Call of Duty: Black Ops – Getting Beat At Your Own Game

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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Getting Beat At Your Own Game

Hi everyone. My name is David Vonderhaar and I’m the game design director for Call of Duty: Black Ops. When PlayStation gave us the opportunity to hold an official play with fans event, we were all over it.

For all the thousands of hours we spent making Call of Duty: Black Ops, hard core fans eclipsed that playing it many hundreds of thousands of times over. On a personal note, I’ve become a better player by playing with some of the best players from all over the world.

Call of Duty: Black Ops for PS3

On March 17th, from 1-5PM PDT during the “Call of Duty Game with Developers” event, we have little doubt that you’ll beat us at our own game… and we are OK with this.

To participate, send an invite or friend request to the listed PSN ID names. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to pick up the First Strike Content Pack to compete. Visit the forums to start discussing strategies, and be sure to follow Treyarch [@Treyarch] for the most up-to-date Black Ops info.


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  • i can’t wait for socom 4, atleast then i can play i good shooter, i still play black ops (mainly zombies) but there are 2 many campers an 2 many racists, killzone 3 is really fun, but i get bored of the fact none of the guns are real, like in BFBC2 an any COD i always us a AK-47, why? becuase its my fav gun in the world, 1 last thing i beat they took a diff pic that had 360 stuff on it but edited it out this time, very sad because im gussing they have no pics with PS3 stuff, owell black ops was the last COD im ever gonna buy

  • Whats sad is that more people bought black ops on the PS3, than the 360 in north america. Yet folks are still treated like bad seconds. The DLC delay is Bull.. as is the performance of the game on the PS3. People say all you guys do is cater to the 360…That you’re 360 centric..

    Then you post 360 screenshots on the PSblog…

    you read the comments of every asking about fixing the game.. its ignored, and you stealth-edit the picture…Clearly you’re reading it, but wont even bother talking to the community that has purchased your game, I mean come on really guys?

    Enjoy the short term benefits of the sales. but theres no honor in what you’re doing to get those sales.

  • Cal of Duty is garbage.

    Sold Black Ops last month and it is for sure the last CoD I’ll ever spend my money on. Heck I won’t even buy used.

    You guys should be embarassed to post here…. after sucking Microsofts lollipop

  • @49 is winnig ;)

    Good post!

  • *winning

  • I have black ops and even bought the map packs but to be honest I don’t see myself playing this game unless it’s with friends and even then I don’t want to. The hit detection is very bad, this game is catered to campers.

  • Doesn’t help that all of Best Buy’s commercials EXPLICITLY say the 360 is the “best” for Call of Duty. Yeah, you guys are dead to most hardcore PS3 users. One of my best friends used to spend all his time playing CoD– like NOTHING ELSE– but I’ve got him coming over to KZ3.

  • I have always been a fan of call of duty and I have always enjoyed it but that was until I played call of duty: black ops. I’m going to give you a few reasons why.

    1. Freezing, etc.. and you know the problems.

    2. Not allowing to skip some fmv’s, sure some but not all. It’s bad when you want to replay the game to get all items and trophies and you have to sit there to watch the freaking fmv’s all over and over and over! Next time let the player hit the start/select button to skip an fmv!

    3. Had to replace “buy” ps3! Thank you very much.

    Ok you guys have been working on it and it seems to be running pretty good (at least no more freezing)
    But I’m afraid it’s a little too late. I will never ever buy another call of duty and most important, I will never ever buy a game if I see “Treyarch” name anywhere on it!!

    Call of duty = R.I.P.

  • OMFG look at how low the rating for this post is!

    ps3 users just multikilled Fail of Duty :D

  • call of duty who? an overhype game lame graphics lame single player story lame maps…i dont know why everyone falls for this piece of crap…oh well back to playing killone 3 mp

  • Sadly this is not even worth it , Seeing that i got the Socom Private Beta .

