Call of Duty: Black Ops – Getting Beat At Your Own Game

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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Getting Beat At Your Own Game

Hi everyone. My name is David Vonderhaar and I’m the game design director for Call of Duty: Black Ops. When PlayStation gave us the opportunity to hold an official play with fans event, we were all over it.

For all the thousands of hours we spent making Call of Duty: Black Ops, hard core fans eclipsed that playing it many hundreds of thousands of times over. On a personal note, I’ve become a better player by playing with some of the best players from all over the world.

Call of Duty: Black Ops for PS3

On March 17th, from 1-5PM PDT during the “Call of Duty Game with Developers” event, we have little doubt that you’ll beat us at our own game… and we are OK with this.

To participate, send an invite or friend request to the listed PSN ID names. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to pick up the First Strike Content Pack to compete. Visit the forums to start discussing strategies, and be sure to follow Treyarch [@Treyarch] for the most up-to-date Black Ops info.


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  • “When PlayStation gave us the opportunity to hold an official play with fans event, we were all over it.”

    LMAO, they are trying to act like they care about the PS3! hahahaha thats a good joke!

  • And if you guys haven’t noticed, this competition is just to boost sales on their map pack.

  • “When PlayStation gave us the opportunity to hold an official play with fans event, we were all over it.”

    Treyarch care about PS3???? XD *goes back to Killzone 3*

  • Lmao yeah ill stick to killzone 3

  • Come on so if we dont have the first strike we cant play with u people anyways as much as i enjoyed black ops meh its just to boost sales also

  • Treyarch, any word on another map pack? First Strike was great. Stadium and Kowloon were the best maps of the map pack, and Ascension is by far the best zombie map to date!

  • C’mon you guys, be honest!! Don’t act like you care when we ALL know YOU DON’T!!

  • That’s hilarious how you guys are ripping on the guy lol

  • I am looking forward to playing against the billders and pro’s of the call of duty black ops i love this game i play it every day i just hope i am not going to be working on that day

  • The screenshot is from the Xbox version, SHAME ON YOU. :’)

  • dam it and now i wish i had Black ops again i would destroy you guys haha.

  • Right, don’t act like you care about us, even look at the picture, it has the Xbox Joystick Pad.


  • Even if this is to up there sales, I wouldn’t made shooting them for all the poor work they did on this game.

  • @7

    haha, thats great! IT is the 360 version XD
    You can tell by the d-pad at the bottom right corner!

  • Pssh!! They act like they are good, they are trash, I’ll show them up tomorrow. MLG Pros > The developers at their own game.

  • @TehFox nice catching that

    *goes out and purchases KZ3

  • They all have the max amount of friends already.

  • yeah I already have the best fps on the ps3 it’s called BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY 2

  • They need more accounts, they have too many friends added cause everyone spammed all those accounts with friend requests

  • This game was broken for months on ps3… Im not buying the map pack and dont act like you guys care about the ps3 people because we all know you dont.

  • here comes the hate train

  • Man, it took me about 5 minutes to find where to rate this post. I gave it a 1…wish we can rate 0 :(

    As for “When PlayStation gave us the opportunity to hold an official play with fans event, we were all over it.” These guys shouldn’t quit their day jobs because their attempts at comedy failed.

  • It sucks because they all have reach their friend limit. Blah

  • @1 pwhahaha you took the words out of my mouth! l and you sir made my day

  • If you really wanted to show your love for the PS3 community you should have done these things instead:

    1. Given us a better port, the PS3 version has much lengthier load times than the 360 version
    2. Give us split sceen-PSN logins like the 360 version got. We can only login as a guest on the PS3. Even if this feature wasn’t available at launch, the least you could have done was try to patch it in later. Hell Resistance 2 got a patch for it after launch, I don’t see why you guys can’t do it.
    3. Not make us wait a month for a 15 dollar map pack (k, I realize this is more of Activision’s doing, but still it’s unfair considering all the problems that plague PS3 owners)
    4. Don’t act like there’s nothing wrong with your game (I’m looking at you Josh Olin).

    Sorry just needed to rant there.

  • Is that why our games still freeze?
    Yeah, that’s why they care about us

  • So they made it to where only 800 people can add them and only 16 can fit into a lobby at any given point in time. Not to mention this is CALL OF DUTY so their lists were probably already full even before you posted this. So now you post a screenshot of the 360 version of the game along with the addition of buying an over-expensive map pack AFTER waiting a month for them that even the people that have added these accounts have a small chance of playing with because 50+ people on these guys lists will be trying to get into the same lobby at once. What a serious mess, there are ways to make this phenomenon much easier.

