more realistic and mature affair. As it stands, there are no console games on the market that provide gamers with the level of realism and respect that the idea of modern military combat deserves. The last game that even came close was in the Ghost Recon brand, and it’s clear that the franchise is headed into sci-fi/action territory.

    If you’re going to have these childish features in the game, couldn’t you at least allow server mods to disable them for their servers? Some of us want to test our tactics and communication against other mature gamers. If there’s one thing I can make clear to game developers, it’s this:

    Not every person who buys your game is twelve. A lot of us are in our twenties and thirties, and the idea of having to always deal with a little kid, throwing racial and homophobic slurs while he dances over our virtual bodies tends to make us stop playing your games.

  • Please bring back the backflip from SOCOM II! That was always my favorite…

  • Looking forward to this game..pre-ordered and everything, and the dances are funny as hell..they look so serious doing them lol emotionless even..kinda reminds me of uncharted 2’s taunts in a way, glad to know ll be able to dance over my victims =D Good Job n keep up the good work, also cant wait for the beta next week. =)

    *proud PS+ user*


  • Ya Can’t wait for beta, kinda dumb that PS+ users (me) get in before ppl that pre-ordered KZ3 (me as well) so I guess I can just give my beta key away to a friend :D that works for me hahaha thanks Sony! Oh and I’m so stoked on the “Full Deployment Edition” It’s a must own!

  • Can some one please help me out? I want to know where someone can send in feed back out the Socom 4?


  • lol great dancing.

  • The Chicken
    Teh best socom dance

  • I remember doing a back flip on SOCOM 2. That was so tight…

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