  • HAHAHAHA yeah right, ill be right on, oh no wait i sold my copy of black ops because its [DELETED], last COD game ill ever buy, who wants to play KZ3?

    please go away COD and never come back

  • o man I wish I saw the 360 screenshot.. rofl

  • “When PlayStation gave us the opportunity to hold an official play with fans event, we were all over it.”

    Eh!? Treyarch cares about the PS3? That’s hard to belie…

    “To participate, send an invite or friend request to the listed PSN ID names. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to pick up the First Strike Content Pack to compete.”

    “be sure to pick up the First Strike Content Pack to compete.”

    Oh, I see what you did there, Treyarch. :|

  • Funny how mostly everybody here bashes the game when most of you probably own it. Lol

  • Multiplayer???? Not in a million years. Black Ops multiplayer is BEYOND broken.
    *Goes back to playing zombies*

  • Wow. Holding an event for us when the PS3 version of the game is full of LAG. No, thanks. Keep your map packs as well. It’s not worth it if the connection sucks and plus it’s too pricey.

  • I always thought the crappy graphics was just standard for the game but I guess not aha that sucks. well, the only cod game i’ve ever had was mw2 and because my friend invited me to a 10th prestige lobby I stopped playing. it’s a pretty big disappointment in my book.

  • This game has been out how long? Why is it that I STILL cannot party up with half my friends list. This game is [DELETED] on ps3. Im glad they read enough comments to change the xbox picture… now how about telling us how your atleast gonna make this game playable. I had 50 days played into MW2 and even with all the bugs I could still happily play with my friends. I would probably play this game despite its bugs if I were able to play with friends. Instead, all my faith in Treyarch is dead and I refuse to purchase a game from them ever again.

  • @ Boss_Tycoon_ Well no [DELETED] sherlock. How else would we have found out how rediculously unplayable the game is?

  • I myself don’t play CoD online but my brother does. He’d like to hear about this.

  • this was the first and last COD game i bought and i only got it for the zombies part of the game witch i hardly played because all my frends who had it only always played or wanted to play MP, which isnt my thing in COD(due to alot of noobs, campers, etc.) i ended up selling it to a frend who wanted it bt didnt wana pay full price for it, I’ll never buy another COD game agen..learned my lesson. p.s. xbox pik = Fail

    *goes back to Killzone 3 MP, MAG, etc.(any other game thats better) sick of COD*

  • “If you haven’t already done so, be sure to pick up the First Strike Content Pack to compete.”


  • Great seeing some of these comments :) really making me smile :P Goes back to BFBC2 and Killzone 3

  • Im not a huge fan of CoD anymore but I do applaud Treyarch for trying to mend things with the PS3 Community.

  • alot of hate here !! lol !! i det they are scratching there heads saying we fu@#ed up !!!!LOL !!!

  • Sadly, I’m gonna have to agree with most people on here, us PS3 owners have been left out with so much that Black Ops on PS3 feels like a second-rate game. Whereas Black Ops on 360 feels like the best FPS out there.

  • Huh? This game still gets played? Haven’t played a good COD since COD3, and that one wasn’t that good either. Whatever though.

  • In all honesty, I like Black Ops but I haven’t played it in a while. It’s fun, sure, but it gets boring quickly. Not to mention the multitude of technical shortcoming from porting that left this game seeming like a leftover than than actual, proper port.

    I do agree with the others where we feel like we’re given the other end of the stick. Don’t pretend you’re interested, chances are you’ll quit after your game freezes many times.

    Not to be a fanboy but there is a plethora of better multiplayer shooters on PS3, and even more yet to come, Black Ops, while nice at first, lost its 15 minutes of fame and it became eclipsed by better games.

    The initial sales were high because we thought you’d redeem COD and we gave you the benefit of the doubt but you didn’t, which is why many people opt to sell it. Again, while I DO like BO as I said, I like other games even more – both multiplat and PS3 exclusives.

