Free Realms Available on PSN March 29

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Free Realms Available on PSN March 29

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Well, everyone has heard about the bird…but have you heard that Free Realms is coming to the PlayStation 3?


That’s right, Sony Online Entertainment’s popular online virtual world is making its way from PC to the PS3 on March 29th! The entire Free Realms team is super excited as this will be the very first casual, free-to-play MMO ever to be offered on the PlayStation Network. So, grab your controller, grab your friends, and prepare yourself for an adventure unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


Free Realms offers an amazing array of gameplay activities all rolled up into one massive, seamless, virtual world. Hop on the back of your trusty T-Rex and explore the countryside; discovering strange lands, rare collectibles, and exciting quests. Brave the dangers of forgotten dungeons and battle hordes of mythical monsters and bad-tempered beasties.


Fancy a bit of friendly competition? Free Realms has tons of games that allow you to pit your skill against other players. From kart racing and demolition derby, to soccer matches and pirate ship battles, Free Realms offers a wide variety of fun multiplayer games and a simple to use matchmaking interface to get you in and playing with no hassle.


Or maybe puzzles and minigames are more your thing? No problem. We got you covered. Free Realms has a wide selection of Flash-based minigames to choose from. Match 3 mining, cooking, forging, tower defense, checkers, and chess: if you’re into minigames, then Free Realms is the game for you.


Yep, we got it all. Exploration, collections, quests, combat, minigames, holiday and community events, virtual pets, virtual housing; Free Realms offers something for everyone. What’s more, our unique job system allows you to be whoever you want whenever you want. Choose from 15 different professions, each offering their own distinct look and gameplay experience. All jobs are available at any time, so feel free to try them all. Be a wizard one minute, then a ninja, chef, or kart driver the next! Customize your character as you see fit. With over 30,000 unique clothing and equipment options, you’re truly free to be who you want to be.


Did I mention that Free Realms was free? Yeah, I said it…free. Don’t believe me? Well, try it yourself. On March 29th, download Free Realms for free from the PlayStation Store and immerse yourself in a rich fantasy world perfect for sharing with family and friends. All jobs are available through level 4, as well as over 800 quests and countless minigames. Upgrade to a membership and get unlimited access to all job levels, as well as additional premium content and features.


So, mark it down on your calendar. March 29, 2011. Free Realms. PS3.

Come be a part of a whole new online gaming experience for the PlayStation 3, in a world where YOU RULE!

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  • Looking forward to it

  • How much the upgrade to Membership is going to cost?

  • I tried it on my laptop, and it could barely run, but what I could do was quite entertaining. I’m definitely going to download this and try to get my GF to get it too. This also confirms alot of questions about other free-to-play games coming to the system, like the next Blacklight and the Magic the Gathering Tactics. All the questions already asked by everybody else would be nice to hear answers to, but just the fact that this game is coming out this month means we’ll get answers soon. This may not be the free-to-play game that interests me the most, but it helps shed some lights on the games I’m looking forward to.

  • #prayforjapan

  • Is it going to be free forever?If no, How much will it be then? How much is it monthly?

  • Again, mentioning that some of us have accounts already and I’ve had mine long enough (before November 1st of 2009) so this applies to me:

    “As a thank you to our loyal players, each character created before November 1st 2009 keeps access to all of the jobs that were free before the job structure was changed (Ninja, Chef, Postman, Kart Driver, Demo Derby Driver, Brawler, Miner), regardless of the current Membership state of the account. This access includes levels up to twenty (20), minigames, encounters, and rewards that are wearable by those jobs. In addition to this, those characters will be allowed to try jobs up to level five (5) as described above that were previously listed as Members Only. (Archer, Wizard, Medic, Blacksmith, Warrior, Soccer Star) ”

    I would love to be able to keep that benefit and use my character on the PS3. In fact I was expecting to be able to do so, or at least transfer the character (and benefits) to the PS3 version.

    Personally I found the driving/cart racing to be frustrating with keyboard controls and want to do that with a proper DualShock. Also I’m a Linux user and FreeRealms is Windows only which means I have to reboot into Windows to play it.

  • If I can’t transfer my lifetime membership from the PC version to the PS3 version then this is a “no-go” for me. Sorry.

    But for those who haven’t already paid for the PC version I highly recommend this game. A fun retreat from the ton of “serious” MMOs out there.

  • aaaargh Sony what are you doing? Don’t you know how big my backlog of games is NOW? And you’re gonna hit me this for FREE? I could see myself delving deep – any decisions yet on pricing for the premium plan?

  • I want to know can you use your PSN account name or will you have to make a new one?

    Also when will more info on the The Agency come out? When will more info on EverQuest Next & PlanetSide Next be shown?

    Is there any hope for a life time subscription to DC Universe Online coming soon? It would make me finally buy the game.

    Is there any chance of Untold Legends being turned into a MMO? I think that series would work well as an MMO.

    Please think about making a Field Commander 2 for the NGP.

    Also any more news on Ramayan 3392 A.D. I thought the game sounded good but there has been very little info on that game. That all being said I can’t wait until Free Realms will be on the PS3. The game is fun on the PC & it should be fun on the PS3 too.

  • With the lunch on the ps3 will “Free Realms” have “Home” rewards?

  • they have a lot if info about the ps3 release on the front page. Check it out.

    I’m excited about the release but sad there isn’t going to be TCG on the ps3 version

  • No cross compatibility between PC and PS3 is a FAIL. PC and Mac play together.