    And you probably wonder why PSN users dislike Activision? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  • Yup…You guys know where you can stick your map pack.

  • Funny they changed the picture thinking everyone wouldn’t notice. Sucks not being able to rate 0/5.

  • Changed the picture of the Xbox 360 version hum? and you say you care about the PlayStation community? This makes me laugh really a lot. Poor shame on you.

  • I don’t enjoy how 2/3 of the comments above me are all hate related. Although I will say Black Ops does have some serious problems and that Treyarch and Activision are definitely biased towards the Xbox 360, it’s kind of bad to see so many hate comments. I enjoy playing Black Ops, you guys should too.

  • Hmmmm…….. I wish they didn’t have as many friends as they do……. Maybe make a few more accounts? I want to beat jd_2020……..

  • Bah!

  • Oh they DO read the comments because they have gone and changed the picture. Pity we dont see any REPLIES from this David Vonderhaar about anything. else. And for people saying the accounts are full, you actually tried to add them???

  • Your game is stupid and broken. Please go away from this blog.

    And nice to see that you changed that picture. You aren’t fooling anyone here.

  • >_>

    Cod what? like the Fish u eat with fries in england? no thanks dude, i already had lunch.

    *goes back to playing killzone 3*

  • Sorry but sold the game after a month… Worst FPS of the year. Will not be buying any more Cod games :) and proud of it! :)

  • People still play Black Ops? ROFL
    *Goes back to Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 demo*

  • @ syrupcakeeater BF 3 FTW!

  • Sorry. Black Ops is too broken and I don’t want to waste a penny on a [DELETED] map.

  • make the graphics for black ops on the ps3 look like the graphics on the pc, and i think you will earn the forgiveness of the community.

  • The only thing good about Black Ops is Zombies

    Killzone 3 is where the MP is at.

  • fix the in-game friends freezing issue, everytime i opened up the in-game friends menu to view friends emblems or join session it freezes.

  • I would love to play a few matches with you guys……but the match will go into host migration, and i will get kicked out the match, and then i won’t be able to rejoin the match. so i’ll have to pass untill you get your servers up to par. BLACK OPS= FAIL OPS

  • eek … posting a 360 screenshot on ps blog ? Nothing personal against treyarch myself and do realize that game dev is a business which has to make business decisions that will miff particular users ….. but a 360 screenshot ?? that was just sloppy and really didnt help your cause . that goes without saying however . it did n’t take long for the account’s to b maxed so i’m guessing most people don’t mind , don’t care or what have ya . I think most people want to JUST PLAY than to get caught up in any drama of conspiracy theories or “rogue gaming dev doesnt care ” drama . I would like to think i’m more apart of that crowd . i dont really care about the “why’s ” and “how’s ” and the politics of the gaming biz itself . I’m only concerned with one queston … “Is it fun ? ”

    but the 360 screenshot was .. sloppy …c,mon .

  • come on guys we all know they don’t care about us and i agree they just don’t give a damn but they don’t deserve so many hate comments the game was great and most of the people already have first strike so lay off the game was well polished and first strike is worth it.

  • @SUPERGAMER247 Heck ya!!! BF3 and S4 cant wait to get my hands on them. They are guna show Cod how to make a realy shooter. Cod= chickens camping and spraying. PFFFF


    How DARE YOU show your face on a Playstation site!
    Get out of here, we dont want anymore of your crap!
    If you truly insist on selling it on PS3 then make it 20 bucks instead of an obviously over-priced 60$…
    Nobody likes your game here, just sell it exclusivley on the 360 because at least there you make it work properly!

    And don’t pretend that you care about us because you dont… You know who does? Just to name a few:

    -Naughty Dog
    -Sucker Punch

    Try to be more like them and have at least a little bit of dignity, if your gunna rip us off, just dont show your face around here…

  • Treyarch,

    You disgrace yourself by saying you actually care about PS3 users. NO ONE likes Treyarch. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS. You absolutely RUINED the COD series. No one likes you.

    STOP developing COD and get back to the kiddie games.


    A COD fan… except for the fail known as black ops.

  • hmm this would be fun but i cannot play tomorrow

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