    Oh yeah, apparently according to the comments those id’s lists are full. But it’s okay, have fun playing with the squealing 14-year-olds who have their mommy and daddy buy this “AWESOME COD!!11” game. Just make sure they do their homework and sleep early for school tomorrow. =D

  • Buy killzone and don’t give these devs our money. They wanna give us everything late and half ass. Support our exclusives cause they are the best in the business. Socom 4 any day over anything multiplatform

  • Love the game, but seriously need some fixn guys. And playing a game with us is not gonna makeit better!!!

  • Wait! this could be good. Maybe they will play and have the same probs we have, and they will get so mad they will fix it instead of play!


    No seriously, U SUCK!!!

  • I also like to say that Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 game has no lag whatsoever. Every game I play, I actually get a full bar connection and no lag. When it’s three bars, it’s three bars for sure.

    However, when I play Black Ops. The connection really sucks. Even with full bar connection, it’s like I’m playing in 2 bar connection instead. Even with three bars, it still sucks. The last patch just improved matchmaking but you guys didn’t bother to fix up the server issue that the PS3 version is having. I know my internet connection and how fast it is and don’t tell me there’s something wrong it when there isn’t, whatsoever. It’s sad that Modern Warfare 2 still has the better connection than Black Ops does. Infinity Ward put up the latest patch recently to ward off unwanted hackers in Modern Warfare 2. Has Treyarch done anything to fix Black Ops from what people have been strongly pointing out? No, because they’re ignoring us and just catering to the 360 version instead. Video games aren’t what it used to be.

  • Never really liked the cod franchise, n for all da problems i hear this games has i don’t wanna try it, but u guys do seem a bit harsh to treyarch, but overall i guess they might have deserved it, I had blast reading da comments though

  • Sold last month. HA!

    Seriously I need my money from this crap game to get Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, Mortal Kombat, etc etc etc.

    Screw you Treyarch. You can suck on my you know what

  • Worst CoD game EVER!. I hate the freaking game. It doesnt react well and it was a horrible story…if you can call it that.

    Screw Off!

  • I like this. Well, we know what the definitive FPS on the PlayStation 3 is. Killzone 3. I wonder if Guerrilla is reading this. They’d be flattered. But, its true. I don’t play many FPS games, but Killzone 3 won me over. But, see developers, PS3 gamers are smarter than that. They’re not mindless sheep. Give em crap, they’ll throw it back at you. Give em something good, they’ll praise you. Keep it up guys. Then maybe we’ll start seeing quality multi-platform games on the PS3…. Alright, really we can only depend on First-Party, but we got a lot of love coming from Sony this year. Gear up. Oooooh. Lets see if Epic President can make good of his word to challenge Resistance and Killzone 3 speaking of the word ‘Gear.’

  • “Funny how mostly everybody here bashes the game when most of you probably own it. Lol”

    Funny how you think that’s funny…

    I consider a review much more meaningful from someone who has bought and played a game than from someone who is basing their opinion on other people’s views, videos, and screenshots.

    This is no different.

  • btw activision, i would rather buy a justin bieber cd and listen to it all day, than to spend my money on a crappy game with an overpriced map packs, i mean seriously, what kind of a moron buys a 15 dollar map packs, where you could at least get a couple of games from psn

  • @thundercat17
    That sir, is what Charlie Sheen would call, “Winning”!

  • Can we make a request to not have these guys on the blog anymore?

  • I do own the game. I probably had a little faith when I bought the game but I guess when it really comes with Treyarch and their CoD games they’ve created, it sucks. I only play few modes on multiplayer and I’m not so enthusiastic about zombies. The only problem I have with Black Ops is the lag that’s been having and there have not been any fixes to it whatsoever. The last patch was a joke. I played the game awhile ago and despite of dealing with the ridiculous lag, I still win some games. But that doesn’t mean I’m okay with the connection the game currently has. It seriously needs improvement and fixes as well. The story of the game was just bad and it wasn’t so epic through the end of the game. I have to say, MW2’s ending was more epic than Black Ops. In fact, MW2 is everything better than Black Ops. The round or match end kills are somehow out of synch. That also needs a fix. Shame on you all to those who are participating on this pointless event. It doesn’t make any difference whatsoever and they should have instead fix the problems that we have been having on the PS3 version of Black Ops.