  • So, not free then.

  • “The entire Free Realms team is super excited as this will be the very first casual, free-to-play MMO ever to be offered on the PlayStation Network.”

    Does that mean you have more free-to-play MMO in the pipeline? Sweeeeeet!

    Since there are lots of Flash minigames, does it mean we will have an update on the PS3 Flash player soon?

  • I was so sure this would never be released, glad I was wrong :)

  • … you should mention the upgrade pricing options in the main blog… really, the cost of the lifetime membership is about half the cost of a regular game, so the pricing actually seems very reasonable!

  • I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I enjoyed the very little I played on the PC, but always wanted it on the PS3.

  • not interested since its only online. plus looks boring. and $34.99 is a little steep for a membership to just play it. not worth it to me.

  • $34.99 for a lifetime membership? Awesome! Day One sign up!

  • “Unfortunately, the logistics involved with synchronized publishes and account linking make it impractical.”

    … that sounds like a pretty poor excuse. Sorry, but it is considering other people have already done just that. Heck, Squaresoft did it back in the PS2 days with Final Fantasy XI! And that was their first MMO so not like they had a lot of experience to build on …unlike Sony…

  • I bought a lifetime sub for the pc in anticipation of the ps3 version. Since the account won’t work I don’t see a reason to pay another $35 bucks to do the same thing.

  • It’s nice how they say the games free but at the end of the article they also say you can upgrade to a membership which you have to pay for so technically the game isn’t free but i’ll maybe give it a shot.

  • This is pretty awesome to see additions being made to the PS3 MMO library. FreeRealms is not really my thing(too kiddie), but a lifetime membership of $34.99 is tempting as I paid the same amount for the lifetime membership.

  • Make it so that the minigames are updatable without unnessary software updates. Minigames of all gernres too. Racing, FPS, RTS, ect. :)

  • It will be really interesting to see how this plays against DCU, a far far pricier but more adult MMO

  • Thanks for replying to my question Stephen! I hope the analog works okay to control that cursor. I’m specifically remembering that hack and slash minigame where you have to use the correct movements to strike. Hope it works out okay. Can’t wait to try it out. I’ll definitely be buying the lifetime payment for $40. Great deal considering the game is free to download.

  • Oh horse hockey! Im not paying for Free Realms again on PS3 when I already bought a lifetime subscription on PC. Thats about a cheap/low now as you can get. In fact i bought the flipping subscription a while ago in hoping that the future could use it on PS3.

    Way to let me down…

  • My wife and daughter have been waiting for this for so long. I hope this is the beginning of many free-to-play MMOs on the PS3. $34.99 for a lifetime membership is perfect. At that price there should be no complaints. Who am I kidding, there will always be complainers.

    This is an excellent selling point Sony. Make sure you let the world know.

  • I will at least try it, I like the variety the PSN has especially the last year are so

  • Will trophies be available for the Free users?

  • Are any of the trophies behind the pay gate?

  • wait? FREE realms has memberships? I’m not following… is it just free to download than you have to pay inside the game… that’s lame.

  • I find it incredibly sad that after a 2 year wait in anticipation of this game coming to PS3 it doesn’t have compatibility with the PC game.

    To some extent I can accept that the cross platform game play was difficult but to not have the ability to link your character in such a way that you have persistance from PC to PS3 and back is just a huge failure on SOE’s part.

    Valve…a non-Sony, never programmed on PS3 before company is offering it on Portal 2 right out of the gate.

    I must say I’ve been very disappointed in SOE’s efforts on the PS3.

  • @80…you are free to play but there is a limit to your level. If you wish to progress further there is a monthly fee or a one time $35 fee.

    This isn’t exactly a shocking new model of producing games/mmo.

  • I’m so happy to hear this. I’ve been waiting for the PS3 version of Free Realms for a long time… eventually with no news on it I assumed it was just canceled… I tried it on the PC but it was pretty slow on my computer and I didn’t like playing with the keyboard and mouse so I barely played it and then completely stopped… and now it’s FINALLY coming to PS3… and even with trophies! Thank you! I can’t wait to play it in 2 and a half weeks!

  • I have a question to ask

    question #1-will there be trophies in this game
    question #2- is there a link to tell what trophies are there in this game

  • I really hope Sony sticks to price points like these for future subscription-based MMOs like The Agency..

  • I tried Free Realms on the PC… I didn’t like Free Realms. Peace.

  • Stephen what about adding the avatar you use and other FR avatars to the store for sale?

  • Is there a Platinum trophy? Or just Bronze/Silver/Gold?

  • Can we use a Keyboard and Mouse?

  • Great Price for Memberships. I actually thought it was going to be alot more.

  • Never heard of it.

  • I have not tried the PC version, I will give it a go on PS3, I must say that a $34.99 lifetime subscription it´s a very tempting choice, I hope FFXIV implements a similar kind of membership option (lifetime), thank you!.

  • THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! I’ll be grabbing it for sure and a lifetime membership for only 34$?? Hell yeah I’m on board!!! Good job guys!!!

  • Ok, you said their is going to be a set of 46 trophies will those all be obtainable without a membership?

  • lololol, “free realms” yet it is a pay to play game lulz

  • it may be free to download but you still have to pay when you get a membership

  • FYI you’re not the first free-to-play MMO on PSN. Angel Love Online beat you to that title two and a half years ago.

  • Will there be Home intigration?
    Will there be mic support? If so, will it be open mic or friends only? Party chat available?

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