Get Your Groove On in SOCOM 4

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Get Your Groove On in SOCOM 4

The SOCOM franchise is no stranger to intense online competition, the sort of frantic rivalries that bring out plenty of gloating for the victors. Fans know that the series has catered to these sorts of moments with built-in victory dances, and the soldiers of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs sure do know their way around the dance floor.

Available in online competitive matches, SOCOM 4’s victory dances are triggered by pressing the Circle button while standing over a fallen enemy. There are more than a dozen dances in the game, including:

The Crane
Exactly like Daniel-san’s finishing move from The Karate Kid, the soldier raises both hands into the air, lifts one knee up slowly and then quickly high kicks with the other leg.

The Chicken
Sure to be a hit with fans of Arrested Development, your soldier makes chicken wings with his arms and waves them up and down, bobs his head forward and backward and digs at the dirt with his foot.

The Robot
Essentially an over-exaggerated version of what it looks like every time C3PO talks.

With our beta underway beginning March 22nd for PlayStation Plus members — March 29th for Killzone 3 voucher users and April 5th for all PSN users — which victory dances will you find?

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  • Winning!

  • Lol, I am so picking up this game! Was maybe thinking about getting the bundle with the PlayStation move!


  • LOL! Those are great! I won’t even feel bad if I die now if I get to see my killer doing the Crane afterward! Can’t wait for March 22nd to give this a go.

  • Nice to see the classics in there! Can’t wait to see the rest of the victory dances!

  • Looks Interesting , can we do it from a distance Without standing near the dead body ?

  • March 29th can’t come soon enough! Can’t wait.
    I like the addition of a victory dance over your opponents. thats hilariously awesome. something to help breakdown the tension of each match.

  • Oh hell yeah!!!

  • LOL glad to see Socom back to its old self again.

  • Sorry…victory dances :/
    Lame. Don’t care how long they have been in the game. Lame.

  • Can’t wait for the PS+ beta!

    Should have called this post the “Roper Report” lol

  • Can’t wait to dance over an enemy I just shot in the face. I know you’re dead and all, but, if you have three more seconds left in your life, watch me do the Chicken over your dead body.

    Umm yeah.

  • BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K-k… kay. That is interesting.

  • With Move periph, this game should be incredible.

    • if you already have PlayStation Move, our beta is compatible with it — and the Sharp Shooter and 3D, in fact. Get in early if you can (we’re doing Twitter and Facebook giveaways all week to let you in early)

  • You should use Lindsays chicken dance! Chaw chi chaw chi! Also, he should be clapping, but only if you want it to remind us of Arrested Development, otherwise its just a chicken dance.

  • Haha, Good to see they at least kept this feature in. Till this day when I see someone doing the chicken dance on Confrontation is has me laughing.

  • I wanted new campaign trailer

  • Party time!

  • awesome and BEYOND!

  • Maybe its just me but I really dont like how Im seeing maps that are just like maps from MAG are being used on SOCOM 4…seems very cheap and uncreative to use the same stuff from a different game and carry it into your next title and sell at full price especially. I seriously hope this game turns out better than MAG and that they are ready to deliver on DAY 1. This franchise was put in the gutter and it will be hard getting out with MAG and Confrontation being not all that great.

  • BEYOND!!!!

  • Hey Chris how’s it going. My beta code from the Killzone package is not working. Whom can I get help from concerning this?

    • I’m not Chris, but I’ll answer your question:

      Our beta is in 4 phases: Phase 1 is “Private,” starting March 15. PlayStation Plus users are added for phase 2 on March 22; The Killzone beta keys start working on March 29, and then anyone on PSN has access on April 5.

      If you want in even earlier, though, we’re doing a bunch of giveaways throughout the week on our Facebook page ( and our Twitter (@Zipper)

  • Brrrrrrrk!

  • Suggestion: Make PS Eye-enabled custom victory dances. Track the silhouette and match it to the body of the soldier approximately.

    Completely unnecessary. But it’d be fun.

  • Nice. Can’t wait to try them out.

  • would have been even funnier if at the end of the dance montage he would have got shot up by a barrage of bullets or taken one to the skull

  • The Multiplayer Beta is great! I was invited into the Private beta and have been testing it out quite a bit! This game is going to be great!

  • @VectorRaven If you are serious try again in 2 week I think it was. Your killzone 3 beta should work by then. Do some research kid.

  • So this is what SOCOM has become?!

    Ahhh, always a laugh to dance over a kill in Confrontation.

  • bi Winning lol

  • @29 its always been like that


    I asked because people on my friends list was playing it. I was being serious but I guess there was a private beta. Ok I’ll try again in two weeks.

  • Are you going to put codes on The psblog or just twitter and facebook

  • This is pretty hilarious, I’m excited to target enemies that are dancing

  • @ Jeremy Dunham : beta giveaway ? Can you please give us the facebook page to log on ?

    Thanks a lot. I will buy this game because it’s Move Compatible.. Since I saw how good Killzone 3 “tastes” with Move, this is a BIG plus for me, since i’m not that big fan of War games and FPSs in general :p

  • Gob would be proud (well, maybe not lol) Game is looking fantastic, keep the info coming.

  • this looks good but my issue was the other socom game i bought was only onlinne and didnt realize that and i didnt know how to play and you had campers killing me once i spawned so this time i bought KZ3 as much as i liked socom that online only killed it for me, maybe i get to win a copy.. i have the move perifs since day one with gun an all.. tho never luck with PS3 contest.. i always win from Dolby so :)

    The Dance moves are cool as hell tho, looks genuine!

  • This is awesome! Only bad thing is if you get killed while dancing on the one you slayed, its a little funny but embaressing lol.
    Cant wait for the game though, going to put my ps move to good use :)

  • Wasn’t impressed by the private beta. Graphics need to be improved and the aiming system needs tweaking (too slow).

  • @38 why do you think its called beta?

  • After I kill someone I’m going to do the chicken on there back lol.

  • As if this game wasn’t already going to be epic! Now when my friends say I can’t dance I’ll do it over their dead bodies (not IRL, of course).

  • Can’t wait to play ShOmeCOM 4: US Navy Dancers!

  • I got the private beta info late last night so I will be playing this game all night and all weekend. I am a huge fan of the series and can not wait to see what is in store. Keep it coming and please update game to prevent lag like socom confrontation.

  • Why did i have to input my date of birth to view that video for? The dancing wasn’t that bad :D

  • Please let the ‘Pump’ taunt from Uncharted 2 be in. LOL

  • Do you guys have the “Elaine dance” in there? That would be hilarious.

  • I’m in the private beta and when you do that dance on the ennemy you killed you get 10 xp for doing it. Kinda funny lol.

  • @39…Graphics?..Really?… sure your looking at your tv?..This is the most visually striking online game
    I have seen this year…and I have DCUO and KZ3..The second I went in game…It looked like a movie…
    GO DUNHAM!!!!!./….I need a Home Socom Barracks…

  • What about taunts? Any chance you can bring back the chef from SOCOM 2.

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