  • Im sure u guys suck too

  • Just wanna let all you guys who are participating wit these clowns to give em’ Hell for what they did and dont be shy to get on your mic and yell a little bit and maybe use curse words if you feel neccesary and just… Make em’ feel like crap! Ok, you know the drill guys, let em’ know that you do not mess with the PS3 community, we only accept 5-Star games and nothing less! Never these 1 star games….

  • Logged in to give this a 1 star rating, decided to comment, too.

    Yes, I, like a lot of people, were duped into buying Black Ops at launch. I said to myself “There’s NO WAY it can be as bad as MW2”. (I hated MW2, so what?) But yeah, as you all know, I was wrong.

    It was lagging and full of glitches for the 1-2 weeks I stuck with it. There’s so many broken classes, kits, and perks. There aren’t that many modes when you get down to it, most of them are rehashes of a mode that already exists. On top of that, everyone just plays them all like TDM anyway.

    Needless to say, I won’t be buying another CoD game again, whether it be developed by Treyarch, IW, Sledgehammer, or anyone else. The rumors of Activision looking for ways to monetize the multiplayer is also disheartening. If you keep going down this path, you’re going to overwork your mule and kill it, just like Guitar Hero.

    I’m patiently and eagerly awaiting Battlefield 3, and I suggest everyone do the same.

    Thank you.

  • It would be great if you guys would give more support to the PS3 community. I was disappointed when I found out that my husband and I couldn’t sign in at the same time to play some multiplayer. I’d also like to say that $15 for a map pack is a bit ridiculous.

  • Obvious ploy is obvious.

    I play Black Ops fairly frequently, but I don’t play it because the game is good or anything, I play it because my friends are all on it and playing with friends is fun. I mean I enjoy the game and all, but there are MUCH better FPS games out there, like Resistance, who don’t charge $15 for 4 MP maps and 1 Zombie map, and don’t try to pawn off a desperate attempt to raise sales as trying to do something nice for the fans, whom you clearly don’t care about.

    However I will say this, most of the people commenting are taking it to far. Sure, now most of you are complaining about how bad Black Ops is, but Im sure that if Treyarch decided to make thier next CoD game an Xbox exclusive, 90% of you all would be whining about not getting it on the PS3.

  • I guess I should feel happy I didn’t buy it at launch and got it on sale for $49.99. Never had a military FPS on the PS3 before this one (Used to play Battlefield [2, 2142, etc]on the PC) so I figured I would try this out since I never had a MW game and frankly, figured I would use it as a warm up for when the next Battlefield came out for the PS3 :D (already have the others on PC, not re-buying them for the PS3).

    Now I haven’t played much MP with it, but I do have the say the short time I’ve played, I’ve had issues staying in party with friends, which was the 2nd highest reason I got the game, was to play with my friends who I knew already had it. Single Player isn’t too bad. I don’t pay much attention to the storyline of military FPS since it never does capture my interest, so I just wanna shoot. And for that, it’s not too bad. But I certainly wont be spending 14.99 for some maps when I can get a complete game(s) for the same thing on PSN. Heck, a whole add on Ratchet & Clank game is 14.99 (among many other fine examples) and you want the same for some maps? LOL

    Had a chance to capture a first time person and avid gamer for decades to the series, and you didn’t do it. I await BF3. :)

  • Count me in the 10% that wouldn’t mind then. The MW CoDs aren’t always 60fps, but they tend to be high enough that none of the CoD clones popping out of the woodworks can compare. This isn’t the case for Black Ops.

  • Please, this game is junk. PS3 shooter is much better. It’s just promotion for First Strike. Am i right?

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